tagLesbian SexThe Shower Ch. 03

The Shower Ch. 03


Chapter 3 (The Women)

After her masturbatory episode in the shower while her husband, Jason, was sleeping in their bed, Alicia didn't mention it to anyone, she kept it her sexy little secret. That was until Jason set them up with his best friend Bob and his wife Jean in renting a house at the lake. Alicia and Jason had driven up early and got the place ready while Bob and Jean came a day later, towing the boat. After getting the boat in the water the four of them went out for some fishing, or more exactly Bob and Jason were fishing, Jean and Alicia were drinking wine and talking.

After catching several fish, Jason and Bob moved up to the front of the boat where they could maneuver more easily and Alicia and Jean found themselves sitting together on the small bench near the engine. They were just finished up their first bottle of wine and were feeling pretty good. Needing to the get the next bottle of wine opened, Alicia called up to Jason.

"Jason, need you to open a bottle of wine here."

"Just a minute hon," he said, fumbling some with his fishing rod.

Alicia and Jean continued talking about the ride up and how nice it was there at the lake. The weather was perfect and the water very calm. There were a few distant clouds but nothing menacing weather wise. After waiting a good ten minutes, Alicia called out to Jason again, "Jason hon, it's been more than a minute."


"You said you would open the bottle of wine for me."

"Alicia, I've got a snag here, can't you get it open?"

"I've never tried before," she replied.

"Look," Jean said, "What's your wine opener look like?"

Alicia handed Jean the wine opener and said, "Can you work this one?"

"I think so," she replied, tearing the metallic foil cover off the top of the bottle. She then put the opener on the bottle, twisted the top as it sank into the cork. Jean then flipped the top down and continued turning the opener and the two women watched as the cork backed out of the bottle.

"There you go Alicia said, who needs a husband?"

"Well they are good for lifting heavy weights, but that's about all," Jean replied, laughing. "Of course there are some other times they are good for, for a few minutes at least."

Alicia poured the wine into their classes and said, "Oh well I can tell you a story..."

"A story?"

"Okay," Alicia said in a hushed voice, "I haven't told anyone this story before but it was just the other night. Well, I'm tired and ready for bed. He comes in and then takes a shower, a long shower."

"Oh one of those showers," Jean replied.

"I actually didn't mind, hell when he got started I was too tired, but then I let it play in my head what he was doing and hell, it got me all worked up."

"What did you do?"

"Well he came back to bed, kissed me good night and rolled over and just went to sleep. I wanted to go to sleep but I was too worked up so I waited until I was sure he was sleeping, and then I got up and took a shower of my own."

"Well good for you girl, I love using the water to come," Jean replied.

"How do you do it with the water? I can't keep the shower stream centered in the right place."

"Oh you have to have a hand attachment, then you just spray away."

"I guess I'll need to get then one... I mean I'll need to get one then," Alicia replied, giggling some. "Hey guys this is the girls space, what are you doing?"

"It's getting a bit late, we need to head back so we can get the fish cleaned in time for dinner," Bob said, starting up the engine.

"You mean we're going to eat those things," Alicia said.

"Oh hon, there's nothing better than grilled fresh fish," Jason said, sitting down in the seat next to Bob.

The two women rode back drinking wine all the way. The engine noise was too loud to carry on a conversation, so they just rode and drank wine. It took about fifteen to twenty minutes for the boat to get back to the lake house and by that time the guys had to help the ladies out of the boat.

Shaking their heads, Jason and Bob watched them stagger back to the house. The guys grabbed the fish and put it up on the cleaning table at the end of the dock. They immediately began filleting the fish while the women disappeared inside.

Inside the house, the two women decided they needed to take showers before dinner, so they headed up to the master bedroom, where the only shower was. Alicia pulled some towels out of a closet and handed one to Jean saying, "You go ahead and shower first, I'll wait out here."

As Jean headed into the shower, Alicia got undressed, got a towel and wrapped it around herself. She was about to sit down on the bed when she heard Jean call out, "Alicia, come here, you won't believe this."

Alicia got up and rushed in the bathroom door. She saw Jean already in the shower so she moved over and peeked in the door asking, "Are you okay?"

"Look, a hand nozzle," Jean said, spraying the water over her breasts and then down between her legs. "Come on in," she continued, "You can try it out."

Alicia was about to turn and leave, but the paused and said to herself, "What the hell," and dropped her towel and climbed into the shower with Jean.

"See how good this works," Jean said, reaching down to her pussy, spreading her lips apart and training the water directly onto her clit. "You see, you spray it right on your clit and bang."

"But does it feel better?"

"Better than what?" Jean asked.

Alicia hesitated for a moment, and then shook her head and said, "Is it better than this?" She then reached down and gently placed two fingers on Jean's clit and began to circle. Watching Jean's face she continued on her clit as the woman began to pump her hips forward. "So is the water better than this?"

"I think it's about the same," she replied, breathing hard.

"Well then, what about this?" Alicia asked as she kneeled down in front of Jean and ran her tongue over her clit. Reaching around, Alicia grabbed her ass and began kneading it as she licked and then sucked the woman's clit into her mouth.

"Oh Alicia, this is better much better," Jean cried out. Releasing the shower nozzle and letting it fall to the floor, she moved her hands to Alicia's head and ran her fingers through her light hair. She suddenly felt Alicia's fingers opening her lips and then felt her slid her fingers into her pussy.

Pushing her hips forward, Jean ground her pussy against Alicia's face as she felt the woman's fingers slide up and down inside her. Jean arched her back and rose up on her toes and then moan loudly as she came. She could feel her pussy convulsing on Alicia's fingers as her whole body relaxed.

Alicia carefully slipped her fingers out of Jean's pussy and stood up. Jean immediately reached her arms around Alicia and embraced her. Their breasts pressed tight together as Jean kissed Alicia on the lips, then down her neck and over her breasts. She leaned Alicia back against the shower wall and dropped down to her knees. Jean then dove in between Alicia's legs, actually grabbing her thighs and spreading her legs wide.

Alicia felt Jean's tongue dart into her pussy, pushing in deep and then circling inside her. Then she felt her tongue run up her slit and roll over her tiny nub. Alicia closed her eyes as Jean ran her tongue over her clit, and then gently sucked it in between her lips. Alicia had to reach down and hold Jean's shoulders because as she moved her hips forward it felt as though she might slip.

Seeing her friend's nervousness, Jean grabbed her ass and help support her as she licked and sucked her clit. She glanced up an saw Alicia's face contorted in pleasure so she moved her tongue quicker and when the woman started moving her hips to press against Jean's face, Jean held her ass, making sure she held her balance.

Suddenly Alicia grabbed Jean's head and pushed her pussy hard onto her face. Moaning loudly, Alicia came, feeling the pleasure course though her body. She relaxed leaning against the wall as Jean stood up. "Oh God that was good," Alicia said.

Suddenly the two women heard clapping and through the obscure glass shower door they saw two dark shapes standing in the bathroom. Caught in the act, Alicia and Jean covered up there breasts and pussies, opened the shower door and Alicia said, "Hi guys, we were just taking a shower."


"It saves water," Jean replied.

"Well, I think Bob and I can save some water too," Jason said

"Okay, we'll get out so you two can get in," Alicia replied.

"I think the shower is big enough for all of us, what do you think girls?" Bob said.

The two women looked at each other, realizing the guys were perfectly serious. "Give us a minute to think about it," Alicia said, wondering if this was something she really wanted to do. "What do you think Jean?"


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