The Simpsons


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...It was an every day kind of day...

...Marge Simpson was busy as always with housework, her propped up blue hair tied under a bandanna, the bandanna itself looked like it was tied around a pole. Maggie was asleep upstairs in her cot, Lisa was at school practicing her saxophone playing, Homer was at work at the plant, and Bart and Milhouse were up in the tree house outside.

Every night it was the same thing, Marge would put on her sexiest lingerie and lay on the bed, but Homer would come in pissed out of his mind after a nightcap at Moe's bar and pass out. This left Marge in need of some serious sexual relief.

Marge dusted the selves trying to ignore the unyielding tingling between her legs.

"Mummm", she moaned irritated, "What am I going to do?"

Marge decided that trying to keep herself busy with housework was not the answer, so she removed the bandanna, fixed her hair, and grabbed her car keys.


The town was alive with the usual hustle of people going about their daily affairs...

Deciding that they needed some groceries in the house, she decided to stop at the Quickie Mart and maybe have a chat with Apu.

Oddly the convenient store was empty, not a soul anywhere. Marge moved from isle to isle grabbing the essentials she needed in the house; bread, milk, dish washing liquid and so forth. Coming to the till she smiled politely at Apu as she put the basket down so that he could ring up all the items.

"A good day to you Mrs. Simpson, I haven't seen you in a long time", Apu greeted as he unpacked the basket.

"Hallo", Marge droned.

Apu gave her a puzzled look, "begging your pardon, but is everyting ok?"

"Fine, fine", Marge replied as she looked up at him, and then past him at the magazine shelve. Her big eyes fell on the 'Horny Housewives' magazine. Apu followed her gaze then quickly turned his attention back to the items...

"$52.95 please", he said, swallowing hard.

Marge found his embarrassment amusing, and she smiled at him, "I understand your wife is back home?"

"Yes that is correct; she is tending to her ill mother in India."

Marge's smile grew wider and she became a bit nervous, "must be lonely at night."

Apu swallowed so hard he thought he felt his heart lodge in his throat. Marge put her hand on his and battered her eyelashes. Apu looked into Marge Simpson's eyes, he had heard the other men in town talk about Homer's wife, what they'd do to her if given the chance, how Homer was a bum who scored big time with her.

Marge licked her lips sexily, "this is the 'Quickie' Mart, isn't it?"

Apu's cheek tremored as his lip curled into a nervous smile...


Homer Simpson hung up his hazmat suite as he finished up at the plant. His one-track mind played the same thought over and over again; the yearning need rumbling in his belly...

"Huhmmm... Duff Beer".

He walked to his car, the GPS in his mind already setting a course for Moe's. He started up the car and sped off down the road...

Homer tapped away on the steering wheel as he sang along to the track on the radio as he drove through Springfield enjoying the thought of the beer that would cross his lips momentarily...

Homer passed by the Quickie Mart and looked out and saw Marge's car parked in the lot.


It was unusual for Marge to be at the store this time of the evening. He pumped the breaks and turned off the road and into the parking lot of the Quickie Mart...


Marge Simpson grit her teeth and slid her hands over the counter top as her body was rocked hard, her green dress pulled up and ruffled over her waist, her panties at her knees. Apu was behind her plowing into her with everything he had. His long smooth cock slid in and out of her body as he rapidly moved his waist back and forth.

"Oh my Apu, just there, push in deep over there" she moaned as he drove into her at an angle. She moved her waist back into his, running her slick pussy over his dark cock. Her breathing grew ragged as all the pent up sexual desire coiled up inside her.

Apu grit his teeth as he continued to fuck Marge with everything he had, his legs starting to feel like jelly. Her yellow pussy gripped around his cock as he drove deeper into her, his balls starting to ache.

"Yes, ohh, ohh, yess", Marge hissed as her pussy clamped and released Apu's cock as it worked in and out of her sex-starved body. She rand her fingers over her clit rubbing it profusely as the Indian man slammed his cock into her and over again. Every movement made her hotter and wetter, her hair was beginning to slant forward as the blue curls became disheveled.

Her clit throbbed in between her fingers as Apu continued to scour her pink interior, rocking her body harder and harder, shoving his cock deeper and deeper...


They both froze as they heard the signal of someone entering the store.

"Marge", Homer said with a puzzled look on his face as he looked at his wife. Marge was there bent over the table with Apu behind her.

"HOMEY!?" Marge squeaked in shock.

"Why aren't you at home making dinner?"

"Homey..." she could still feel the strong pulses of Apu's dick deep inside her cunt, "Apu was just giving me a massage", she stammered.

Apu grinned widely, the grin of a man who was guilty, and started massaging Marge's lower back. The tension in her muscles of the sex caught up with Marge again, and her legs buckled as her pussy tightened around Apu's cock, her eyes fluttering as she bit back the pleasurable moans as her orgasm ignited overwhelming sparks.

Feeling her convulse around his cock, Apu twitched and her hips jerked as he came as well shooting his load into her. He went cross-eyed as Marge's pussy drew his cock deeper in as she milked him, every last drop of cum bursting into her womb.

"Wow", Marge groaned in her gruff voice, as she arched her back, "You give an incredible massage."

Apu just huffed heavily.

"Ok", Homer dolled, "I'm going to Moe's, I'll be home later." With that he walked out of the convenient store.

Apu slipped his softened cock out of Marge, smiling broadly. Marge fixed her panties and dropped to her knees; she took his dick into her mouth and started sucking and licking it clean...

"DOH!" Homer said slapping his forehead, he turned and walked back into the store.


Marge shot up, wiping some cum off her lips.

"Hey... Apu, how come you never gave me a massage", Homer complained.

Marge and Apu stared at each other gob smacked...


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Apu and Marge should be together

Marge and apu should get caught by Homer and Homer divorce marge

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