tagMind ControlThe Shadow Doctor Ch. 04

The Shadow Doctor Ch. 04


Series disclaimer: This is not a love story. I'm interested in exploring the power dynamic behind mind control, and there is very little consent in this story. This story contains violence, rape, trauma, and abuse. I understand that's not what a lot of readers are looking for, so consider this fair warning. That being said, if you're interested in a dark fantasy of sex and control set in magical world loosely inspired by Wuxia stories, please enjoy.

Chapter notes: Thanks for waiting, everyone! I hope you enjoy another day in the life of Tam and Yelena. This chapter ended up having a lot of sex in it, so hopefully the scenes are good for you. As usual, chapter tags: Oral, Anal, Bondage, Noncon, Mind Control, Abuse (milder than normal), mild Exhibitionism, etc.

Tam woke with the dawn as he usually did, his sleep schedule seeming to be back to normal. It was still unusual to wake sharing his bed, but quite pleasant. He woke curled around Yelena's back, one arm under her head and other around her waist, his morning erection rubbing against the gauze bandage over her tattoo. Curious to see how it was healing, he tugged the bandage lose, making Yelena murmur in her sleep. Tam wanted to study her without interruption, so he commanded her to stay asleep until he woke her.

Tam traced the tattoo lightly with his finger. The black ink stood out beautifully on Yelena's pale skin, sharp lines proclaiming his ownership of her. He pushed her forward to lie on her front and admired her body. The lines of her back called for his fingers to trace them, and he did so. He fondled the firm muscle of her ass, still slightly discolored from when he'd spanked her so brutally in the stable. Tam was seized by a sudden desire to have his slave wake up with his cock in her ass. He smiled and decided to also try out some of the toys he had been too tired to play with the night before. Climbing over her sleeping form, he used the chamber pot and splashed some water on his face, then opened the pack she had carried back from Gao's shop and inspected his options.

Once he had picked out what he wanted, he brought the toys back over and set them on the lamp table next to his bed. He slid the leather arm binder over Yelena's arms, but it caused her hands and wrists to cover her new tattoo. Deciding to save it for later, Tam tugged it back off and set it aside. He tied Yelena's wrists together with the green silk and lashed them to the head of the bed, then pulled her back and positioned her on her knees with her face pressed into the bed.

Picking up the bottle of oil, Tam drizzled some onto her asshole and worked it in with his thumb until she was slick and partially stretched. He rubbed a bit of the oil onto his erect cock, but paused before he entered. The thought occurred to him that Yelena might scream and panic if she woke up restrained and being fucked. While that was fine, he didn't want to annoy Lin Song, who was probably up and getting the household ready by now. He was annoyed with himself for forgetting to buy a gag the night before. He shrugged and implanted a command forbidding her from talking or screaming, then grabbed her hips and pushed himself into her.

Even with the oil, Yelena's ass was a tight fit. Tam loved the feeling of pushing into her, grunting with effort as he forced himself in all the way. Once he was fully sheathed in her, he gave a couple slow thrusts to ensure she was stretched enough that he could move, then reached down to turn her head so that her cheek was on the sheets and he could watch her face in profile. Satisfied with his preparation, he gripped her hips, released her from the command to stay asleep, and began to fuck her.

Yelena woke almost instantly at the feeling of his thick cock hammering her ass. Her eyes flew open and she thrashed in panic. With her wrists securely tied to the headboard and Tam's firm grip on her hips, her struggles proved useless. She opened her mouth to shout, and her eyes widened in panic when no sound escaped her lips. Tam grinned and tightened his grip while he continued to fuck her. He saw the moment when Yelena caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye, and the dawning realization as the situation became clear to her sleep fogged mind.

She closed her eyes and gasped in pain as he continued to plunder her ass. Tears welled in her eyes but she blinked them away and opened them again, looking back at him over her shoulder. She opened her mouth and attempted to say something, then sighed as she confirmed that he'd taken away her voice again. With a groan she shut her eyes again and buried her face in the sheets, her jaw clenched as she did her best to endure.

His slave's shock and fear had been everything Tam had hoped for. Part of him wished she had struggled longer, but he was glad she was learning to submit. With the thrill of watching her wake over, Tam settled in to enjoy the purely physical pleasure of fucking her. Yelena presented a pretty picture from his vantage point above her, bent forward with her arms outstretched in a posture of supplication, the muscles in her shoulders and back rigid and tense. Between his hands, the flesh of her ass shook as his cock slammed into her, her tattoo framed perfectly above the stretched ring of muscle as he penetrated her.

Tam took his time fucking her, enjoying warm sensation of her intestines gripping his cock, the sight and sound of her suffering under him. Still, he didn't make any particular effort to prolong things. When he felt himself nearing his climax, he went ahead and let go, emptying his sperm into her. Yelena had come nowhere close to a climax of course, but that was fine. Tam gave her ass a light slap then pulled his cock out, wiping the mess off it with a rag. Yelena groaned and tried to relax, then squealed in surprise as Tam pushed one of the steel plugs into her ass before it could close.

Tam piled the pillows at the head of the bed and sat back against them next to Yelena's bound form, then released her wrists with a tap of his finger. "Good morning, slave. You may speak once more."

Yelena pulled her wrists loose of the green silk and rubbed at them, then rolled onto her side facing him. She took a deep breath and rubbed the remaining tears from her face then met his eyes. "Good morning, Master. You look very pleased with yourself."

"I suppose I am. Since I promised to keep you informed of what I do to you, the fact that you stayed asleep while I prepared and penetrated you was a command, as was of course the temporary removal of your ability to speak. I am also giving you a new rule. Whenever I put one of those plugs in your ass like I just did, you are not allowed to remove it unless you need to relieve yourself. After doing so, you must immediately replace it after cleaning yourself. How does it feel, by the way?"

"Odd. I can feel it shifting in my ass whenever I move." Yelena frowned and reached back to trace the seal of the plug where it protruded from her. "If you don't mind my asking, what do you have planned for today, after that . . . interesting method of waking me?"

"My clinic is closed today, one of three days that I keep it closed so that I can focus on my studies. Today, you are going to be the focus of those studies. I mentioned that I was going to use you to experiment with the abilities of the control spell. Today you'll see what that means. First though, I intend to play with a few more of things I bought for you last night. Hand me that leather arm binder, let's see how you look in it."

Yelena grimaced but obeyed. Tam had her sit up and face away from him while he guided her arms into the long black leather sleeve. He tightened the laces until her elbows were pressed together behind her back then buckled the leather straps into place over her shoulders. Her hands were free but useless, trapped in the small of her back. He felt himself getting aroused again seeing her in restraints, and pushed a quick jolt of chi into his penis to finish hardening it.

Tam stroked Yelena's head. "Alright little slave, we're putting the rule about you loving it when my cock is inside you back into place. You managed to work yourself into a good heat without it when you were begging me yesterday, but I like how quickly it turns you into a wanton little slut. I'm adding another new rule as well – whenever I have an erection like I do now, you're going to get wet and ready to be fucked; no delays, your body will always be ready for me."

Yelena gasped as her body sprang to obey the new rule, her pink lips swelling and moistening. Tam lay back on the bed and had her mount him. She moaned as he guided her wet slit onto his cock, her body reacting helplessly to the enforced surge of pleasure. He let her adjust to being filled, then picked up the riding crop and snapped the leather tongue against the underside of her breast. Yelena yelped, the sudden sting catching her by surprise. Her pale skin reddened where it had been struck, but Gao had assured Tam the crop would not leave lasting marks unless used with excessive force.

"I didn't just mount you there for the view, girl; get that tight little slave cunt of yours moving. I want to see your tits bouncing while you ride me." Spurred on by a strike to her other breast, Yelena quickly began to move, pushing up his length and then plunging herself back down. She was a vision in action, her thighs and stomach moving as she rose and fell. Her shoulders were pulled back by the tight arm binder, pushing her firm tits forward. They bounced as he'd demanded, the little silver wings of her piercings bracketing her stiff pink nipples. Her head fell back as her passion mounted, mouth open and earrings dangling, moaning as she fucked herself on him. Silver gleamed at her ears, her nipples, around her neck; ornaments for her beauty and marks of his ownership. Tam felt a surge of pride and possessiveness watching his girl work herself on him.

Tam reached down and lightly brushed her clit each time she took him to the hilt. He opened his vision to see her chi network and used the crop occasionally on her stomach and the bottom of her breasts, alternating pleasure and pain. He timed both his strikes with the crop and his strokes on her clitoris to the pulses of pleasure in her chi, pushing her up to her peak and over it until she stiffened above him with a cry.

Tam had been waiting for her orgasm, and as her womb flowered with qing, he entered the Taoist meditation mindset he'd studied the previous day and harvested it. The Taoist exercise helped noticeably – unlike before, almost every spark of qing slid into him where their bodies were joined, none of it fading uselessly in her torso. He shifted to a different Taoist exercise and fed the qing into his chi, converting it almost instantly. He would need to practice the techniques more, but they clearly worked as advertised.

Satisfied with the effectiveness of the Taoist techniques, Tam relaxed and looked at Yelena. She sat slumped above him, still impaled on his hard cock, panting from her orgasm, her face and shoulders flushed.

He frowned up at her, "Are you doing this for your pleasure? I haven't come yet, why have you stopped?"

Yelena yelped as he gave her a hard strike with the crop to the side of her breast. "I'm sorry Master, I just came, and my pussy's too sensitive."

"That's not my fault, slut. Get to work."

Yelena moaned and began to falteringly pump herself on his cock again. Tam used the crop to encourage her. He was harsher this time, driving her harder. She rode him desperately, clenching her inner walls around his cock, sweating and crying in pain as he targeted her pierced nipples directly with stinging slaps from the crop. She focused only on staying in motion this time, not the angle of her movement, and Tam could feel his cock bumping against the plug through her inner walls every few strokes. When her cunt spasmed around him a second time, he joined her, hot jets of cum bathing her womb. Yelena collapsed limply on his chest, letting out a stifled cry of pain as her tormented nipples were crushed between them.

Tam held her on top of him as she lay there overwhelmed, carefully freeing her arms and stroking her back as she shuddered. Her skin was slick with sweat and her tears dripped onto his shoulder as she sobbed. He felt his softening cock slide out of her, followed by their mixed fluids. He kissed her softly on the forehead, running a hand over the light golden stubble on her head.

"You did very well, Yelena. You were such a good girl. You looked so beautiful crying on my cock for me. I love your new piercings; you wear them so prettily for Master. You took the crop very well for your first time."

Yelena sniffled against his shoulder. "Thank you Master."

"Thank me by cleaning up the mess your sloppy little cunt made." Tam pushed gently on the top of her head.

Yelena pushed herself up on trembling arms and moved down his body to lick his thighs and cock clean. Remembering what she had said the day before, Tam also had her scoop up the cum leaking out of her cunt and lick it off her fingers, blushing with humiliation as she did so. She sat back on her heels afterward, looking at him, her face blotchy and her eyes distant.

Tam smiled at her. "That was intense. I find I greatly enjoy these little additions to our bedroom games. How did they make you feel?"

Yelena blushed. "If you ever hit me in the nipples again with that vile little crop, it'll be too soon for my taste. You wouldn't believe how sore and tender my nipples are right now with these bits of metal shoved through them; it was pure agony when you hit them. Um, when you were using the crop on my stomach and the underside of my breasts, it stung like crazy, but the way you were alternating it with playing with my clit and your cock filling me up was an amazing sensation. It hurt but it felt good too. Getting fucked with a plug in my ass is crazy, I feel so full it's almost agonizing, but it's also really intense."

Yelena hid her face against her shoulder as she was compelled to continue. "I, ah, I kind of like the arm binder. It was uncomfortable and my shoulders started to hurt after a while, but I liked the way it made me feel helpless. When you take away my ability to resist with the restraints and the rules, it's easier to just embrace the pleasure of getting fucked since I can't fight it anyway. I, um, would kind of like it if we did the arm binder again sometime, if maybe you didn't lace it quite so tight?"

Tam laughed. "You're a treasure, Yelena. If my little slut likes being tied up while she's fucked, I'll certainly try to indulge her."

"That's not what I . . ."

"Were you trying to say that's not what you meant? But you do like getting tied up during sex, don't you?"

"Yes Master, I guess I do. Stupid truth spell." Yelena turned to look at the wall, avoiding his gaze. Tam laughed and ordered her to help him bathe.

After they bathed and she dressed him, Tam put Yelena in one of the new outfits he had bought for her from Gao. It was a skimpy thing, two pieces of white silk.

The top was simply the undergarment a high class woman would wear, a diamond of white silk that covered her from her collarbone to just above her midriff, but had no back. It was held in place by two pairs of strings which knotted behind her neck and between her shoulder blades. It displayed her firm stomach and the elegant lines of her back with her new tattoo. Two quick tugs would drop it from her body leaving her topless, and he could also reach in the side to palm her breasts with ease.

The skirt was just a length of cloth wrapped around her hips, with another pair of strings that tied the ends together over her right hip. Her long legs were bare below the knees, and when she moved her hip flashed through the gap below the knot. The outfit kept her most private areas technically covered, but readily available at her master's whim. It could also be put on or removed while she was shackled into her sirik, though Tam did not plan to shackle her until later in the day. He had bought identical sets in black, dark red, and a pale green.

He surveyed Yelena in her new outfit with satisfaction, but something was missing. After a moment's reflection, he went and found the silk sash he had enchanted and been using to restrain her, and knotted it around her left shoulder, the ends trailing down her arm. The touch of green matched her eyes and gave a contrasting accent to the white silk and silver jewelry, and it just seemed better to have that little length of silk bound to some part of her body again.

They left the private wing of the manor and took breakfast in the central portion with Lin Song. Tan Jiao served the meal, looking at Yelena with disgust as she placed a bowl on the floor for her. Tam glanced down, trying to see Yelena through the maid's eyes. She was the picture of sex, kneeling beside him on a cushion: barely clothed, her piercings visible through the thin silk stretched across her breasts. Aside from the bruises on her face and her lack of hair, Yelena looked like the perfect image of a bed slave, an exotic fruit begging to be plucked.

Since Tan Jiao refrained from actually commenting on Yelena, Tam returned his attention to discussing the day's schedule with Lin Song. Today was the second of three days he normally reserved for himself; he ran his clinic four days of the week, keeping the other three days for his studies and experiments. During the days his clinic was closed, the staff each had one day off to spend with their families. Yesterday had been Luong Fai and Ho Tien; today was the cook and Lin Song, tomorrow Bin Hsui and Tan Jiao. Since the cook was out, they were eating a simple breakfast of bread and fruit. Lin Song discussed the day's business with Tam despite it technically being her free day; she and her husband rarely took advantage of their days off, as they both lived at the manor and had no children.

Tam had very little that he needed to do today, which was good as he planned to spend most of it with Yelena. He would need to give Ho Tien a project, and he had a lunch meeting scheduled that he didn't want to delay; a scroll merchant was bringing by some new acquisitions that he thought Tam might be interested in.

Tam gave his input on a few household matters Lin Song brought to his attention, mostly asking what she thought would be best and telling her to do that. She knew the details of maintaining his lifestyle much better than he did, and he suspected she only consulted him because she felt it would be improper to make the decisions without his approval.

After breakfast, he took Yelena to his clinic. Ho Tien was waiting for them, having broken his fast in the kitchen with Bin Hsui. To give his apprentice practice, Tam had Ho Tien treat Yelena's bruises, piercings, and tattoo, and prepare her a cup of Whore's Milk. He studied his apprentice's technique as he worked and declared it satisfactory. Once the young man was done, Tam assigned Ho Tien to study a pair of scrolls from his library on the surgical removal of tumors.

His responsibilities for the morning taken care of, Tam led Yelena into his laboratory. After complaints from Lin Song about the noise the animals made when he experimented on them, Tam had paid to have the window looking out from the lab walled over. He had also enchanted the walls to block sound, and put in some enchanted lamps to light the room without smoke. Combined with the various tools he stored there, the room had the highest concentration of enchantment of any room in his manor by far.

Yelena looked around curiously while Tam activated the lamps. He had her strip and gave her permission to remove the butt plug, then gave her a full physical examination, recording everything on a scroll for future reference. He then tested her physical capabilities, having her do push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups, as well as testing her flexibility with various stretches. He recorded everything as a baseline. Tam let Yelena rest for a few minutes then he began testing to see what she could do with the help of his magic.

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