The Shy Wife


Carl came over to her and lifting her up he sat on the chair and lowered her on to his knee. As Linda used her free arm to steady her self by leaning on his shoulder she sipped her drink and became a little more relaxed. She didn't mind Carl caressing her lower thighs and occasionally moving to gently squeeze her nipples. She told her self that as he was her date for tonight it was OK. She reasoned that if she had had a boyfriend that looked like Carl before she was married she would have thought it quite an achievement. It was a pity, she thought that she wasn't able to show off to her friends.

What did start to make her nervous was when his hand crept that little bit higher up her skirt and when it went to her bosom the odd button flicked open. She felt the others paying her more attention and one or two little smirks appeared on their faces. As she shuffled about her skirt rode up and she knew she was displaying her stocking tops and the gusset of her panties.

Carl sensed her unease and quietly told her to follow him into the bedroom where they could have a cuddle and kiss before she went home. It will be more private in there, he told her. As they moved to go out of the room he filled her glass – she certainly liked what she was drinking – but it was powerful stuff.

They sat on the bed like two teenagers, Linda still with glass in hand. After giving her several long kisses and kneading her breasts Carl began to unfasten her blouse using both his hands.

"I want to see your lovely tits properly – lick and suck your nipples," he told her. Linda had never heard anyone be so direct and blatant before and was a little shocked.

"Someone might come in," she reasoned.

"It's OK," he dismissed her concerns. "I like sex and like to look at women's bodies while I play with them – it's very erotic. You have a very sexy body – I hope your husband realises how lucky he is."

As he talked he unfastened her blouse and pulled it gently apart. He curled a finger inside the cup of her bra and ran it over her nipple – Linda shivered with pleasure. Gently he pulled the shoulder straps down over her upper arms and lifted her tits out of the bra. Linda remained sat with one arm resting by her side and the other holding her drink.

She sat quietly as Carl did amazing things with his tongue, teeth and fingers, every now and again taking a sip of her drink. Occasionally his hand would touch her between the legs as though checking how wet she was becoming.

The door opened and one of the other men walked in. Linda froze but Carl held her close preventing her from covering her top up. The man asked Carl something about his music collection but Linda thought it was a feeble excuse to burst in on them. The two men exchanged several comments then the newcomer looked directly at Linda's tits.

"You've got lovely breasts," he said quietly, "Very sexy!"

Linda used the hand holding her drink to cover her front, trying to hide the exposed nipples. Carl agreed with his buddy and resumed running the erect little nodules between his fingers and thumb. Linda felt very self-conscious but the effect was electric.

"Come on – move your hand and let him admire your bust," whispered Carl. "Don't be shy – he just wants to enjoy the sight of your gorgeous tits."

"No! God! I'm a married woman – my husband would kill me if he knew! It's wrong – I shouldn't be doing this."

Carl whispered persuasively in her ear trying to convince her that all was fine.

"You've been enjoying how I touch you – what does it matter if someone else gets to see too? You haven't come to any harm yet – relax and let him look – stop being shy."

His hand meantime had slipped between her legs and was tickling her slit over her panties. Here she was, sat holding a drink letting one man play with her pussy while telling her to show her tits to his friend.

"Go on! Move your hand – let him look," Carl whispered again.

Linda lifted her arm to take a sip of her drink then let it fall down by her side – the full view of her tits hanging out over her bra was revealed to the other man. Linda really knew they wanted more than just to look so when the other man's hand began to play with the breast nearest to him it seemed pointless to protest. Neither did she protest when Carl slipped his hand across her back and suggested it would be more comfortable for her if he unclipped her bra altogether. As he pulled the garment out of the way each man weighed and massaged a breast and alternately kissed and licked the nipple then roughly rubbed their thumb and fingers over them.

Linda felt totally submissive as she sat with arms down by her side letting the men have their way with her.

"Let's have a better look at your leg's," said Carl as he lifted her skirt up to her stomach. "What a sexy body you've got!" he exclaimed. "Look!" he said to his friend, "Look how wet she is."

Linda, embarrassed at his comment instinctively closed her legs but had them pulled apart again as each man forced her to open her legs.

"It's OK – It's good that you are wet – enjoy it – let yourself go. It's very sexy seeing you with a damp patch between your legs." He held her skirt high to give both of them an unrestricted view – then – his fingers went beneath the material and locating her clit he started to masturbate her.

"No!" she sighed in desperation, "Stop it now please!"

"Relax," the voice of her Svengali whispered in her ear. She felt her resistance ebbing and to her surprise found her fears being replaced by an intense sexual arousal.

"Is that nice?" asked Carl.

"Yes," she answered.

"Do you like Dave sucking your tits?"

"Yes," she answered again.

"Play with my cock," he instructed her. "Unzip me and take it out."

She did as he bid and automatically began to wank him.

"Do you like the feel of that?" he asked.

"Yes!" she answered again knowing she was extremely turned on and aroused. She moaned softly as the other man began to bite on her tit then tease them with his tongue.

"Do you want another drink?"

"Yes," she said yet again before realising it was rather a strange question to ask at this point.

"Can someone get Linda another drink!" Carl shouted into the next room.

Linda protested as she realised that it was a ruse to get the others into the room.

"They are all coming in!" she yelled.

"What difference does it make now?" Carl told her. "You are letting two of us play with your body and masturbate you while you are enjoying yourself with my cock. Stop pretending that you're all innocent when you're loving every minute of it! Open your legs wider and let them have a better view."

She obeyed the instruction.

"Do you really want another drink just yet?" he asked her.

"No!" she said softly.

"Take her blouse off and lie her back on the bed," she heard a voice say. As she looked up a sea of faces looked down at her with lecherous expressions. She was scared but amazingly sexually excited at the same time. As her blouse was slowly unbuttoned and slipped off her shoulders she felt her bra parting company with her body. Her hands followed a reflex action and came across her front to cover her nakedness.

"It's OK – they only want to look. Let them enjoy the sight of your body. Come on – no need to be shy is there?"

Her arms were gently pulled apart to expose her tits. She noticed how her nipples were sticking out erect and firm – as they always did when she was aroused.

"Shall we give you a treat now?" asked Carl as he rubbed her tit between thumb and forefinger. The other man meantime was caressing her thigh gradually climbing higher toward her panties. Carl nodded knowingly at the other men who were stood round and each one began to unzip their fly-hole and bring out a hard throbbing penis.

Linda caught her breath as she witnessed the scene. Never in her life had she seen such a thing. She stared fascinated as they all separately but simultaneously began to slowly pull on their foreskins.

"Does that make you feel sexy and excited?" Carl asked her, whispering in her ear. She pretended not to notice how the man sat next to her, Dave, had worked his fingers inside her panties and was now tickling the top of her vulva, slowly penetrating in an attempt to locate her little button.

"Would you like to touch one? How about giving one a little lick and a suck. Lets watch you make them "cum""! He laughed softly. Carl was now treating her tits with a little more roughness even though his voice was still quietly whispering in her ear making him sound like the Devil on her shoulder. The other man had succeeded in making her very wet and she allowed her legs to open just a fraction more.

"Can we watch while you play with our cocks? I know you're dying to have one in your hand," said the devil's voice in her ear. "Let us take turns having you wank us off," he said.

"No! I can't do that!" She almost whispered her refusal.

Amazingly and unexpectedly, at that point the telephone rang.

"Fuck!" cursed one of the men. His annoyance was echoed by some of the others. One man resigned himself to answering the call and Linda found herself following the conversation.

"Yeah…great night…went to a few pubs then a club…yeah, we followed her round a while then we got to know her – or at least Carl did – you know how women are drawn to him. Well, I guess you were right…yeah…bought a few drinks and kept her company. You knew when you asked us for the favour what you were letting yourself in for! We did warn you! You can't blame us, can you?"

Linda was being kissed and touched up as the men carried on masturbating in front of her, though she detected little sniggers and knowing looks between the men. Suddenly, that useful device of modern telephones which enables all to hear the caller was activated. As the man looked with a smirk through the open door to what was happening in the bedroom he pressed the button.

"So what has she been doing?" asked the caller. "I take it she has misbehaved."

The men sniggered while Linda froze with shock. She recognised the caller's voice – it was her husband! Panic and fright ran through her body but then was instantly replaced by two burning questions. How did he know to phone here and why was he asking if she had misbehaved?

"Well, you know?" answered the man, hesitantly, "Carl never misses a chance – and she likes to be admired like most women do. She gets quite relaxed when she's had a few drinks."

Linda couldn't believe she was being spoken about like this while she was present. Not by another man who was talking to her husband!

"So how bad as she been?" she heard her husband ask again. "Did she do anything with any other men before you lot got with her?"

"Well – she had a couple of dances with guys and let them have a quick feel and grope. You know how it is?"

All became clear to Linda in a flash. Her husband had bribed, begged, or hired –whatever – these men to spy on her and report back her indiscretions and sins. He appeared to have done it with the knowledge that the men themselves would chance their luck with her. They had set her up and trapped her. She saw now how the men had slowed down their actions waiting for her to raise hell and start screaming. Her attention went back to the telephone conversation.

"What else has she done? What has she done with Carl?"

Her husband's voice had an urgency about it that made him sound like he was almost aroused. The man with the phone looked back into the room at Carl before he answered. Carl shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

"She gave us a nice show of her panties when she sat down. We all enjoyed watching her get excited when Carl played with her tits – but she had had a few drinks by then."

"So was she – well – do you think she knew how much she was showing?" asked her husband. Suddenly, without waiting for an answer he shouted out, "Did she let Carl go inside her blouse?"

"Hey! Which of the questions do you want answering first?" shouted the man, laughing. His voice went back to a teasing tone as he tried to wind up Linda's husband.

"She liked the way we all looked at her and let us enjoy the view. People always go further than you'd expect when they're turned on after a few drinks. She loved her nipples being played with while he kissed her – sure yeah – she let him have a feel inside her blouse. She has nice tits – she liked us touching them."

The last comment was designed to enrage and annoy.

"What do you mean "us"?" demanded her husband.

"Well she let us all have a little kiss and cuddle. Especially when we were in the van. She was only having a bit of fun and enjoyment – letting her hair down. The freedom will do her good."

There was a silence before Linda's husband asked pointedly, "You took her in the van? She isn't home yet. Where did you take her to?"

"Sorry! I'm confusing you. We brought her here – for a night-cap and to make sure she gets home safely."

The man was clearly enjoying provoking Linda's husband – so too, apparently, were the others.

"What is she doing?" Linda heard her husband ask. Instead of shock or outrage the tone was more like a curious, quietly excited question – sexually aroused sort of curious. "Is she misbehaving now?" she heard him add.

Surely, thought Linda, they aren't going to answer that truthfully!

"Tell me what she is doing!" the voice of her husband begged.

Linda felt both an indignation and rage at her husband's attitude – but at the same time another feeling was slowly taking over.

"Well – she's gone into the bedroom with Carl and Dave," lied the one talking to her spouse. "She is probably letting them have a grope and fire their tongues into her mouth."

Linda felt herself becoming more responsive to the men's actions. She stared at the one standing in front of her stroking his very hard cock. Fingers once more tickled her moist slit while others nipped and rolled over her nipples.

"Now – where were we?" Carl's voice whispered in her ear. "I told you this would get exciting. You don't need to worry about being late home. Your husband knows where you are now." Carl's voice took on an evil mocking manner as he added, "And he knows that you're being naughty!"

There was something very arousing for Linda being able to hear her husband's voice ask for details while these men sexually molested her. What would he say if he could see her? Men at each side and two that were masturbating in front of her! And one of them getting closer – closer to her face with his cock. She was looking directly at its little pee-hole – just a couple of inches away. What would he say if he was able to see her, letting her jaw drop and opening her mouth as it came even closer?

"Good girl!" hissed Carl. She offered no resistance as both Dave and Carl slipped their thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and gently she allowed her legs to raise into the air so they could be taken off. As her feet returned to the floor she sat with mouth obligingly open, offering, and waiting for it to be filled with his dick. She was lowered down onto the bed and the throbbing penis followed her mouth. As it entered and she took her first suck she could still hear her husband asking, "Tell me what she is doing now!"

Conscious that someone was between her legs she spread them wide her self without needing prompting. Linda felt the head of a penis against her vagina, trying to find its way in.

"Do you want that inside you?" Carl's satanic voice asked her.

"Yes!" she answered simply, then sucked hard again on the cock in her mouth.

Now she was fucking and sucking at the same time! What would her husband say now? Suddenly her hands were grabbed and each one was placed round the stiff cocks of Dave and Carl. Now she was busy with four dicks – all at the same time! She listened to her husband while she bathed in this erotic mind-blowing multiple sex. Her legs wrapped around the waist of the man fucking her twat.

"What are they doing with her?"

"They have their hands inside her bra and one has his hand up her skirt. She seems to be enjoying it – she has her legs wide open for them." The man smirked as he teased.

"Is she touching them? Do they have their cocks out?" His voice was urgent and anxious but still not outraged.

"I – I don't like saying really! I sound like a real telltale. Maybe I should keep quiet."

"Tell me!" demanded her hubby.

"OK! Well yes – they have got her to wank them off. I shouldn't really tell."

The husband was now silent. Why? Linda wondered whether it was from shock – or was it because he was turned on and picturing the scene? Was he masturbating as he imagined what she was doing with his friends? He must also realise, thought Linda that if the man on the phone was able to describe the scene to him that she was performing to an audience. Having sex while others watched! Why wasn't he going ballistic?

"Isn't that really exciting and arousing – fucking and sucking while your husband is on the phone – and him knowing that you're being naughty?" She heard Carl whisper loudly.

Linda was beside herself with pleasure and ecstasy – never before had been so turned on. Never had she enjoyed sex so much. As the cocks inside her mouth and cunt discharged their liquid Linda willingly accepted replacements as others started to pound away fucking her. Now, with a free hand, she gripped the shaft of the cock in her mouth and milked it. Each man hung on as long as he could until eventually loosing control and ejaculating. Now it was the turn of the man on the phone, someone suggested.

"What's happening?" she heard her husband ask quietly.

"Well, I don't like to mention this but – I'm being invited to take a turn with your wife! For a kiss and cuddle – and to play with her tits – like the others have done."

Her husband's voice was strained and barely audible.

"Is she asking you over or is Carl and Dave?"

"Your wife is laid across the bed with her skirt up showing her panties – her blouse is unfastened and her bra is pulled under her bosom. Her tits are on display. She is waiting for me – sat up, leaning on one elbow – smiling." The man spoke very slowly and seriously attempting to keep a straight face.

Linda heard a groan from down the phone.

"Do you mind if I stop talking to you and take my turn?"

Linda thought it was an incredible question to ask – but the response was even more unbelievable!

"Has she played with all their cocks – are you going to see if she will wank you off too?" Her husband asked the question without anger or rage.

"Not sure about all – maybe she will mine – she seems to have enjoyed touching them. Not sure if she has done more – I wasn't able to quite see all that was going on. I have my cock out and she looks interested. Like I said – she is waiting for me to join her on the bed – she is watching me rubbing my dick. She is waiting for it! Do you mind if I go now?"

There was silence for a few seconds then Linda heard her husband's amazing response. "OK – But don't hang up the phone! Just leave the line open and put the receiver down quietly."

He had never figured out that all in the flat were listening to him. The other men were as surprised as Linda was. So he wanted to listen to other men having sex with his wife!

As the man approached the bedroom Linda positioned her self at the edge, sat up with her legs open. As the others watched she took hold of the man's penis and began to suck and slowly pull his foreskin. The man eventually pulled away and Linda beckoned him to lie on the bed on his back. Now it was her turn to reach the dizzy heights of an orgasm – she was going to "ride" him. For the next few minutes the men watched as Linda bucked up and down on the man grinding her groin into him. She was about to cum when the ones who had recovered sufficiently to regain an erection stood and as one grabbed her tits from behind helping her keep her balance the other offered his cock to her. Only a second away from exploding with sexual emotion she groaned and screamed softly then took the penis into her mouth as she orgasmed. She felt sperm shoot into her cunt almost simultaneously then liquid dribble into her mouth.

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