tagLesbian SexThe Seduction of Sweet Ch. 01

The Seduction of Sweet Ch. 01


I had known Sweet for some time as we both had sons in preschool together. I had just the one child and she had four, the third of which went to school with mine. We had hit it off right away and were the same age and I thought it too funny that she and I named our sons almost the same thing. She was happily married and I happily divorced with plenty of free time. I hadn’t dated much since the divorce, it just didn’t seem really worth it.

We often did things together like shopping, the playground and dinner. She had always been open about her and her husband’s sexual life, basically happy but wanting more. I was attracted to her from the first but hadn’t said anything since she seemed so happy. Those breasts of hers drove me to distraction more than once and I’m sure she must have noticed. I often fantasized about her while I masturbated, imagining it was her tongue on me and not my fingers. I had planned many times to tell her how I felt but always chickened out at the last minute. We had discussed going away for a kid free weekend but it always seemed more of a fantasy than a reality, that was until her birthday when her husband planned a women’s weekend for us away. We were both thrilled. We decided to take it and go shopping at a great mall a few hours away. We figured we’d go shopping and attempt to make up some of that permanent sleep deprivation mom’s have. At least that’s what she had planned. I was hoping this would be a perfect chance to tell her how I felt.

The Friday of our departure, I dropped my son off at my parents and drove to her house to pick her up. As I pulled up she almost ran out of the house a bag in each hand. I rolled down the window and hollered, “Just can’t wait?”

Sweet hollered back, “No, I am so ready to go.”

“Have you said good bye?”

“Yes, to everyone but Greg, He was just cleaning up from work..”

She threw her stuff in the backseat and sat down in the passenger seat. We waited till he came out of the house, she rolled down her window and he leaned in and kissed her. “Have fun ladies” he said.

With that we were off, not wanting to waste a minute of our freedom. I turned the radio on and we sang, off key of course to out favorite songs. As the mile passed she got quieter and finally said she was going to take a nap. She laid the seat back and turned on her side towards me. With nothing but my thoughts as company I turned back to the road humming along with the music. I could hear her breathing become deeper and regular and I glanced back over and saw she had unbuttoned her jeans to become comfortable. I could see her underwear in between the zipper. They were a patterned purple pair and I remembered helping her pick them out, they were thongs. This was going to be a long drive. As we finally neared the hotel I reached over and touched her arm to wake her, “Sweet, we are almost there.”

She smiled and sat up, adjusting her jeans and hair. “That was fast,” she said. I just laughed thinking it took forever. When we pulled up to the hotel, I let her out at the door to check us in. As I waited I looked over the local map to see when the shopping center was and then she came back out and pointed out where to park. I pulled into the space and we grabbed our bags. She got a head start on me so I followed her in watching her butt in those jeans, imagining that thong under there and ended up tripping over the curb. She turned back and laughed. She knew I was clumsy but had no idea why it was this time.

I caught up to her waiting at the elevator, and we discussed our list of stores we wanted to go to. We walked into our room and I realized her husband had reserved a single bed room. I chuckled to myself. I knew he was cheap but I hadn’t thought about this. We stowed our stuff in the drawers and took bathroom breaks. Even though he was cheap, it was a nice room, queen size bed and Jacuzzi tub. We decided to grab a bite to eat and went back out. Surveying our options we settled on a café, and as we walked down we tried to remember the last time we went childless, both failing to remember when that was.

We sat and ordered our dinner, discussing our son’s preschool teacher. Neither of us liked her much but she was more than qualified. As we went on she mentioned someone had told her that the teacher was gay. I asked if that was a problem for her, realizing that depending on her answer this weekend of what I was hoping for could go down hill fast. She said no, she just thought the teacher should be more open about it rather than let people like us gossip about it, and this gave me instant butterflies in my stomach. I agreed wondering if my secret preference would bother her more that they were secrets than a preference and I thought to myself this is the perfect chance if I ever had one.

“Sweet, I have been waiting for a good chance to discuss this and it seems that this is as good as any. I have wanted to be with women for a long time, even before I was married. Men are okay, but they don’t turn me on the way women do. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m bisexual.” Whew it was out. I looked up and saw a big smile on her face. “I have known for awhile.” My jaw dropped as she laughed.

“You have?” I asked.

“Yes, I didn’t realize you thought it was a secret, I just thought you didn’t want to discuss it.”

“Okay” I said. The surprise had been on me.

“So, how do you feel about spending the weekend with me?” I asked.

She said, “Well, Greg had thought I might have a better birthday present that way. You see I have been curious for some time now also.” Surprises number two! I sat there absorbing it all as the food arrived, and slowly a smile spread across my face.

“So you mean you had been planning on this?” I asked.

She laughed and said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Ms. Johnson isn’t gay at all; in fact she just got engaged. I was hoping my birthday present would be a new experience for me.”

I laughed at myself thinking back to all the times I had wanted to say something. Not only was she open but also she was a willing partner. I knew I must have been dreaming. When the waiter came back to check on us, we both order adult beverages and sipped them slowly after they arrived. I leaned in and whispered “How long have you wanted to kiss me?”

She smiled again and whispered back, “Longer than I’m willing to admit.” She then lightly brushed my lips with hers. As I pulled back, I looked to see if anyone in the restaurant had noticed. She laughed and said no one had noticed but what difference did it make. I was embarrassed that she was right.

After finished our dinner and were walking back, I reached out and caught her hand and held it. She smiled at me and held on. We didn’t talk all the back on the ride to the hotel. I had the strong desire to pinch myself, as I couldn’t quite believe this was happening. When we walked in our room, she headed to the phone to check on the kids and I took my turn when she finished. While I was on the phone she had slipped into the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on. After I finished I kicked off my shoes and turned on the TV. I flipped around, trying to find something on a Friday night and I thought to myself she sure is taking a long shower. And then a thought hit me. I shook my head at my stupidity. I shed my clothes and opened the bathroom door.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked.

“I thought I was going to turn into a raisin before you figured it out” she said.

I slid the curtain back and saw her naked for the first time. She was stunning. Beautiful large breasts, wide round hips and a “mommy” belly much like my own. Rubenesque. She smiled back at me and I realized I must have had a silly grin on my face. I got in and pulled the curtain back. Looking over each other I said, “I guess you’re clean already.” We shifted and I got under the water. She reached for the soap and began with my collarbone. Softly she washed them as I stood receiving her ministrations. She worked her way down each arm, washing and then raising each to rinse it. Then she turned her attention to my breasts. They are very large and often more a foe than a friend. She soaped up both hands and placed then directly on my nipples and circled outward, sliding down and the back around and in, returning home to my nipples. She took my nipples between her thumb and fingers and gently pulled. A little groan escaped my mouth causing her to stop. My eyes flew open to see that smile she was enjoying torturing me. She told me to turn around and she washed my back. Slowly and deliberately she washed every inch of my shoulders and back, and then moved lower cupping my butt in her hands. She leaned into me pressing her breasts in my back and whispered, “You can’t imagine how bad I have wanted to do this.”

“I think I can,” I answered. I tried to turn around to meet her but she said she wasn’t finished yet. She soaped up a hand and slid it in between cheeks of my ass, sliding in with her fingers tracing my crack down and back up causing me to need to grab the bar in the bathtub as my knees trembled. The anticipation was killing me. I leaned back into her and she slid her hand down further. Sliding a finger between my lower lips and suddenly pulling back. I spun around to protest and she kissed me full on the lips, sliding her tongue into my surprised mouth. I answered her move grasping the back of her head and reaching for a breast. When I touched her she pulled away. This was becoming maddening. She hopped out of the tub grabbing a towel as she ran out. I cursed myself thinking I had scared her as I turned the water off and got out. I pulled a towel down from the rack and wrapped it around myself then I walked into the room to find Sweet lying on top of the towel. She was on her back on the bed, her legs hanging off the bed as though she had been sitting and laid back. Her legs were spread apart and I could see her naked pussy. It was like a beacon calling to me and I walked over to her thankful I hadn’t scared her. I got on my knees and leaned in smelling her. The shower hadn’t washed special scent all away. She lay very still as I pushed her thighs farther apart and then pulled her lips apart. Her clit was sticking out as I flicked it with my tongue. She gasped and trembled. I flicked it back and forth and she grabbed my hair. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She started to moan louder and her legs began to close. I took a breath and held on as the orgasm over took her, licking her clit all the time. She was loud and bucked against my face. As her legs loosened their hold I pulled my head back, my face was wet from her cum. I came up on top of her and kissed her.

“I can’t believe you came that fast.” I said

“I can’t either. I loved that, my turn” she said.

“No” I said. “ Lay back and enjoy, my turn will come quick enough.”

As she lay back down I straddled her hips placing my open pussy near hers. I leaned into her placing pressure on her mound and she squirmed. I pulled one of her nipples into my mouth and suckled her and rolled the other one with my fingers. I loved sucking on her breast. I rocked my hips against hers and she rocked back matching me. I was dripping wet from before and I felt it slide on to her, making my thrusts on her mound more and more slippery as I rubbed my clit against hers. I forgot about her breasts and sat up on her.

I felt her shift and decided to stop, after all this was her birthday present not mine. I straddled one of her thighs and worked my way lower with my mouth starting again with her breasts. I suckled and then nibbled. Listening to her quiet moaning was almost too much and then I bit her, not hard but her back arched up and she grabbed the back of my head almost smothering me in her ample breast. I pulled myself away and began working my way down her body kissing and licking as I went. I stopped at her belly button and licked it tickling her. I looked up and grinned as I moved lower. As I came to the bottom of her stomach a found her C section scar, which looked much like mine. I knew she hated that scar as much as mine and I tenderly kissed and lick the line that went from side to side. Her scent was intoxicating. I could smell the both of us on her now and I liked her mound tasting like us. I slid off the bed and resumed my kneeling position spreading my own knees wide to feel the air on my now swollen pussy.

I placed a finger on her clit, tracing around it and then down towards her opening. I slid a finger in easily and I added another, curling the ends in search of her G spot. I was rewarded with a jerk from her hips. I was having fun now. I tickled her G spot and rubbed my thumb on her clit. Her hips rocked with me and I added a third finger working in and out against her spot. She came again, louder that the first time and her juices going everywhere. We were going to have lots of fun keeping people up tonight. I slowed as she finished and I noticed her clit was engorged and her lips were puffy. She had a layer of sweat covering her, as did I. She asked me to stop and I told I was going for one more and dove in headfirst licking her clit and sucking it, working my fingers in and out. I traced the inside if her lips with my tongue enjoying her delicious juice. And then I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. I pushed my long tongue in and out with my nose pressing against her clit. Her hips were working from side to side pressing her pussy against my face. I covered one of my fingers in the juice and slid it to her butt. I pushed against her muscles and slid it in. I worked my finger in and out of her butt while working her pussy and was rewarded with a vice-like leg clamp. Her hips began to buck violently and I worked on her harder till her legs flopped away from my head and just twitched. I pulled away and licked her clit, which caused another spasm. I stood up and leaned over her. She looked like she had passed out until one of her eyes cracked open. I grinned at her and kissed her on the lips and told her I’d be right back. As I turned the corner to the bathroom I saw her licking her lips and caressing her swollen nether regions.

I went in the bathroom and washed up. She had moved up the bed so her legs weren’t hanging off anymore, but was still naked curled up on her side with her swollen pussy exposed. I leaned over to check her and she was fast asleep. I was so very wet and swollen. I grabbed a drink and decided to finish myself off in the shower. I started to flip on the shower and then opted for the Jacuzzi. As the tub filled I rested back in the tub and stroked my pussy and then began working my sensitive clit. The tub was done and I turned on the jets. I positioned myself in front of one of the jets and gasped as the gush of hot water hit me. The wave of pleasure swept over me and I relaxed back into the hot water and soaked thinking what a remarkable day this had been. I looked up and saw the door open as Sweet walked over and slid in next to me. This was a wonderful day turning into an auspicious night.

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