tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sorority Sisters: Kira No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Kira No. 01

bySassy Susan©

Kira No.1 -- Body painting at Wal-Mart


Kira is a nineteen year old coed, a cute and innocent looking sophomore at a Pennsylvania State school. She is petite, with auburn hair, delicate breasts, a nude pudendum, and captivating gray eyes. To me she looks like a young Barbara Streisand. Not that I know anything of Barbara's privates.

She came to me in mid-December, with a bubbly vivaciousness and openness that caught my attention immediately. A student of BDSM at the mild levels since 16, but with a curiosity and interest that made me take notice. By mild levels I mean she used stories, fantasies, on line role playing, and self abuse to explore the concepts of the fetish. Although she has learned a lot, and explored mentally, her actual sexual experience is limited. She has had only two men in her life, one at 17 in her senior year in high school and one last year during her freshman year in college. She has only minimal fetish experience, being too shy to push her men beyond some erotic spankings and such.

As we talked, and I probed, it became apparent that she has no boundaries, no subject off limits, and wanted guidance. It also became apparent that she wants to be pushed, and pushed hard. And her overriding goal is humiliation. No matter the route, the end target is to be sexually humiliated. So, of course, I accepted her into the initiation stages of joining the Sisterhood.

This is her account of the first assignment I gave her. A tougher one than I would normally give a newbie, but her enthusiasm pushed me to push her. I think you will agree that she did well, overcoming her fear and anxiety, and displaying her willingness to earn her stripes as an exhibitionist. (Please pardon the terrible pun.) And further, to accept the advances of strangers drawn by the display of her "assets."

Please welcome young Kira to her first appearance with the Sorority Sisters.

Susan James


Hi Mistress!

Ok, so I finally have a little more time and wanted to write all about my experience on Saturday. I started off by getting naked and taking a black sharpie marker and making a bull's eye symbol over one breast, with my nipple as the center, just as you instructed. When that was done I put on a pair of sneakers and grabbed the longest coat I have. With it on and buttoned up I was covered down to about mid-thigh. I took a look at myself in the mirror, and seeing my bare legs below the coat gave me instant butterflies in my stomach and got me excited. I opened my coat in front of the mirror, flashing myself and imagining actually doing it in front of total strangers. At that point I wasn't sure if I'd be able to actually go through with it, but I was at least going to try. I took a couple markers and put them in my pocket, grabbed my car keys, and headed out to my car.

It's about a fifteen minute drive from my parents' house to the Wal-Mart nearby. I figured on a Saturday afternoon before New Year's that it would be a pretty busy place. I know any time I've been there on a weekend the place is packed with people. I also figured it was a big enough parking lot that the chances of running into somebody I knew would be slim.

During the entire drive, even though I was completely covered, I felt as if I was exposed. Any time I pulled up to a light or stop sign where there was a car next to me, I felt as if the person had to know what I was doing. I must have been blushing the entire time, feeling that every driver I passed somehow knew I was naked under my coat. I was incredibly nervous, but I knew I was soaking wet already just thinking about the task. I'd been thinking about my task since you emailed it to me and masturbated a few times imagining how it would be.

When I got there I pulled into the lot and right away I saw that there were lots of cars and lots of people walking in and out. I knew it would be easy to find people to carry out my task, but I also started to get more nervous. I was afraid that with all the people and traffic, lots of people would see what I was doing.

I found a parking spot that was toward the end of one of the rows, surrounded by a couple other cars. Then I just sat for a few minutes, trying to relax but feeling my heart pounding hard. Finally I got out of the car, figuring if I didn't start moving I'd chicken out, and walked around a little bit, watching the store. I saw a few people head out to their cars but wasn't able to get myself to move toward them fast enough. After a while I saw another guy coming out and finally managed to get my feet to move in his direction. He was older than me, maybe mid 20's or something like that....short brown hair, maybe a little more than 6 feet tall and sort of big. He looked friendly enough though and smiled back at me when I approached him smiling.

I said hi and introduced myself as Tiffany, sort of homage to a character in this series of erotic stories I love, and asked if he could maybe help me with something. We got closer to his car and I explained that I was carrying out a dare and needed some help with it. He said he'd love to help me out and asked what it was I needed. At that point I pulled out a marker, took a deep breath to calm myself as best as I could, and handed it to him. I then told him that I was naked under my coat and needed him to use the marker to decorate my body. Quickly, before I could stop myself, I told him that he could pick the spot he wanted to decorate and that he could draw or write whatever he wanted. He just looked at me, in shock I think, and asked if I was serious. I could only nod back and asked if he'd be able to help. Once he'd agreed, we walked closer to his car and I had him open the passenger door. Then, using as much courage as I could find, I opened my coat, showing him my naked body.

He just stared at first and I was blushing bright red feeling his eyes roaming over every exposed inch. I was wet though, soaked, and my whole body was trembling with excitement. He kept looking and I thought he wasn't going to do anything but finally he uncapped the marker, leaned down, and started to draw.

After he started, I told him he was allowed to use his hands as he drew. He put the marker to my skin right above my left breast and started to draw. At the same time I felt his other hand tentatively moving over my body. I just stood still, glancing around hoping nobody was watching. I felt the marker on me and his free hand rubbing first my other breast, over my nipple, down my stomach, and over my smooth pussy before coming back up my body.

As his hand brushed my pussy I felt a finger slide along my slit briefly before pulling away. He finished drawing and stepped back and I looked down to see a large flower just above my breast. He handed the marker back to me and asked if there was anything else I needed. While I sort of wanted to push it farther I couldn't bring myself to do it just then. So I closed my coat, thanked him, and hurried away, my face totally flushed red.

I walked away and sort of hid behind a couple SUV's, catching my breath. I was trembling and embarrassed but I was so turned on I couldn't believe it. I could feel how wet I was and I reached inside my coat and slid my fingers over my pussy, remembering the feeling of the guy's hand against me. As soon as I'd calmed down a little bit but while my adrenaline was still pumping, I started looking for another guy. It didn't take long before I found someone else.

This guy was probably not much older than the first, maybe in his 30's. Not bad looking, either. A little taller than me, dark hair, a bit skinnier than the first guy. He looked almost like an aging rocker type. A guy who is getting older but still trying to be young and is into music and bands and all that. I came over to him as he approached his car and introduced myself. He seemed friendly and when I said I had a problem and could use some help, he immediately asked how he could help me.

I went through my little speech again, telling him I was carrying out a dare, handing him a marker, and explaining about my nakedness and needing him to decorate me. He just smiled and said it sounded cool and walked me over toward his car. I was stunned at how easy he was with the whole thing. Again, I told him he could draw whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted, and opened my coat for him. I think I was blushing harder with him than with the first guy. When I opened my coat he looked up and down my naked body, with the bulls eye on one breast and the flower above the other. Then he knelt down and started to draw above my pussy. As he decorated me he let his hands roam my body and I just held still, wanting him to keep touching me or even to just rip my coat off right there and fuck me.

Susan, I couldn't believe what I was doing, feeling his hand squeeze my ass, slide up and down my bare legs, up over my tits, and eventually my pussy. His finger found its way between my legs and after brushing over my clit, I felt it slide into me. Oh god, what a sensation.

It seemed to take forever for him to finish and my knees were weak when he finally pulled away, leaving me feeling hot, wet, and more than a little horny. I looked down and saw a bunch of things above my pussy....flowers, mushrooms, music notes, initials (which I took to be his).

I thanked him and said that if he wanted, I'd love to thank him by masturbating for him and letting him jack off onto my body.

I'm not sure if he was nervous about being caught or in shock or what, because he didn't say anything at first and just stared at me with an odd smile on his face. I'm pretty sure that when I sat down on his car seat, leaned back with my coat open and my legs spread -- one in the car and one outside with my foot down on the pavement - finally unfroze him. He moved close, watching me start to rub myself. I ran my hands down my body, tracing the bull's eye and flower on my tits and then down my stomach and over his designs above my pussy.

God Susan, looking back I don't know how I did it. My body and mind were on fire and somethings just seemed to take over. I was sitting there, naked, looking up at this stranger as he stared down at my painted body, his lust clear in his eyes. I could feel my body flushing with the excitement, and my heart pounding in my chest. I don't know if I have ever been so excited. It felt like someone else was doing this, and I was just watching.

When he began messing with his pants, I closed my eyes, moaning softly. I slid my hands between my legs and started to rub my clit with one hand and my pussy lips with the other. Then I started to finger myself. I was so fucking wet I couldn't believe I hadn't been dripping down my legs. In no time I was rubbing my clit faster and moaning louder as I got hotter and hotter. I could hear him beside me and glanced over to see his hand moving up and down his hard cock.

Without thinking about it I leaned toward him and pulled him a little closer. I glanced up at him, into his eyes, as I took the tip of his cock between my lips and started to suck. I didn't suck long, just slowly moved my head up and down on his cock, licking and sucking him, feeling his cock pulse and throb. After a minute or two I let him pop out of my mouth, leaned back and started to work faster on my pussy.

Not much longer after that I heard him say he was about to cum and I stretched out, trying to give him more to aim at as I told him to cum on me. I kept rubbing faster, getting closer to my own orgasm and then suddenly saw him tense up. He started to erupt then, his cum shooting out of his cock and landing on my tits and stomach in big globs. I just kept rubbing and fingering and a minute or two after he'd finished I started to cum also, my back arching, my whole body tensing and then releasing as I moaned loudly, cumming hard.

We were still for a minute, not saying anything, just catching our breath. Then I knew I had to leave. My legs were shaky but I managed to get out of the car and stood up, pulling my coat closed around me. I could feel his cum sliding down my body on my skin under the coat. He had a huge grin on his face and thanked me, saying how hot that had been, and asking if I wanted to go out sometime. I could feel myself blushing yet again, feeling his cum on my body, as I moved away from him a little.

I thanked him for his help, and mumbled something about how maybe we'd run into each other again sometime, and hurried away. My heart was pounding hard, my head was swimming with emotions, and my body was shaking. I felt great though, so very alive.

I thought briefly about sticking around and trying for another guy, but then decided that maybe I'd had enough for the day. I headed back to my car and sat for awhile behind the wheel, thinking back over what I'd just done. I felt embarrassed and very slutty but also very hot and sexy. And the feeling of the cum on my skin under the coat just amplified things.

I drove home quickly, my mind wandering and fantasizing the entire way. When I finally got home I hurried to my room, shut the door behind me, ripped off my coat and tossed myself onto my bed. I spread my legs wide and with one hand started to finger myself while with the other hand I rubbed my tits and stomach, rubbing the drying cum over my skin. I got up to grab my vibrator and then flopped back on the bed, starting to fuck myself with it while still rubbing my tits and stomach. I fucked myself harder and faster, turning it on high and hearing it sliding wetly in and out of my pussy, as I fought back my moans. My orgasm came quickly and hit hard, with me biting my lip, bucking my hips, and feeling the waves of pleasure roll over me.

After I'd finished, I made my way over to the mirror on the back of my closet door and stared at myself. I could see the cum on my skin like a clear film, and I looked at the marker decorations on my tits and pussy. Just looking at it all made me weak in the knees.

I had LOTS of fun with this dare, Mistress, and I can't wait to do the next. I'd love to go farther, take on an even more humiliating, slutty situation for you. I hope I did a good job on this first one for you and will eagerly wait for my next task!

Your humiliation slut,



Post Note:

Kira has already moved on to her next assignment, and is writing her account of it as I write this note. We are working now to find her a partner in her real life to help me fulfill some of her other fantasies, those that require someone on site. If you have read the accounts of other Sisters, you know how important such a person is to a submissive who wants to experience the full range of her potential. I hope to give you much more of Kira for your enjoyment in the near future.

In the meantime, if you wish to send her messages 'directly' send them to me and I will pass them on. If you have ideas for what to do to her to make her life more interesting, send them to me. All ideas are welcome.

And as always, please vote and leave a comment for the girls who entertain you. It means more to them than you might imagine.


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