tagRomanceThe Sheik & the Slave Ch. 02

The Sheik & the Slave Ch. 02


Katharine hated the harem. She hated the Arabian land and its forsaken sand. She hated the food and the harsh Arabic language and most of all she hated him. She loathed his very existence. She had been a prisoner in the harem for a month now.

She bathed, massaged and pampered the women of the harem. She escaped the abuse of Yasmeen because she was of no threat to her. She didn’t share Mohammed’s bed and so Yasmeen didn’t bother her. The women viewed her as a freak. She had denied an easy life for the sake of a servant’s life. Little did they know she dreamed of the green hills of England and her father’s calm manner. She dreamed of a life as a Countess or a Duchess and back with her family and friends.

She bathed and massaged Gameela. Gameela was one of the Sheik’s favorites. She was a slender woman with small breasts and hips. She loved to suck his cock and swallow his essence and always wanted to please the sheik.

She spoke a broken English that she had learned from the sheik himself. It was rumored that she was to be the next wife but Bashasha said it would never happen.

“You are silly woman.” Gameela spoke to Kat.

“Really?” She hated the flimsy garments she was forced to wear which revealed more than concealed. She wore loose pantaloons and shear garments the color of pink. Tiny bells encircled her ankles and she hated these most of all. It marked her as property. His.

Kat dipped her hands into the scented oil and massaged Gameela’s long legs. She kneaded the flesh and stopped right before the young woman’s bottom.

“The sheik is great man, lover.”

“Do tell.” Sighed a bored Kat. She thought of England and London as Gameela continued on. What time of day is it in England? Kat thought. What was her family doing? Were they worried?

Kat finished massaging and Bashasha approached them.

“Go Gameela. Return to the sheik’s room in one hour to retrieve her, Lady Kat.”

“Yes, Bashasha.” Kat watched Gameela slink down the hallway and she returned to the harem.

“You make things very hard on yourself, little one.”

“Hard? Because I don’t whore for him?” Kat almost kicked a small vase as she turned a corner.

“You could be mistress of this all. I have seen the way he looks at you, Lady Kat.” Bashasha whispered to her.

“I won’t whore for a heathen – even if he was the King of England.” Kat stalked to the corner where her small mass of pillows and sheets lay. She wasn’t allowed a room and bathed in public. She was reduced to a servant’s life and she hated them all. A few of the younger women had tried to make friends but she rebuked them.

“My lord.” Gameela spoke sweetly to Mohammed as he watched her approach.

“Gameela.” He watched her strip in front of him and her small breasts bounced lightly as she walked to him. Her hips were slim but didn’t curve out as the little white witch’s did. He cursed, as he thought of the blonde woman and his cock hardened at the thought of her.

Gameela smiled at the effect she had on him. She would soon be wife number two. She was sure.

Her tiny nipples twisted into tight buds as she sat before him.

He watched as she settled herself on the pillows and her little fingers tugged at her nipples. The brown buds puckered and she lifted one to her lips twirling her tongue around it.

Mohammed watched as she put her small fingers into her tight little cunt. She was one of his favorites for many reasons. She sucked his cock divinely but her little pussy was tight and responsive. It constricted when he was inside her and the walls were delicious.

Her hair fell about her waist and he touched the long strands.

“Would you like company along with me, my lord?” Gameela asked shyly.

“No.” He watched her small fingers encircle her little snatch and enter it. She was dripping wet and her pussy glistened in the dark. She always kept it hairless because he liked it that way and he admired the lips of her vagina.

Gameela watched his cock lengthen as the blood poured into it. His cock was magnificent and Gameela loved being called to serve him. He was a great lover and man. She hated the thought of the other women having him but such was the way of men and women. A man could serve many women and impregnate many women – not the other way around.

She moved to him and brushed her hair across his cock. Her fingertips moved lightly along his shaft. When he made no move towards her she leaned forward and touched her lips to his cock. It jerked in reflex and she enveloped it with her pink lips. Her tongue swirled around the cock’s head and down the shaft.

His hands touched her head and urged her down the entire length.

He leaned back his head and groaned. Gameela smiled as she continued to suck him.

Bashasha woke the sleeping girl. “Lady Kat, tis time to go get Gameela.” Katharine awoke in the midst of a wonderful dream. She was walking through the vast gardens that surrounded her home and her father had been calling to her. He was warm and loving and she had been ripped from the dream into this hot, foreign world that she loathed.

Katharine adjusted her clothes trying desperately to hide her curves and breasts that were almost see-through.

“Why does he ask me to go get the women? It was always the eunuchs before I came.” She hated it. The women looking sated and happy, the room smelling of sex and semen, and those dark hooded eyes that followed her everywhere.

“Silly child. Don’t ask foolish questions.” Bashasha admonished her.

“No!” Kat whirled around to face the small woman. “Why? Why do I have to go to fetch the women, why?”

Bashasha pulled the beautiful blonde with her as she neared the door. “Bah! You know why.”

“I don’t. Why?” Kat stood at a standstill before the diminutive woman.

“He summons you to see you. To watch you. To undress you with his eyes. To bring you to heel and grovel as you see the woman he has just made love to. You know why, little one.”

Kat ground her teeth as she stared at Bashasha. It was true. He always watched her. Those dark, seductive eyes following her. The woman smirking at her. Her scant clothes torn away as he probed her body and raged to take her body and her virginity.

Gameela arched her back as his cock sank into her. She gasped at the largeness of him. She had never gotten used to it.

He grabbed onto her bottom as his cock probed deeply into her body.

Katharine walked into the room and waited behind the latticed screen for Gameela. The long flaps of curtain were silent, as she had made her way into the interior room.

Kat watched with large eyes as Gameela rode the Sheik. Her small brown ass was all Kat could see besides the long back and hair falling around her. The sheik was lying a little to the right of Gameela so when Kat entered he had seen her. His hands gripped Gameela tighter and as he plunged into the woman his eyes were on Katharine.

Katharine could not take her eyes away from him. Just as his cock remained inside Gameela his thoughts, his mind, his soul was with Katharine.

He wanted the blonde’s tiny pussy surrounding his cock. Her hips and ass being gripped by him.

Kat could not look away as he pulled back and Gameela immediately withdrew to her knees. She took him in her mouth and tasted her saltiness on him. The Sheik’s hand splayed in her hair as his eyes stayed on Kat. His dark eyes watched the blonde in the shadows as the dark haired girl’s mouth took his cock.

Katharine watched the Sheik with Gameela and suddenly couldn’t help herself. Her hand strayed down her body and underneath her pants and into her panties.

Her small finger delved past the tiny curls and into her tight cunt. She gasped and her eyes never left the Sheik. She was wet and creamy and wanted him. She knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn’t give in to this madness. Abruptly she pulled her hand away, but too late.

He watched as the young woman began to touch herself and a sharp intake of breath stopped Gameela.

“Leave, Gameela.” He told her.

Gameela looked up hurt and turned to leave and saw the white girl standing there.

“Come here, princess.”

Kat could have cursed herself. She never should have done such a rash thing. She was mad to have done it. She hated it when he called her princess, mocking her past life and position.

His dark eyes devoured her as she came close and his dark skin glistened with sweat.

“I’m asked you not to call me that.” Kat told him sullenly.

Mohammed grinned. “Lie back upon the pillows.” He remained seated and at ease, his manhood still strong and hard.

“No.” She shook her head.

“Now.” He never argued with her. He side swiped her disagreements and told her in another way the same thing he had originally told her.

Kat lay back upon the pillows. Her blonde hair sparkled on the pillows as she lay upon them.

“I don’t love you. I don’t even like you.” She whispered to him.

Mohammed grinned, “This matters? Your body was made to receive a man, bear children, and much more. What is love and like?”

His hand touched her breasts and her small nipples, which had tightened in response. She could not hide the evidence of her arousal.

Kat turned her head to the side. “How can you understand?”

Mohammed’s long brown finger touched her nipple and Kat gasped.

“Your body does not know love, like, hate, lust. It wants to be sated. Your body needs what I can give you.” His hand moved lower and covered her small mound. It was warm and wet when he moved his hand against her and she arched not realizing it.

His cock bounced at the thought of her little pussy tight and surrounding him. He had to have her.

Mohammed straddling her hips suddenly. “A sheik in the next village came to see me today.”

Kat kept her head turned as she sighed. If he was to rape her, he would get no response from her.

“He offered me a small fortune for the white haired beauty in my harem.”

Kat turned her startled blue eyes to Mohammed’s brown ones.

“You’ve sold me!?” In one quick movement she attacked him. She struck his face and tried to claw him before he grabbed both her hands and pulled them above her head.

“Little falcon, be still!” He told her harshly. “No woman has ever dared strike me.” He was in awe and in anger. Their breathing was heavy as his body pushed into hers. His hard muscular one melted into her soft body. His cock ached to be inside her little cunt and his anger made him want her all the more.

She arched into him and then tried to pull away.

“Hmm.” He murmured lowly. His one hand pressing into her soft curves and feeling her breasts, hips, thighs and into her thighs.

“Deny, deny, deny, but you want me too, princess.”

Kat shook her head even as her pussy pooled warm and ready for his cock to enter her.

“Striking a sheik is death. Even to a woman. For that, you must pay.” He pulled her pants below and off her in a quick movement.

“You like being a bather? Bathing the women, readying them for me?” He murmured into her ear as his hips pressed her legs apart- spreading them.

Kat struggled in his arms but to no avail. It would be over soon. He would press, break and claim her virginity and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Lie still and enjoy. I do this for my favorites only.”

Kat didn’t understand. He had sex with everyone, but instead said coldly, “I am not your favorite.”

He had settled between her thighs and told her, “No, princess. But you are mine.”

He moved between her legs and thrilled seeing her alabaster white long legs against his sun-kissed skin. His fingers touched into her pussy lips and spread them.

“Please no.” Kat gasped and thrashed her head from side to side. She clenched the sheets around them into fists as he moved his mouth over her pussy and his tongue lapped into her. He was like a predatory cat and she his prey.

Again and again she arched her back as he moved his tongue inside her wet cunt.

“Please, please.” But whether she begged him to stop or continue she didn’t know. She was past coherent thought.

Mohammed watched her as she arched her back and thrust her pussy into his mouth.

His hands grasped her thighs and kept them apart as she moaned in the room. His breath fanned the small curls around her pussy and his finger inserted inside her as his mouth continued.

“Let go, princess. Let yourself go.” He continued the assault on her moist pussy until she gasped and cried out and came loudly. Her cries filled the air and he had inadvertently spilled his cream all over the silk sheets.

He grinned and sat up and she looked away from him.

He was reeling in supreme male ego as she inched away from him.

“Princess.” He pulled her to him.

“I didn’t not take your virginity. I could have, but I did not.”

“No. You shame and whore me in every other way.”

Mohammed hated the will power of this little golden haired falcon. “Should I sell you to the neighboring sheik then?”

He waited to hear her response.

“If it’s your wish.” Kat spoke lowly.

Mohammed cringed. She would rather leave him, then become his woman.

He watched her dress and admired her legs and bottom that he ached so badly to fondle and shove his cock inside her.

He smiled and knew the way to wear her down.

“I shall tell Bashasha, you are to be my bather from now on.”

Kat turned her eyes to him. “No. I prefer the harem.”

He grinned. “This is not a request.” He also dressed and watched her struggle with his will against hers. It was a supreme and grand foreplay between them.

“Why?!” She cried. “You want to torture me. Taunt me, tease me. Make love to me ‘til all that’s left is you.” Kat cried as he came and grasped her upper hands in his.

“No, princess. You are the tease, the taunt. The one who flaunts her body and knows that I have all the power and yet you remain a virgin. The one who comes to collect the women, who has denied me, and yet you finger yourself in front of me. And have I demanded your pussy? Have I raped you?”

Kat flushed at his graphic words. “Let me go back to England. Please.” Kat begged. “Please. You have a harem full of beautiful woman. One worthless white woman cannot matter so much.”

“I will never let you go.” He told her quietly.

“You would prefer a broken woman?” Kat asked, shocked.

“Broken?” He snorted and released her. “The little hoyden who hit me is broken? Ha! The woman who mocks me and would rather be a bather than in my harem is broken? Broken indeed.”

Kat turned to go but he pulled her back to him. His body was muscular, hot and brown as hers was soft, cool and white.

“And princess, you are anything but worthless.” His mouth touched her ear and his hands pulled her bottom into his hard cock.

“You are worth the entire harem and more. I will have you. And you know you want it too.” With that he walked away from her.

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