tagBDSMThe Slave Initiation Party

The Slave Initiation Party


The first BDSM party Master took me to turned out to be more frightening than I had anticipated. It tested my obedience to the limit...or so I thought.

When Master informed me we were going to another BDSM party, I was extremely nervous, and fretted about it for days. All too soon it was time to prepare myself. I trembled as I showered, but to my surprise found myself getting very hot! Touching my clit sent pleasurable shivers over my body and I braced myself to keep from falling with the orgasm that briefly took my breath away.

Shaved, painted and curled, a spritz of his favorite perfume, and I was ready to dress as instructed; no bra, no panties, just black thigh high stockings, button-down blouse, tight, short black skirt, and black stiletto pumps. I chose the form fitting red blouse, and stepped into the skirt. I liked the reflection I saw in the mirror. The overwhelming anticipation caused my hands to shake as I put on my silver hoop earrings.

Master arrived as I was putting the finishing touches on my hair. He let himself in, came into the bathroom, and wrapped his arms around my waist. Pulling my hair aside, he kissed my neck, and then ordered me to bend over and brace myself on the tub. He slid my skirt up over my hips; "his" cunt was already wet when he inserted three fingers to check. He found the slick wet spot with the head of his cock and teased "his" cunt with it before he shoved it in me hard, all the way. I gasped with the sudden, intense, deep penetration, and moaned with pleasure as he drew his cock roughly in and out of my cunt, but a shrill scream escaped me as he withdrew his cunt-slimed cock and shoved it in my tight little ass hole. "Shhhhhhhh," he said as he pumped my ass, the hole so tight I could barely brace myself against his thrusts. In less than a minute, I heard his familiar loud growl echoing even louder in the bathroom, as he shot his hot cum into my ass. "Now," he said with a sardonic grin, "we are ready to go." He turned me around and kissed me passionately. "You're going to love this party," he said. I doubted it, but didn't dare say so.

Master stopped in front of an unfamiliar building that looked like a warehouse. ‘All dressed up to go to a warehouse?' I trembled; all sorts of vile images crossed my mind. A feeling of dread seized me as Master helped me out of the car.

I stepped inside the building and saw a line of women, naked except for their stockings and heels with their hands clasped behind their heads and a few naked males slaves. Oh, how I wanted to turn around and run! ‘What kind of party IS this?', I thought. Master turned me to face him, kissed me, and then his expression suddenly hardened and he ripped off my shirt, jerked off my skirt, and instructed me to join the line of ladies with my hands clasped behind my neck. He then disappeared into a room down the hall. I quizzed the pretty brunette standing next to me. She had no idea what was going on either; so we just stood there shivering.

Moments later, a very stern looking man approached and announced the commencement of the Slave Initiation Party. The dread I felt became a bone chilling fear.

We were lead to the first door, where the first two slaves entered, then another door for the next two slaves, until we were all paired behind closed doors. I shuddered when I entered the room; the single dim ceiling light spotlighted the center of attraction...a full size bed, the mattress covered with only the bottom sheet. I gazed in awe at the variety of toys, whips, and bondage equipment lining the walls. In a dark corner, my eyes adjusting to the darkened room, focused on a shadowed figure sitting in a chair. I sensed rather than saw my Master sitting there. My eyes naturally wandered to the other corner where another dark figure sat; most likely the pretty brunette's Master.

Two more men entered the room wearing only black masks, chaps and shoes, and promptly cuffed our hands behind our backs. Then ordering us to our knees, they put their flaccid cocks in our faces. No one had to tell us what they wanted, but we knew permission must be asked and granted before taking the cocks into our mouths. The cocks sprang to life immediately, pulsing, throbbing, fucking our mouths, our heads forced down on each thrust until we gagged. I was relieved when the man I was serving finally came, filling the room with his loud moan of satisfaction. I swallowed the cum, of course, all of it, and sucked the last drops of cum from his balls, just as I had been taught.

I was then lead to the side of the bed, while the pretty brunette was finishing her task. "My" man sat and instructed me to bend over his lap. I laid face down over his leather covered thighs with my ass in the air and prepared myself for a sound spanking, certain my Master was enjoying the view. The first spanks were warm, playful stings. I wiggled my ass begging for more. Hot tears were streaming down my face before he was finished, and my bright red ass was even hotter, throbbing with a warm pain.

As I laid there bound and sobbing I felt the distinct touch of a dildo teasing the moist inner lips of my cunt. "Fuck it bitch," the man said as he slid it deep into the wet center. Flushed with embarrassment, knowing my Master and hers were behind us watching, I hesitated momentarily before I began moving my hips to the rhythm of his "fuck toy". Soon my cunt was begging for the real thing. "CUM whore!" I heard my Master shout, and at the sound of his voice "His" cunt creamed the dildo.

My limp body glistened with perspiration under the dim spotlight, and warm cum dripped down my leg, as I was helped to my feet. Without a moment to recover, I was picked up, tossed roughly onto the bed, and tied spread eagle.

To my horror, the pretty brunette was forced onto the bed between my legs, and ordered to eat my cunt. My arms and legs strained at the ropes in a useless effort to escape. The pretty slave kneeling between my legs resisted, and her head was forced down on me. The touch of her soft lips on my shaved cunt sent shivers up and down my body. I nearly came the instant her tongue found my clit. Every cock in the room must have come to attention at the sight of the brunette licking my slit and my clit. My body tensed and relaxed and tensed again. I moaned and closed my eyes to allow my brain to focus on the carnal pleasure building exponentially, until I screamed with the intense orgasm, shuddering violently with unwilling pleasure.

Energy spent, and heart pounding, I laid there; my breasts heaving with each gasp of air. I opened my eyes to see the brunette being forced to straddle my head. Master ordered me to stick out my tongue and the pretty slave was ordered to lower her cunt on it. I felt like we were being directed in some perverted pornographic movie! I was amazed at the silken softness of her pink slit as she slipped her moist sex down on me, and moved my tongue around in her to get the fullest sensation of it. She quivered when my tongue touched her clit and I felt it harden as I continued to lick and flick it. She grabbed the headboard and moaned as she moved her cunt sensuously up and down and around my tongue, her full round tits waving provocatively over my head. I felt her jump when the whip hit her ass, the blows continuing until her body tensed with her orgasm and her cunt juices flooded my mouth and dripped down my face.

She was helped off of me and lead away and I was blindfolded. One of the men straddled my head with his ass in my face and ordered me to suck and lick his balls and asshole. My whole body shook with the first stinging blows of the flogger to my pubis, clit and cunt lips, my screams muffled by the hairy balls in my mouth; but after the initial shock, I felt oddly aroused. After a few minutes he stopped and stood while my tits were bound up tight until they looked like balloons.

My shoulders were straddled and I was ordered to suck the hard cock pulsing over my head. I opened my mouth to suck his cock, and one of the men positioned himself between my legs and began teasing my wet cunt with his rock hard cock. The other man's ass grazed my nipples as he fucked my mouth, and I gagged as his cock was forced deep into my throat. I could tell the cock in my mouth was not Master's, but did not know whether the cock fucking me was his or one of the others. Minutes later the cock in my mouth grew harder and emptied so much cum in my mouth that I gagged again trying to swallow it all.

The man fucking my cunt continued while two of the other men grabbed a bound tit and started pinching, twisting and sucking; relentlessly teasing my nipples. The sensation was extraordinarily pleasurable and I relaxed for a moment. No sooner had I relaxed than my body felt like it was experiencing sensory overload. My hips writhed against the cock pounding my cunt and rubbing against the sensitized clit. I felt my orgasm rise from deep inside and slowly build until my throbbing cunt exploded with the most incredibly relentless series of orgasms I had ever experienced, the cock riding me shooting his cum into me at nearly the same instant; Master's familiar loud growl giving his identity away.

My limbs felt like limp noodles when the ropes holding them were untied. I was bound again, with my hands behind my back. With seemingly little effort, one of the men lifted me to face him and my still throbbing cunt was suddenly impaled as I was dropped onto a cock so large it brought tears to my eyes. A shiver raced down my spine as I felt the weight of another man climb onto the bed. My head was pulled roughly to the side by my hair and a cock brushed my lips. I opened my mouth to suck it, while simultaneously another cock was plunged into my much abused tight asshole as I was dropped on the huge cock again . THREE cocks using me at the SAME time!! My brain could hardly translate this sensation! My body had no problem though. Incredibly the previously intense, waning orgasm rebounded, instantly sending my cunt into gripping spasms that flooded the cock fucking it, my body writhing in frantic delirium. The sucking and fucking suddenly stopped. I was handed off to one of the other men and the cunt and ass fucking began again. This time the huge cock was in my mouth, and I tasted the odd mixture of my cum mixed with his as I sucked him. I vaguely recall hearing Master's orders to ‘cum again' as the orgasms began again...over and over, with men passing me around like "musical chairs" until my body was totally exhausted. I felt I could cum no more, when two of the three cocks began delivering their hot fluids, first in my cunt, then in my asshole with hard deep thrusts and a duet of loud moaning. But the huge cock wasn't finished with me yet.

I was picked up, thrown onto the bed and made to clean the odd tasting cum mixture from the cock that had last used my cunt. A ball gag was put in my mouth and I was turned over, face down, my bound tits aching with the pressure. As I was pondering what kind of torture I would be forced to endure, a large pair of hands gripped my hips and jerked me up to my knees. I screamed when the huge cock attempted to enter my already tortured ass. I heard Master's voice coaching me, "push back, relax, push back, relax," until finally the head of the massive cock penetrated. My tiny hole felt like it was tearing as he fucked my cum filled ass. ‘Please, no more', I wanted to beg, as I screamed with each tearing thrust, tears streaming under the mask, until the huge cock finally flooded my ass with it's hot cum. I screamed even louder when he pulled the head of his cock out of me.

Weak and trembling, I was laid back down on the bed to rest. Still tied, blindfolded and gagged, trying to catch my breath, with cum dripping from my cunt and flowing from my ass, my brain tried to process the barrage of sensations, both pain and pleasure, never before experienced.

A few minutes later, with a river of cum dripping down my legs, I was help to my feet, lead across the room and positioned under a heavy chain hanging from the ceiling. My arms were raised, stretching my body taut, and my hand cuffs fastened to the chain. Without warning I felt an explosion of stinging pain. I cried out loudly. My muffled cries ignored, my body twisted in agony. My skin seemed to ignite under the torrent of blows. My abused body hung there limply when the flogging ceased. Hot and trembling, I sobbed, tears rolling down my cheeks. I gasped loudly, my body rigid again, when with a sharp pinch and twist of my right nipple, a clothes pin was placed on it; the left nipple receiving the same torture. A spreader bar was clamped to my ankles to keep my legs spread wide apart.

I was unaware that two more people had entered the room...a very intimidating Domme and her male slave. He was ordered to kneel in front of me and eat my cunt until I came on his face. I almost laughed thinking I could cum no more, and the poor man would be there eating my cunt all night. I moaned loudly, as much from exhaustion as pleasure, when he attacked my cunt, burying his tongue in me, searching the wet darkness as if hoping to find buried treasure. As the poor slave was feasting, I was grabbed from behind. I cried out as another cock was forced into my aching asshole. The Domme began whipping her slave's ass, ordering him to make me cum quickly. I felt so sorry for him. Because of the gag I had no way of explaining how difficult his task would be to accomplish, so I just hung there trying to focus on the pleasant attention. Suddenly I began to giggle as I pictured in my mind the balls of the cock fucking me slamming against the chin of the slave eating me. The enormous pleasure added to the picture that prompted the giggling apparently set off a chain reaction causing my body to respond involuntarily. I was moaning again to my surprise and delight, as my body shook with another extremely exquisite orgasm.

Released from the chain, I would have fallen from exhaustion, if Master had not been there to catch me. He held me and told me how proud I had made him. Apparently the initiation was over. The brunette and I were being led down the hall along with the others, all with bright red buttocks.

To my surprise we were taken to a huge empty stock room, dimly lit, with candles everywhere. Tables were filled with refreshments. We were all dying of thirst. As we helped ourselves to the food and drinks, we noticed the men moving in some large odd looking steps, padded and mounted on wood frames about five feet high. As I suspected, we were to be displayed on these crude pedestals. I was lifted onto a platform and, with hands tied behind my back, told to bend over the step with tits hanging over the other side and ass in the air. My knees were spread wide apart and anchored there with a spreader bar.

More people were arriving to participate in the final initiation ceremonies. I tried to ignore them, my long hair partially hiding my face and tits. I was not aware they were being given cups of body oil as they arrived, to be used on our bare asses, legs and tits. Hands were everywhere, rubbing, groping, pinching and twisting. I watched in horror as the bound slaves around me had toys and carrots and cucumbers inserted into their asses and cunts as everyone watching applauded. I cringed when I felt someone mount the platform behind me. One of the ladies was pulling my hair back into a ponytail to fully expose my face and tits! Before she left I felt her insert what felt like carrots into my ass and cunt, the humiliating applause ringing in my ears. My face grew flush and hot with embarrassment. I knelt there enduring this humiliation for what felt like an eternity before I heard someone announce the closing ceremony. As he was speaking a spotlight was shown on me and I heard him announce that it was I who had finished the largest cock to ever enter the initiation, and that I had also taken cum from over ten cocks, four of them twice.

Each slave was to be branded by her Master. Every slave received a round of applause as one by one we were untied, led onto the stage and introduced. Each Master buckled a collar around his slave's neck, and tied her in position. Some were branded on tits, some on buttocks, some on hips and some, like Master and I had decided, just above our cunts.

When the MC introduced me, I was shocked to hear him say I had been chosen as this years' most desirable, and most well trained slave. Master beamed with pride as I was lead onto the stage, with the audience applauding, shouting and whistling. He gave Master a beautiful jeweled collar which He fastened around my neck. I nearly collapsed with the shiver that overtook me when he also handed Him a diamond nipple ring.

I was tied down on my back, hands to the table; the spreader bar between my knees tied to the table also to keep me still. Like the others before me, I screamed when the red hot brand touched my skin. Tears rolled down my face as the soothing antiseptic cream was applied and the wound bandaged. Master then kissed me and gently picked me up and carried me off the stage. As I was growing faint, He had to help me into my skirt and a t-shirt he had brought to replace the ruined blouse; the pain still throbbing mercilessly. The passenger seat was already laid back so that I could recline comfortably for the drive home. I gratefully gulped the pain killer tablet he offered me with a cup of wine.

Happy to have pleased my Master so well and honored to be wearing His collar and His mark, I had never felt more complete.

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