tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Skin Ball Ch. 05

The Skin Ball Ch. 05



Five and half hours of sleep was not anywhere as much sleep as Jessa needed. Not on a good night, and definitely not on a night like the night before. But yet, five and half hours of sleep was all that she was going to get that particular night.

Someone was shaking her awake, and as she opened her eyes, she was a little shocked to see Mason hovering over her. He was crouched down by her feet, having snuck into the main hall through the side door by the library.

“Hey, executive decision, you two,” he began, Jessa noticing that Alex was awake, as well. “I can wake everyone up, and you guys can get started on the day, or I can let you all sleep a bit longer.”

Why would they not choose another hour of sleep?

“I just figured you all might want to get up and out of here by eleven.”

A good point, Jessa thought to herself. If they got up now, at…at…”What time is it, Mason?”

“It’s nine.”

Both the blonde and brunette let out a quiet groan. If they got up now, they could cook and clean and probably be back at Ep Chi not much later than eleven, eleven thirty. But would one more hour of sleep be worth one more hour of nudity.

“No, you’re right,” Alex replied, rolling into a sitting position. There was a sea of flesh scattered around the main hall’s floor, legs and breasts as far as the eye could see. Instead of being cold, though, everyone had a slight sheen of sweat on their bodies, the main hall being ridiculously warm, given the fact that it was December; Mason had obviously turned up the heat before going to bed.

“Are you guys gonna wake everyone up?” Mason asked, he himself taken back by the amount of naked skin laid out in front of him.

“Sure,” Jessa said. The two girls peeled themselves off the floor at the same time, waking Kristin and Liz Perry in the motion. In the corner, Chaz’s DJ booth hadn’t been broken down, the speakers still connected to his PowerBook.

Tiptoeing across the naked rug of sorority girls, Alex and Jessa groggily set themselves down behind the computer. Each of them was able to get single ass cheek on the chair that was set up there, pulling up iTunes as Mason joined them behind the computer.

“I told the brothers who didn’t live here to be back by ten,” he whispered to Alex as Jessa scrolled through Chaz’s music files. “There’s a shitload of pancake batter, fruit, bacon, eggs, and juice in the kitchen. We sent the pledges shopping yesterday afternoon.”

“Pots, pans?” Alex asked.

“All there. Just look around,” Mason replied. “Once the masses are awake, if you guys could pile the mats in the corner of the room and set the room back up, that would be awesome.”

“Anything that we should know for cleaning?” Jessa asked absentmindedly as she found a song that would do. She clicked on it, and waited for the music to begin. Marvin Gaye’s smooth voice gently began the words for “Let’s Get It On” through the speakers.

All around them, stark naked sorority girls groggily shook themselves from the their slumber. No one seemed particularly happy about such a short night of sleep, muttering that the past five and half to six hours had been nothing more than a nap.

Mason chuckled at Jessa’s musical selection. “There are mops and brooms downstairs in the basement. There’s also a hose down there, which you guys can use to shower if you want to.”

Jessa raised an eyebrow.

“Chaz made the announcement last night,” he explained, “but we were a little bit busy.”

The blonde girl blushed, and a quick glance towards Alex told her that she wasn’t the only one that was a little embarrassed about last night. Had they really let Mason finger-fuck them? On a pong table? Had Jessa really gone down on Alex? Suddenly, all the inhibitions that seemed so irrelevant by the end of the party the night before came rushing back. Jessa was completely naked, sitting in the middle of TriGam, with Mason leering at her body. Hung-over and sobered up, getting through the morning was certainly not going to be easy as getting through the party itself, now that they no longer had alcohol as a crutch.

“You guys are welcome to shower upstairs on the second or third floors, but the water heater has been on the fritz lately, so there might not enough hot water for more than a couple of people. There’s not going to be too much difference between upstairs and downstairs after about five or ten minutes.”

“The third floor is locked,” Alex said absentmindedly. “Or it was, last night.”

“Yeah,” Mason smiled, “that’s where we were keeping your presents.”


The TriGam took hold of the microphone that was lying on the table next to Jessa. Flipping it on, he began to speak, rousing the girls that had managed to sleep through Marvin’s continued pleas to get it on. “Good morning, girls. We at TriGam decided to buy a gift for each of you, to commemorate the night, and to say ‘thank you’ for giving us brothers the party of a lifetime.”

“A gift?” Jessa asked. “You’re telling me that you guys raised enough money to beat us, AND buy us each a present?”

Mason covered the mike and spoke directly to the blonde. “Knox. Knox sent us another check when he heard we’d won – he wanted us to treat you all to something special.”

The fact that an old alum knew about the bet between the two houses bothered Jessa some. “And the money couldn’t got to Homes for the Homeless?”

“Jessa,” the man said, feigning complete exasperation, “I think Lingle did well enough between our two houses without getting one more check. He’s pretty much covered his budget for the next year and a half.” Turning his attention back to the girls scattered around the room, Mason continued, “Mike and Jeff brought down those cardboard boxes you’ll see if you step out into the foyer…”

Mason waited patiently as Jen Sanford and Allison Huckabee stepped out into the foyer, returning to the main hall with a stack of big, soft-looking, pink towels. “There’s a ton of these out there,” Allison said, setting them down on the couch where Dunny had been sitting at the end of last night.

“Toss me one,” Mason told the girls, who complied by throwing a towel in the direction of the DJ booth. It made it less than a quarter of a way across the large room, but unclad girls that were now sitting up passed it towards Mason.

Finding the corner of that particular towel, Mason showed a small little logo, a few words, and a grouping of letters to the Ep Chi president and fundraising chair. The picture was of a champagne glass that mimicked the silhouette of a naked woman. Above it, the words “The Skin Ball,” had been sewn in. Below it, the letters “AOD” had been added, as well. “They’re monogrammed, so you need to find the one with your initials,” Mason explained. He turned quizzically towards Jessa and Alex, pointing at the monogram on that particular towel.

“Andrea Doyle,” Jessa told him.

“Andrea Olivia Doyle,” Alex expanded. But something bothered her. “How did you get everyone’s middle initial?”

Covering the mike again as the girls began to look through the first stack of towels that Allison and Jen had retrieved, Mason explained, “Your e-mail addresses, Alexandra M. Poe.” Looking at the blonde next to her, he continued, “Isn’t that just ingenious, Miss Jessica A. West?”

“Ingenious,” Jessa replied sarcastically. alexandra.m.poe@greencollege.edu. jessica.a.west@greencollege.edu. She had to say, the thought of a gift was a pretty nice. And, feeling Andrea’s pink towel there in front of her, they were fairly high-quality towels.

“You don’t have to use them this morning, if you don’t want,” the TriGam president explained, turning his attention back to the girls around the main hall. “If you want to shower downstairs, or upstairs, feel free. The pledges bought a couple bottles of shampoo and conditioner yesterday – they’re downstairs underneath the bar.”

When the morning’s announcement was done, and the girls who weren’t pretending to be still asleep were fawning over their new gifts, Mason shut the microphone off, excusing himself to head back upstairs. “Breakfast at ten?” he asked as he walked away.

Alex nodded, and began to rouse the slower (or more hung-over) girls from their makeshift beds.

Jessa wanted a warm shower. As a senior, she felt that she deserved one. As an officer, she felt that she had earned one. And, because she was handcuffed to the sorority president, she thought that a warm shower was ensured. But she also knew that since the Skin Ball had been primarily pushed by she and Alex, she and Alex were going to have to kick everyone’s ass and get them moving on the cooking and cleaning.

“You’ll all get a turn,” Alex assured everyone who began bolting for the upstairs showers in a hurry to get warm water. Certainly, some of the girls were just going to wait the two hours, go home, and shower alone. But everyone was covered in make-up, sweat, and alcohol, and it was clear that only a shower was going to make some of them feel up to the tasks at hand. Jessa had to admit that a cold shower might have been exactly what she needed at that point.

“Hey, Kristin and Wendy!” the brunette called, getting the attention of her two sisters. Both girls were standing around a newly opened cardboard box full of pink towels that someone had dragged into the main hall. “Why don’t you take a bunch of girls and get breakfast started?”

The two girls did as their friend told them, gathering a number of sisters around them and finding their way towards the kitchen. Alex and Jessa then put together a few teams of girls to do other various chores around the frat house, from cleaning the basement to cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the main hall to stacking the wrestling mats in the corner of room, as Mason had asked. The girls who had rushed off to take showers upstairs, it had been decided, were going to act as waitresses throughout breakfast, allowing the rest of the house to sit and eat with the TriGam brothers.

Jessa and Alex ended up being one of the first couples in the basement, followed closely by about a dozen other girls from various different pledge classes. Mason, apparently, had already been down there that morning, collapsing the pong table upon which the two girls had gotten off. The whole area had been cleared out, and the hose unraveled. There was a drain on the four, and it was clear that Mason intended them shower there. Mercy Davis and her partner were the first ones over there, testing out the hose, and preparing themselves for the frigid water.

Sure enough, there were three large bottles of shampoo, as well as three large bottles of conditioner, stashed beneath the bar between the Jack Daniels and Absolut Mandarin. Jessa pulled them out, slid them across the bar, and began to get work. Both she and Alex had decided they’d shower right before breakfast, after doing some cleaning first.

There was a noticeable tension between the two as they tossed plastic cups and empty beer cans away, neither one saying anything beyond what was needed. Last night had been an odd night in their friendship. They’d masturbated side by side. They’d been fingered by the same guy. Jessa had even eaten Alex out. Jessa winced as the thought of losing her close friend crossed her mind. She didn’t know if that was going to happen, but it was quite clear that they were not at the same place that they’d been the afternoon before.

Alex was the first to break the silence, though she didn’t bring up the party. Instead, she began, “Jessa, about Mason. I know you said they’re nothing but a physical attraction between you and him, but I’ll step back if you want me to. I mean, I know we promised him….but we were both pretty bombed at that point.”

“Yeah. Yeah.” It was awkward. “But no. I mean, there’s nothing between Mason and I. Nothing romantic. So if you’re thinking that you want to…you know, with Mason…I’ll step back and let you have him to yourself.”

“No,” the brunette shook her head. “I don’t really need him. I mean, I’ve got a vibrator at home, right? If I feel like getting off this afternoon, there’s really no need to come back and do something I regret.”

There was a silence that followed, things going completely unsaid between the two.

“Fuck it,” Jessa finally said. The tension was bullshit – Alex was her best friend.


“Fuck it,” she repeated. “Look, I don’t regret last night, if that’s what’s going through your head. I hope that you don’t, either. I’m not gay. I’m pretty sure that you’re not, either. But I can tell you this – kissing you last night felt good. And dancing with you last night felt good. And what we did together with Mason? Also good.”

Alex just stared at her friend blankly.

“So I’m going to come back here this afternoon and get laid. I’m still reeling from the after-effects of the alcohol from last night, but I’m also still knee-deep in hormones that tell me that orgasming twice last night wasn’t quite enough. I had fun with you and Mason last night. I’d like to have fun with you and Mason again after breakfast.”

Alex’s blank look slowly broke, a smile forming on the brunette’s face. “Knee-deep in hormones, huh?”

“You think that climaxing twice last night would satiate my libido just a little,” Jessa replied, returning the smile. They were still good. “But just thinking about the orgasming itself makes me want it again.”

They both laughed, Alex agreeing with the assessment. The brunette admitted that she herself was still floating on last night’s endorphins, and despite the inhibitions that were returning with sobriety, the fact that she was naked in TriGam at nine thirty on a Saturday morning was still turning her on.

Jessa had almost completely forgotten about the nudity. So focused on what had happened among the two girls and Mason last night, she hadn’t given much thought to the fact that she was still in the nude, and had been for close to eleven hours at that point. Around the basement, naked sisters were mopping, scrubbing, and washing the house, as well as washing themselves in the corner. A peek into the corner found one pair of girls hosing two pairs down, waiting their turn for a chance at the makeshift, ice-cold “shower.”

As ten o’clock encroached upon them, the basement was looking cleaner and cleaner. Having left her sandals up in main hall, Jessa hadn’t been entirely enthralled by the prospects of walking around barefoot on the mung-covered floor. In less than an hour, though, a dozen pairs of girls had been able to make the basement cleaner than it had been the night before. A few of the brothers started showing up, playing games of Pong with water, none of them eager to start drinking again so early in the morning. Every now and then, a ping-pong ball with “accidentally” sail in the direction of the showering girls, the brothers taking the opportunity to sneak glances into the corner.

“Breakfast is almost ready,” Wendy announced as she and Kristin descended into the basement. “And the brothers are starting to get up and around. They’ve got the television on, and they’re waiting for their meal.”

The fact that the brothers were watching TV irked Jessa some. It wasn’t that she wanted all the attention on the naked bodies that were fluttering about the house, but had their nudity really become mundane over the course of a single night? She laughed to herself, realizing how far off she was. While she, Alex, and a number of the other girls had begun to feel more and more comfortable with their bodies, the brothers were still unsure of how to act. After all, this wasn’t a strip club, and these girls weren’t strippers; most of the TriGam brothers were still trying to soak in the beautiful bodies around them without appearing as if they were perverts.

Kristin was carrying a handful of towels with her, which she laid down on the bar in from of Alex and Jessa. “J.A.W. and A.M.P. for our lovely officers,” the girl said, laying the towels down in front of them. Her own towel and Wendy’s were there with them.

“Are you two going to ‘shower’?” Wendy asked, careful to make the quotations symbol with her fingers. Being hosed down in the corner of the basement could only marginally be called a “shower.”

“That was the plan,” Alex replied, tossing the last of the beer cans into the recycling bin. Looking over at the four brothers playing Pong by the bathroom, and the three brothers watching them, the brunette’s eyes began to twinkle with mischief.

The next thing any of them knew, all four girls were standing under the spray of water in the corner of the basement. Jed Wise, a junior who had actually gone to boarding school with Jessa, was the lucky brother currently operating the hose. He followed the girls’ commands and instructions, rinsing them off when they wanted to be, just happy be needed. Two other juniors stood next to him, trying their best to act casual and converse with the dripping, naked girls.

The water wasn’t as cold as Jessa had feared it would be. It certainly wasn’t warm – but it was sufferable. She made alternate chit-chat with Kristin, who was soaping herself up less than a foot away, and with Jed, who was doing his best to try to talk about high school with Jessa while ignoring the hard-on that seemed to have control over the rest of his body. She soaped up her body, wanting to get her skin clean. The brothers had bought simple soap, nothing more – no moisturizers, no scrubs, no perfume bars – but it was enough to get off the sweat and beer that was clinging to the blonde’s body. The shampoos and conditioners were similar – simple, off-the-shelf varieties which were no-nonsense and sensibly priced.

Knowingly teasing the three boys that were watching, Alex asked Jessa to scrub her back. They were soon all touching, mostly for the pleasure of their onlookers. The thought of the TV distracting her audience seemed laughable to Jessa at that point, and they eyes on her body only increased the amount of sexual thoughts that were running through her mind.

Breakfast was mostly uneventful. All four girls dried themselves off with their new towels, but none of them wrapped the fabric around their bodies – they still had some time to go before they’d be able to get dressed again. The girls who’d rushed off to grab the first showers, the warm showers, found themselves at the center of attention, being called for more food and gawked at as their tits bounced up and down on their routes to and from the kitchen.

Mason sat with Evan and Dunny that morning, perched on the edge of a couch in front of the television. Though his ears were listening to what the football commentators had to say about the day’s games, and his mouth was yammering on with its own opinions to his brothers, his eyes wandered from girl to girl to girl. They settled, more often than not, on Alex and Jessa. The two girls had found themselves a spot on the stack of wrestling mats with Kristin and Wendy, and they were engaged in conversation about the henna tattoos on their midriffs – how long would they last? How hard were they to apply? Where did they get the designs? But like Mason, Jessa was paying little attention to the topic at hand, her mind running through positions and pleasures that she wanted to try and feel with Mason and Alex.

There was definitely a little pressure in the thing, though. Last night, she and Alex had both been drunk. There had been little on either of their minds other than just their own sensations of pleasure, their own orgasms, their own pussies. Now, Jessa was faced with the fact that she and Alex were both going to have sex with Mason – they HAD promised him, after all. And Jessa wanted to do it. But what if Alex was better? The brunette certainly had a little more experience. What if Mason found her more attractive? What was Jessa supposed to if Mason orgasmed with Alex, and then didn’t have the ability to get Jessa off? There were dozens of thoughts like this, some rational, some completely irrational, running through Jessa’s head. A part of her wished she were more like Beth Baldacci, who claimed that she was still drunk. A few less inhibitions. A little less pressure.

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