tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 09

The Slave Ch. 09


Meet Stephanie: Stephanie is a young hair stylist and her friends call her Stephi. She has very few friends, and the ones she has are all female. Stephi is still a young twenty year old and she is struggling to build her clientele. She lives in the same neighborhood as Linda, Brenda and Sara. She is basically very shy, timid, and equally sexually in-experienced. More than anything, she is very naive.

Stephi has lived in the area for her entire life. Her experience sexually consisted mainly of a few times with young boys her age that have just briefly fondled her, crammed their cocks in her and immediately cum. They attempt a few minutes of awkward talking and off they go, in a big hurry to leave. This had left Stephi, increasingly frustrated and extremely horny over the months that she had been dating. Her fun consisted of what she did when she was alone. She is definitely no stranger to orgasm, but only at her own hands. Even though she is very sexual, and highly sexed, her dating had been, at the very best, discouraging.

Stephi spends hours surfing the internet on her computer. One day she stumbled across The Castle Realm which is a very informative site that deals with the basics of BDSM. She clicked a link and found herself looking at pictures, very graphic pictures. Stephi was embarrassed at first, but quickly noticed that the bound women were actually very attractive and more than anything, extremely arousing.

Stephi found it hard to “click off” the site, and surfed a little deeper. She looked at the lovely ladies, all trussed up, showing what appeared to be real fear for the camera. As Stephi turned off the computer, that first time, she discovered that she was more than wet, from the pictures that she had seen. Over a very short period of time, she started finding more and more of these sites, and also found herself more and more aroused. In short order, she was masturbating to the BDSM sites. The aspect of power and control became an aphrodisiac to her.

Not long after finding that first site, Stephi happened to run across a BDSM site that had pictures of men, bound and being tormented by gorgeous and shapely females. Not only did the female dominatrix arouse Stephi, but she found herself staring with deepening arousal at the sight of the men, bound and gagged, cocks fully exposed to torment, balls being punished, and looks of fear on their faces.

To this point, Stephi’s only connection to the BDSM sites had been those where females were the captives. Stephi had found a new source of fantasy. She was mesmerized by the pictures of the men. Based on Stephi’s past experience, she could only fantasize about such behavior, and knew that she would never get a chance to partake of such total sexual satisfaction. She could only dream, and frantically rub the hard bud, between her legs.

After seeing such sights and pictures, she would find herself at the edge of unconsciousness, drenched in her own juices, breathless, and spent. Stephi was entering a whole new world, but one that was so distant, it was only a dream.

After just a few brief weeks of her “net adventures”, Stephi found that she could go online and reach her favorite sites, and in less than 10 minutes; she could be totally exhausted from working; but she loved surfing the net, and couldn’t stop. The women in the pictures had so much power over the tortured males. Stephi only wished that she had that kind of power. Her biggest sense of power in the past had been cleaning some guys cum off her thigh or stomach, after he spilled it much too quickly. Power and Control. She wanted it.

Stephi was attractive, more than average. She was small, around 5’2 and only weighed 101 lbs; but she was very shapely. She was more than proud of her legs, which she worked on continuously in the gym along with her tight stomach and butt. She knew that her tits were very small, but what hurt Stephi was her own self image. She didn’t know that men considered her gorgeous and she never saw them staring at her. She was too busy avoiding eye contact.

Stephi would look at the women on the BDSM websites admiring the leather and thigh high boots they wore. She loved the more than revealing outfits, their body jewelry and the toys that they wielded. All of it made Stephi more self conscious. In her own mind, she felt that she was nowhere near as attractive as the internet women; but she was wrong, very wrong.

After several months of exhausting herself masturbating to the pictures on BDSM sites, Stephi couldn’t stand it any more. There had to be more to her feelings, than just visiting the fake sites. In a moment of despair, she breathlessly told her closest friend of what she had been doing, her feelings growing frustration. Almost immediately, she regretted that she ever opened up to Lisa.

Lisa sat there, at the restaurant table, looking shocked. She had known Stephi for more than ten years and never suspected anything like this. Lisa didn’t know what to say, she struggled to find the right words to respond to her friend. Stephi was horrified. She had just admitted to her best friend that she was perverted, sick, weird and twisted. Lisa excused herself from the table mumbling about something that she was supposed to do. Stephi watched as Lisa walked out the front door of the restaurant. The damage had been done, her fantasy was out, and she believed she had just lost her best friend.

What Stephi didn’t know, was that Lisa had been involved in the local BDSM community, for over three years. Lisa had her own secrets. She attended the auctions regularly, and had, on one occasion, even been able to save enough money to “buy” a lesser slave, for a “short night.” A short night was only six hours with the slave.

The slave turned out to be pretty disappointing to the high spirited Lisa, cuming just moments after a rope was wrapped around his cock shaft. After that, Lisa couldn’t get him hard again, and that evening left her more frustrated than broke. She decided at that time she was going to save for the best.

Lisa had abruptly left the restaurant that afternoon. She was so shocked to find that her best friend was interested in something that she herself, had been living for some time. Lisa didn’t know how to handle it. She wanted to help her friend by blurting everything out at once but she knew better than that, and kept silent. Now, in thinking it over, she wanted to tell Stephi everything. Lisa called her and made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant at seven that evening. Lisa could hear the fear and embarrassment in Stephi’s voice, but begged her to come enticing her with a secret that just had to be told. Hesitantly, Stephi agreed.

At the restaurant that evening, Stephi listened to everything Lisa was telling her. The more she heard, the more aroused she became. Before the end of Lisa’s very descriptive narrative, Stephi was begging to enter the tight secretive circle of the BDSM community.

Stephi had very mixed emotions about all of this. On one hand, she was overwhelmed with erotic anticipation about the aspect of “HER” doing the things that she had only seen on the internet. She knew that she would look good in thigh high boots, she giggled to herself. On the other hand, she feared that she would not be able to “wield power” or “control” a man, like the women on the websites did; but she was willing to try.

Sitting at a computer and looking at pictures, was nothing like the real thing. She wasn’t real sure she could do it, but she knew that she wanted it, desperately and would stop at nothing to accomplish at least one night.

In short time, Stephi moved among the circles of the BDSM community. She had only attended two auctions, but was amazed at the sexual openness that was on display for everyone to see. She found herself getting very moist, looking at the fear on the faces of the slaves, as they were paraded around the stage. She would watch them and fantasize about what she would do to them, if they were hers. But they were not hers and likely would never be hers.

Stephi did not belong to the income bracket that could afford such fun times. She was very good at her job, but not to the point of being able to buy a slave, not even for a short night. It would take her months to save that kind of money. She swore that she would find a way to live her fantasies and until then, all she could do was stare and get wetter, watching the bound cocks, bulging balls, and male slaves, of every type that you could imagine. Stephi saw it as an exquisite buffet, laid out just for her, and she dreamed of the day it would become a reality.

After several months, Stephi came up with an idea and put it into action. In talking with other BDSM members, she found that there was a definite market for her services. All of the slave owners were concerned about their slave’s appearance. The slaves always had to look their best for the auction. Looks, endowment, or certain sexual attributes were all factors in whether the slave brought in top dollar, or a minimal amount, the better the slave, the better the income.

The owners had more than enough money to take care of their slaves. Stephi soon found that owners wanted their slaves groomed to their best, meaning hair cuts, facial hair trims, pubic haircuts, coloring, and electrolysis. Whether the owner wanted pony-tailed, shaved genitals, clean shaven, bearded, or the occasional dye job (some owners wanted the slave’s pubic hair to match the new ‘blonde’ hair look), Stephi was soon in demand. One owner even wanted the word “SLAVE” cut into the slave’s pubic hair.

Stephi was making a bundle, and her services were putting her right where she wanted to be which was in the company of male slaves. Once there, she had control over the slave. Stephi was getting more work than she ever imagined. She couldn’t believe the smorgasbord of male flesh that she was being called to “work on” and because of this, she quickly came up with rules for her services.

Being a secretive community, the owners had no problem following Stephi’s rules. First, upon her arrival, the slave would be completely and totally restrained. Second, the slave would be blind-folded and gagged. She did not want any slave to see her, fearing the possibility that he might later identify or recognize her. And the gag was so that she didn’t have to listen to their pitiful begging or crying to be milked, jacked off or freed. And, on occasion there were slaves that would literally brag to her about their unique abilities, or their super stud mentality. And last, the ‘session’ with the slave would be completely private, and behind locked doors. If any of the rules were broken, she would not return. The owners just laughed and agreed. They had no objection to whatever Stephi wanted to do. Some were a little suspicious, but they didn’t mention it. Others didn’t care, since it was only money and they had plenty of it and they knew Stephi was worth every dollar. Stephi couldn’t believe her great fortune.

On her first “session”, Stephi was literally scared to death. She showed up at the appointed time at what looked like a mansion. She was ushered into a private room and offered champagne, wine, or anything she could have imagined. She was treated like royalty by the female house servants. After her beverage arrived she was taken into a private room, where the slave was seated, completely restrained and gagged. She could immediately sense the fear in the slave, and she relished that moment.

The serving girl showed Stephi the double locks on the door inside the room. She then quickly and quietly disappeared. Stephi just stood there staring at the slave, almost afraid to approach him.

Being here in this closed room with a bound slave was vastly different than the hair salon she was used to working in. Stephi double locked the door and walked closer to the slave. He was very handsome and appeared younger than her. He was extremely muscled and had a huge erection. The only area not darkly tanned on him was his cock, balls, and a small patch of white skin, in the pubic area.

If he was nervous, he didn’t show it. He was still rock hard and very wet from the dripping of his pre-cum down his shaft. Stephi silently approached him from behind and saw that he was squeaky clean and smelled fabulous. The fact that he was blindfolded and gagged, didn’t help her fears any. She couldn’t take her eyes off the huge erection. Stephi didn’t know what to do. As she moved toward the slave, she could tell that he was turning his head, trying to hear her, or sense where she was.

Stephi was very concerned that the slave could see her and would know who she was; she would learn in time, none of the slaves would ever see her. The owners had taken care of that fear for her.

Now, confronted with the aspect of what she had been dreaming about, she wasn’t sure what to do. Stephi was almost afraid to even touch the slave, but slowly started to trim his hair. It only took a few minutes and there were no problems. She walked in front of the slave and just stared at him. He would cock his head to the left, then to the right, trying to hear where she was. She was only feet in front of him, but he didn’t know that. His cock was still hard and sticking out. She saw that it was long, but skinny, and sported an oversized head.

That oversized head was beginning to drip pre-cum. After all this time, Stephi had what she had desired, but she was too scared to do anything. The owner had told Stephi that she wanted a haircut and a pubic trim. Stephi held her breath as she took the elongated cock into her hand and moved it out of the way of her scissors. It immediately twitched.

Stephi trimmed the pubic hair in record time and let go of the still rock hard cock. She did notice that the slave was breathing a little harder than when she first entered the room. She also noticed that her hand was covered in pre-cum. Stephi quickly put her tools away and rushed to the door. She was met by the same serving girl who opened an envelope with hundred dollar bills in it. Stephi awkwardly took one bill and stuffed it into her jeans, and quickly left.

She literally fled from the mansion. As she drove back to her home, she couldn’t help notice how wet she was, and how exhilarated she felt. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of that power and control she had hoped for. It was frightening but it was wonderful. She immediately went home and masturbated collapsing after one of the most powerful orgasms that she had ever felt.

Over a very short period of time, Stephi’s clientele list grew unbelievably long. Word had spread quickly of her services and the skill with which she handled the slaves. The owners didn’t care about price; they just wanted their slaves to look good.

Stephi was overwhelmed with so many clients coming in so quickly. She was even more overwhelmed with the vast array of male flesh she was seeing and touching. It was not long before Stephi got over her fear and started having her own fun with the slaves.

Not a single owner had questioned her rules, nor had any of them even tried to enter the locked room. She found that she could actually cut and trim the slave’s hair in less than twenty minutes, which would leave an hour, to an hour and a half, for her to do what she wanted.

She still could not believe the huge variety in males and their attachments. Some were obviously big, most were young, muscled, tanned, in excellent shape. There were some that were not as desirable, but all of them were obviously sought after for one reason or another. Stephi could only imagine what some of their sexual attributes might be. She understood the most desirable brought the most money, while the less desirable brought less money. It was that simple. They all had some attribute that made them marketable.

It had been hard for Stephi to get over her being timid and fearful. It was quite a few sessions before she was comfortable enough to start playing with the slaves and many sessions before she got up enough nerve to actually examine the slave’s cock and balls as she wanted to. The slaves were all alike, immediate erections, lots of pre-cum, and the insistence for release. Even though gagged, it was obvious that they begged for release. Stephi thought most of their sexual frustration came from the fact that they were NOT allowed that kind of pleasure by their owners. Further, with them blind-folded, their imaginations could run rampant trying to picture the person that was cutting their hair, or moreover, the person that was gently fondling their sex.

As Stephi became more accustomed to the sessions, she became bolder. She had gotten to the point that she stopped wearing panties under her jeans or short skirts; it had become way too messy and it gave her quicker and easier access to those parts that craved attention during the sessions. She would, for the most part, only tease herself; touching and tormenting her clit and her overly wet pussy until she could reach the safety of her car.

She had long since stopped rushing for home. She would enjoy herself on her drive in just moments after leaving the clients house her fingers reaching deeply into her wet pussy and flicking over her throbbing clit. She always had to pull over as she came, fearing she would lose control of the car if she didn’t.

She was finally doing in person what she had dreamed about, ever since surfing the pictures of mistresses and dominatrix on those early websites. She was still amazed at the power and control she wielded over the male slaves. They couldn’t see her, but she totally controlled them. Being restrained was not the control, what she did to them or better yet, what she didn’t do to them was the control.

After several months, Stephi went to a session one day, at the home of a very, very rich client. The money she was making was beyond belief, but this particular slave was more than desirable.

Up to this point, Stephi would have her fun teasing and tormenting the restrained slave then rushing to her car for her own fun. She had been too scared to go any farther. The most she had done was to gently massage a slave, until his panting and thrusting hips frightened her so bad, that she stopped. She could tell that the slave was furious, his hips thrusting into the air, but she was more scared than turned on. She left the house, not sure of what she was feeling. She knew that the slave had been desperate for release, but she was too scared to do anything to him, with him, or for him.

It had come to a point where fondling and playing with the slave, just wasn’t enough. On this particular day, she quickly finished the haircut and pubic trim. This slave was what some women would refer to as a “Greek God.” He was magnificent.

He was young, built like an athlete, a very dark tan with long blonde hair. His cock was like none she had ever seen. Stephi’s sexual experience had been limited to several occasions where the male always came too quickly, spurting only moments after entering her. She had been frustrated by males her entire life. Not one had ever given her the kind of pleasure she had been giving to them. Besides that, every date and boyfriend Stephi had been with wouldn’t even be considered average in cock size based on what she had been exposed to doing the haircuts and trims for the slaves.

Stephi was drenched just driving over to this session. This slave was amazing and now she was sitting between his legs, mesmerized by his huge cock. Stephi estimated that he was probably eight or nine inches long. His cock was muscled, but not very thick and it was rock hard. This was the third time she had met with this slave for his hair cut. She was thinking that he must be in high demand, bringing top dollar. Considering that the owner was calling Stephi back about every two or three weeks for grooming. Stephi could tell that this one was arrogant, apparently knowing full well the power he had over women.

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