The Shower


Ah, that felt good.

We were at my boss's house, the morning after a summer party he had hosted. A few of us had stayed in his guest bedrooms, too intoxicated to drive. His wife was very pleasant and didn't seem to mine at all. In fact, she had given me an outfit to wear today after I showered. Which was what I was doing now, downstairs in their guest washroom.

I took the showerhead off the wall as it was attached to a flexible cable. I moaned with pleasure as the needles darted over my skin. I held the wand over my breasts and giggled with excitement as my nipples reacted to the waters caress.

I slid the spray over my belly and parted my legs. I closed my eyes as the water caressed me there. I manipulated the showerhead for my pleasure, the flush of excitement building into a wave until my knees were weak and I slid down onto the tiles.

With the wand in one hand, my other began to finger fuck myself. I wanted to cry out but this was not the place. Using both water and fingers I finally climaxed, gasping with the intensity. I licked my own fingers before washing away the telltale scent.

Up in the kitchen, our hostess was setting out breakfast. The boss appeared behind me. "Enjoy your shower Shannon?"

I blushed, "It was very nice, thank you."

Others were a little nervous about imposing on our boss but he was very nice and we left shortly after cleaning up.

A few days later, at the office, the boss calls me in.

"Did you have a good time at the party?"

"Yes, thank you very much. Sorry we drank too much."

"Oh no, I had plenty too. Did you enjoy the shower the next morning?"

I looked at him in surprise. "That's a funny question, why do you ask?"

He smiled at me, slid a 5 x 7 brown envelope towards me. "I know you enjoyed your shower."

With trembling hands I opened the package. I pulled out several glossy pictures. My face went red when I saw the look of ecstasy on my face in his shower!

"I want you to come out to the house Friday night Shannon. We'll take that shower together. You can keep those, I have more. Why don't you get back to work for now. I'll see you Friday at 8."

I shoved the pictures back in the envelope and stormed out of his office. Later, when I was certain to be alone, I pulled the pictures back out. Funny, as mad as I was, I had to admit I looked good!

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