tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Sleaziest Agent Ch. 02

The Sleaziest Agent Ch. 02


This is a fuck parody... It's a fantasy... It ain't real

This takes place in 2012... R. I. P. Chyna

"Suck it mom... damn, you're the best cocksucker ever. Mmmmmmmm... I fucking love you slut."

"Mmmmmmmm... I love you too baby... and I love this big fucking cock too. I want you to get me pregnant James... knock me up baby. Knock me up good."

My mom Kathie Lee (Kathie Lee Gifford) sucks my thick cock all the way down, licking my balls... sliding two fingers up my ass, wiggling them in my ass. My mom is my favorite fuck slut. I have many... but she's my favorite. I start pissing in her mouth. Mom gulps it down and sucks me down her throat... some pours out of her mouth, onto my big balls. She deepthroats me and laps up the piss, with my whole cock in her super talented mouth and throat.

I lay her down, put her legs on my shoulders and drill my cock up her pussy thumping her perfect, mature snatch. My huge cock stretching her pussy wide, thrusting so deep, in and out. "YESSSSSSSS... GET ME PREGNANT SON!! I love you so much."

We kiss and I fuck my mother faster, deeper, harder, my cock flying up her pussy through five Big O's. Mom looks deep into my blue eyes, her mouth open, our lust for one another creating an aura of awesome sexual heat around us. I finally blast my wad deep up my mother's cunt... I push all the way in, pumping my jizz far up my mother's cunt, desperately wanting to impregnate her.

We kiss. I squeeze her magnificent 36D natural tits and suck the milk out of them, alternating tits, drinking down her delicious milk. I suck them for twenty minutes, drinking every drop of milk that shoots out. We hold hands and kiss, her outstretched arms above her head.

"I think you did it baby... I think you knocked me up again." Mom says, kissing all over my face. I've gotten her pregnant four times already... she doesn't have the child though. It's the taboo excitement of getting my mother pregnant that turns me on so much.

Mom and I are out of town on a little mini vacation. My girl Chyna did the gangbang to cover my gambling debt... I didn't tell her that that was bullshit. I don't have any gambling debts. I just wanted her to do it because it turns me on... and the bank guy paid me $100,000. He's a big fan of Chyna. I bought her a new fur. She looks so fucking hot in it.

I get Chyna... and all my women to fuck for money. It turns me on that they are out there selling their bodies for me. I fucking love it. I treat them all great and take care of all of them. I just get off on pimpin' chicks. I'm also the world's most successful porn agent... and the sleaziest. I have regular client too, but I specialize in pornstars.

Chyna sent me some pics of the gangbang... and also of my assistant Eugene ass fucking her. They were hot. Mom sucked me off while I looked at all of them. I blasted my wad down mom's throat looking at a pic of Eugene drill Chyna in the ass, while she rode him and she took selfies.

Chyna calls. "Hey baby... How are you and mom doing?

"We are great babe... Mom thinks I knocked her up again... so she's happy. How's your booty?"

Chyna laughs. "It's great babe... I miss you. Eugene has a great cock, but yours is better. I miss you."

"Miss you too gorgeous. Send me a couple nudes. I wanna jerk off to them." Mom smiles at me. "Mom will jerk me off." I kiss mom.

"OK baby. When are you coming home?"

"I'll be home tomorrow babe. Get that booty ready for daddy."

"Oh, i will. It will be nice and ready for daddy. I love you James."

"Love you too sweetheart. Oh... I got an offer for a custom video with you. It's a Christmas themed one. The guy wants you to be Santa's horny helper and get ass fucked by Santa. It's an easy shoot and $40,000 for us."

"Oh...Santa ass fucking me? Sounds hot. Who's gonna be Santa?"

"I got a guy... Earl is his name. He's in his 60's... big fat guy with a really big, fat cock. He supposedly cums a lot."

"Mmmmmmmm... sounds fun. I'll drink his egg nog for him. When's the shoot?"

"Well... tomorrow if you're up for it... soon as I get back."

"Ok babe... I'm looking forward to it. See you... and Santa then. Love you."

"Ok babe... love you."

We hang up. Mom and I make out... and spend the night fucking our brains out. Mom jerks me off to the nude pics Chyna sends me. She drinks my jizz and piss down, sucking me bone dry. Then we get back to the all night fuckfest.

The next day at the custom porn shoot...

I fuck Chyna's ass for an hour before the porn shoot. I fill it with my cream. She squats over a bowl and shoots it out into the bowl. Chyna looks at me, blows me a big kiss, holds the bowl up to her mouth and drinks all of my cream out of the bowl. She licks it clean and licks her lips. "You've got the tastiest jizz James... I love it... and you." Chyna blows me another kiss and gets ready for the video shoot. I just smile. My bitch is so fucking sexy.

"Hey Santa... you wanted to see me?" Chyna asks, smiling her sexist smile.

"Ho Ho Ho. Yes I did my dear. I seem to have a problem." The camera pans down to Santa's massive cock... it's soft but still 9 inches long. He can't get it up.

"Oh my... I think I can help you with that Santa." Chyna takes her red and green Christmas outfit off, leaving her red and white Christmas stocking hat on.. and her red stripper pumps.

Chyna licks the massive dick, holding up the tip and softly chewing it. She tickles Earl's huge, hairy, old balls, then sucks his massive cock. It barely fits in her fully open mouth. Chyna moans as she sucks Santa. She jerks the very thick cock and sucks the head, massaging his huge balls at the same time. "Ho Ho Ho... suck it bitch!" Santa shakes his huge belly as Chyna sucks him faster. His cock is hard... 15 inches hard.

We spend the next two hours filming Chyna getting ass fucked by Santa's massive yule log, in different positions. She rides him, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Santa bends Chyna over his recliner and pounds my girl's muscular ass, as he smacks it hard. Chyna screams in pleasure, squirting six times, covering everything with her pussy nut. She looks at me, behind the camera, as she gets her booty wrecked by Earl/Santa's huge cock. He blasts Chyna's ass with his thick seen waterfall. It pours out of her ass as he removes his cock. It seems like a gallon of jizz. Chyna sucks him clean, swallowing three mouthfuls of thick Santa jizz.

Chyna gives Santa a pov blowjob. Earl holds the camera as Chyna jerks him with both hands and bobs her head on his massive cock. He pulls out and completely covers Chyna's beautiful face. His jizz drips off of Chyna's face quickly. Thick globs is seen run off that sexy face, but are quickly replaced by more. Earl finally stops cumming and Chyna sucks him clean again... two more mouthfuls of Santa jizz for her to drink down.

"Mmmmmmmm... I love your egg nog Santa." They both laugh.

"Ho Ho Ho... Such a sexy, slutty helper. Merry Christmas Ted (The guy paying for the custom video)."

It was a profitable and jizz fueled video shoot. I ass fuck Chyna when we get home. Mom comes over and we have an anal threesome all night long. Just another day in the life of... The Sleaziest Agent.

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Hey loser

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I love your egg nog Santa lmao. Bruh can you stop writing for the sake of humanity

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