tagMind ControlThe Sleepwalker

The Sleepwalker

byMany Feathers©

Though given a promotion at work, I'd already been having second thoughts about it, as the additional stress had been almost unbearable. Many nights I couldn't even sleep, and when I did, it was restless at best. Kathy, my wife had been the brunt of a few harsh, stupid comments and remarks, most of which I apologized profusely to her afterwards, but she took it in stride at the time, understanding the real reasons behind my sudden grumpiness.

I had thought I'd begun to get things under control when one evening Kathy informed me that her sister and husband were getting a divorce, and that she'd be coming to stay with us for a short while. We had plenty of room, it wasn't a question of that, and I actually was very fond of Chris, but the notion of having one more person in the house, and something as silly as me being able to run around half naked most of the time, suddenly hit a raw nerve. Unfortunately Kathy and I had one of our more heated arguments that left me fuming for no good reason whatsoever.

"Steven, either you're going to have to find a different job, or you need to get in and see a Doctor about all this stress you're going through. I can't tolerate living like this any more, so something needs to be done about it, or Chris and I will both be moving into a different place together!"

Just by the tone of her voice, and the sudden cold shoulder I was given over the next couple of days, alerted me to the fact she was dead serious about what she'd said, as such, I scheduled an appointment with a doctor, and Chris and I went to see him to determine what if anything could be done about it.

"So tell me Steven," the doctor began. "Are you having trouble sleeping?"

"Yes, some nights I find I can't sleep much at all with so much on my mind, and other nights even when I do sleep, I'm still tired in the morning, restless, like I hadn't got any sleep whatsoever."

"Not only that," Chris interjected, "I've gotten up myself when Steven's either not come to bed yet, or gotten up in the middle of the night, only to find him sitting in his chair, on the couch, or even at the breakfast table. When I speak to him, he just looks at me with hollow eyes as though I'm not even there. Sometimes I can coax him into getting up and coming back to bed, but even then, a short time later he'll get up again and wander off."

"Hmm," Dr, Edwards mused leaning back in his chair. "You ever sleep walked before?"

"Sleep walked? Me? Not that I know of," I answered finding the implication fairly absurd, though I had to admit to myself, I couldn't remember or recall my wife finding me in the places she'd just mentioned in the middle of the night, not recently anyway.

"So Steven's walking around in his sleep?" My wife questioned.

"Sounds like it, but nothing to get too worried about right now. I can give him something to help him with the stress until he gets things under control. But you need to be aware Mrs. Mason, that even with the medication, he could continue to sleep walk for a time until things improve."

"Is this something I should be worried or concerned about?" She asked.

"No, not really. But if you do find that he is sleep walking, it's best not to antagonize him in that particular state. He may be dreaming about a situation or circumstance that his subconscious believes is real, and not a dream. If you find this to be the case, its often best to go along with it, gentle coaxing or suggestions as though you were part of his subconscious reality would be the best way to get him back to bed, or even to become aware or alert that he's actually been asleep. But again, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I am sure that with the medications I am going to prescribe for him, and with a conscious effort to deal with the actual physical stress he's going through at work as well as at home, that things will gradually improve."

Even after we'd left the Dr's office, I wasn't all that happy about his prognosis, to think or even imagine I was actually walking around in my sleep seemed absurd. But I vowed to my wife to work on it, and do whatever was necessary to improve our home life, which included welcoming her sister with open arms the following weekend.

We had put Chris in the bedroom next to ours, which shared a connecting bathroom. To expect her to go up and down the stairs to use the second bathroom was totally unreasonable under the circumstances. And though we didn't have locks on the bathroom doors leading out to either room, the "closed door" policy came into effect after that and was recognized as someone else was using the facilities.

On Sunday as I had actually managed to get some sleep, I had rolled out of bed late in the morning, actually feeling a bit more refreshed for a change, and headed downstairs towards the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee and pastries that the girls had made for breakfast. As I neared the kitchen area, I could hear them talking, actually discussing something about me, so I froze in mid-step so as not to alert them I was coming, and stood there listening.

"So anyway," My wife continued, "The Doctor said that if I do find him walking in his sleep, that I'm not to antagonize him in anyway, or upset him as he's apt to react negatively to me if I do. He might look like he's awake, even behave like it to some extent, but he's really asleep."

"That's pretty weird, even a little spooky," Chris responded back. "You don't think he'd try to leave the house, drive a car, or do anything like that do you?" She asked worriedly.

"No, I did ask the doctor about stuff like that, but he assured me in these cases that Steven's subconscious wouldn't allow him to do anything necessarily dangerous or anything, more his just doing things, even having conversations in his sleep as though it was really happening, even though it isn't. Stuff like that."

I'd heard enough. Back tracking a few paces, I counted to three, and then walked directly into the kitchen area for that morning cup of coffee I so desperately needed. Still consumed in their ongoing conversation, it took them both a moment to even realize I had entered, which was a bit of a nice surprise for me at least.

I was used to seeing my wife in the mornings wearing nothing but her bathrobe, which she rarely if ever tied securely in front so that a great deal of her exquisitely full breasts usually showed, but I noticed upon entering that her sister Chris was doing the same, two birds of a feather, or so it seemed, and for the briefest of moments I got a spectacular view of my sister-in-law's tits as I stepped between them grabbing the spare coffee mug they had placed out for me, along with the carafe of freshly brewed coffee.

"Morning ladies," I announced, startling them both, though it was Chris who immediately took stock of the positioning of her bathrobe and held it closed with one hand as I leaned over her to secure my mug. But not before getting a nice view down the front of her robe of course.

"Morning honey," My wife said smiling at me.

"Morning Steven," Chris joined, still holding her robe together until I had taken one of the seats across from her at the table before she nonchalantly removed her hand.

"So, did you sleep well?" My wife added. "I don't remember sensing you getting up last night," she smiled sheepishly. "But then again, I was pretty dead to the world myself."

"Have no idea," I said honestly. "I guess I could have, but I do feel like I got plenty of sleep either way." Turning to look at my sister-in-law, I added, "You hear me stumbling about last night?"

Her robe was open again, though sitting where I was, I only got a hint of that very similar looking tit-flesh peeking out through the narrow opening. "Nope, didn't hear a thing really, though I guess it's possible. Though I did hear something at one point, but assumed it was only the wind."

"As in my passing gas?" I chuckled, which seemed to ease the mood considerably, and we soon got into discussions about other things other than my sleepwalking.

Later that afternoon, out of curiosity I got onto the internet to read up on the phenomenon, only to discover that sometimes people did things in their sleep that they normally wouldn't do while awake, their inhibitions suddenly going right out the window for one, which I found interesting, having no recollection of doing whatever they had done the following day. I grinned at that, my libido suddenly going into overdrive with the recollection of seeing both my wife's tits, as well as my sister-in-law's, albeit all too briefly.

"I wonder," I said to myself, fantasizing to some extent, and wondered if I could pull off a little innocent hoax with the two of them out of curiosity, as well as a bit of self-naughtiness, especially because of the way I was feeling.

With a Monday looming ahead of me, I feigned a bit of anxiousness, even picking through my dinner, pretending not to be all that hungry, even though what I had sampled was actually delicious, and I wasn't at all irritated even though I pretended to be. If anything, I was actually excited and had to consciously conceal my semi-aroused state.

"Well, if you two don't mind, I think I'll head off to bed a little early," I announced. "Have a really big day ahead of me, with a lot to do and prepare for." I caught my wife's concerned, worried look, though she smiled sweetly, giving me an affectionate kiss, then turned and received an affectionate peck on the cheek from my sister-in-law as well.

"Sweet dreams," she added as I turned and headed somewhat glumly up the stairs, even though my mind was already working over time in the wickedly naughty thoughts I was currently entertaining. Even as I climbed into bed, I wasn't sure how far I was actually willing to take this, or how the girls might respond to it even if I did. But I did decide to test the waters just for the hell of it and see where it took me.

The most frustrating part was lying there in bed wide awake, pretending sleep especially when Kathy came into the bedroom to get something, though I fully believed she'd actually done so in order to check on me. Hearing her finally, quietly leave, I again lay there keeping an eye on the alarm clock that ticked by excruciatingly slow. By the time another hour had passed, I really was starting to feel antsy, and decided that if I was really going to do this, it was now or never. I was still trying to think up what I was going to do when the ideal circumstance presented itself. I could hear that Kathy and Chris had gone out back to the patio to have a late night cocktail and enjoy the cool evening air after a hot day. Hearing their somewhat muted laughter and conversation, I slipped out of bed, put on my best "glossiest" looking face that I could and headed down stairs in the nude, which is how I most often slept during the summer anyway, so doing that, especially in my own home wasn't out of the norm for me to be doing. Walking outside naked as I was now planning to do was going to be interesting to say the least, and I hoped that I didn't become too obviously aroused, too soon. But more importantly, I hoped that my act would be good enough so that I wouldn't cause any suspicion.

As I walked through the kitchen area, nervously approaching the back door, I glanced down at the table and noticed the new issue of Cosmopolitan that the girls had been leafing through earlier and discussing in those conspiratorial giggles and half-glances they had tossed back and forth to one another. Feeling I needed some kind of a prop perhaps to focus my intention on, all the while ignoring, or pretending to ignore them completely, the magazine offered me the perfect pretense in doing so. I even smiled, though became "glossy-eyed" once again upon reading one of the bold contents on the front cover.

"Ten ways to get your man to please you and tease you in bed."

Picking up the magazine, I tucked it under my arm and headed outside.

"Steven? Why are you up?" Kathy questioned softly as though already assuming I was actually walking in my sleep, especially as neither of them mentioned my obvious nudity, nor did I respond, glance in their direction, or even hesitate as I made my way over to one of the deck chairs, sitting down in it, and casually opening the magazine as though I were completely alone. Even as my sister-in-law spoke, I pretended that she didn't exist and that I was obviously in a world of my own.

"Do you think..."

"That he's asleep?" My wife finished for her sister. "Don't know...but I think that maybe he is."

"Should we do or say anything to him?" Chris asked.

"Not at the moment," Kathy told her. "Let's see what he does for a moment before doing anything if we feel we have to. Chances are he'll simply wander back upstairs to bed like he's normally done without me having to do or say anything to him," she half whispered.

It was difficult not looking at them or even in their direction, though I managed to catch a quick glance now and then as I sat there absently turning the pages of the magazine. It was also hard trying not to laugh when I saw the semi-worried concerned expression on their faces as they sat in silence staring at me. Had I have screwed up, and given myself away however, I knew in no uncertain terms that the two of them would have been furious with me, so that kept any undo smiles from spreading across my face.

"Ah Kath?" Chris spoke a moment later, "Is he doing what I think he's doing?" she asked.

As I said, I was already a little excited, though nervous as well when I stepped outside, but as I sat there, I felt myself becoming turned on by my exhibionistic boldness, and the wicked dirty thoughts I'd entertained earlier in the fantasy of my own mind, now taking form as my prick enlarged, grew firm and erect, especially as I now began to absentmindedly fondle it while pretending to read through the magazine, though I didn't stay on any one page for too long as I felt that would seem unnatural for someone who was dreaming to be doing, though again, I was winging this anyway as it was, but I doubted that either of them would have wondered about it either way. The fact I was sitting there playing with myself was reason enough to keep their attention on that, and not anything else I might have been doing while asleep.

"Do you think you should try and wake him?" Chris asked once again, though I heard a faint giggle in her tone of voice when she asked. "Or would that upset him, especially if he did wake up and discover what he was doing with us here."

"Yeah, you might be right. Let's just wait this out for a little longer, see what happens, if it isn't bothering you that is, and If things start to get a little too weird or out of hand, I'll try to gently coax him back upstairs to bed." Kathy said.

"Well, it is a little weird, but it certainly doesn't bother me no, especially not under the circumstances Kath, but if you think it might wake him up to help him with that, maybe you should," she then giggled.

"To be honest, I don't know what he'd do if I did," she told her sister. "Hell, for all I know, he might think I was you or something, and then where would we be?"

"Good point, maybe we should just sit here and watch for a while then," she said, actually sitting back as though to make herself more comfortable and watch the Looney jerking himself off in the backyard.

I was a little surprised at how really aroused that I was, and not only that, but I was really getting into this silly head-game of mine, and getting quite a deliciously dirty kick out of seeing how far I could actually take it. So it was, that I even surprised myself when I felt the first tickle of my impending orgasm approach. All my inhibitions, fears, or worries flew right out the window as I suddenly stood up, allowing the magazine to topple from my hands onto the ground as though I didn't even know it existed.

"There, looks like he's getting up and going back to..." My wife never finished.

"Oh my God!" Chris chortled, trying to suppress a nervous laugh as she spoke,

Only moments after standing up, I felt the first delicious spurt of my climax skyrocket from the head of my prick, my spunk jettisoned into the cool night air as I stood there, sideways towards the two women, yanking off one delicious sensation after another, then turning towards them, but once again unseeing as I slowly walked around them and headed back inside the house.

"Oh God, I can't believe he just did that!" I heard my wife saying. "I had no idea he was about to...to..."

"Come?" Chris giggled openly now, bursting into a fit of laughter. "I'm sorry sis, I really am, but it is rather funny if you really think about it."

I didn't allow myself to hear any more, heading purposely back up the stairs now to our bedroom, my heart beating a thousand miles an hour as I did. Once again, fighting to control my breathing and nervousness as sure enough, a few moments later Kathy once again came into the bedroom, only to find me securely tucked beneath the sheets, supposedly sound asleep and somewhat my self again.

As exciting as the experience had actually been, I didn't try doing anything like that again the following night, curious as well as interested to see what if anything might be mentioned to me about it. For the most part, nothing was, at least not by my sister-in-law, though Kathy had indicated that I had come outside the previous night, and wondered if I remembered anything when doing that. I told her I didn't, looked a bit confused and concerned in asking her what I had done while asleep. She merely smiled and said that I had come outside carrying a magazine, sat down for a while with it, then went back inside. She said nothing more than that, and I simply apologized if my walking around in my sleep, while naked had offended her sister. She said that it hadn't really, and that Chris was fully understanding of the situation at the moment and let it go at that.

The following night however, I decided to take things to a different level and see what happened when I did. This time I actually did allow myself to fall asleep, certain that I would at some point actually wake up, which I often did. Except that this time, I had no intention of going back to sleep, once again, pretending to be instead.

It was a quarter of one in the morning when I did, slipping out of bed as quietly as possible. Kathy was sound asleep and never even stirred as I opened the door, leaving it open, which I never did, and walked down the hall past the shared bathroom. I stood for a moment outside the door to my sister-in-laws bedroom but heard nothing but her continued steady breathing even as I cracked the door open and peeked into the bedroom. I was fully prepared to act startled, surprised, and even shocked if I had to, dependant upon her response once she realized I was even there.

It was again a hot and humid evening. Chris lay sleeping outside the covers with nothing more on than a simple tank top, which outlined in perfect detail her mature breasts. In addition, she wore only a pair of panties that barely contained the feminine mound pressing against the silky-like material. I stood for a moment, almost leaving as nervous and afraid as I was until her soft moan made me look towards where she lay once again. In her sleep, she had allowed her hand to fall comfortably between her legs where she held it, still moaning, or perhaps even groaning in her sleep. Hearing and seeing all this made my mind up for me, and I crossed over towards the bed, slipping in behind her. Once again, I lay there expecting her to wake up, alarmed perhaps, but she was sound asleep enough, deep within her own dream perhaps to not yet realize I had joined her in bed.

I had often cuddled with my own wife during the night, finding comfort in slipping my arm beneath her, cupping her breast and merely holding it within my hand before falling asleep once again. I knew that in doing that, if Chris mentioned it to her, that Kathy would recognize my sleeping gesture and hopefully accept that innocently enough as just one more sleepwalking experience. Gingerly I wormed my hand beneath Chris, doing so slowly enough so as not to alarm her, but fully prepared to react in the event that she did.

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