tagFetishThe Sex Wrestling League Ch. 01

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 01


It was always a fetish of mine. So when Sean told me he had joined an adult league I was intrigued to learn more. I am in my mid-twenties and am fairly attractive. I don't really have a steady girlfriend, but I was always interested in females who were into wrestling. It all started out one night when Sean and I were catching up one night at a bar. After the causal chit-chat and a few beers, Sean started to talk about his new found league. "I couldn't believe it when someone told me, Rob" Sean said. "I've always wanted to step into the ring with a woman who was into the same thing that we are into. But this is intense".

"What exactly are you talking about Sean? Is it just wrestling with women?" I asked.

"No, it's different. Really different." Sean said with a smile. "It's sex-wrestling".

My jaw dropped when those words left his lips. "Sex-Wrestling?" I stammered. "What the hell does that actually mean?"

"It means exactly what you think it means. It is male vs. female. There is a ring, referee, wrestling, a belt and sex. It's like our biggest fantasy come true." Sean grinned. "Maybe I need to just bring you to show you what it entails."

My head was still spinning. Sean had to be pulling my leg on this whole sex-wrestling experience. We hopped into his car. We live just outside a major city, but instead of heading into the city, we were driving away from it. After about thirty minutes in the car, Sean took a right down a long dirt road. We pulled up to a building that could only be described as what looked like an old rec center. There was a bouncer at the door and after he checked my license and we paid the cover, we walked down a long dark hall way. You could see rooms full of gym equipment. Finally we saw a light at the end of the hallway. We walked through the door and it hit me like a ton of bricks. "Oh my god" I stuttered. Sean looked at me, knowing that I was in heaven. There were about 50 to 60 people in the stands, which were mainly folding chairs. Then there was an actual wrestling ring. Grey mat, blue ropes, red turnbuckles. A man and women in masks were struggling on the mat. Sean started to explain what we were watching as I tried to take it all in. "It's like an underground gambling circle." He pointed over to a small booth in the corner. "That's where these people place their bets on who will win." I noticed two banners hanging over the booth, one with a list of male wrestlers and one with a list of female wrestlers.

"How do you win or lose here?" I asked Sean.

"It's pretty standard. You apply to basic wrestling rules. Each match is best two out of three falls. You have to win one fall by pin or submission. The other fall you must bring your opponent to orgasm." Sean said with a smirk.

I looked up to the ring and noticed for the first time that both wrestlers were naked. They were wearing masks to prevent you from knowing who they were. They were struggling with the woman holding the man in what looked like a basic headlock. Just then he pushed her off him to the ropes. She came back and hit him with a flying crossbody. The crowd went nuts. She immediately wrapped her legs around his neck and started in with the head scissors. Half the crowd went nuts, while the other half screamed at him being so stupid for getting himself into the hold. "Wow... that was amazing." I said to Sean. He looked back at me. "The best thing is the wrestlers get paid to do this. You win you get at least $1000. Probably more because those who win, will grease your palm because you just won them about 10 times that. The loser usually gets $300."

I look back over to the banners and see names on the guy side: Guns; The Coach; The Heartthrob; Pure Surf were some that stood out. Next to all of their names was there won/lost record. Pure Surf had the best among the guys at 10-2. But what really drew my eyes was the women's banner: The Vixen, The General, Venus, and at the very top of the list was The Little Terror. Next to her name was the number 14-0. "The Little Terror?" I said to Sean with a slight laugh. He looked at me very seriously. "Dude, she's the champion. Undefeated. You don't bet against her."

He got very quiet after that. We turned our attention back to the match. "Who's in the ring right now?" I asked Sean.

"The guy is goes by the name the Hunter. He's in the ring with the Schoolgirl." I look back towards the banners. The Hunter-3-2; Schoolgirl 2-2. "Pretty even match?" I said to Sean, while the hunter still struggled to get out from under the Schoolgirl's legs. Suddenly, we heard the bell. The announcer came over a loud speaker: Winner by submission: Stacy the Schoolgirl! There will be a two minute break before the second fall. Stacy was pretty. She had blonde hair, small but what looked like firm breasts and a tight little ass. The Hunter was about two inches taller than Stacy, he was skinny with some muscle and I'd guess about a 6 inch dick. Stacy looked at him with a smile and said to him, "That dick is going to submit to very soon." She blew him a kiss and sat back in her corner.

"Wow. Sean are you part of this?" He pointed up to the banners. "I'm Galaxy". I looked up to the banner and saw 2-1 next to his name. "Well you got two wins, who did you lose to?"

Quietly, Sean looked down and said, "The Little Terror. She beat me in less than eleven minutes." I could tell that this really hurt his pride. I smiled at him, "Well that's why she's the champ. So how do I get involved in this?" I had been dying to ask this question the entire time. This was like a dream come true for me. I always wanted to step into the ring with a sexy woman and with the sex aspect added in I was in heaven.

Sean pointed to a man and a woman standing against the wall. Both were dressed in business attire. "Those are the two. The guy goes by Mr. Bartlett. He's in charge of recruiting talent for the male side of this operation. The woman is Ms. Wallace, she deals with the females."

We waited until they had finished their conversation and walked over towards Mr. Bartlett. Mr. Bartlett looked to be in his mid 40s, with dark black hair and brown eyes. He stood about six feet tall with his hair slicked straight back. Sean extended his hand, "Mr. Bartlett, good to see you tonight. I wanted to introduce someone to you. This is Rob Turner, the guy I was telling you about."

Mr. Bartlett studied me. Walked around me, probably trying to gauge how athletic I was. He spoke softly but firm, "Weight?"

"155" I responded.

"Have you ever wrestled before or been involved with athletics?"

I thought for a moment how to answer this. I had been a three sport athlete in high school, but those were in football, basketball, and track. I was never good enough to continue playing them in college, but felt that I was respectable when I did play. "Not since High School. I do run daily and keep myself in shape."

"Dick size?" he asked with the casualness of talking if you think it is going to rain tomorrow.

"Uhhhh" I stuttered for a moment. Mr. Bartlett immediately made eye contact. I was caught off guard because I had never had a man ask me the size of my dick.

"Well?" He said as if my confusion had slightly annoyed him.

"A little over seven inches" I stated quietly.

Mr. Bartlett took out a little notebook and scribbled some words on a piece of paper. "Go here. It's a clinic that will give you an STD check. There is no cost. Be here at 5:30 tomorrow night to begin training." And with those words, Mr. Bartlett pushed open a door and walked out.

I stared down at the paper. This was going to become a reality for me. My head started to race. I knew I was clean, so all I could think of was the training. Was it going to be wrestling training? Was it going to be sex techniques? When would my first match be? My thoughts were broken as the loud speaker boomed again, "WINNER by 2 falls to 1, Stacy the Schoolgirl!!!!!" The crowd went nuts as the ref held up Stacy's arm. She strutted around and climbed the turn buckle to smile and give her fans one last look at her amazing body. I noticed on the wall Ms. Wallace clapping softly, but disappearing through the same door Mr. Bartlett had gone through a few minutes earlier. Sean grabbed my arm. "Come on, let's head home. You will need to get up early to head to the clinic."

I smiled and followed him out. The whole way home I thanked him about getting me involved in my dream. He chuckled softly, "Just wait until you first match. It gets intense."

I can't honestly say I remember much of the morning at the clinic. I was too excited to get to the training that was going to be happening that night. Just like I thought my test came back clean. I was handed a paper and told to give it to the right person. But there was one thing that I could never forget. As I walked out the door of the clinic, a nurse smiled at me, "Good Luck, Mr. Turner". I could have sworn she knew what I was going to be doing.

A little bit after 4:30 I jumped into my car and drove to the center from the night before. I'm was glad I left early because I hit a little bit of rush hour traffic and made it almost exactly at 5:30. I walked into the building just like I had the night before, but something was different. Quiet. Creepy quiet. I noticed a light on in one of the back rooms. I knocked on the door. "Come in" came a woman's voice. I opened the door to find a big deserted room with only an old wrestling ring. Ms. Wallace sat need the ring. "Good, you are on time. I absolutely hate when the new guys are late. First, strip." She said with little emotion. I got to admit I was extremely nervous.

Ms. Wallace had to be in her late 30s, but still very attractive. She had shoulder length brown hair with bright blue eyes. You could tell she kept herself in shape. I looked at her, she had to have at least medium size tits, but they were hidden underneath her business suit. I slowly removed my shirt and gym shorts. My dick was semi-hard from just the sight of Ms. Wallace.

Ms. Wallace spoke again in her emotionless tone, "Now get use to being naked around here. No reason to be bashful. First, have a seat." She pointed to a chair next to her. "Let's start with the rules." For some reason this shocked me. Couldn't I have my clothes on if we were just going over the rules of the match? I guess there was a little part of me that expected to get laid right then and there. I forced these thoughts out of my head and focused on Ms. Wallace.

"Basic wrestling rules apply. There are no closed fists at any time. No attack to sexual organs. So don't worry, a girl isn't going to kick you in your nuts. You must win a two of three falls. One fall has to be by pin or submission. Pin is 3 count for female pinning male and 5 count for male pinning female. Submission can be verbal or by tapping the mat repeatedly very quickly. The second fall must be won by forcing an orgasm out of the opposite sex. It is always the ref's decision whether or not a wrestler has been brought to orgasm. Do you have any questions so far?" Ms. Wallace looked at me directly in the eye.

"Not yet" I said softly.

For the next 30 minutes I was taught the rules of Sex-Wrestling. I kept in mind that there was no jumping off the turnbuckles. Break for the ropes, but a sex attack could continue even if you have the ropes. It did not matter the order of the wins as long as you won a fall each way. There was a two minute break after ever victory.

Then Ms. Wallace sparked my interested even greater, "To win the title, you must take it away from the opposite sex. Right now, a woman currently is the champ, so that should give you a reason to train hard."

After the rules session with Ms. Wallace, I thought it was finally time to start working in the ring. Ms. Wallace stood up and walked behind me. She took a blind fold out and tied it around my eyes. "Don't move" She whispered in my ear.

Blinded and naked I sat there for a few minutes. When I suddenly felt two hands part my legs. My dick immediately sprung to lift as a soft hand gripped it firmly. I moaned softly as I felt Ms. Wallace lower her mouth on the head of my dick. She was a pro as her left hand cupped my balls and her right hand began to stroke my dick. Her tongue swirled the head of my dick slowly. My dick got even harder as her tongue teased the head of my dick. She pulled her lips off my dick with a small pop before engulfing my entire shaft down her throat. I grunted loudly. It had been a long time since I had a woman deep throat my dick. I moan as she ran her tongue up my shaft and back down to the base. She hand work my balls constantly. I could feel them starting to tighten. Unexpectedly it all stopped. My breathing had gotten heavily, but I felt that I was in control of my dick. Without warning I felt soft flesh wrap around my dick and squeeze it tightly. I gasped as I realized that Ms. Wallace was tit-fucking my dick. The head immediately popped back into her mouth. It was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I moaned out, trying to hold out longer. But Ms. Wallace had other plans. She started to stroke my dick off as fast as she could, sucking on the head. I couldn't take it anymore. My whole body lurched as I came hard in Ms. Wallace's mouth. It had to be one of my best orgasms I've ever had. I felt Ms. Wallace stand up. "Don't remove your blindfold just yet."

I sat there panting slowly, trying to regain my focus from the ball draining blowjob I had just received. "You may take it off now." Ms. Wallace said. I removed my blindfold to only notice that she was dressed in her business suit. "You are going to want to work on your stamina, if you want to have a shot at the title." She said with a smirk. "Now, get into the ring and wait." That was the last I heard or saw Ms. Wallace as she turned and walked out the door.

I climbed slowly in the ring alone. I looked around waiting for someone else to come in. I waited a few minutes and decided that it was best to start stretching. Still no one. I did some push up and bounced off the ropes a few times. After about 20 minutes, the door opened again.

He had to be about 2 inches taller than me with golden blonde hair. "I'm Clark, I'll be you trainer over the next two weeks. You need to learn how to fall properly, how to attack using the ring and how to win here." Clark looked at me, "Oh and Ms. Wallace wanted me to let you know, you're scheduled for a match in two Saturdays." For the next two hours, Clark taught me everything he knew about the wrestling business. We started by taking bumps on the mat. Then moved onto what it is like to be slammed on the mat. Clark reassured me that there were women strong enough to lift me and slam me down. By the end of the second hour, I was spent. "We will end today on this Rob. Be care on the situations you get yourself into. These women can turn it around on you in a heartbeat." I nodded softly. "Clark, were you part of the league ever?" This question had been burning inside me ever since we had started training.

Clark looked at me, "Yes, but hearing about my experiences is for another time and place. Go home and get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow." And with that Clark climbed out the ring and walked out. I grabbed my clothes and dressed and headed home. I looked at my calendar and circled the Saturday when I would have my first match.

The next two weeks flew by training with Clark. We worked on every move possible. In my own mind I felt that I would be best as a submission wrestler. I worked on different holds and how to inflict as much pain as possible. My trademark move I had decided was going to be a Texas-Cloverleaf hold. I felt that it was almost impossible to get out of and would be good at getting the submission part of the match. The sex part was where I would have to just act on the fly. The night before my match, Clark sat me down to have a talk. "I found out who you will be facing tomorrow night. She's called the General. She's a former army brat. She's good but definitely beatable for your first match. Just keep your eyes open and remember to keep yourself out of trouble." Clark said.

"Thanks for the help, Clark. Anything else I should know about her?" I asked trying to get an inside edge. "Well she's 3-6 right now. She definitely has her weaknesses. She is extremely sensitive but doesn't always cum easily. If you play your cards right I think you should be able to beat her. I do know that after her, you'd be on pace to wrestle Vixen, but don't look past the General or you will lose." Clark was very serious about this. I shook his hand and ask him if he will be at ring side tomorrow. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." He said.

I didn't sleep much that night. I just kept picturing finally getting my hands on a woman in the ring. That morning I was told to arrive at the center by 4 and my match was going to be the first one of the night. As I left my house I started to wonder what my character was going to be when I got to the center, realizing I had not gotten to chose. I was greeted by Clark as I arrived at the Center and he took me back to the male dressing room. The dressing room was lined with lockers, some couches and a shower. It felt like it was trying to be half a lounge and half a locker room. I walked to the locker labeled "Rob: The Rocket." Inside the locker I found a blue mask with a green rocket soaring up the back. I put it on and tied it. I always thought that a mask like that would impair my vision, but to my surprise I was able to see fine. I remove my clothes and stretched. Nerves were starting to set in. I was actually shaking when another guy finally walked into the dressing room. We made small talk. His name was Alex and he was the second match of the night. He wrestled under the nickname "Guns". Before we could talk further, there was a knock on the door, I was up.

I walked down the long hallway toward the curtain of the entrance ramp. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a rocket blasting off and loud music blaring. The announcer screamed over the speaker, "Making his debut, Rocket Rob!!!" The fans lightly cheered for me. I figured it was mainly because I was a new comer. I strolled to the ring flexing my muscles a little. I don't have a bunch of muscle to flex but I felt that it was enough. I stood in my corner, and tried to play the crowd a little.

Softly my music faded and the announcer came back on. "Coming to the ring, with a record of 3 and 6, The General Danielle!" The crowd went crazy as she stepped through the curtain. She had a green camouflaged mask on with dark red/brown hair coming out the back. She was cute, about 5'3 with small perk tits and a nice ass. She walked to the ring and saluted the crowd. She climb into the ring and gave me a small smirk. Damn, I was already starting to get hard from her, and she was noticing. The ref brought us to the center of the ring. "I want a good clean fight from the two of you. Remember the rules and respect the breaks. Any questions?" I shook my head and Danielle did the same.

She looked at me staring intently, "You will follow my orders today! Do I make myself clear?" She looked strong and confident even though I was 5 inches taller and easily out weighted her. We walked back to our corners and waited for the first bell to ring. In my mind, I had a plan: Get the submission first, and then get her to cum.

The bell rang and my first match was under way. We circled each other. Damn, she looked sexy. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman who looked like her. Danielle made the first move lunging at me and taking me down easily.

Damn it I thought to myself, I didn't expect her just to tackle me. She drove her shoulder into my gut knocking the wind out of me. Immediately, Danielle stayed on the offense driving her elbow into my stomach. She lifted me up by my head. I gasp for air as she came running off the ropes and leveled me with a clothes line. I hit the mat hard again. The crowd went nuts as Danielle was having her way with me early. I lay on the ground finally getting my breath back. As she approach, I shocked her by sweeping her legs out from under her. She hit the ground with a hard thud. I immediately drove an elbow into her knee. Danielle let out a loud groan. I was back in control in as I lifted her back to her feet. I threw her into a corner, and went to follow with a splash. Only to be met with a forearm to my jaw. I grab my jaw, "oww, you bitch" I screamed out.

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