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The Separation


I never thought the temporary separation from my husband would end up playing out the way it had. It was meant only to clear my head and allow us to get professional help. Never planned on what happened while we were apart but than again I'm honestly not going to complain and he never found out about it either.

My name is Marisa. I'm a pale skinned, blue eyed, redhead with 36DD breasts, and an average body build but my hips are wider than my waist by about six inches making it hard to find clothing that fits right. I'm not very tall, standing all of 5'6" and still young at 27 years old. I have been married to John now for over four years. He was the first and had been the only guy I had ever had sex with. I soon found out I had a much larger sex drive than he did. I could gladly have done it every day and even several times a day while he was fine with only once or twice a week at best. It became a constant frustration for me that I ended up taking in my own hands, literally. John worked a lot of hours and out of sheer boredom I got myself a retail job. It was there that I met the woman that would change my sexual life, Ebony. She's black with deep brown skin and dark brown eyes, a little taller than me, and two years younger. I worked late morning until the afternoon. She would come in the afternoons and stayed until closing. After I started there we quickly became friendly, so much so that we began to even hang out a couple times a month outside of work. She had a boyfriend that I met a couple of times, a tall black man named William. She also had a step-brother named Malik who was a year older than me and lived with her. I never met him because he was always gone the few times I visited her apartment. Not to mention he eventually ended up in jail for a few months on his second drug possession charge for marijuana. She didn't live in the best neighborhood but it surely was far from the worst.

Everything seemed fine except that for some reason John wanted sex even LESS then he normally does, down to about once every week or less. It was driving my nuts sexually. He claimed it was because of work and I believed him until one day I found out John was having an affair with a female co-worker. While on the computer I had to get to his email address for something he needed me to look up for him and found the few emails they had written back and forth. I was so angry I didn't even know what to say or think when he told me about it. He explained he screwed up, that he doesn't know why he did it, that the whole thing started after a overly stressful day at work, but that he had already ended it several weeks ago. Calling him a few choice names I stormed out of our house, hopped into the car, and just drove off to no where. Bawling like a baby I got a call from Ebony asking me if I wanted to go out this weekend. She had no trouble hearing how distressed I was and asked me what was wrong. I broke down again and explained the entire situation to her. Without even thinking about it she offered for me to stay at her place to get away from John until I can get myself together and figure things out. Since Malik was still in jail for a little longer I could stay in his room for the time being. I quickly agreed to the offer.

Driving back home I picked up what I felt I would need for the time being. Explaining to John that I needed to get away for a little while I told him I would be staying with Ebony for now. When I made it to her place she helped me take my stuff upstairs to her apartment and let me get everything off my chest the rest of the night, trying her best to make me feel better. I took the next couple of days off of work not feeling like I was in the best frame of mind to work with the public. John kept calling several times a day but I just ignored the phone because I sure as hell wasn't ready to deal with him either. That weekend Ebony and I went out for dinner with her boyfriend. Was nice to get out and forget about stuff for a while. After almost a week I finally spoke to John and we both agreed that we would meet with a counselor and work through this once I felt ready. After calling around I found a marriage counselor that was available in two weeks for our first visit. I didn't know it at the time but a lot would change for me between now and then.

Three days later Ebony got a phone call that her brother was finally being released from prison after almost 60 days. The following day while I was at work she went to pick him up. This put me in an awkward situation since I was sleeping in his bed. I now wondered where I was going to go. Ebony didn't work that day so I couldn't ask her when she got to work. When I made it back to her place they still weren't back yet. I sat there watching TV for a couple of hours when I heard the apartment door unlocking. Looking over at the door as it swung open Ebony saw me and smiled. As she stepped in a man moved behind her. He was tall, I'd say between 6'3" - 6'4" or there about. His skin was also a deep brown same as Ebony's. Shaved head and a decent build. He was a pretty decent looking guy too.

"Hey Marisa! This is my brother, Malik" Ebony said as she pointed towards the man behind her. "Sorry it took so long. He was released on house arrest of all things which took a while to get through. He's only allowed to leave for a couple hours a day for food shopping and to help him look for work" she explained.

"YO!" Malik said as he stepped in. "So, you're da girl dat's been sleeping in my room." I explained that I would sleep out here on the couch until I found another place to go so he could have his room back. Malik stopped me. "Ebony told me 'bout what happened with your man an shit. I ain't got no problem with you stayin'. I'll stay out here on da couch, you can stay in my room 'til you get things worked out" he told me. I was beyond grateful and told him as much. "Don't take this the wrong way but you got to be the whitest white girl I've ever seen!" I only laughed at that comment.

They both sat down as Malik explained his time in jail. Was of course what you would expect it to be. Something I never want to have to find out first hand. He then showed me his ankle bracelet for the house arrest. Looked uncomfortable but he assured me it wasn't too bad. He seemed like an okay guy, just got caught too often with illegal drugs for personal use. He is more rough around the edges, more so in his speech, than Ebony is. After spending the next few hours watching TV I headed off to bed to get some sleep before work the next day. It was uneventful day at work, Ebony came in that afternoon as usual. When I got back Malik wasn't there. Assuming it was in his time window to be out I thought I'd do something new and started making the two of us dinner. When he returned he was happy that I had done that since he wasn't in the best mood. Asking him what was wrong he sat down at the table across from me.

"Tryin' to find a fuckin' job again ain't gonna be easy" he explained. "Then I went to see my girl 'cause I ain't gonna lie it's been more than two months since I've gotten laid. But she wanted nothin' to do with me anymore havin' found herself another man. Shit, I told her I didn't care dat she's got a man I just wanted sex but she was havin' none of it. Then saw some of my boys an they wanted to go smoke some weed with me but I can't do dat for another month while under house arrest. But I know my problems ain't nothin' compared to yours girl" he added. I only smiled before eating. The rest of the night I sat there watching TV with him until Ebony came home. She told me that her boyfriend was going to take her out Saturday night for her birthday and asked me if I minded her spending the night as his place? I told her I was fine with it. That I would just stay here and keep Malik company so he doesn't go nuts being stuck in the house. The next few days it was pretty much at Ebony's apartment as at work. I didn't do much while at her place and the only time I went out alone was to go to work. I at times felt a little uncomfortable at the looks some people gave me since I think I was one of the only white female in area. Most of the time I sat around watching TV on and off with Malik who all too often made mentions about how badly he wanted to have sex again. I laughed it off but I felt the same way. Malik was also very shocked that I have only ever had sex with my husband.

As Saturday evening came around Ebony got dressed for her night out. She looked very nice compared to me lounging around in sweat pants and a tee shirt. With her gone I was going to stay in her room for tonight so her brother could get his room back for at least one evening. Malik was in the shower when Ebony left. Wishing her a good night I sat back and kicked my feet up for a slow night. When Malik came out of the bathroom wearing just pajama pants he sat down next to me. Malik and I began to talk for the next couple of hours about anything and everything as we watch TV together. When we got on the topic of my marriage problems Malik shook his head.

"Fuckin' loser!" he said to me. "Shit, with a girl as hot as you an he's steppin' out with some ho. If you were my girl I wouldn't ever do some dumb shit like dat!" It was flattering and I knew without doubt I was beginning to blush. Thanking him for the kind comments. "Ain't nothin' but the truth baby. You're fuckin' sexy as hell. If I was you I won't get mad girl, I'd get even with his ass" Malik said. Asking him what he meant he quickly explained. "I mean you should do what he did to you and have sex with another man. Make you feel better and he let him know what it's like" he said.

"I'm not sure if I could do that" I told him. "But thanks again for the compliments and ideas." I was trying to think of something to say to change the subject when Malik blurted out something that blind sided me even more.

"I always wondered an you the only person I know who can answer my question" Malik said. I asked him what it was. "Do white boys really have small dicks?" he asked. I just sat there for a moment trying to process that unable to figure out what to say.

"I'm sure like everyone it varies from man to man. Same as I know the story of black men having big dicks isn't true" I replied.

"Dat shit is true!" Malik shot back. "At least I can saw it's true for me. How big is your man's dick?" he added. I didn't want to tell him. "Tell me girl, how big is it?" I still refused but he kept pushing, and pushing, and pushing.

"Fine! His penis is about 5 1/2 inches long!" I yelled. Malik looked at me as a smile broke across his face and soon broke into a laugh. I asked him what was so funny.

"Damn girl dat's a small dick! My shit's almost three inches longer than dat!" he said. I then laughed myself. "What's so funny girl?" he asked. I told him I didn't believe him and believed he was lying. "You don't believe me? Nah, I ain't lyin' a bit and I'll prove it!" Malik jumped up, turned towards me, and before I could say a word he yanked the front of his pajama pants down. There, about a foot directly in front of my face, was Malik's penis. It was soft hanging down between his thighs, a deep brown skin color same as the rest of him. It was shocked both because of what he did and because I realized he wasn't lying. His penis is big! Not even hard and it was still large. Not doubt when he is hard he is much bigger than John's. Malik's was also thicker by a considerable amount. Behind that hung a large pair of black testicles. I'm not going to lie my body had an instant reaction of being turned on. Likely both because of the fact it had been so long since I've had sex and his size.

"See I told you I wasn't lyin' an it's not even fuckin' hard yet. Bigger than your hubby's ain't it?" he asked. I assured him it was. "An I know it's a lot fuckin' bigger then his when dat shit's hard. But you can help me with dat Marisa." I knew exactly what he meant but for some reason I actually asked him how? "Shit girl it's been a long fuckin' time since I've gotten any pussy. An I ain't never been with a white girl and you're one fuckin' hot ass white girl. Can give you somethin' your man never could and let you get even with him at the same time. Imagine dat white boy's face when you tell him you been havin' sex with a nigga with a big ass dick while you was gone."

"I ... I ... I think maybe I should head to bed for the night" I said standing up. I dashed back to Ebony's bedroom, shut the door, and got into bed. My head was spinning with a million different thoughts. Thoughts of my husband, my marriage, what Malik said, his large penis, and his offer of sex. I laid there listening to him until he turned the TV off and headed into his room. I couldn't believe how big that thing was and tried to picture what it would actually look like hard. I can't lie it was turning me on. As I laid there the idea of revenge of having sex with Malik in order to get even with my husband kept coming back to mind as the anger of John's cheating was still very much alive. It had been so long since I have had sex too it was killing me. "What am I considering?" I thought to myself as I rolled over. I couldn't cheat on my husband. Not like he had, not like how he had treated me, how he cheated on me for months, how he stopped having sex with me for that other woman, how angry he made me, how much I wanted to beat him, how much I wanted to make him feel the same way I do, to get even with him. "I'm going to do this and tell that fucker what I did and see how it makes him feel" I said as I jumped back out of bed. Going through my large luggage bag I found my sexy black nightgown. Has lace around the top and goes down to my mid-thighs. Getting fully undressed I pulled the nightgown over my head, adjusted myself, and got my courage up. Feeling my knees shaking I opened the door, walked across the hallway. "What am I doing? What am I doing?" I said over and over again in my head. My chest tightened as I knocked softly on his bedroom door.

"Yeah?" he yelled out.

"It's me, can I come in?" I asked.

"No problem girl, come in!" he yelled back. My hand was shaking as I turned the knob and pushed open the door. Stepping into the room I saw Malik laying there on his bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. Looking up at me I watched as a grin crept across his face. "What's up?" he asked. I went to say something but the first couple of times I couldn't seem to get anything out of my mouth.

"I was thinking about what you said and thought I would take your advice" I finally got out. 'Now or never, just go for it' I thought to myself as I walked over toward him. Crawling up onto the bed I slid down to the middle so I was right above his crotch. "I think you're right, John would be pissed if he knew I had sex with a black guy. And I'm also interested in seeing how big you really do get when you're hard" I explained as I nervously grabbed the waistband of his boxers.

"Damn, no dat's what I'm fuckin' talkin' 'bout!" he said excited. Reaching down he helped me push them down as his dark brown penis came into view again this time resting against his leg. "I always heard white chicks were the best as givin' head. How 'bout you show me if dat's true."

"I already planned on it" I said smiling up at him. Sliding my hand up his thigh I softly ran my pale white fingers down his penis. At that moment I realized why interracial porn seemed to popular. My pale skin against his deep brown was beyond hot and extremely sexy looking. It began to slowly grow in reaction to my touch. Repositioning myself so I was laying on my side along side of him I picked up his penis to expose the underside. I was nervous as hell and closed my eyes to help me not to change my mind as I leaned in and began running my tongue several times up the length of it. I could feel it both growing in my hand and against my tongue. Pulling back I opened my eyes to see it was now fully erect. "Wow! You weren't lying were you" I said surprised. His penis is huge! Was at least as long as he said it was and very thick, far thicker than John's. Wrapping my hand around it I was amazed at the sheer size of the thing, how heavy it felt, and feeling it pulse. It was topped off by a thick bulbous deep brown head.

"I ain't gonna lie. Dat shit is over eight inches long and almost 5 1/2 inches thick!" he said confirming what I figured it was around. "I told you your hubby's got a small dick. Dat white boy ain't got nothin' on me!" I couldn't disagree as I stared at that black monster cock in my hand. Malik reached up grabbing the back of my head with his hand and began to push my head back down towards it. Without thought my lips parted as they touched the tip of his penis allowing it to glide right into my mouth. My mouth was stretched more than I think it ever has been as he continued to push my head down and I took it as deep as I could before choking. Malik laughed when I did and I realized that's what he wanted me to do. I pulled it back out of my mouth, gave him a nasty look, before sucking on it again. Malik began to moan as I sucked, licked, and stroked his penis doing the best I could to please him. Looking up I watched his face with an expression of pure pleasure. Opening his eyes he looked down at me and smiled.

"Shit, white girl's do give the best head" he said while staring into my eyes. I couldn't help but let out a giggle before going back to giving him the best blowjob I could. It was not only enjoyable to him but to me as well. I'm the type of woman who enjoys giving blowjobs and this one was turning me on even more than when I give them to John. Likely from a mix of my excited me at doing something so wrong or at the sight of his dark skin against my pale. Either way I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. After a couple minutes of this I couldn't wait any longer.

"Do you have an condoms?" I asked pulling him out of my mouth and lifting myself up.

"Fuck, I ain't got any around here around here, I've been gone for too long girl. It ain't like I got anything your gonna catch, I'm clean. An I know your on the pill 'cause I seen them in the bathroom so I'm not gonna knock you so why do we need rubbers?" he asked. "An it's fuckin' been damn near ten years since I've fucked raw an you being my first white chick better believe I wanna feel dat shit around my dick bareback" he added. I thought about it, for all of three seconds. I knew I not only felt like I wanted it but that I needed it! Getting up on my knees I swung one over his body straddling him. Lifting the hem of my nightgown and crawling upwards until I felt his penis up against my crotch and belly. "Can feel you're pussy's shaved too!" Malik said with excitement.

"Shaved just yesterday" I told him smiling. I bent down supporting myself on one hand as I reached down under my nightgown with my other grabbing his penis. Lifting my body up and forward hovering over Malik I moved his penis around until I lined it up. At that final moment I couldn't believe what I was about to do as I felt the soft tip of his cock head against my hole and his hands began to move up my thighs under the hem of my nightgown. "You're sure you don't have a problem with me being married right?" I asked.

"Hell no! I ain't got a problem with dat. In fact dat shit makes it hotter, even more that you're married to a white boy. Let me show you what you been missin' all these years with your man. Slide dat little white pussy down on my big black cock" Malik said looking up into my eyes. A shutter of excitement as he said those last words. I instantly stopped all doubt and nervousness that instant as I began to put downward pressure with my hips. I felt the head of his penis begin to push itself into my tiny little hole slowly spreading it open as it entered. I let out a loud gasp as it pushed into me. Wholly crap I'm actually doing this? I'm cheating on my husband and it's with a black guy. Slowly I worked it in a little bit at a time. "Fuck, dat shit is tight girl! You sure you ain't a virgin?" Malik said. I had never been so stretched out like this and as wet as I was it was still taking effort due to his sheer size. Deeper and deeper he slipped into me until I couldn't take anymore for a reason I never thought was possible. Our pelves' were touching, his entire penis was inside of me! I did nothing allowing myself to adjust as I never felt so full in my life. It was only slightly uncomfortable but even that was overshadowed by the unbelievable feeling it was giving me.

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