tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Son-in-law Ch. 01

The Son-in-law Ch. 01


John and Sarah were a newly married couple who had come to live with Sarah's parents, Anne and Paul, for a time until they could afford their own place. Sarah's parents were delighted to have their daughter back with them for a while, and the chance to get to know her handsome husband John a bit better.

On only the couple's second day in the house, Sarah's mother, Anne, arrived home and heard a loud groaning inside the house. She rushed anxiously to the kitchen where she saw her daughter naked, face-down on the kitchen table being fucked by John. They were fucking in the middle of her nice neat kitchen, on the big, old wooden table that that had been her mother's when she was young! Anne couldn't help but notice the size of John's large cock as it pounded into her daughter. The man turned to see her and lewdly smiled, slowly withdrawing his cock from her daughter's pussy so that Anne could see its substantial length, before continuing to drive it into Sarah's open pussy, causing her groans of pleasure to continue.

Anne rushed from the kitchen before her daughter noticed her presence, and went to her bedroom till the groans subsided, after a considerable time. Anne tried to read or sleep, but couldn't get the erotic image of John fucking her daughter like a whore out of her mind. Anne took off her sensible cotton panties and started to masturbate, thinking of her son-in-law's big cock. She pulled out one of her large breasts and rubbed her nipple, which made her more excited. She didn't usually get aroused like this, and rarely masturbated, but the shocking sight had upset her equilibrium. Just as she was starting to come quietly, thrusting her fingers into her open pussy, the door opened suddenly and John stepped in and started to watch her. Flushed she tried to cover her pussy and breasts while he watched her smiling. 'Sarah asked if you'd like some tea?' he said and smiled at her half-naked body before leaving.


The next morning, the daughter and father left for work after breakfast, and John, who started work after midday came into the kitchen. He smiled suggestively at Anne, whose gown fell open slightly as she cleared the table, revealing her substantial cleavage.

'You're a fine looking woman Anne,' he smiled. 'You've got a great body for an older woman.'

Anne pulled her gown shut saying, 'Thank you, but you shouldn't be noticing my body, especially when you have my lovely daughter.'

John came around the table and put his arm around her waist, saying, 'I saw last night what a nice pussy you have and how you like to play with it!'

Anne blushed and tried to push his hand away. 'You should have knocked, and you shouldn't talk like this!'

John came closer and started to rub her bottom. 'But I did see it, and your fantastic breasts and I liked what I saw.' He moved his hand under her arse and started to touch her pussy which was surprisingly damp. He started to kiss her neck and fondle her breast with his other hand.

'Stop it John -- I'm your wife's mother!' She pulled at his hands, but he was bigger and stronger than her.

He put his hands under her bottom and lifted her onto the newly-cleared table as if she was a feather. Then he pulled her robe open and down, trapping her arms beside her and revealing her wonderful breasts. He buried his face in her breasts, licking and biting her nipples. She whimpered and struggled, but to no avail. Then he lowered her onto her back on the table, the same table where he has fucked her daughter the day before. She gasped as he quickly pulled down her panties and lifted her legs over his shoulders and started to lick her pussy.

'No John, no' Anne cried as she struggled against his relentless tongue-fucking. He rubbed her hard little clitoris, licked and then finger fucked her pussy. Despite her struggles, she could feel her pussy building towards an orgasm. Waves of pleasure started to roll over her as she came violently under the sloppy stimulus of his insistent tongue and thrusting fingers. 'God' she cried out as a second orgasm hits her, then a third. Her husband had never liked oral sex and now she didn't know what had hit her. It was like when she masturbated, only more powerful.

Eventually she felt him stop and thought her ordeal was over. John pulled down his boxers and she saw his huge prick standing red and erect in front of him. A moment later he plunged it into her still open cunt, filling her up. She let out a sharp cry and realised, 'he is raping me'. She could feel his big cock deep inside her as he was rhythmically fucking her. She was lying there as he held her legs apart smiling lewdly at her nakedness. Her breasts slapped together with the force of the fucking. He was much bigger than her husband, who was rarely interested in sex these days anyway, and filled her cunt completely.

His cock found a sensitive spot within her and she could feel an orgasm building again. It would be too embarrassing to come while being raped. She made a last effort to escape, but he pushed her down and held her breast as he continued to drive his cock in and out. She started to come again groaning loudly and shutting her eyes to blot out her son-in-law. Still his hard cock drove into her pussy, stretching her deep and she found herself screaming with pleasure for what seemed an eternity before she eventually heard his groan and felt his hot come flooding her pussy. He collapsed on top of her and she felt his weight on her naked breasts.

After a while John got up and helped Anne to her feet and adjusted her robe. 'Sorry Anne' he said bending down and giving her a kiss. 'I couldn't resist you. You're such a hot woman'.

Anne looked at him and his still large cock and ran sobbing to her room. She lay on her bed and cried in confusion for some time. Her daughter's husband had forced her to have sex, and she had sort of enjoyed it. She was ashamed, but her body still tingled with post-orgasmic pleasure. Eventually she slept and when she awoke, John had gone to work and she busied herself with the routine of preparing dinner. She was too confused to say anything to her daughter or husband and went to bed before John returned from work at about 11. She woke about midnight and heard her daughter's groans.

'That dirty bastard,' she thought. 'He's fucking us both on the same day.' And she thought of his big hot cock as she fell asleep.


The next morning John appeared as she was finishing washing up.

'Hello John,' she said awkwardly.

He came over and put his arm around her. 'Hello Anne, you look good this morning.'

She'd put on a large loose dress to cover herself from his gaze. Before she could stop him, he pulled the dress over her head, leaving her naked except for her panties. She tried to push him away as he kissed her shoulders and breasts.

'No John,' she said. 'We mustn't! Not again!' John kissed her on the mouth, forcing his tongue between her lips and ravishing her mouth.

She felt his hard cock inside his boxers, pressed against her naked tummy. He moved behind her and kissed her neck, with one hand fondling her breast and the other diving inside her panties to fondle her embarrassingly wet pussy. If it were anyone else it would feel good she thought, but her guilt made her try to stop him.

'No John. Don't, please!' she said as he rubbed his erection against her buttocks. Of course he didn't stop, but continued his fondling and rhythmic finger-fucking and cock rubbing for what seemed an age and she was powerless to stop him.

Then he removed his hand from her soaking pussy, pushed her to her knees, came around in front of her and pushed his boxer-covered huge erection towards her.

'Take it out!' he ordered. She reluctantly pulled the top of his boxers down revealing his thick cock right in her face. 'Kiss it,' he said, pushing her head towards it. She tentatively started to kiss the shaft of his cock and his balls and then worked her way up to the tip. Her husband asked her to do this several times, but she had resisted and he gave up. But now her son in law was forcing her to kiss his disgusting cock. She was amazed at how hard and thick it was, especially this close to her face.

'Suck it Anne!' he ordered. She was shocked -- it was far too big to put in her mouth. He poked it between her lips and she started to suck the end of it. He pushed harder and she was forced to open her mouth wide to let him in. He started to pump slowly in and out. She could taste some come on her tongue. He was stroking her hair and groaned as he gently thrust his cock into her mouth. Repelled but fascinated, she stroked the length of his dick which would never fit in her mouth, feeling its girth and length and hardness. She fondled his big balls, making him groan some more.

Suddenly his breath became shorter and he thrust his cock deep in the back of her throat, making her gag. Then she felt his cock pulsing and spurting and her mouth and throat were suddenly full of his thick acrid come. She spluttered and choked and pushed him away, the come spilling out of her mouth and onto her boobs and the nice clean floor. A last spurt hit her cheek as he groaned, 'Oh yes Anne!'

She got up and ran to the sink to spit out the rest of his come, though she had swallowed a lot of it. What a nasty thing he made me do, she thought, but at least it means he won't want to fuck me now, now that she had satisfied his disgusting urge.

But John wasn't finished. 'It's your turn now,' he said, lifting her up with his strong arms and laying her on the table.

'Stop it, you animal,' she said, but he had removed her panties, again embarrassingly saturated with her hot juice, spread her legs and buried his face in her pussy. After a few seconds, she stopped struggling, knowing (and perhaps wanting) that he would make her come and she would be helpless to stop him. Sure enough, the warmth of his tongue on her clitoris and his fingers inside her cunt sent waves of pleasure through her cunt and her body, and she soon started to push his face into her cunt and groan uncontrollably as she came over and over.

He stopped after a while and stroked her belly and breasts and legs, while she recovered. Her body felt wonderful now and she wanted to go to bed and sleep now they had both come. But she felt John turning her over, laying her face down on the table with her legs hanging over the edge. John touched her wet pussy, spread her lips and a moment later she felt his big cock entering her from behind.

She was shocked. How did he get another erection so soon after he came in her mouth? Her husband had only ever come once in a session and then gone to sleep. She felt him driving deep inside her exposed pussy as he held her hips. It felt so different from this angle. Soon she felt another orgasm approaching as he thrust deeper and deeper inside her, massaging her hidden depths. Again and again his big dick stretched the length of her pussy sending spasms of pleasure through her cunt.

She groaned and started to come, as it occurred to her that only two days ago she had been shocked to see her daughter being fucked on this table and in this position, and now she was here screaming in the same way. He was very deep inside her now and she felt him groan and her insides were suddenly full of his warm juice.

He lay on top of her for a short time, stroking her hair and kissing her neck, and then he got up and pulled out of her. She felt his absence in her pussy, and then the juice flow down her legs and the floor.

'Thanks Anne,' he said casually, 'That was wonderful', and he stroked her arse and went to his room, leaving her naked, arse hanging over the table. She got up, gathered her clothes and cleaned the juice from her pussy and went naked back to her bed, falling into a deep contented sleep.

When she woke, she was alone in the house, feeling just as confused as the previous day. John had forced her to do disgusting things, but her body now felt so alive and contented. She didn't know what to think. She had a shower to wash off the smell of him and noticed how different her breasts and nipples and arse and pussy felt now she had been fucked so hard. As she washed the dried come off her pussy, she felt how sensitive it was now, and she started to imagine John inside her again.

After the shower she went to bed and masturbated, imagining John fucking her from behind, until her body shook with repeated orgasms. That night she again heard her daughter's ecstatic groaning and, picturing his big dick entering her willing daughter, reached down and played with her wet pussy for a while. It has been a long time since she had been this damp this often.


In the morning she decided to avoid John and the sinful unions, and went to her room as soon as her daughter left for work. She would go out as soon as possible and come home after John had left. She took a quick shower, but heard a noise and suddenly the shower curtain was swept open, and John was standing there in just his boxer shorts, taking in her wet naked body.

'I didn't find you on the kitchen table so I came looking for you,' he said.

'John, we must stop this!' she said unconvincingly, as she tried to cover herself, water spilling sensuously down her skin.

But John removed his boxers and stepped in beside her, his cock already half erect and growing. As he put his arm around her and kissed her cheek, his cock sprang to its full erectness and he rubbed it against her wet arse as he fondled her breasts and nipples. She felt the heat of it as the water flowed sensuously over both their bodies. His hands were all over her, feeling her hips, her belly and her breasts.

'No,' she said weakly and turned away from him, trying to push him back. But he pushed her against the shower glass so that her breasts were crushed flat and round. She felt his hot body pushing against her, his hands exploring her ass and finding her pussy, amidst the torrents of water. She felt his fingers invading her cunt, thrusting into its wetness -- she couldn't tell if it was the warm water outside or her own juice, but his fingers slid in easily.

Then with a quick bend of his knees, he thrust his cock into her from below, filling her up as she gasped. Through the glass she could see her reflection in the mirror -- large naked breasts and belly flattened against the glass, her hairy pussy below being violated again by this brute of a man. He held her hips as he thrust into her again and again, deeper and deeper, until she couldn't hold back her cries of orgasm, as it throbbed through her body.

Still the water ran over her and she felt him withdraw although he hadn't come yet somehow. He turned her around and lifted her with his hands under her buttocks like she was a feather, before lowering her onto that hard pole of his. Then rhythmically he lowered her up and down so that her clitoris rubbed easily on that stiff dick of his. No one had ever fucked her like this before and she was soon squealing in wonder and delight, coming once again, before he started to shake and closed his eyes as he flooded her pussy with his hot come.

He held her there for a few moments, both panting under the warm water, then he lowered her to the floor, before kissing her full on the lips. Her legs were a little wobbly from the unusual positions, and she was now embarrassed and keen to get away from his large urgent body that forced her to do so many things. She washed his come from her pussy and then stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and ran to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her, before throwing herself on her bed and crying her eyes out.

She was so confused -- such great sex -- better than she'd ever had, but with her daughter's husband -- it was awful, and wonderful at the same time. And who was she? She'd always been a dutiful wife and mother, not a loose, free sexual being looking for her own pleasure. And now here she was, panting like an animal on the end of some strange man's cock! It was too much to bear.


She fell asleep that night, with confused thoughts of guilt and lust spinning in her head, knowing she should tell her husband and daughter about John's continued raping of her, but afraid it would make even more people miserable, and guilty that she had come every time with John. She then slept deeply and overslept, meaning she had to rush to prepare breakfast and before she knew it her husband and daughter had left, leaving her alone in the house with John. She left the kitchen in a mess and ran to her room, closing the door, confused about where to hide. She decided she would get dressed straight away and go to town until John had gone to work.

But then she heard him outside her door calling her. In panic, Anne hid in her walk-in wardrobe, quietly closing the door behind her. She knelt in a corner as she heard John enter her bedroom, calling her name. She held her breath as she heard him walking around her room, praying he would go away. Then suddenly the wardrobe door opened and she saw his large frame against the light as she cowered in the bottom of the cupboard.

'Ah there you are, my darling,' he laughed as he knelt down and put his arms around her.

'Go away John' she said weakly. 'It's wrong.'

But he was pulling her gown away, and then her nightie, leaving her there in only her knickers trying to cover her nakedness. He pulled off his pyjama top and leaned in to kiss her. 'You look wonderful hiding here like this' he said as he kissed her cheek and her neck, working his way down to her defenceless breasts. Anne tried to push him away, but he was, as always, too strong and she had to submit to him sucking first on one breast, then the other. His hand reached between her legs forcing his way inside her knickers and began to rub her clitoris gently. She could feel her pussy becoming damper, despite herself, and closed her eyes hoping he would stop.

Soon she felt him move his face down her body, kissing her belly then her pussy as he dragged her knickers down to her knees. She lay on the carpeted floor of the wardrobe, pushing futilely on his head while he proceeded to lick her pussy towards the inevitable orgasm. Already she had psychologically accepted that whenever he gave her oral sex she would inevitably have an orgasm, and this acceptance accelerated her climax, so within a minute she was starting to peak, despite herself. So here, trapped on the floor of her walk-in wardrobe she groaned and gasped and shouted obscenities as her son-in-law brought her to heights of pleasure.

And then, in the middle of her third or fourth cycle of orgasms, John stopped abruptly, pulled off his boxers allowing his engorged dick to spring out, and deftly turned Anne face down on the carpeted floor. A moment later she felt his weight on her, and his cock pushed aside her soaking labia to enter her from behind. Instantly he was pushing deep inside her, forcing gasps from her mouth. Deeper and deeper he pushed as she tried futilely to escape.

Her face was on the carpet as she was being raped in her own cupboard, the cupboard she had so carefully planned and had built to her specifications. The bastard was spoiling everything, she thought. But then she felt the now familiar orgasm start to build in her as his cock pushed again and again against sensitive parts of her pussy. And soon she was panting like an animal then screaming in ecstasy as she came over and over, while he fucked her harder and deeper, then groaned as he came inside her.

They lay together panting for a while, then he stirred and whispered in her ear, 'You're such a hot fuck Anne. I can't get enough of you'. Then he nuzzled her ear tenderly and kissed her neck, before getting up and gathering his clothes, leaving her splayed out on the carpet with his come dripping from her pussy.

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