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I heard the old saying "Red sky in morning - sailor take warning, red sky at night - sailor's delight," but I never really paid much attention to it. The sky looked fine, in fact I remember gazing out at the sunset after I had finished getting my boat into the water and tied up at the dock. I pulled the truck and trailer up into my parking place and then looked out over the water. I watched a few clouds transform from white, to pink and finally to lavender as the sun slipped into the water. It was almost like a painting, one of those perfect landscape or I should say seascape paintings that you always wish you'd bought.

That next morning the weather was great and although I noticed the beautiful reddish color of the sunrise, I simply figured I was being rewarded for waking up so early. My girlfriend was supposed to arrive shortly with a few friends for a morning of fishing. If it worked out okay, we'd stop back at the dock, grill up some of our catch for lunch and head back out and fish until sunset. Anyway, I had to get the boat ready for the excursion, so I was adding ice to the ice chests over the drinks I left to chill overnight and straightening up the cabin.

I had just stepped back out on the deck of the boat and noticed a last ribbon of red just above the distant horizon. Pausing, I let myself simply enjoy the gentle harmony of the sunrise, oblivious to what skulked just beyond the horizon. Glancing at my watch I was about to settle down into one of the deck seats when I heard a car horn.

"Damn," I thought to myself, "she's never been on time before." Sure enough I looked up to see Katy and Catherine walking down to the dock.

"Hey, why so early? And where is..." I noticed the immediate frown on Katy's face as her hand sliced back and forth in front of her throat.

"I thought I'd surprise you and get here early," she said, continuing on in a whisper, "He's not coming... some big fight."

"So Dave's not..."

"No, he's off with some slut or something. I brought Catherine to get her mind off it all, okay," she hissed.

"Okay, okay," I whispered, and then more loudly, "Hey, you two missed a beautiful sunrise. I've got drinks in the ice chests, some snacks in the cabin and sunscreen under the seat there. How about it Cath, want a beer?"

"It's barely eight am, besides, I'm not really in the mood. Look Katy, why not leave me behind, I'll be fine."

"Nonsense," I replied, "we've got plenty to eat and drink and we have the whole ocean full of fish to catch."

"It's the gulf Mike, like in Gulf of Mexico. And guys, I don't want to spoil your fun... I'm not some charity case, I'll be fine."

"Gulf, ocean, whatever, I still need the both of you to help me operate this boat."

Katy looked at me and mouthed, "Thank you," in a manner that held some promise for later.

"Besides, once we get out, bait a hook and cast you'll see how good things really are. I find great solace when I fish."

Katy's eyebrow kinked upward so I figured I'd better lighten up so I started up the engine and said, "Ladies, if you would untie the boat there at the front and back, we'll be ready to go. You all missed the sunrise, it was quite spectacular."

Katy frowned at me, "I was driving and it was behind us so we didn't see anything.

"Well, maybe the sunset will be nice."

"Maybe," Katy said mockingly.

We eased out into the harbor and then headed toward the open water. While Katy had arrived early, it was quite late for the avid fishermen so the harbor was practically empty as we moved so I had a chance to look over my "fishing buddies" for the day.

Katy looked nice as usual, her hair was a bit more curly than normal, but with her short shorts, halter top and white deck shoes she looked about as ready to fish as Queen Elizabeth. She didn't have on much makeup so her freckles were a bit more noticeable, on her face and down her... well down into her halter top. Her breasts were small so she was never one to wear bras very often, so I had ample opportunity to peek in and around the folds and openings in the fabric to catch a glimpse of nipple. Of course I had sailed these waters before and I was more interested in what kind of peeks I might get looking Catherine's way.

I had met her before, usually hanging on Dave's arm, sitting in his truck beside him or at the other end of a bar as I threw darts with Dave. She didn't talk a lot and while Dave and I were friends, we never really hung out much together so Catherine was just a woman who was there. I guess, here on the boat, I really was just now looking at her for the first time.

It was a bit odd now, seeing Catherine change from a woman who was "just there" to a very enticing, beautiful and available... well available if my girlfriend wasn't sitting next to her on the boat. As I drove the boat out of the harbor and into the open waters of Laguna Madre I tried to get a better look at her but besides her long, dark hair I really couldn't see a lot with the two of them sitting behind me.

If Dave was with me I would have headed out toward the land cut where a narrow passage of water connects Laguna Madre to the Gulf of Mexico. The boat is really too small to get out into the gulf but there is usually pretty good fishing where the shallow waters at the banks drops off into the deeper center of the channel. With the two ladies on board I opted to hit a closer spot near the wreckage of an old boat.

After several minutes of driving the boat while trying to really get a look at Catherine we reached our destination and I quickly shut down the engine. I called back to the women and asked, "Hey, could one of you grab the anchor there and throw it over the side?"

"This thing?" Katy asked grabbing it and dragging it across the deck. "It's too heavy."

"Oh come on," I replied, "Certainly between the two of you we can get that anchor in the water." I then sat back and watched the two struggle to get the anchor in the water. It did provide me with an opportunity to look Catherine over as she first leaned forward to grab the anchor and then turned and bent over as the two of them dropped it over the side.

She was a bit curvier than Katy, but certainly not what I'd call fat. Her breasts were ample and it was obvious she was wearing a bra under her blouse. When she had leaned forward I only got a peek at the lace edges of the bra. I would have liked to seen more.

Before I could contemplate Catherine any further I heard Katy say, "So we're doing all the work and you're just sitting there. What are you doing?"

Innocently pointing out over the water behind them I said, "I'm just enjoying the view."

"Right," Katy replied. "Well if I can interrupt your gazing what do we do now?"


"Yes, what do we do?"

"Well normally we'd get out the gear, grab some shrimp and bait the hook. After we cast out we'd grab a beer and relax."

"And then what?" Katy asked.

"We'll we'd tug on the line now and then to keep the shrimp working."

"That's all?"

"Well, if Dave was here we'd talk about women, boy he always had a tale or..."

Suddenly I heard a snort and Catherine rushed past me and stepped down the steps into the small cabin below deck. Katy gave me a look and followed Catherine hissing, "You are such an idiot."

Damn, I sure missed Dave. I mean fishing is for fishing not drama. So I left the women below and grabbed my gear, baited the hook with a shrimp, cast off the back of the boat and then grabbed a beer. Sitting down I tugged a few time to keep the shrimp active and then reeled in and cast in another direction.

After about ten minutes it seemed obvious that the fish were somewhere else so I reeled in and set my rod off to the side. I figured we could move to another of Dave's and my fishing spots and try there. When I opened the door to peek below I didn't have a remote idea of what I would see.

About to tell them I planned to move the boat I immediately closed my mouth and stopped. Katy, completely naked was kneeling between Catherine's legs, her face buried in the woman's pussy. Catherine was moving her hips up and down with both hands on her own breasts teasing her nipples.

I moved closer until Katy lifted her head and looked up at me. Her mouth and chin were wet from Catherine's juices. She smiled and said, "Get undressed." She then returned to the wet pussy in front of her.

Quickly pulling off my clothes I reached down and touched Katy who moved from between Catherine's legs and grabbed my cock. Tugging on it she pulled me forward and then guided me into her friend's wet opening.

I paused a moment with just the head of my cock in the woman when I heard Katy whisper, "Go on, I'm right here and it's fine."

The words, 'Best fishing trip ever,' ran through my mind as I eased my cock into her pussy as Katy reached in and ran her fingers over her friend's clit. In just moments I felt Catherine tense and then lift her hips up to me moaning, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

I shoved my cock deep into her and then stopped moving, feeling the pulsations of her pussy as they tightened and loosened around my cock. When I started to withdraw I felt Katy reach in, grab my cock and tug me over to her as she leaned back on the table.

As Katy guided my cock into her pussy I saw Catherine get up on her hands and knees straddling Katy's head. I began easing my cock deeper into Katy's pussy as Catherine lowered herself down onto Katy's face. Catherine then reached down moving her fingers down between Katy and I, touching both Katy's clit and my cock as I worked it in and out.

I reached out and cupped both my hands on Catherine's breasts and then looked up at her face. As the three of us moved in unison Catherine's and my eyes locked. Her eyes were dark brown, something I had not really noticed before, but now I looked into them as her expression changed from a bit bewildered to something more intense. She then closed her eyes, leaned her head back and moaned.

Wishing my cock were still in her pussy to feel her cum again I continued squeezing Catherine's breasts until she calmed from her orgasm and moved off of Katy. She then moved her head down and began running her tongue over Katy's clit.

Katy responded, lifting her hips up meeting each of my thrusts as her hands moved to Catherine's head. I watched her pale fingers lace into Catherine's dark hair as I felt her tense and then come, her pussy clenching and releasing my cock again and again. Thrusting into the hilt I felt someone's fingers gentle grab my balls and squeeze lightly.

Before I could figure out what was happening Catherine moved off of the table, her hand gently pulling me by my balls away from Katy who got up and came over to me. The two women pushed me back onto the table where I sat down as they spread my legs apart. They both settled in between my legs and each began running their tongues up and down my shaft.

They took turns each moving from taking me in their mouth to running their tongue over my balls. As the two alternated on me all I could do is lean back and enjoy. Once again the thought, 'Best fishing trip ever,' ran through my mind as I saw Catherine move her mouth over me and suck hard.

That was it... I moaned and then lifted my hips up trying to get deeper into her mouth as I came, spurting my cum again and again. When my cock finally stopped twitching she moved her head away, turned and leaned to Katy. The two women kissed and then pulled away leaving a long white bead of cum dangling between them.

Still sitting on the table I finally said, "Wow, you two know how to fish."

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet," Katy said touching her tongue to the tip of my cock to dab up a small droplet of cum.

Only then did I notice the boat pitch to one side and then lurch in the other direction. I jumped up and headed to the door noticing how dark it seemed. "Anchor must have pulled loose, I think we are drifting."

Opening the door I noticed the dark clouds, "Damn, where did that storm come from. As much as I hate to say it, Katy, hand me my shorts."

She tossed them to me and quickly pulling them on I climbed up on deck. Lightning flashed and shortly afterward I heard the loud crash of thunder. I grabbed the rope, pulled up the anchor and then moved over to start the engine.

As the two women appeared, now wearing clothes, I shouted, "Grab your life vests it's going to be a little rough." I then turned the boat and headed back toward the harbor.

The ride back got pretty rough and had we been much further away we might have gotten into trouble but finally I was able to pull into the harbor and then up to the dock. I tied off one line and then helped the ladies up out of the boat.

Following them I quickly tied off the other line and we ran toward the cars. As we ran I shouted, "One good thing, we don't have to clean any fish."

"I've got something better," Katy said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"There's a warm, empty room at the hotel just waiting for us to come in and get out of these wet clothes."

Catherine chimed in, "And with the storm there is nothing to do but..." She smiled, not needing to finish her sentence.

We never did get to see the sunset.

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