The Servant

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Blackmail, a servant, a frustrated wife and anal.
4.9k words
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Thanks to a reader Mustu for the idea for this story.

Daniyal answered the summons from his boss's wife, Anum. What would she want now? He soon found out.

Anum was 25 years old, tall, slim with prominent 34C tits and a face to die for, and she knew it. This was what had snared her Javid Aftab, her 55-year-old wealthy husband and their luxury residence in the luxury suburb of Model Town, Lahore. She had been a waitress who had caught Javid's eye seven years ago and was now a rich bitch. No, make that a REAL BITCH. Javid had been her ticket out of the Shahdara slum she had lived in. While his employer Javid ignored Anum as a lowly, invisible servant who wasn't worth his attention, Anum had to show she controlled the 35-year-old from the village Kandu Khara, south of Lahore.

He had come to Lahore seeking work, but he had not expected this. He stood waiting beside her until she finally acknowledged his presence, sneered, and extended a long finger with its perfect nail polish to point at her illegal, alcoholic, gin and tonic well within reach beside her. Daniyal took it and handed it to her. As she slowly sipped it, she listed all the faults she had seen in his performance: his attitude, his lack of deference to her, and of course finished with her usual, "Of course, one word from me to my husband and you are finished here and will never work in Lahore again."

As she lectured her long legs extended from her tight mini as she never wore a shalwar kameez or gharara at home or when out preferring expensive European brands bought online. She turned slightly so Daniyal could see cleavage and the shape of her firm tits. It was no accident. She knew perfectly well what she was doing and enjoyed flaunting her body before her embarrassed servant who had to avert his eyes. The worst part for Daniyal was that he felt his cock rising despite the hatred he had for the young wife of his employer.

She crossed her legs and his eyes followed the movement catching a glimpse of the black V of her thongs. He saw her sneering smile as she watched his eyes follow her practised movements and knew she revelled in the fact he was ogling her body. She was a slut and a bitch Daniyal swore to himself, knowing he had fallen into her trap again.

As he walked away with her threats and demands ringing in his ears his mind was filled with images: images of him fucking the stuck-up bitch every way possible as she screamed for mercy. But they were only impossible thoughts and dreams. It could never happen. His life was accepting his position and her bitchiness in return for keeping his job and sending back his wage to his wife, Sidra. She was overweight, ugly and nowhere as good-looking as Anum, and before marriage was considered the village bike to be ridden by anyone, but she was his wife, fucked him insatiably and not a bitch. Dark thoughts sprang into his mind. Yes, fucked him insatiably when he was around. What would she be doing alone in the village while he was here suffering at this bitch's whims?

It was two days later when he was cleaning Anum's room giving it special attention as she had been dissatisfied with his last efforts and had lectured him and docked his pay. The duster moved the computer mouse, and it must have awoken the computer as the monitor sprung to life. Daniyal's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. The screen with filled with thumbnails of a nude Anum. Not only nude but explicit: legs widespread, fingers opening her slit, toys in her pussy and arse, masturbating, squirting. Most had an Only Fans logo on them.

Fuck, she was showing her body online for Rupees at Only Fans, he thought. Her husband accepted her Western, provocative outfits as it boosted his ego having a trophy wife, but he would never accept this. He didn't know how to forward these to his phone and didn't want to risk doing something to the computer, so he took out his cheap, second-hand (stolen) Cubot Kingkong mini 2 phone and took photos of the most explicit.

An hour later he was summoned to her room. She pointed to a letter. "Take that and post it. Immediately."

"No, I have other things to do," he replied.

At first, it was as though she hadn't heard, but then she realized he had refused her order. She exploded, filling the air with swearwords, before screaming, "What, you are defying me. You are fired, no second chance. As soon as I phone my husband and tell him you are finished here. How dare you not refuse to do what I say."

"I think not," he said pulling out his phone and showing her the photos. "Not when your husband sees these."

She gasped, but recovered and quickly snatched his phone, threw it on the floor and stamped on it with the five-inch, slender, pointed heels of her shoes. The screen cracked and the body's innards were exposed and vulnerable, and then twisted and ruined by another stomp. "See what," she sneered?

Daniyal had been beaten but he too thought on the spot. "You think that is all of them. They are backed up on the cloud," he said confidently even though he hadn't done this. It worked. Her authority crumbled like a sand castle before the waves at a beach and she asked, no she pleaded with him to forget what he had seen, delete the files and that his job was safe, and she would ensure he did less work with another servant under him.

Daniyal nodded as though agreeing but then said. "That's a start but there is more, beginning now."

Her dress had ridden far up on her thighs with her stomping, exposing the thong-covered mound of her shaven womanhood. Further words caught in Daniyal's throat as he saw the sight of the cleft between the beautiful young wife's thighs exposed to his eyes. His prick throbbed madly in his cotton pants, and he felt droplets of pre cum drip from its unseeing eye. He had to fuck her, and now, before he blew his build-up of cum into his clothes instead of into the bitch beside him.

His hand snaked out with claw-like fingers and settled on one of her smooth, long, dark thighs, the digits clenching like talons as he squeezed the soft, resilient flesh. The sensation of his touch penetrated the turmoil of Anum's mind. Her eyes widened as she looked down to where her servant's hand now slid along her smooth inner thigh, climbing higher toward the target it sought.

"Don't you touch me," she screamed at him in a desperate attempt to regain her authority, her voice slurred and tremulous. "Don't you ever touch me again, you... you pervert."

He smiled, shook his head and stroked her exposed thigh. The full realisation set in and she emitted a low cry of defeat, the spell of her authority broken, and stood there, trembling with anger and fear at what the touch of her servant foretold. Resentment and anger turned Daniyal's face the colour of an eggplant. He stepped closer, his body shaking with anger and desire, the front of his white cotton shalwar bulging obscenely with the shape of his large, hard cock.

"You goddamn fucking little bitch." he screamed. "You won't talk to me like that any longer. You'll do what I want, when I say, or I'll see to it your husband gets the photos and you will be divorced. I will do that, I promise you. You bitch, you bitch, what right have you got to call me names? You are just an ex-waitress. You've been sending filthy pictures of yourself through the internet for money, so who are you to act so high and mighty around me. You're nothing but a slut exhibiting your pussy to anyone who pays to see it online."

"Oh, Allah, Allah, oh, Allah," Anum's tortured mind cried. For in that moment, she knew that there was no recourse open to her, that her servant had her completely at his mercy. And she knew what he wanted of her, and that she would have to submit to his desires. If not, he would make good his threat to ruin her, and she had no doubt at all that he would do as he threatened. She was backed into an impossible corner, and the knowledge was like choking bile in her throat. She was trapped, trapped: there was no one in the whole world to whom she could turn for help.

Daniyal was right beside her, saliva running out of the corners of his mouth, his face flushed and sweating, the front of his plain cotton shalwar pants still bulging hugely. Inside his brain, it was like he had crossed a bridge to a new universe. There was no turning back. He extended his hand, and then he said, "I'm going to fuck you, Mrs Aftab. I'm going to fuck you now, here, right on this bed. And you're going to let me do it: you're even going to join in. You don't have any other choice, Mrs Aftab. If you let me fuck you, fuck you in any way I want, then I will delete those photos. If not, I will be seeing Sahib Aftab for an important discussion. Well, Mrs Aftab? What's your answer?"

Anum almost collapsed to the carpet under the staggering weight of his ultimatum. No place to turn, no place to run. Trapped at the mercy of her servant. Her mind chanted its mantra. I must obey him. I must save myself and my position as Javid's wife.

"Please," she implored, her face slack with the knowledge of her fate and her eyes looked at nothing, blank and lifeless. "Please, I'll do whatever you ask. But out here... not in the bedroom, not in my husband's bed. Please, you can't ask that of me..."

Daniyal's laugh was ugly and obscene. "No, I can't ask that, but I can order it. And that is what I am doing, Mrs Aftab." He pointed at the king-size bed. "This bed, Mrs Aftab, and be quick about it. My cock is about ready to explode with cum, and I want to save every last drop for you.

A cry of utter and complete helplessness tore from Anum Aftab's throat, and tears streamed from her eyes, and she was sobbing uncontrollably as she flung herself on the bed. She lay there, moaning piteously for a moment, and then she swung around. Daniyal stood there, and he had his pants down, had his underpants drawn aside and the thick expanse of his penis was in the palm of his right hand, its huge, bulbous head seeming to point like a finger of doom at her.

"Take off your clothes." he hissed. "Now and quickly. Right now. Can't you see how my prick just aches for your lips to close around it?"

Anum moaned again, a torture-wracked sound, but she obeyed with trembling fingers. She removed the short skirt and tight blouse, pulled it over her head, and then shrugged off her bra and thong. She sat huddled defenceless, naked and afraid, on the edge of the bed. Daniyal's breath quickened to a harsh, nasal wheezing as he viewed for the first time the vibrant, brown-skinned, toned, naked body of his employer's wife. Seeing it, he was sure that she must have a lot of Only Fans members. Oh, he was going to skull fuck the bitch, make her scream for him and his huge, quivering prick.

His fingers tore at his straight-cut Kameez. At last, he stood before her, naked, his huge, veined cock oscillating like an arrow outward from his groin. He stroked it hungrily for a moment, then bellowed, "Get up on all fours on the bed. I want you to suck my cock. Do you hear me, Mrs Aftab? I want that mouth of yours sucking my cock."

"No-nooo." wailed Anum miserably. "No, please...."

"Do what I tell you, Mrs. Aftab." Daniyal flung himself onto the bed, spreading his legs wide, his hard prick jutting upward and throbbing, waiting and ready. "Now crawl like the bitch you are between my legs. Do it and do it now. I'm not going to tell you again."

I can't," the tortured young wife's mind protested. But she had no choice, no other alternative, and so her body obeyed his instructions. She crawled between Daniyal's open thighs like a whipped puppy submitting itself to further degradations at the hands of an inhuman master and lowered her head almost to the tip of his upthrust, waiting cock.

Tears filled her eyes, and her tongue came out several times to moisten her lips. She squeezed her eyes shut against the tears, not daring to look, and then told herself she was doing this to protect her future, her position as a wealthy man's toy. And so, with one last moaning, piteous cry, she reached out and grasped his swollen rod between the fingers of her right hand and began to stroke the palpitating flesh lightly, further arousing the already lust-bubbling Daniyal until groans of joy rendered from his lips.

"Goddamn you, hurry up and suck it. Suck my cock, suck it, suck it."

His hips thrust upward, but she pulled back her head out of reach. Partly because of a reflexive abhorrence of the act she was being forced to perform and partly because it had been years since she had sucked cock. It was like the old joke. How do you stop a man fucking? Marry him. Since their marriage seven years ago and Javid taking her doggystyle in front of his groomsmen, he had slept, when he wasn't at a brothel, in the bed and she on the floor. Now he only wanted her body to show his friends when they went out that his wife was hot.

Daniyal reached down and entangled his fingers tightly in her long black hair, trying desperately to guide her head down to meet his thrusting cock. His own head was lifted off the bed, so that he could watch the contorted features of her beautiful face, poised above his prick, and his brain reeled with the mental image of his thick, pulsating cock burrowing in and out of the haughty bitch's waiting lips. He was excited beyond all reason now. He had to have her suck him off.

He could feel the semen boiling in his balls, and the servant knew it wouldn't be long before it would come spewing out of his shaft like a flow of hot lava from a volcano. "Hurry, hurry," he grunted. "Suck it, bitch, suck it."

Suddenly, Anum, realizing the complete hopelessness of her position, knew if she performed the obscene task that he demanded of her and got it over with as quickly as possible she was free. She did not like the implications of the small tingling, rippling arousal that was starting in her cunt at the prospect of taking a male cock between her lips, even such a tool as that belonging to her blackmailing servant. She had not been fucked for years: she was starting to become wet. She had to get this finished and over quickly before she became so excited that she began to enjoy her subjugation.

Her head plunged forward and down. Daniyal felt for the first time the hot moist softness of her lips close over the sensitive head of his cockhead, felt her extended tongue lick circles of liquid fire around and around it, flicking into the glans opening, drinking up the precum seeping and leaking from his one-eyed monster. His grip on her hair tightened, and he thrust his hips upward, driving the length of his big prick deep into the soft, warm folds of her mouth, feeling it reach and slam hard against the back of her throat.

"Uuuuhhhhhhh." groaned Anum around the hardened, invading rod of flesh and Daniyal's cock grew as the sound of her gagging reached his ears and he saw the flinching of her head.

"Oooooooooooooooooaaaaahhhhhh." Daniyal cried in lust-crazed rage and directed her head back to the task at hand, pleasuring his cock.

With her head held tightly, Anum twirled her tongue faster around the blood-inflated mushroom head of his cock. Then she began to suck him rhythmically, with all the expertise she had acquired from the internet with a VPN when she first entrapped her husband. He watched her lipstick-rimmed lips working on his cock, watched the soft wet skin of her mouth pucker outward and then back in again as she seesawed her mouth along the length of his rigid prick.

Despite Daniyal thinking it impossible, his excitement increased at the sight of her sucking him, and his groin tensed and jerked upward into her face. The fleshy expanse of his rod disappeared further with each hard thrust as she remembered her neglected deep-throating skills. Finally, only a small length of it showed dark and glistening with saliva wetness between her lips, and its shape was visible on the skin of her upper neck.

Her tongue was like a separate entity, a thing gone wild with the desire to end this terrible subjugation, make him cum in her mouth and thus finish the whole nightmare. She sucked hungrily, making his cockhead jerk and convulse as though it, too, were a thing alive and with a mind of its own. Her full, firm breasts danced wildly below her pumping head, adding to the view her servant was viewing. A POV of women that many porn videos showed.

"Suck it, suck it, whore, suck it." he urged her on, dropping his head back on the bed heavily. Anum slaved on seeking an end to it. Her body glistened from the tiny droplets of perspiration forming from her efforts, determined to finish it and get him out of the room. Then she could plan how to get her own back on the servant who was using her as a skull fuck. Yes, she would think of some suitable revenge. The pressure grew and grew in Daniyal's balls, and he shoved his hips up hard against her face, hearing her gasping breaths, not heeding it all as he neared his release.

And then, suddenly, he did not want to cum just yet, did not want to eject his ball sac full of semen into her mouth. No, he had an even better idea, something he had wanted to do to her from the very first time he had seen her, something he had thought of several times since when she berated him. He would fuck her shithole. He would shoot his load of jism deep, deep into the depths of her bowels.

His hands entangled in her hair now pushed upward instead of pulling downward, drawing his saliva-soaked cock from Anum's soft, still-sucking mouth with a smooth wet sound. Her eyes blinked open uncomprehendingly, her face glistening with sweat, her lipstick wet and shining with her spittle and the droplets of his precum.

"W-what is it?" she gasped wondering why he had stopped when she could feel he was ready to blow his load and shoot it down her gullet.

"Turn around and lean forward. Hurry, by Allah, I'm ready to cum any second now."

"What... what are you going to do?"

"You bitch." He grabbed her roughly, twisted her around so that her taut, yet still rounded arse cheeks were quivering before his gaze, then raised up on his knees behind her. His eager fingers reached out, found the smooth crevice between the twin light brown globes and slowly drew them apart, revelling in the wet, lubricious feel of her juices which had seeped down from her cunt. His throbbing cock rested on the satiny, soft surface of one of her presented moons.

Anum tried to cry out as she suddenly realized what the man wanted to do to her, but he removed one hand from her buttocks and shoved her head down hard against the rumpled bedspread. Ripples of horror flooded through her. Oh, God, oh, God, not that. No, I won't let him, I won't, I could never forgive myself.

She tried to twist away, but his thumbs were like steel talons, imprisoning her, spreading wide the tiny, puckered ring of her unused rectal passage. "Going to fuck your arsehole, going to fuck your arsehole, you bitch, oh, shit, oh, damn it," he drooled. Daniyal raised his hips, bringing the hard, rubbery head of his swollen cock upward so that it teased along her waiting rectal opening, poised before the tiny, wrinkled ring.

"No," she screamed in agonized protest. "No, no, you can't."

"Just watch me, you bitch. I'll teach you to treat me the way you have. I'll fuck and shred your arse."

And then, with a brutal thrust, Daniyal suddenly rammed forward, but his cock rebounded from the too-tight opening. He battered it again with the same result. She groaned as she felt a strong wet finger replace his cock and slowly work her arsehole open. Then she felt it joined by another before a third helped prepare it for the final assault. His saliva-wettened cock head replaced his fingers and her thrust with all his might. The mushroom broke through the puckered hole but was stopped by the inner sphincter muscle. But nothing could stop the inevitable, and after several brutal hammerings, his fuck rod entered her tight passage with a savage, unmerciful force, never stopping as it tore through the membranous canal like an instrument of exquisite torture.