tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Leigh No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Leigh No. 01

bySassy Susan©

Leigh No. 1, Domination, Submission, bondage, and abuse.


Leigh came to me in early June, with her husband, Bill. In her forties, she is a nurse-manager with significant responsibilities. And she is a confirmed submissive slut. She revels in that description and label, and she has lived up to it in the series of assignments I have given her. She is sweet, hot, and sexy. And oh, so submissive. A delight to have in the sorority. Thank you, Leigh and Bill, for coming to me.

Leigh's account of her sexual adventures in domination and submission come in two parts: her original assignment with her husband, and the surprise follow up. Bill introduced a creative surprise in Part one. And that surprise showed up as a double surprise in Part two. We hope you enjoy slut Leigh.



Part One: Bill and Tim – Leigh's bondage

Dear Mistress Susan,

As promised, here are the details about what happened Saturday night. Needless to say, it was a WOW experience and a huge surprise as well.

We started around 7:30 PM. Bill tied me spread-eagled on our bed with pillows under my hips so my ass was raised nice and high. He started lightly rubbing me and teasing me until I was starting to really get aroused.

Next, he put clothes pins all over my tits but not on my nipples. The pain was intense; it felt like my breasts were on fire. Then, he took these rubber tipped clamps he got from the Hardware Dept. at the store and attached them to each cunt lip. Wrapping a piece of twine around my body, he tied it to each clamp and pulled it tight, effectively pulling my cunt as wide open as he could get it.

He then moved up and kissed and sucked my nipples until they were nice and hard - but stopped before I could cum, the bastard - and attached a clothes pin to each one. God did that hurt! I screamed for the first time, but certainly not the last that night.

Next, he ate me until I was again close to cumming, but he stopped and instead put a clothes pin on my clit. Again, the pain was terrible and I'm afraid another scream was ripped from me.

He then took one of my make-up brushes - the one with the harshest bristles - and began teasing my cunt with it -- rubbing it up and down my spread open cunt. I could feel each one of those bristles against my tender flesh as it rasped away at my flesh. I think I cried when he did that to me, but I'm not sure. I was lost in the pain.

He stopped doing that after a bit and got the vibrating egg and pushed it up inside me as far as he could get it and turned it on to its highest speed. By now, I needed to cum in the worst way but he still held off stimulating me to completion.

For a bit, he amused himself tweaking the clothes pin on my clit and the clamps on my cunt lips, but never enough to push me over the top.

All of this took place over about a 25 or 30 minute period as he took his time and would even leave the room occasionally and leave me there alone.

He came back one time carrying a wooden spoon. He knelt between my legs and yanked - and I mean YANKED - the clothes pin off of my clit, and again I screamed - both from the pain of it being pulled off quickly with no finesse and from the pain of the blood rushing back in to that tiny tender organ. Oh god did that hurt.

He then began to lightly spank my cunt with that spoon. It hurt but in a pleasant way. Then, slowly, his hits got harder and harder and he started in on my clit. I was frantic to cum at this point and as he kept whipping my clit with the spoon, I finally went over the top and started cumming. That's when he YANKED the clamps off both of my nipples at once. The combination of all of that drove me to climax even harder and I momentarily blacked out.

Susan, that is the first time in my life that I have cum from having my pussy whipped. So good.

We had been at this now for about 45 or 50 minutes. Bill untied me and helped me up and we got a drink and rested a bit.

Finally, Bill took me back to the bed room and this time he blindfolded me and had me get on my hands and knees. He then tied my wrists to my knees, forcing me face down on to the bed with my ass up in the air.

He knelt behind me and ate me for bit until I came. He then licked my asshole until I came again. At that point, he got up and left the room. And left me panting and sweating, with a cunt that was drooling juice down my thighs, and a mouth drooling saliva onto the sheets. I felt like such a slut, and I loved it.

I heard him come back in and he started whipping my ass with a belt. Slowly at first, then harder and harder until I was almost crying it hurt so much. He kept telling me how red and hot my ass looked. I love it when he whips my ass, but he had never hit me this hard before. I could feel the wetness leaking from my eyes because of the pain and the fire in my ass. When he stopped, I then felt him get on the bed and spread my pussy with his fingers. I could feel the head of his cock searching for my opening and then all at once he rammed it into me as hard and as deep as he could. I screamed as loud as I could from that sudden invasion. Only, it wasn't Bill. I knew at once it wasn't because this cock was long and thick. I then heard Bill off to the side laughing his ass off and this strange cock was fucking me hard and fast and deep. No let up at all.

I gradually adjusted to his size and then it began. I started cumming and kept cumming the whole time he fucked me. He never let up or went easy. I was cumming over and over and I heard him yell that he was about to cum. Bill told me later - I swear I don't remember this at all - that I screamed "Yes, you big-cocked bastard, fill my slutty cunt with your slimy cum!"

Well, he did and it was wonderful. I felt every single spurt of that cum leave his cock and fill my cunt.

He pulled out and Bill quickly untied me and had me clean his cock with my mouth. Even soft, it was a mouthful.

It turned out he was a kid, Tim, whom Bill had gotten to know from where he eats lunch. He was a bus boy there and the rumors were he had a huge cock. Bill got up the nerve last Friday to ask him about it and if he would like to make it with an older woman. He said he hadn't but had fantasized about fucking his mother and would love a chance at me, so Bill set it up. Tim is 27, about 5"8", maybe weighs 150 lbs. and his cock is magnificent. A little over 8 inches long and very thick!!

After we all rested a bit, I knelt between Tim's legs and sucked him until he was good and hard and then he took me slowly this time on our sofa. I don't know how many times I came but it was wonderful each time. I've never experienced being filled like that before with a live cock.

So, that was our evening. To say I loved it is an understatement. I lost count of how many orgasms I had, Susan, but I think I set a personal record. And I was left sore and limp. But oh, so satisfied. I took a warm shower with Bill to clean up and then snuggled with my man until we fell asleep.

I will seek a time and place tomorrow to carry out your next demand. However, I don't have a butt plug so will have to forego that part.

Take care, my darling Mistress, and be well.

Your slut,



Part two: Tim and Tiffany – Leigh's submission

My Darling Mistress Susan,

That still sends shivers through me to address you that way. :) I have to tell you what happened last night. It was a totally unexpected - but as it turned out - very pleasant surprise.

It was around 9:30 or so and Bill and I were about to go to bed. I was wearing just a thin cotton night gown with spaghetti straps that was low cut and came just below my ass - barely - and nothing else. Bill just had on boxers and a tee shirt. We had been drinking Scotch all evening and I was certainly feeling no pain!!! Lol

There was a knock on the door and Bill got up and answered it and in walks Tim with this young girl with him that he introduced as Tiffany. They just made themselves right at home on the sofa and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world for them to be there. I told him we were getting ready to go to bed as we were tired and had had a long week. He ignored me completely and told Bill to fix them something to drink.

Now, I knew Tim was 27 but Tiffany looked awfully young. I asked Tim if she was 21 and he said no, that she just turned 18 but had been drinking before. I told them I had no intention of going to jail by giving an underage girl alcohol but Bill, ass that he can be sometimes, just shrugged and went out to the kitchen to make them both a drink.

I asked them why they were here and Tim said that he knew I was bi and that Tiffany had never been eaten by a woman, and that she had told him that she wondered what it was like. So he told her he knew someone who would do it, and he wanted to see her get eaten by me. She just blushed when he said that.

Let me describe her for you before going on. She was a little shorter than me; I figure about 5' or 5'1," and couldn't have weighed 100 lbs. She was very thin, very pale complexion, and had short red hair and green eyes. I couldn't tell much about her figure as they were both wearing baggy tee shirts and shorts.

Anyway, I asked him what made him think that I would want to do anything with her, and who did he think he was, even thinking such a thing?

He got up and came over to the chair where I was sitting and grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet. He kissed me hard and rough, shoving his tongue into my mouth. He then pulled back and literally ripped my gown off of me, fully exposing me to Bill and Tiffany.

He then shoved his shorts down his legs and pushed me to my knees and told me that he knew I would do anything he wanted me to do as he knew how much I loved his big cock and that if I ever wanted it again, I would do what he told me to do.

Bill and Tiffany just sat there staring and Bill had this sort of slight smile on his face while Tiffany was red as a beet.

Tim then grabbed his cock - which was only semi erect - and rubbed it against my lips, and I just instinctively opened my mouth and took him in. He grabbed the sides of my head and begin fucking his cock in and out of my mouth. As I felt him harden and swell, I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter.

He kept this up for a couple of minutes then pushed me back away from him and took off his tee shirt and told me that he knew I loved his cock, and that the only way I was going to get it tonight - or ever again - was to do what I was told. He turned to Bill and asked him if that was all right with him and Bill - the pervert - told him to do as he pleased but not to hurt me in any way.

Well, by now I was totally aroused, and having tasted his cock, and now seeing it waving in front of me, I knew that I had to have him fuck me again. So I just meekly lowered my head and told him that if he would fuck me afterwards, I would do as he ordered.

He laughed and told Tiffany, "See, I told you she was a slut for my cock and would do what I wanted."

He then told Tiffany to strip. She appeared reluctant at first and protested that she didn't really want to do this, but he told her she had better or he would tell her parents that she was still seeing him. Turns out they had forbidden her to see him again as they thought she was too young to be seeing someone 27.

She stood and slowly took off her tee shirt. She was braless and just as thin as I had thought she would be. She had very small breasts with big, brown nipples. I would say she was no more than an AA size at best. She took her shorts and panties off at the same time. She had a small butt and a sparse sprinkling of red hair around her pussy.

Tim told her to sit in the chair that I had been sitting in and to scoot forward and spread her legs. He then pulled me over in front of her and pushed me to my knees. I looked over to Bill but that bastard had already taken his shorts off and was stroking himself as he watched us.

By now I was resigned to the whole thing - and, being honest - was very aroused at the whole situation. I looked up at Tiffany - into those lovely green eyes - and asked her if she was OK with all of this. She said she was curious and wondered what it would be like, and to do as I pleased.

I then leaned forward and began to kiss and suck her tiny breasts. She tasted a little sweaty but I liked it. I kept going from one to the other and sucking and licking her nipples until they were fully extended - about a half inch long and thicker than I would have thought they would be. She was moaning and I felt her put one hand on the back of my head and start caressing my hair. I liked the feel and taste of her nipples in my mouth, spongy yet tough, and a little salty.

I begin sliding one hand up and down her thigh and she opened her legs to me as I got close to her pussy. I just lightly stroked it at first until I felt her getting wet, and as she opened up some I slipped a finger inside her pussy about half way. I slowly finger fucked her as I kept worshipping her breasts. God, she was so tight!!! I have not felt a pussy that tight in a long time and could not help but wonder how she took Tim's huge cock into her. I then slowly kissed my way down across her tummy and begin to nuzzle my nose in her pubic hair. There wasn't a lot and it was very fine and felt sort of nice. I could now smell her arousal and I felt totally lost in her at that point.

I couldn't wait any longer and I just pushed her legs as far apart as I could get them and opened my eyes and took a good look at her pussy. It was lovely and pinkish and I could see she was aroused. Her lips were swollen and wet, and the scent of aroused wet cunt filled the air. I couldn't help myself spreading little butterfly kisses all over her pussy. She was now moaning almost continuously and she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I stuck out my tongue and licked her from bottom to top.

My god, Mistress, but she tasted divine!!!! I begin eating her as well as I knew how. My tongue was everywhere, licking her, sucking her lips between mine, circling her clit then pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could get it. She started chanting, "Yes," over and over and over, and was really humping her pussy against my face. I took her clit between my lips and sucked it as I lashed it with my tongue, and forced 2 fingers into her pussy. I fucked her hard and fast with them. She let out a scream that I thought could not come out of someone so small and yanked my head hard against her pussy, and wrapped her skinny legs around my head, and just started shuddering as she kept cumming over and over, as I kept eating her and finger fucking her. She was not quite a squirter but she was extremely wet and tasted so wonderful.

Finally, after I don't know how many times she came, she just sort of opened her legs and told me to please, no more as she was too tender. Knowing that feeling myself, I let up and just lightly kissed her pussy for a bit longer until I could feel her totally relax.

At this point I was on fire and needed to cum badly. Tim just grabbed me and yanked me to my feet and led me over and pushed me over the arm of the sofa and rammed his wonderful cock up my cunt in one swift shove. I came as soon as he entered me and he fucked me hard and fast and I was cumming over and over. He then shoved into me as far as he could get and I felt him swell, and then I felt his cum spurting into my cunt. That started me cumming again. He just held it there deep up inside my cunt as he shot spurt after spurt of his cum into me until at last he shuddered and pulled out. He flopped back onto the sofa and told Tiffany to come clean him up. She told him she would not do anything that disgusting. He just looked at her and snapped his fingers and pointed to his cock. Turns out she is as submissive as I am and meekly obeyed him. She knelt between his legs and cleaned him with her mouth.

Tim, knowing Bill's love of eating me when I was full cum, told Bill to lie on the floor and for me to get on his face and let him eat me. We did, with me straddling his face with my ass toward his feet, and Tim then told Tiffany to straddle Bill and fuck him. I turned to watch as she slowly got over Bill and squatted down over him and took his cock in her hands and guided him into her pussy. As she sank down on him he groaned into my pussy and began eating me like it was his last meal. lol

I came twice as he ate me and I heard Tiffany cum at least twice as she rode his cock. And as aroused as he was, Bill didn't last long before he was filling Tiffany with his cum too.

Afterwards, Tim had Tiffany lie back on the floor and told Bill and me to clean her cunt for her. We got between her legs and took turns licking her pussy and sucking Bill's cum out of it, sharing it in kisses in between. She came once more but not nearly as strong as before.

Afterwards, we were all worn out and Bill fixed us all another drink as we sat around talking. Tim got Tiffany to admit that she enjoyed getting eaten by me and fucking Bill as well. By now it was almost 11 and Tiffany said she had to get home by midnight.

As they dressed, Tiffany shyly asked if she and Tim could come back again sometime and we both agreed they could but that next time, could they please give us some notice? Tim laughed and said sure, they would do that.

So, all in all, it was a most enjoyable evening and I must thank you, Mistress, for making it happen. After all, had you not started leading me down this path, I would never have met Tim and none of this would have taken place.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my darling Mistress.

Your slut,



Please note:

This is a true story, and Leigh and Bill are real people. She has yielded some control to me to direct her sex life for her, her husband's, and my pleasure. This is her account of the two events that ensued.

I hope you have enjoyed this report of a real woman's adventure into sexual submission, and her willingness to show us all how slutty she is. Leigh is a treasure and fun to play with


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