tagRomanceThe Sheik & the Slave

The Sheik & the Slave


Sheik Mohammed Aksam Al Sabid was the eldest son of the Old Great Sheik Mohammed Akmon who had long since passed over to Allah.

Mohammed Aksam the eldest was 35 years old with a commanding presence. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall with a golden bronzed body very common in Saudi Arabia.

He always wore a gold earring in his ear as he had crossed the equator and it was a tradition. His brown hair flowed just below his shoulders and he had a small trimmed goatee. He loathed all other facial hair.

As the eldest son of the Great Sheik he had inherited much. He inherited vast wealth and lands. He inherited the problems of his people as he was judge and mediator amongst them.

He watched over and cared for his aging mother, fifteen brothers and his many insignificant sisters.

He had married young. Yasmeen was a sultry Arabian beauty with dark eyes, long black hair and a lithe body. She was the color of honey and oozed sexuality. She was the sheik’s toy and at his very beck and call. She was eager in bed both to please him and to keep him. But though he slept with her often, Yasmeen had only born him two children – and they were worthless daughters at that.

Monhammed was a great sheik. He was revered and respected for his wisdom and his wise counsel.

But nothing impressed the Arabian men more than the Sheik’s harem. Filled with exotic women for his part of the world, there were close to 27 women. He had numerous slim women from Arabia as well as dark exotic Ethiopian women with large nipples and hairy snatches, Iranian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Afghan and a West African woman filled his harem.

Though Yasmeen was a jealous cat – she knew he never slept with his whores more than once a night and he took extensive precautions. His harem women were never impregnated and Yasmeen alone was the only woman who had the pleasure of growing large with his seed.

Though the harem was a respected and well-known institution, Yasmeen treated the women as common whores and hated them all.

Mohammed had long since heard of the fair women who graced the lands of Saxony and Brittany. He heard tales of their sun-kissed hair, ocean blue eyes and skin as cool as marble. He became obsessed. He had already commissioned his mercenaries in the Arabian Sea to attack the first merchant ship en route to England and bring him one such beauty. The year was 1753.

The Britannia sailed from Morocco en route to England and Katharine breathed in the sea air. Her maid and constant companion – Aileen – pulled her back from the ship’s railing.

“Milady, tis time to come below. The winds are up and the shore is fading besides.”

Katharine threw her golden hair back as she shrugged off Aileen’s grasp.

“Not yet, please. Tis the last land we see for ages.” Her eyes greedily ate up the last land she would see for weeks.

Lady Katharine Fairfax was a slim blonde woman at 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her long blonde hair fell down her back and her blue eyes rivaled the sky’s above. She had high breasts and slim hips and at 18 was quite a beauty – and a handful.

Her father could not control her. Lord Fairfax had coddled and spoiled his baby girl from infancy while her brothers and sisters had been married off and settled. When she had reached 17 and was to marry – she had refused.

Her will was strong and iron-like and she never bent. She was beautiful in the extreme but also intelligent, unusual for her time. But the men of her station knew of her reputation and avoided her.

The Earl of Benton who had watched Katharine grow into a great beauty had offered her his name and marriage. At 57 years old, Benton was not offering much. He was 5 feet 3 with a large belly, no hair and yellow teeth from an addiction to tobacco. In Katharine’s eyes, his enormous wealth mattered not at all.

Lady Kat as the servant’s called her had laughed in Benton’s face and her father in a rage had sent her away.

Katharine sighed deeply and followed Aileen below deck.

Mohammed laced his hands behind his head as Nahweh the West African girl’s mouth descended upon his hard cock. She bobbed up and down and he watched fascinated as her dark lips encircled his cock. His hips thrust forward and the young girl gagged slightly and continued. He was about to climax when Yasmeen walked into the bedroom.

“Be gone, whore.” She slapped the girl’s dark ass and Nahweh lept from the bed and out the door.

Mohammed watched his wife as she circled the bed. He knew she sometimes beat the harem women but she never scarred them and she was the wife.

“Careful, wife.” He told her, remaining where he had been with his cock still hard and the girl’s spit still on it.

“You should join your harem, whore.” Yasmeen told Mohammed harshly.

He enjoyed her spirit, but she always needed reminding of her place.

“If you deprive me of my sport, than you must replace her.” He informed her pulling her down upon the bed and thrusting his cock inside her pussy. He came quickly and left her unsated and alone.

Katharine sighed happily as Aileen brushed her long, golden hair. It shimmered in the candlelight and Aileen told her, “Tis so lovely.”

Katharine agreed, “Yes, my favorite feature.”

Aileen rolled her eyes. Pompous bitch! She thought.

Katharine’s high breasts thrust out proudly as she arched her back.

“Enough.” She told Aileen.

“Yes, Lady Kat.” Aileen sat the brush down and went to her small cot.

Aileen envied Katharine Fairfax. She longed to see her freedom and wild ways curtailed and her pride taken down a notch.

Aileen, originally from Ireland, had frizzy, red hair, freckles, small breasts and large hips. She envied Katharine’s beauty, intelligence and sometimes dreamed of changing places with her. She watched men undress her with their eyes, watched women smirk and roll their eyes as her hips swayed gently and listened as the servant’s gossiped non-stop about the male piano teacher who had found all sorts of excuses to see her again and again.

Lady Kat was a virgin and knew the conventions that she was bound to – but always push-push-pushed them. She had watched Lady Kat one garden party day torture and torment poor James Bigelow. She had taken a slim carrot as he had been speaking to her and twirled it around her mouth and tongue in an unseemly and whore’s trick way. She had laughed at James’ stuttering and it had angered Aileen. She would relish the little hoyden’s comeuppance.

Mohammed stirred in his sleep. Nada and Gameela slept on each side of him naked and sleek in sleep. He loved women together and smiled as his hand wandered into Nada’s tight little snatch. She was the Arabian woman who preferred other women and greatly enjoyed her time in the harem. She was always ready for him and he pulled her on top of him.

He sighed as Nada began to bounce up and down on him and his cock throbbed inside her. Gameela had come up on her knees and was twirling Nada’s dark nipple in her mouth. Gameela fondled Mohammed’s balls in her one hand, and in the other she fingered Nada’s tight little asshole.

Nada began to cum loudly in the room and he pulled out of her little cunt as Gameela knelt before him and swallowed his cock whole. Her blood red lips took all of him and she swallowed his seed delicately.

Later as Mohammed bathed he thought about Yasmeen. By the merciful Allah he was allowed four wives. The time had come he thought. Yasmeen had been his wife these long ten years and no heirs had appeared. It was a bad omen.

He must begin choosing who would be his next wife. He thought of his neighboring cousins and their little Amira. She would be of an age soon and perhaps she would do. No, he surmised. She was too hairy and her hooknose was not attractive. He must concentrate and decide. Perhaps his Egyptian family on his mother’s side would know of a princess who would be acceptable.

Everything happened so fast. The Britannia was attacked and surrendered. Aileen and Katharine were taken prisoners by the dark pirates who spoke only Arabic.

The spoke in Arabic before the two women.

“She is a vision. Praise be to Allah.”

“The Sheik will pay us handsomely. Let no one touch her.” The other one told him.

The first pirate nodded and smiled as he tied the women and shoved them together into a small cabin.

Court was beginning. The ladies of the harem settled behind the screen to watch the goings-on as the first case was heard. A man had stolen another man’s goat and Mohammed sighed as the case was read. It was going to be a long day when the doors where thrust open. The doors usually remained closed for the court’s session.

“Forgive us mighty Sheik, but what we have cannot wait.”

“Indeed so?” Said Mohammed, annoyed at the intrusion.

“Yes, my lord. Bring in the women.” Cried the pirate.

Mohammed watched as the door opened wider and the two women were brought forth. One woman was not at all worthy of his harem. She was red haired with dots all across her face and small breasts and wide ugly hips. Mohammed sighed and surmised she could be a useful servant.

But the other one, the other one took his breath away. She wore a long white tunic, which reached the floor. Her high breasts unbound remained high and perfectly round. He could not see her nipples and guessed that they must be light colored. His mouth watered. He had only ever seen dark nipples.

Her hips were slim, rounded and her long legs – he ached to have them around his waist. He was already aroused when he noticed her face. Perfection. Sheer beauty. He had never seen such high cheekbones and luscious lips. They were pink and full and he wondered again if her little pussy lips were also luscious. Why did he torment himself like this in court?

Her eyes were Arabian Sea blue and burning with hate. But her hair. Lord Allah above! Her hair was like the great Sahara desert – golden and long and falling down her back.

The mercenaries behind the women named an outrageous price. So outrageous that some in the court gasped at it. But Mohammed waved at hand at them and said simply, “So be it.”

As the women were taken away to be bathed and attended to no one noticed Yasmeen. She stood with the women behind the screen and her eyes blazed with hate as well. But it was hate for the young white girl that had just been brought into her home and was about to bed her husband.

Katharine pulled away from the women as they tried to bath and attend to her.

“Stop it! Don’t touch me!” She screamed and tried to evade their hands. They scraped the hair from her arms and legs and scrubbed her clean. They pulled her legs apart and inserted a cool cream into her tight vagina.

“No, stop it. Are you mad?”

“Mistress. We are to ready you. Body hair removal and cleanliness is essential.” Said a small woman with long hair and huge eyes. She was overseer of the harem.

“Ready me for what?” Kat asked.

“The master of course.”

Bashasha smiled at the girl’s reluctance. “He is a wonderful lover. You will see.”

Katharine yelped. “No, you will see. I have no desire for anyone. I will marry an English lord if and when I choose.” What was going on here? Kat cried aloud as another young beauty inserted her fingers inside Kat’s tight pussy.

Bashasha listened intently as the girl spoke to her. “She says you are a virgin.”

“Yes, I am. And will remain one.”

“The master will enjoy you very much.”

“What is this? Where am I? I demand to be sent home this instant!”

Bashasha smiled and went to her. “Mistress, this is to be your home. You were kidnapped, bought and sold. Forget your faraway land and anything else. Your only purpose here -is to serve the master.”

Kat grunted against the hands and screamed. “NEVER!”

“Yes, you will submit to his desire. If you please him, he will treat you will. If you don’t, you may end up servicing his men-at-arms.”

Kat almost began crying as they dressed her quickly. She could still feel the hands tearing away her body hair, prying their fingers into her small pussy and tugging at her small nipples.

“You are ready. Come with me.”

Kat reluctantly followed Bashasha through the many corridors and into a large room. The room was dominated by a bed and a small area filled with pillows and a large pool.

“Wait here Mistress.”

Mohammed had been thinking about the beauty all day long. He was throbbing at the thought of her long legs around his waist and had seen her walk into the room. He was hidden in a secret panel and slid the wall open. He came behind her quietly and was able to smell her scented with patchouli –his most favorite of all the scents.

“My lady.”

She whirled around and was face to face with a most beautiful man. Tall, bronzed and attractive he was lovely to look at.

“Sir, my name is Lady Katharine Fairfax. I demand that you return me to my father and my home in England. I have no wish to be here at all.”

“Well, that is difficult. Because I very much wish you to be here.” His gazes wandered to her chest, hips and then back to her breasts. His fingers wandered into the dress that was more a loose robe and opened it to his gaze.

“Sir! You overstep yourself.” Katharine was shocked at his outrageous behavior.

He grinned and it was an evil grin. “Milady, I am the Sheik Mohammed Aksam Al Sabid. I own more land here than in the whole of England. I have bought you and you are now part of my property which I intend to take the greatest of care with.” He pulled her forward and his hands moved inside the robe to cup her breasts. When the robe’s top fell around her waist he saw that her nipples were indeed like small roses. They were beautifully shaped and he ached already.

“Don’t touch me!” She jerked away from him.

“Milady. You cannot change what will occur. You will satisfy my carnal needs, and join my harem. I will enjoy your body very much.”

“Yes deceive yourself. The day after I become your whore, I will either kill myself, or find a way to escape you.” She spoke to him boldly and it thrilled him beyond compare. She wasn’t afraid of him and she was so very majestic. He knew he had to have her but hated the thought of breaking her spirit in a rape.

He picked her up lightly and took her to the bed. He knelt between her slim thighs and moved the fabric up to her waist. Her blonde pussy glistened in the light and he knew she wanted him.

“Do you want to work in the kitchens then? Or perhaps you want to become chief bather? Helping the harem women bath and ready themselves for me?” He taunted her and as he said it, his fingers felt into her tight, slick pussy and she arched into him. His tongue lightly lapped into her cunt and watched as she writhed on the bed. She couldn’t stop or help herself.

“Send me to the harem then. Rather that than your whore.” She told him coldly and breathlessly.

Mohammed went still and then his body tensed. Little bitch. An iron will. Let’s see the little princess in the harem as a servant.

“So be it.” He looked down at her beneath him. He moved from her and clapped his hands twice.

The eunuchs appeared. “Send the princess here to the harem. She is to be the new bather. Tell Bashasha.” Mohammed grimaced as her watched her leave his bed – still an untried virgin.

“And send Farasha to me. I have need of her skills tonight.”

Katharine shivered as she walked down the corridors with the eunuchs. She had been close to giving in. She had wanted him and even though she was a lady and Englishwoman she had been willing to forget it all. She had been willing to spread her legs and fuck a stranger. She must be mad! In a foreign land, a virtually prisoner made to be sex slave – she was about to give in and enjoy it! She was mad.

Mohammed ground his teeth together. He had learned the foreign tongue hoping one day he would have need of it. A foreign, harsh tongue that stuck in the mouth and stayed there like sour dates. Unlike Arabic his beautiful, lyrical mother’s tongue English was a harsh language.

But that was before he had met the princess. The beauty who spoke English and communicated through it. He had wanted her. His cock still stretched and lengthened ready for the tight pussy she had been ready to give him. She was a willful bitch who probably led men around by the short hairs. But not him. Let her stew in the harem as a bather. She would learn.

Farasha sauntered into the room stripping away her clothes as she did. She was slender with small breasts and hips, long black hair and a red mouth. She had almost black nipples that almost covered her entire breasts. His favorite skill of Farasha’s was she loved to bend over and take his huge cock up the ass.

“My lord.” Farasha said in Arabic as she leaned over the bed and beckoned him.

His cock plunged into the tight asshole as Farasha groaned and thrust her hips back to him.

“Harder, my lord. Harder, please.” She murmured lightly in Arabic as not to offend him. Even in the midst of sex, the harem women were appropriate in word and action unless otherwise asked. Always respectful they wanted only to serve the Sheik.

Just as Farasha’s small asshole tightened around his cock, he thought suddenly of a small, alabaster ass with long legs and blonde hair falling down the back as he pulled the hair lightly like a horse. His hand would wrap around the blonde hair as he jerked her head up. Her pussy would drip and cling tightly to his cock. He groaned as he spilled his cream inside the Arabian’s girl’s pussy thinking of the English girl’s cunt. Soon, he would have the proud English girl. Soon.

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