The Shadow


My heart races as the twilight turns to night. Oh the sweet darkness could never come too soon for me. See when the dark came, my game would begin! As the sun drops over the horizon painting the sky in golden reds, I begin to get ready.

"Music...I need music!" I say to myself, and then turn on those sexy sounds. I loved to listen to this song. I thought it spoke of me. Come to My Window the music tells me. Oh dear lady, I will, I will!

I put on my silky dark pants, dark as night and so soft to the touch. They were so tight it was as if they were painted on. They put my already hardening cock right out there on display. A dark sweater and hat to complete the ensemble, then I was ready! I admire myself in the mirror and think how much I look like a shadow. A shadow was just what I wanted to be. I had started this game many years earlier and although there have been close calls the game has continued. After checking myself out I start to wonder who my next victim could be. More than likely I would scoot across the street, into the bushes to watch my neighbor Ms Johnson. Oh ya, Ms Cindy Johnson, the divorcee who still held a magnificent body even though she was soon reaching fifty years of age. I still find it hard to believe she popped four kids out of that sweet shaven snatch! You wonder how I know of her sweet mound. Well let me tell you about the first encounter I had watching Ms Johnson. The first time my game really was on!

Slowly I crept to the cedar bushes just outside your bedroom window. I couldn't believe I was actually going to go through with the game. But I just couldn't stop the craving anymore, I had to play! I see you as you come into your room; I gaze with wide eyes at the state of your undress. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, sending blood rapidly through my body to its final destination. A tingling is now present as my nuts and shaft start to swell with excitement. "My God," I whisper to myself as you slowly turn around and show me all of your naked glory. God I was so hard! Your perky brown nipples pointing right at me, I could hear them saying, take me in your mouth please! Your hefty bosom, kept well with age, heaving up and down with each breath you take. Yes they show a little bit of sag, but with their sag came a character. Your slim waist and slight belly, so soft, so perfect.

I am rubbing myself now, through my pants. I feel copious amounts of precum. I was leaking like a faucet from just your display! I drop my pants and grip my shaft, hands cool from the brisk night air. The contrast is so spectacular between cold fingers and my hot cock. Slowly I stroke as my eyes drink in your beauty. I slide my hand over my tip and gather more lubrication. My hand travels smoother now all the time watching you. And you sit there so willing. I could never have thought a successful lawyer, who looked like a plain Jane while at work, could be this hot. The evil doers you protected would drool all over themselves if they could see their council now. Maybe someday, if I am not careful with my game, I might need your retainer.

Slowly I jerk my pole, wanting this moment to last an eternity. I see you move and my heart soon finds my throat as you start walking over to me. "Did she see me? Oh man, am I busted?" My mind screams, but all for not. You Ms Cindy Johnson, my kind neighbor, just open you window more wide. "Oh bless you goddess", I think to myself.

You end your drying and start combing your golden locks. Most women would have clothed themselves by now. But you, unafraid of the evils that lurk in the night, calmly pull the comb through your hair wearing the same outfit you were born in. Maybe, just maybe, you should fear a little more.

You are now opening your dresser drawer to put away the comb and I notice you pause. Like a thought is crossing your mind. I believe myself to be a great thinker, and it is true what they say, great minds think alike. I had one wish tonight and somehow you hear my wish, sense my thought. Maybe you know I am there and want to put on a show. Maybe you do this every night, a common event like the shower you took or the brushing of your hair. What ever it is I have no care because I was becoming beyond excited. After putting the comb away and the sudden pause I stare as you pull out of the same dresser a nice sized dildo! Seeing the toy I gasp, making an almost audible sound. I stop my noise and watch you lay on your bed and start your magical show.

You take your fingers, sliding them between your crimson lips. From the light of the candles I can see the glistening strands of spit cling between your hungry mouth and your dainty hands. Your hand now travels lower to those hardened nipples; you tweak each one with precision. I watch as your mouth opens and a moan escapes your lips. After teasing your splendid tits your hand travels further down. You now rub your other lips, the ones that part to show all their glorious stickiness. You rub your swollen lips, oh so tenderly, coating your shaven pussy with your juices.

Your lips are swollen, but not as swollen as my shaft. Watching this show has caused me to spit my seed all over your outside wall. No worries though my sweet Cindy. I will have many more for you in the future. God I wished my mouth and fingers could join yours on their journey.

My heart beats fast as you peel back your folds, opening your cunt, for your fingers to enter. I hear a cry from you as you dig into yourself. Your sultry moans act as an electric bolt for my yearning rod. A game yet to play!

You reach over and grab the toy. I want to climb through your window so much it hurts my brain, as it reasons for me to stop the already unreasonable. I am watching as you put the tip of the dildo inside your hot box. My cock feeling just what the toy felt that very moment. I am so caught up in your act I don't even feel as if I am watching anymore. Me The Shadow, feeling as close to you as I can. The dildo is my cock! Your fingers are my fingers, working hastily over your clit! You slam the dildo deep into your pussy. At the same time I hear you scream to your higher power. You quicken your rhythm as I follow with my strokes. Faster and faster you drive the toy into your beautiful mound. Faster and faster I fist my rock hard wand.


SPLASH....Another rope of my own juice sprays against your wall.

To be continued...

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