The Show Ch. 04


Now I never thought that Eliza had actually been murdered, but I was shocked nonetheless with the twists in the story. I was having more and more fun each passing moment, like living in an episode of 24.

"I thought you were dead." I said into the phone.

Eliza laughed on the other end. "I was. At least for a little while but I'm back."

"I can see that." I said.

"You don't sound too surprised." Eliza said.

"Yeah well I don't surprise easy." I said.

"Maybe I should fix that." She said. There was a scream on the other end of the phone. A very real sounding scream. "Your girlfriend sure is pretty, but she's little skinny. What do you even see in her?"

I froze. "What have you done to her?"

Eliza sighed. "Nothing yet, tell you what, get over here in ten minutes and I won't kill your little girlfriend."

Sarah screamed again in the background. I dropped the receiver and darted out the door. This story was really getting me pumped. I was even feeling and acting like a real action hero. Cool.

I ran my ass as fast as I could to Sarah's house and I staggered through the front door gasping for breath. Eliza stood against the fireplace holding Sarah's head firmly in her hands. Sarah had tears and makeup running down her cheeks and she was shaking like she was really scared.

I took a deep breath and stood up straight.

"Welcome lover." Eliza said, her voice had changed a bit, it had an edge of power to it and I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise.

"Alright Eliza, I'm here now let her go." I said, motioning to Sarah.

Eliza grinned and I noticed her new set of teeth. Instantly I realized why almost the entire main cast of Buffy was in this thing with me.


"I don't want to let her go. It took you so long to get here I'm hungry now." She said.

I stepped forward, trying to be the hero and all that. "Don't you do it."

Eliza tightened her grip on Sarah's head and tilted her to expose her neck. "And why the hell not?" She asked. "I always hated her. She was little Miss perfect and I was nothing. Everyone looked down on me because I wasn't the same as Sarah. Payback is a bitch isn't it?" She snarled a little and buried her face in Sarah's neck.

Sarah screamed and tried to pull away but Eliza held her firm. I ran up to help her but Eliza's hand came up out of nowhere and hit my chest. The force knocked me across the room and I hit the far wall just barely missing the window. Pain ripped through my body, it felt like my ribs had shattered. I rolled over and coughed.

How the hell did she do that? This wasn't real, yet she was able to flatten me like a piece of gum.

I rolled over and glared at her as I tried to get my ability to breathe back. Eliza lifted her face from Sarah's neck. Her mouth covered in blood. She smiled and shoved Sarah on top of me. I caught Sarah as she toppled on me. I looked at her neck, and I felt fear and panic ripped through my body. She was really bleeding!

"Oh god, Sarah!" I cried. I tried to hold my hand over the wound on her neck with my hand but the blood was too much. It seeped through my fingers as Sarah looked at me with pleading eyes. Her body was shaking from the blood loss and she began to go into shock. The blood dripped onto my shirt and coated my hands and arms. Sarah let out a violent shudder and then went still.

I rolled her onto the floor. "Sarah? Fuck, no! Sarah come on wake up." My hands were shaking and I fought my panic to think through and decide what to do.

"Sarah!" I cried. She was gone.

"Sarah." Eliza mocked,

This wasn't real, this couldn't be real. No one ever died for real on a TV show. But I couldn't get a pulse from Sarah's body anywhere. She was as dead as I could figure. Maybe they had switched her at the last minute with a real-looking dummy. That had to be it.

I turned slowly, disbelief and anger roaring through me. I had never tried to hurt a girl before but Eliza was seriously asking for it.

She just looked at me with a grin, her face still coated in Sarah's blood. "Oh you look upset. Come on I did you a favor."

I stomped slowly toward her, my fist clenched tight. I said nothing but I gave her a look of hatred and fire.

When I was close enough I took a swing at her. I put my entire body behind it, a full swing my fist as tight as I could make it.

She caught it. Eliza simply plucked my fist from mid-air. She tightened her grip on my fist and I cried out as I felt the bones in my hand shift. Her strength was unreal, how were they getting these special effects?

"You're lucky that I am still tingly from the fuck last night or I'd crush you here. But I'm feeling nice and cozy, so you get to live. I'll be back for you later, maybe I'll turn you and make you into my little love slave." She said. Then she threw me threw the window.

I vaguely remember hitting the pavement across the street, then my world when black.

I came back to consciousness slowly. My vision was a blur, a soft light seemed extremely bright from a little table on the far side of the room. I felt a cool damp towel on my forehead, and that realization brought me fully into alertness.

I started to sit up, but a hand reached out and held me down. "Don't sit up, you need to rest."

I looked over slowly and found my neck stiff and painful. I winced and the person moved over me. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the person over me.

Britney Spears smiled softly down at me. "Good Morning sleepy." She said.

I frowned. "Britney? Wha...what are you doing here?" I tried to sit up again.

"No don't move." Britney pressed me down. "You need a few minutes for the medication to clear."

"Medication? What medication?" I asked. "What the hell happened to me? Where's Sarah?"

Britney frowned and shook her head softly. "She's dead, Jake. She didn't make it."

I groaned. "Where's Eliza? I'll kill her."

Britney chuckled softly. "Yeah I don't think so. You don't stand a chance against a vampire."

"I beg to differ." A new voice said as the door to the room opened.

I sat up in a sudden movement and froze waiting for the pain, but it didn't. I blinked and reached up to remove the towel. The towel was red with dried blood and I looked at Britney and the new girl.

It took me a moment to realize it was Jessica Alba. She stormed over the bed where I was laying and looked at me. She wore a tight leather top that pushed her breasts up to show some amazing cleavage and was cut so it showed off her mid-section, what a great body she had.

Britney wasn't looking bad either. She wore a white tank top and tight fitting jeans. She was still shapely in what she was wearing she just wasn't as revealing. They both looked at me as if they expected me to explode into a million pieces.

I just looked at them.

Jessica spook first. "You're the first person I've ever seen take a hit like that from a vampire and live."

"What?" I moaned.

Jessica turned and paced around the room. "Vampires are exceptionally strong you know. Even ones that have just recently been changed. A simple flick of their wrists and a normal human is done for." Jessica stopped pacing and turned to me. "But you don't seem to be normal, at least not anymore."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You're one of us now." Britney said.

Jessica looked at her and motioned toward the door. "Go tell Jennifer that he's awake."

Britney bowed slightly and walked off without another word. I must have given Jessica a strange looked because she was quickly eager to explain.

"We're a military group; Britney is one of the newest among us so she is of the lowest rank. They call us BAD." She said.

"BAD?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Bitches Against Demons." Jessica said as if it should explain everything.

Again I realized I was in a TV show and I almost laughed at the name. I did enjoy the vampire idea though; it explained all the members of the Buffy cast. And I really liked Jessica's outfit, if you know what I mean.

"All of us are shape shifters. We train with the sole goal to fight vampires and other demons." Jessica said.

"Shape shifters?"

Jessica sat on the edge of the bed. "Werewolves or werelepards whatever you want to call us. We are the only ones who can fight against the vampires."

I nodded slowly. "Ok, yeah. Well I feel much better thank you. I'll be going now." I kicked off the covers and started to get off the bed. I T-shirt was all twisted and tight against my chest and I shifted it around to make it fit right.

Jessica moved in the way of the door. She smiled sweetly at me. "You don't believe me do you?"

I shrugged. "Well you are talking about vampires."

"And?" Jessica asked.

"Vampires aren't real." I said.

Then the door opened again and my jaw hit the floor as Jennifer Garner walked into the room. "It's funny you should say that." She said. "Because Eliza just ripped your girlfriend's throat out in front of you and then hit you through a wall and damn near across the street. That seems all very human to me." Jennifer said standing in front of me with her arms crossed. She wore the exact same thing as Jessica and she looked just as good.

I pointed at her. "Wait a minute. What the fuck is going on?"

"I'm not really a detective." Jennifer said as if it should explain everything to me.

I nodded. "Yeah I got that. How did you find out what happened to me and why'd you bring me here?"

"You are one of us. We couldn't let our first male wereleopard get taken away by the police." Jennifer said. She turned to Jessica. "Show him."

I put up a hand. "Wait. Explain this to me. Why were you at my house? Why did you, you know, have sex with me?"

Jennifer sighed. "Alright we found out that Eliza had been murdered by a vampire and possibly changed. After we did a little background check on her we found out that she had been to a therapist for obsession. So when we saw that she had been to your place to deliver a forty-five minute pizza we figured that she had become obsessed with you. This meant in short that once she became a vampire, her first goal would be to come after you or your girlfriend. Cathrine and I seduced you so that I could change you into one of us."

"So that means I'm now a werewolf and you made me into so that I could fight your vampire war?" I asked.

Jennifer nodded. "That's sort of it."

"That's the biggest amount of bullshit I've ever heard." The story had become retarded. I'm now a werewolf and Eliza is a vampire. Goodie I get to seek vengeance for killing a girl I didn't really care for.

Sounds good to me.

"You don't believe me?" She asked making it a question.

I shook my head. "Sorry vampires and were animals are kinda hard to believe."

Jennifer turned to Jessica who was really staring at me. She was eying me up and down as if in a bit of a daze. She jumped when Jennifer tapped her shoulder.

"Show him." Jennifer said she then turned back to me. "Jessica here is the only one of us that can change at will." Jennifer took a step away from Jessica.

Jessica smiled at me and then took her top off. Her body was amazing, her breasts all perky and proud I wanted to run my hands all over her just for the hell of it. Her skin began to ripple and move. She groaned and doubled over clutching her stomach. I saw the skin on her back split open, revealing black fur.

I jumped back. "Holy fuck. What the fuck is going on?"

"She's changing."

Jessica move upright again but her face had changed into a cat's. She actually grew a full foot or so as she stood upright in full wereleopard form. She had black fur and yellow eyes. Her pants had split and were hanging from her hips in shreds.

My god the special effects were fabulous! The amount of money they put into this show must have been incredible.

"Believe us now." Jessica's voice was more of a growl now but the words could be understood.

"Touch her." Jennifer said. "Feel how real it is. Because we're dealing with life and death now. Vampires verses were animals and you are going to lead us into war."

Jessica moved over to me, her movements graceful and smooth. I reached a nervous hand up and stroked the soft side of her face. She felt completely real, and she actually pushed her hand into my hand like a great big cat would. Even as a wereleopard she was barely as tall as I was though, yet her body felt like solid muscle underneath the fur. I ran my hand down her side and it was like petting a very big pet.

"This can't be happening." I muttered.

"I said that the first time I saw someone shift right in front of me too." Jennifer said coming up to us. She took my hand and made me look at her. "This is very real, and you need to get into the game if you like it or not. We need you."

"Why me?" I asked.

"You're going to be the first male wereleopard we have. As much as I try, I cannot be a leader. Female leopards are aggressive but they are not leaders. You need to be that leader for us." Jennifer said.

Jessica put her hands around me from behind. It took me a second to notice she was human again. She pressed her body against my back. I felt her naked behind and fought not to look.

Jennifer smiled and took my hand. She brought it to her face and nuzzled it. It was a very cat-like motion enough though she was not in cat form. "Besides the male leader gets his pick of the females whenever he likes." She kissed my hand softly. "Think about that. A bunch of hot chicks just around to follow your command and please you."

Jessica's hands rubbed the front of my pants and I shifted on my feet as I felt my happy man stir. I shifted from her grip. "That's all well and good but I am not like you guys I can't shift. I'm not your leader."

"You don't think so? Let me show you." Jennifer placed her hand on my chest dead center and dug her nails into my flesh just a little.

That's when I felt it. Like a great beast inside me waking up, I felt a power inside my gut shift and move, awaken. My flesh began to tingle and suddenly I could feel Jessica behind me, not because she was pressed against my body but because I could feel the beast within her. I felt Jennifer's as well, and hers was far more powerful. They both called back to me in response.

I cried out in pain as my beast seemed to rip from my gut. I doubled over and felt my skin peel apart. It didn't hurt like I thought it had looked when Jessica flesh had fallen away. It was like my skin just fell off like gel that just plopped to the floor. I felt my bones shift and rearrange and my face grew outward.

Jessica dropped to the floor behind me and pressed herself against my leg. Jennifer smiled and dropped to her knees before me. I straightened and stood fully upright. I was naked now but a black fur with a white streak running down my chest covered my body. I could see everything in so much more detail and I could smell birds outside.

I felt Britney before she came into the room. She opened the door and I turned to face her. I felt my genitals bobbing between my legs. Jessica still clinging to my leg. Britney gasped and dropped to the floor in a cat-like movement. She moved herself into the corner as if I had struck her.

I turned to Jessica clutching my leg like no tomorrow. I became aware of the fact that she was female and nude. I sniffed the air and growled at her lightly. I wanted to press myself into her, I wanted to drill her and pump her full of cum. I wanted to spread my seed into her and onto her body. I smelled something else. She was in heat.

Jessica sensed what I was sensing from her. She looked up at me and stroked my thigh. I felt her touch and I had all these new feelings. The show had become so real I couldn't tell what an act or what was it real. I was beginning to think that maybe all this was just a dream and I would wake up at any moment.

There was no other way to explain it. I was a fucking wereleopard!

Jessica's little hand moved around and grabbed my hanging package. I felt Jennifer move toward us but I growled at her and she instantly backed away. My shaft swelled and grew in Jessica's grip. I flexed my hands feeling the sharp claws almost tear up the air. I looked down at Jessica as she rearranged herself in front of me.

She licked the tip of my cock and ran her hands along my thighs. She took me into her mouth slowly, as cock so much bigger than normal in my new form. She couldn't stretch her mouth around it and was only able to take a little more than just my tip into her mouth. But she worked my head with her tongue and sucked on it as best as she could.

My full balls were already excited and ready to blow, but that's not what I wanted. I carefully grabbed her arm and lifted her to her feet. She let out a gasp as I threw her onto the bed. My legs moved differently than in human form and I had to fight a little to get onto the bed. Jessica eagerly spread herself out on her back for me. I could feel her beast calling to mine.

The part of me that was still human wanted to caress her body but would dare do it with the claws. Jessica seemed to know what I was thinking and she grabbed my hands as I perched on the end of the bed.

"I don't bruise easy. You can be as rough as you want with me." she said. Then she took my hands and laid back on the sheets pulling me on top of her. She pressed my hands to her breasts and reached down between us.

She reached down and took hold of my cock that was sitting heavily on her perfectly toned stomach. She took hold of it gently, and moved her hand up and down slowly over it. She shifted herself up a little and moved my cock against her hot little slit. I tightened my grip on her breasts and she gasps and smiled up at me. I let out a low growl and pushed into her. It took a minute for my cock to fit itself into her incredibly tight pussy.

She moaned loudly and the tip of my cock popped into her. My body shook and tried to hold my control but the beast took me over and I slammed myself to the hilt inside her. She screamed this time and it excited me. I began to drill her like crazy. Jessica cried out in pleasure.

All my senses were gone and I had only the control to fuck the shit out of her. The bed screamed on its hinges as I slammed into her. Her cunt gripped my shaft tightly fighting to hold me inside of her. I could feel her juices run down my shaft and dripping off my swollen balls. She was so hot and wet on the inside and I could feel my cock plowing through her cervix and into her womb on each stroke.

Her moans were coming in rapid succession she was having a hard time catching her breath. I paused a minute my cock half inside her; I felt her cunt moving around my cock trying to get me back inside her. She looked up at me and reached up to cup my leopard face.

"What's wrong?" she asked breathlessly.

I tipped my head down and licked her cheek with my huge tongue. I pushed myself back inside her fully and she gasped softly.

"I told you not to worry about hurting me." she said. "Fuck me like the animal you are."

I pulled almost completely out of her and slammed back into her violently.

"OH!" She cried. "That's it! Fuck me like that!"

So I did. I began to slam into like there was no tomorrow, using my full force. The bed screamed in protest and Jessica screamed in pleasure. I suddenly felt her cunt grip my cock tightly and ripple itself up and down my shaft as she came. The juices just flooded out of her like wine.

I felt my own orgasm begin, my balls tightening and the cum rising through my shaft. I pushed myself fully inside of her, my tip buried into her womb and exploded. My back stiffened as the semen poured from my cock like someone had turned on a faucet. My cum filled her womb and then some. It dripped from her cunt slowly. With a final gush I was down and I eased myself out of her.

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