tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Sleaziest Agent Ch. 01

The Sleaziest Agent Ch. 01


This is a porn parody... It's a fantasy only... It ain't real

This is a two part story based in 2012 and stars Chyna aka Joanie Laurier... R. I. P.

"Yeah... that's right Steve. You get me 4 tickets to Madonna's LA show and I'll hook you up with Christy Canyon. You scratch my back... I'll send you some big titty whores." Christy smacked me as I fucked her on my desk... those gorgeous 36DD titties of many horny porn fans dreams mesmerized me as I talked to my friend and business associate Steve on the phone. I was bartering for some Madonna tickets. I drilled Christy's juicy twat harder and harder, her legs wrapped around my waist.

She looked up at me and pinched my left nipple, smirking, as I rammed my 10 thick inches in and out of her pussy, my hips slamming into her ass. "Yeah... I'll talk to you later. Get me backstage passes and I'll hook you up with Bridgette B. also. Yeah she loves to swallow. Christy too. She's a real cum slut." Christy twisted my nipples really hard, with an angry look on her sexy face. I blasted my wad up her pussy, closing my eyes, smirking at her. Christy bit her lower lip, moaning as I filled her pussy with cream.

"Pimpin' me out for Madonna tickets?" Christy pinched and twisted my left nipple, smirking at me, enjoying my discomfort. "I guess I should've expected it. You pimped your own mom for a car." I squeezed Christy's awesome natural jugs, smiling at her. My cock was still in her soaked pussy. I started fucking her again, slamming up her twat, rocking the desk. Christy threw her head back and moaned loudly, loving my big cock wrecking her pornstar pussy.

"It was a Ferrari babe. Mom wanted me to have it." I smirked at Christy.

I'm an agent... mainly for pornstar, but I have other clients too... I'm known as The Sleaziest Agent. I use my clients for favors.. They all do it, because I'm the best agent and they all adore me... I'm a pretty charming guy... whether they cause me discomfort or not.

I flipped Christy over, my huge cock still buried in her twat. I pulled out, spread her cheeks and spit on her rosebud. I pushed my thick cock up her ass, every fucking inch stretching that soft, smooth booty.

"FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHH... BANG MY ASS DADDY!!" I rammed up her ass hard and fast, her anus stretching wide, inviting my thick meat in for a visit. I pulled her long brown hair and smacked that booty, banging it harder and harder, drilling it with precise force, speed and lustful vigor. "I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!" Christy squirted all over my $2000 desk chair and I blasted my load deep up her booty.

I watched my throbbing cock jerk and pump wad after wad of jizz into Christy's ass. I fucking loved every second of it... so did Christy. She wheeled around, knelt down and shucked me totally clean, her long brown hair flying as her head bobbed on my rod, super fast.

"Thanks babe... I always love fucking you. Your my favorite big titty whore." I winked at Christy. She bit my cock.

"OWWWWW!!" I yelled. My 18 year old assistant Eugene came running in.

"Are you OK boss?" He was shocked when he saw Christy with my big cock in her mouth. She waved at him.

"He's fine Eugene. Just a cramp." Christy winked at me.

"I'm fine thanks." I waved him off.

"OK... your girlfriend Chyna is here to see you boss."

"Ok...thanks Eugene. Keep her occupied for a few, while I finish up with Christy."

"Yes sir." Eugene went back to his desk to occupy my girls attention, while I finished fucking Christy.

"Damn...that hurt Christy."

"Oh...poor baby... here, I'll kiss it and make it all better."Christy kissed all over my cock, up and down, side to side. I groaned... she smiled. She kicked my entire shaft, from base to tip, all the way around my cock. Christy softly chewed in my thick crown, then licked repeatedly on the underside of my cock. She was driving me crazy and she fucking loved it. She was smiling the whole time. Christy shoved my cock down her throat and sucked me off as fast as she could.


"So Eugene... do you like my big tits... They're 40D." Chyna teased Eugene as she unzipped her skin tight, white leather jacket... with nothing underneath. Eugene nodded yes, staring hard at them. She pulled it open for him, showing him those gorgeous, large titties. She twirled her finger around her large areola and pinched her rock hard left nipple, looking right at my young assistant. Eugene had a big boner in his pants and Chyna saw it. "Pull it out big boy."

"Yes ma'am." Eugene stood up and unzipped his pants. The nerdy 18 year old pulled out his 9 inch dick. Chyna picked her lips. She walked over to his side of the desk and grabbed his big cock she leaned over and sucked it. Eugene didn't know what to do.

Chyna deepthroated his cock, tickling his big balls. She looked up at him and sucked his entire cock faster, squeezing his big balls. Eugene tried to hold out... but his enjoyment wouldn't allow it. "I'm cumming ma'am." He told my girl. Chyna sucked him faster and faster. Her dark hair flying wildly. At the last second, Chyna pulled Eugene's cock out of her mouth, knelt down and pointed it at her gorgeous tits.

Eugene put his hand on her shoulder and pumped his jizz all over Chyna's titties. She jerked it out on both large tits. When he was done painting her 40D tits, Chyna sucked him clean. Chyna massaged Eugene's balls as she sucked all the jizz he had in him out. She looked up at him, smiling and kissed his cock. "Good boy Eugene. You can walk me out when I'm done with my man and I'll let you fuck my ass."

"Thank you Chyna... I would love that. Thank you. You're said gorgeous ma'am." Eugene was so happy.

Back in my office...

I grunted and pumped my jizz shake into Christy's mouth. She moaned her taste approval and drank it all down... no straw necessary. Christy sucked out every fucking drop of thick cream I had in me and smiled around my man eat, as she guzzled it down. "Thanks for the protein shake James... and I'll treat your friend right, don't worry babe." Christy smiled and winked. She's a sweetheart, so I knew I could count on her.

A little later...

"Bang my ass daddy... YEAHHHHHHHHH!! FUCK MY ASS JAMESSSSSSSSS!!" I drilled my girl Chyna's muscular booty so fucking hard the desk moved. I fucked her ass for an hour and a half. My cock never left that snug hole the whole time. I came deep in her booty and overflowed it, but I kept drilling it... the desk kept moving. My cock worked that super firm ass mercilessly, thumping it in and out, over and over, pounding it so fucking deep.

I roughly groped Chyna's big ass titties as I anally dominated her. She squirted massive blasts of pussy nut, eight times. My carpet and chair were ruined, but fuck it. I finally pulled out and covered Chyna's sexy face with my cream. Her outstretched tongue lapped up any cum near it. She moaned loud as I covered her face in cream. Chyna wiped her face clean with her fingers... and licked it all off of them.

She swallowed two huge loads of piss. I drank some Baccardi and kept piss in down her fucking throat. Chyna loves to drink my piss. I can't even make it to the toilet half the time. She's always shoving my cock in her mouth and sucking the piss out. She sucked my cock dry, then sucked on my big balls for a few.

"I set you up with another porn movie babe. I also need you to do an office gangbang for me. I'm going out of town with mom (Kathie Lee Gifford) and I have a big gambling debt I need to pay off. The dude said if he and his buddies could gangbang you at their bank, he would call it even."

"OK babe... I'll help you out. I'll take Eugene with me, to film it for our site."

"Thanks babe... great thinking too. I can make some money off of the horny bastards. Fuck Eugene too and we'll put him on the site too. He's legal. Maybe do a face pop. They are always in demand."

"Ill take care of it for you babe... I'll fuck their brains out... Eugene too. I'll suck a couple loads out of him... might swallow the first though. I sucked him off out there and his jizz tasted good. He's got a big dick too... I'll have to make a bunch of movies with him...and you too babe." Chyna smiled at me, sucking me off again.

I left to go meet my mom, for our little getaway and Chyna left to let Eugene ass fuck her before her gangbang. It was gonna be a fun evening for sure.

To be continued...

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