tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 15

The Slave Ch. 15


Ross had barely recovered from the milking machine when Brenda met with some of her fellow nurses. Brenda knew that both Rachel and Toni were members of the BDSM community, but they were rarely seen at the auctions. Most members knew each other from the auction events, and were usually shocked to find people that they knew, right there, indulging in the 'alternative life style'. Almost all of the members were from the normal walks of life, with the exception of the time they spent at the gatherings or the auctions.

Rachel and Toni were registered nurses and had known Brenda for several years. Rachel and Brenda had even worked together for over a year, in the emergency room, unbeknownst to the other, about their alternative life styles. At a slave auction one day, Brenda and Rachel ran into each other and were shocked to discover their similar interests. Later, Brenda found out that Rachel's roommate Toni was also a member. They both agreed that it was indeed, "a small world".

A day or so after Ross' exhaustive evening, Brenda was out and ran into Rachel. Rachel told Brenda that she had heard about "that slave" and asked if all the sordid details were true. Brenda wasn't sure how to answer, not wanting to advertise Ross too much. She figured that the less that was known about Ross, the less chance of getting caught or being discovered. She didn't mind 'showing' him at auction, but that was a lot more discreet than going around, talking about him. Once it became obvious that Rachel knew all about Ross, Brenda admitted to 'owning' him. Little jokes, comments and questions flew from Rachel as she asked if he was as big as she had heard, could he cum huge amounts and is he insensitive to pain, along with all the other usual questions. Brenda slowly began to admit to her, in graphic detail, that it was all true. Unspoken, it was more than obvious to each of them, that a nurse's salary could never pay for a night with the slave. With that in mind, Brenda told Rachel all the details about Ross.

What Brenda didn't know was that Rachel already knew a lot about Ross. Rachel had heard all about him from a good friend and employer, the doctor that treated Ross after his first auction. Rachel had worked for the doctor and only later, discovered that the doctor was a member of the BDSM community. Again, it was a very small world. Rachel had already given it much thought and brought up the subject of Ross, with the intent of trying to get him for an evening. She had already thought the entire evening out, and now, only had to talk Brenda into it. Rachel was relying on her friendship and BDSM ties with Brenda, hoping that Brenda would go along.

After a very graphic and erotic conversation of questions and answers, Brenda found herself very wet; just describing what things had been done to the slave. Rachel finally got up enough nerve and blurted out her proposal, asking Brenda to just consider it, before she said no. Rachel and her roommate, wanted to take Ross for an evening, for sort of an educational show and tell, with several young student nurses.

Brenda was well aware of those long ago years of student nursing and how miserable and hard they had been. One of the hardest things to get use to was the relationship between nurse and male patient, in the sexual realm. It was not sexual in any form or fashion, but the sexuality of the relationship was sometimes, more than obvious.

Brenda immediately thought that it was a bad idea for several reasons; the most obvious one was getting caught. Brenda didn't have a problem with Rachel or Toni, but student nurses; that was altogether a different thing.

Rachel swore that she had it all figured out and that there would be no getting caught. She started explaining a rough idea of what her plan was. The more she talked, the more Brenda was listening. Rachel had a story already cooked up, on who and what Ross was. She also explained that she had hand picked the young nurses and that they were the type that would enjoy 'a show' and would not be talking about it, the next day.

What caught Brenda's attention was when Rachel mentioned the name "Raven". They both laughed at the name, each of them knowing the 'legendary' Raven. Raven was indeed a beauty. She was a student nurse and her reputation had already reached legendary status. Everyone laughed, saying that she had two lists; "Fucked and to be fucked".

Raven had probably slept with almost every doctor at one hospital, and was slowly working her way through the interns. She was more than good looking, had a body that looked like she had just stepped out of Playboy. She was smart enough to make her way in the nursing field, and knew how to manipulate people. She was also a legend for her "technique".

It had become common knowledge that Raven had a unique ability to masturbate a male, in under a minute, and that was from soft to cuming. It was alleged that one young doctor had confronted her one long, boring night and laughingly challenged her. Those that were present that night said that they both entered the doctor's lounge together, and before the door had completely shut, the door opened back up, the doctor emerging, red faced and sweating. He later admitted that Raven wasn't exaggerating about her technique.

No one was sure about the 'technique', or how she did it, but it was something to do with her fingers and hands. A magic touch, if you will. Almost everyone in the hospital figured that Raven would either be fired, or end up marrying one of the doctors. She was definitely a legend. And if her 'handi-work' wasn't enough, her body could handle anything that her hands couldn't.

Almost all of the nursing staff hated Raven, since she started to get special privileges from the doctors, a sort of come and go as she wanted attitude. Sources inside the personnel office had leaked that Raven was not her real name. It turns out that her real name was Mary Catherine, a good Christian name. Apparently, Raven had given herself the erotic moniker.

When Brenda found that Raven was invited, she agreed to the get together. Rachel did explain that the evening was not all fun and games, but was an attempt to teach several young nurses a subject that was rarely dealt with, in much degree; the male patient (and his sexuality).

Rachel said that the nurses were picked because of their wanting to learn, and that they were actually good at what they did. These particular nurses were ones that would benefit from the use of a real, male patient, and not the usual one found in hospitals. Brenda understood what Rachel was planning. It was somewhat sexual, with a slant on a medical teaching plan. Brenda knew that it would be very erotic, just sitting and watching someone else do things to her slave.

What Brenda didn't know was that Rachel and Toni had their private agenda. Yes, they were serious about an 'educational' evening with sex, but they were also very horny ladies and even more than that; they were unbelievably voyeuristic. Both Rachel and Toni got off on watching.

Though not known to others, Rachel was strongly heterosexual, while Toni was bi-sexual. A long time before, over too many glasses of wine, the two had admitted that they had watched each other. Turns out that Rachel had inadvertently come upon Toni and a boyfriend, at the height of an 'intimate moment'. Instead of leaving quietly, Rachel sat and watched, enjoying the X rated show; she especially watched the immensely endowed male date.

Toni admitted that she had caught Rachel in a similar moment, with a date, and she too had sat and watched Rachel. They both laughed about it, discovering that each was a hard core voyeur. Both Rachel and Toni had hoped to get Ross, along with the young nurses, and watch what would no doubt, be a fabulous show. Add to that, the fact that as a "training aid", both the experienced nurses, Rachel and Toni could choreograph the entire show. They were both extremely excited at the prospect of a voyeuristic evening.

Brenda agreed to the teaching experience, wanting it to be the next afternoon, since Linda and Sara would be out for most of the day. It was also arranged that Rachel would come to Brenda's, for the added security in taking Ross across town to Rachel's house. The time was agreed on and Rachel set about making all the arrangements and calling the 'students'.

The next day, early, Brenda went into the dungeon, finding Ross just sitting on the floor, knees to his chest, his arms wrapped around them, looking bored. Within a few steps from him, Brenda spied the huge erection sticking out, his sac lying bloated on the floor. For everything that had been done to him, an evening before, he was obviously ready to be played with, again.

Once Brenda began staring at the thick fleshy cock and balls, Ross became very embarrassed turning a bright red. Apparently he had been caught, playing by himself. Based on the size of his sac, it was obvious that his balls had completely replenished the supply sucked out by the milking machine. As Brenda stood smiling, enjoying the huge erection, he was so embarrassed, trying to hide it under his legs.

Brenda walked over, knelt down next to him and started gently stroking the thick cock. He was already very wet, dripping onto the carpet. It was apparent that he had been having some fun, thinking that no one was home. Brenda, chidingly, admonished him for 'wasting it', as she rubbed the gooey head with her thumb and fore finger.

Looking him in the eyes, Brenda asked if he was interested in being the center of attention, or being an 'experimental patient' with a group of student nurses. Still stroking his cock, she instantly felt it jump. With her continuing the slow strokes, his eyes closed and his legs slowly spread wide, allowing her more access to him. In a shaky voice, he could only mumble, "yes".

Brenda told him that he was going to another location with two other nurses and that he would be 'examined' by a group of student nurses. Brenda couldn't help but notice that his cock was actually throbbing, as she continued her gentle stroking. She knew that he was very interested. She suddenly stopped stroking him and told him that he would have to hurry and get cleaned up. She undid the tether from his ankle and pointed him towards the bathroom. For a change, she did not feel the need for the stun gun, and watched as he walked across the room, his cock bobbing up and down.

After a very long hot shower, Ross emerged from the bathroom and was immediately told to put on the ankle and wrist restraints. After doing so, Brenda locked each restraint with small locks. Judging by his body language and semi erect cock, Brenda was surprised at Ross' excitement over the aspect of being seen by the nurses. Ross was still dripping and in an exceptionally good mood.

Brenda went over to one of the many cabinets and produced a large leather choke collar, telling Ross that it would add effect to his overall appearance. Ross took it from her and placed it around his neck. Turning around, he stood patiently while Brenda locked it in place.

Thinking for a moment, she went to another cabinet and took out a large cock and ball cylinder. As Brenda turned toward Ross, he saw the cylinder and smiled, immediately sitting on the floor, spreading his legs wide open and leaning his upper body back, ready for the 'enhancement' tool.

Smiling, Brenda took him the cylinder and a tube of lotion, instructing him to prepare himself. She watched as he quickly rubbed the lotion into his balls and the base of his shaft, she handed the huge cylinder to him and told him to put it on. After several moments of struggling to get his oversized equipment into the cylinder, he was finally in.

Brenda attached the pump handle and hose and slowly began sucking the air out of the cylinder. Ross could only lean back; eyes closed, and relax, as he felt the blood surging into his cock and balls. Within a few moments, the cylinder's effect was becoming obvious. He was swelling up nicely.

Brenda was very aware of Ross' ability to enlarge. She didn't want him huge, even though he was normally oversized, but she wanted him to have that "puffy, fat" look. Brenda thought that the young nurses had never seen anything like Ross' size, but she didn't want to scare them either.

Brenda knew that Rachel and Toni had seen plenty of male genitals, both at work and away from work. Brenda also knew that Ross' balls would pump up quickly, while his cock was somewhat slower at enlarging. But this was good, since it kept his cock 'usable' instead of getting to that beer can size, which was basically good for nothing. Even Ross had a hard time feeling anything when he was that big.

Once Ross had reached a nice size, Brenda released the pressure and told Ross to remove the cylinder. He almost looked disappointed as he struggled to pull the cylinder off his swollen organs. Outside the cylinder, Brenda closely examined him, seeing that he had swollen to a very nice size, his cock was thick and his balls very bloated. He was still 'usable', and she noticed him quickly getting hard as her hand worked his cock and balls. The head was immense and was leaking pre-cum in huge amounts. He was ready.

For a finishing touch, Brenda gave Ross a baby blue loin cloth, telling him to put it on. The baby blue would look good with his dark tan, and would temporarily hide the tan lines, till it came off. Besides, she felt that it was only 'decent' of her, transporting Ross across town clothed, instead of restrained nude in the back seat of her truck. And this particular loin cloth barely covered anything. Even when he was soft, the tip of his cock hung down below the bottom of the cloth.

Not long after Brenda finished preparing Ross, the door bell rang. She told Ross to behave himself this evening, but said it in a more pleading tone than demanding. Ross just smiled and said that he would. She left Ross with an ankle tether attached, while she ran upstairs to greet Rachel.

Brenda led Rachel to the downstairs dungeon, talking along the way. Rachel said that she was only able to get four of the student nurses that she wanted, the others had prior plans, and it was short notice. Brenda laughed, saying that it was their loss.

Upon reaching the dungeon room door, Rachel stopped and stared at Ross. Ross looked up and stared back at Rachel. They were both taking each other in.

Rachel was about the same build as Brenda, but more endowed in the breasts. It didn't help matters either, with Rachel wearing short white running shorts and a dark purple jogging bra, both of them showing her very dark tan.

Her long legs were only enhanced, by the huge mounds, barely covered by her bra. Brenda almost felt embarrassed, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. Rachel immediately smiled, walking over to Ross. Almost face to face, she dreamily whispered, "Hi". Ross was smiling, staring back at her, glancing quickly at Brenda for permission to speak. She nodded approval.

"Hello". It was very obvious that these two would fit together, in more ways than one. Almost chest to chest, Rachel reached down and with just her fingernail, started flicking the foreskin shrouded head of Ross' cock. His reaction was immediate and expected as his cock pushed out from under the loin cloth and began to rapidly swell.

Glancing down, Rachel pulled up the loin cloth and stepped back, now holding the growing cock. "Wow, he is a VERY big boy". Watching intently, she slowly pulled the foreskin back and watched the head flare out immensely. In her best Sandra Bullock impersonation from "Miss Congeniality", she said "He wants to date me..."

They all laughed as Ross quickly became rock hard. With pre-cum starting to cover her fingers, Rachel pushed the massive cock up against his belly and leaned down, finally noticing the huge balls hanging below. "This is unbelievable; I've never seen anyone this huge". "I've heard about him, but never dreamed he'd be this big". Putting her hand under the sac, she gently shook them up and down, feeling their entire weight. "And they are full, too", she added laughing.

Rachel started gently massaging one ball, rolling it around inside the sac, squeezing the fleshy oval. Ross was extremely hard and started to drip heavily, his eyes closed as Rachel continued rolling the huge ball around in her hand. Finally, Brenda had to stop them, "Ok you two break it up". "Damn Rachel, you're gonna make him cum" "I can only wish", replied Rachel.

All Ross could do was stand there swaying, eyes closed, and moaning. Rachel relinquished her grasp of Ross, stepping back away from him, taking a deep breath. They had been standing so close that as Ross got harder, his cock was pressed up against her, just above her pubic mound. When she stepped back, it was very obvious because her white shorts were coated in his shiny pre-cum where his cock head had been pressed into her.

She immediately smiled coyly at Ross, saying "damn, hope it doesn't stain", and pressed her thumbs into the waistline of the shorts. In a second, she had dropped her shorts, kicking them off to the side, wearing only a tiny purple g-string underneath.

Ross didn't miss any of this; his eyes were now wide open. In an exaggerated move, Rachel stepped away from Ross, turning her back side to him. She slowly bent over, picking up her shorts, and remained there, looking back at him. "I really should wash these out, don't want them to stain" she smiled. Ross was still rock hard and watching every move she made. Finally, Brenda said "that's it, let's go". Both Brenda and Rachel started laughing, Rachel putting her shorts back on. Ross was almost panting, watching Rachel. Rachel quickly looked at Ross and winked.

They had decided to take Brenda's truck, since it was a full sized four wheel drive and would give them more room. In addition to the dark tinted windows, it had already been used and tethers were secured to the front seat floor bolts. By placing Ross in the back seat, he could be secured with no threat of him getting loose, at least from the waist down.

For the trip across town, Brenda had gagged Ross and placed a leather hood over his head. Otherwise, he was only dressed in the loin cloth. It was the usual method that they used in transport so to not allow Ross any idea of where he was, or in this case, where he was going. According to Rachel, the hood and gag would be needed when the student nurses arrived.

Brenda locked the wrist restraints together, behind his back They walked him out to the truck and placed him in the middle of the back seat. A cushion was placed behind his back, to pad his restrained arms against his own body weight. It had been decided that Rachel would sit in the back with him, just in case he got any ideas, while they were traveling.

Seated in the middle, Ross' left leg was comfortably stretched outward, toward the left side of the back of the driver's seat. The ankle restraint was secured by a short tether, almost guaranteeing no movement from his left leg. His right leg was pulled outward, toward the outside of the front passenger seat, but with a longer tether. This way, he could shift his seated weight, with his right leg being more mobile.

With Ross sitting upright in the seat, both Brenda and Rachel couldn't help but notice that the loin cloth didn't cover much. Rachel quietly pointed to it, both of them giggling. Brenda loaded a black canvas bag into the back of the 4x4, saying that it was some extra toys, just in case they were needed. At this point, Brenda still didn't know what Rachel had in mind, or how she would explain Ross, or what they were planning on doing. Brenda knew Rachel well enough to feel secure with her, and thought if things started going badly, she would simply grab Ross and leave with him.

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