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The Spanking Club


My name is Matt, I'm an expatriate Australian who has been living in NY for about five years. What I do for a living doesn't really matter as far as this story is concerned because it is about one of my social interests – spanking.

I have been going to the specialist spanking clubs in NY just about all the time I've been here and I have to admit I'm bored. The same old faces keep turning up night after night, I've spanked and been spanked by just about all the women who turn up to these clubs and I almost stayed home tonight – as it turned out I'm very glad that I came out. (no double meaning intended!)

I was sitting at the bar my eyes roaming the room, all the usual extroverts were there, showing off in their usual manner but not attracting my interest in the slightest.

I had just about admitted to myself that it was going to be a dud evening when the door opened and my hopes for the night were immediately raised.

She stood in the doorway, obviously unsure of herself, it was almost as if she was debating whether to enter or leave. Spying a vacant barstool next to me she decided to enter and crossed the room heading towards me. She was a vision to behold. A brunette with a great figure and a lovely face she gave out an air of confidence which I soon found out was just bravado.

She sat on the stool next to me and ordered a glass of wine. I was drinking my favourite beer, a Victoria Bitter imported all the way from my home town – Melbourne, Australia.

She glanced at the bottle and remarked, "Victoria Bitter? I haven't heard of that before, where is it from?"

In my best Aussie accent I answered, "Actually it's from Australia, I prefer it to our best known export beer which is Fosters Lager, by the way my name's Matt."

"I'm Vicky," she replied, "What a great accent you have, I haven't spoken to an Australian before."

"I guess not many of us work in NY, work permits are pretty hard to obtain," I said, "I must admit I've had to work hard on retaining my accent as the NY way of speaking is so different, and easy to pick up. I haven't seen you here before have I?"

"No, it's my first time, I must admit that I have a few butterflies in my stomach, there are quite a few strange people here aren't there?"

"Oh most of them are pretty harmless," I said trying to put this lovely lady at ease, "There are a few weirdoes to watch out for who are into the real hard S & M but once you learn the ropes you can soon sort out the wheat from the chaff. What's your interest Vicky? What brings you here tonight?"

Vicky seemed to relax a bit, "Well Matt, I have had a lifelong interest in spanking, my husband spanks me but he's not really into it and I finally talked him into letting me come to this club to see what it's all about. Actually I nearly chickened out and didn't come in but since I've been talking to you I'm glad I did."

"Thank you Vicky, I must admit that I was about to go home until I saw you standing in the doorway, I'm so glad that this stool was free, perhaps that is an omen for the night?"

"Personally I don't believe in accidents," Vicky stated, "So you're probably right Matt, what is your interest in spanking?"

"Well my main interest is to give spankings, I'm basically dominant but not in a cruel way at all, I also like to occasionally receive a spanking when the mood is right so I do have a submissive side. But with all my spankings whether giving or receiving I like to make them sensuous and fun, I'm not into this master/slave stuff. I've no argument with those who are, I believe that whatever turns you on is OK, as long as it is understood that all limits will be respected. As far as I'm concerned all play must be safe, sane and consensual."

Vicky smiled for the first time, I was entranced. "I like your outlook on this spanking stuff Matt. You know I have never spanked anyone, never even considered it, it may be fun."

I ordered Vicky another drink and we chatted on, enjoying each others company. She asked me how long had I had an interest in spanking? I told her of being in high school aged about.13 and a lady teacher wrongly humiliated me in front of the whole class. Later that day she found out she was completely wrong and to my surprise apologized privately to me. That night in bed I was so angry, all I wanted to do was punish her for making a fool of me. Then later when I looked at Playboy and Penthouse magazines I was more interested in the girl's arses than elsewhere. Later still I found special books and magazines devoted to spanking and then the internet which opened a whole new world.

After a while I decided to test the waters and asked, "Vicky, when you came here tonight was your intention just to look or were you actually hoping to be spanked?"

"Look I really don't know Matt," Vicky replied, "My original intention was just to look and IF I found the right person maybe get a spanking, as you know I've never been spanked by a real enthusiast."

"This place has some small private rooms out the back that can be hired for spankings Vicky, but they are not very clean and the walls are thin. My place is not far from here, if you would like to come there I would love to give you a spanking and if you want to, you can spank me! There does not have to be any sexual contact at all, we just swap a good spanking and then I'll take you home to you husband." I could see that Vicky was interested so I went on, "Look I have to go to the men's room, have a think while I'm there, OK?"

Vicky nodded and smiled at me as I left her sitting on the stool, I was relieved to see her still there on my return.

Before I could say anything Vicky spoke, "Well Matt, I've come this far and I really like you so the answer to your question is yes, I have been thinking about this for many years and I want you to make my fantasy come true."

"Fantastic Vicky, you won't be sorry I can assure you, although you may not be able to sit comfortably for a while!"

Vicky went to the Ladies room to 'tidy up' and we left the club and walked hand in hand the couple of blocks to my apartment in the cool Spring night. As we walked we spoke of a code word and I assured her that she was free to leave at any time. I wanted Vicky to be as confident as possible that this would be an enjoyable, safe and uplifting experience. Finally we arrived at my address and rode in silence in the lift up to my apartment on the fourth floor.

As I opened the door Vicky gave me a smile and said, "You know Matt, I feel as if I have known you for some time. I feel good about coming here tonight and I'm looking forward to going over your knees."

"That's great Vicky, I'm looking forward to giving and receiving a spanking, would you like a drink or anything?" I inquired as I showed her into my lounge.

"No nothing thanks Matt, just let's get on with it, who's going to get spanked first?" Vicky replied with a slight tremor to her voice.

"Let's toss for it!" I said, pulling a coin from my pocket, " Heads I spank you, tails you spank me!"

I handed the coin to Vicky who gave me another nervous grin then spun the coin into the air catching it deftly in her right hand. She slapped the coin down on the back of her left hand and covered it with her right. Again a nervous grin then Vicky displayed the coin.

"Oh God it's heads, I guess I get spanked first. Two out of three? Please Matt? I suddenly feel really nervous." she said with a tremor in her voice.

"No, heads it is Vicky, you get spanked first." I replied gently, sitting myself on the sofa. "Look if you want to pull out it's OK, you can go if you really want to, but I'd really like you to stay, I think you'll regret it if you go home without being spanked. You've come this far, face your fears Vicky, come on over my knees."

Vicky nodded, she knew that this was decision time. She took a deep breath and took the few necessary steps to stand beside me, I patted my legs and she laid herself over my knees. The time for conversation had come to an end, now it was time for action!

I moved Vicky so that her legs were being supported by the sofa and she could rest her head on her arms. My left hand rested in the centre of her back while my right hand gently stroked circles on her bottom.

"Ready Vicky?" I asked and she nodded her acceptance.

My hand reached down and grasped the hem of her loose fitting skirt which I slowly raised uncovering a vision of loveliness which took my breath away. Slim, perfectly shaped calves and thighs covered in stockings, no pantyhose thank God, this lady had come prepared for a spanking. Her lovely bum was partially covered by lace panties. I placed the skirt over her back and my hand settled on her right buttock. A low moan came from Vicky as I slid my hand under the edge of her panties and then pulled them up into the crack between her legs. Another moan as I repeated the uncovering of her left buttock. I now had plenty of skin to smack while Vicky retained her modesty. My hand roamed in circles over her perfectly smooth skin, Vicky was a spanker's delight.

As usual my first spanks were quite light and covered all the bared skin as well as Vicky's upper thighs. I like to warm up my spankees gradually and the longer the spanking takes the more I enjoy it, and hopefully, so does the lady lying across my lap. There was no sound from Vicky as the quiet smacks continues to land.

Slowly but surely the spanks fell harder. A few "ohs" and "ahs" came from Vicky, they were sounds of pleasure, not sounds of pain. Her lovely skin started to change from it's luminescent white to a pale shade of pink. One of the things I love about spanking is the change of color of the buttocks as the spanking proceeds.

I paused and asked Vicky if she was OK before I made the spanks started to hurt. She turned her head back to me just nodded and grinned, she was enjoying the experience!

The next spank was firmer and brought an "Ouch" from Vicky, I smiled to myself and began to cover the pink skin with firm whacks. Vicky started to wriggle a bit on my lap which was having the usual effect on my cock, there was no doubt I would need some relief in that area later tonight.

I continued to spank harder, "Yikes, Ouch, Owww," came from Vicky as her skin continued to change to a deeper pink. I loved watching the ripple effect as her skin bowed under my hand and then bounced back to its natural shape.

"Shit, this is so fucking good Matt, Ahhhh, this is a real turn on for me, this is the best, Ouch, spanking I've ever had," Vicky cried.

I paused for a minute to survey my work, all of Vicky's bum and her upper thighs were now a lovely shade of bright pink. Vicky voiced no objection as I placed my hand under the elastic of her panties, eased them out of her crack and pulled them down over her thighs and knees which she bent so I could easily take the panties off over her feet. Again no objection as I parted her thighs bringing her pussy into view.

"Whack" – "Yeeeeow!" The spanking continued, the pink skin slowly turned red. Every spank was bringing a verbal reaction now and Vicky's wriggling was quite strong. I held my left hand firmly to keep her in position as my right hand continued to rise and fall, with a slight pause between each spank. Her lovely arse was now bright red and my spanks were almost as hard as I could give. I cursed myself for not having my hairbrush handy as my hand was now stinging.

I heard a few sobs coming from Vicky but kept on spanking – hard. Some of her language was very unladylike but nothing I hadn't heard before.

Finally, "Mercy, please Matt, mercy," Vicky cried out.

I immediately ceased spanking that lovely, bright red skin and gently circled her hot arse with my right hand as my left stroked up and down her back. Vicky was giving little sniffles but had taken her first real spanking very well.

I let her calm down and finally she spoke, "Wow Matt, that was just fantastic, I didn't think a spanking could be soooo good. Pain and pleasure really go together don't they?"

"Not for everyone Vicky, but definitely for you," I replied, "When you feel up to it you can stand up, but you may not be able to sit down for a while!"

Vicky remained across my legs for a few more minutes, I continued to stroke her arse while she regained her composure.

Then she stood and her skirt fell back down into position. Vicky then amazed me by lifting the front of her skirt up displaying her pussy. Her fingers brushed over her pubic hair and she exclaimed, "Shit I'm so wet Matt, what a turn on, would you………..?" her voice quavered as the question was left unfinished.

I shook my head. "No Vicky I won't. Your husband very kindly let you out tonight for a spanking and that's all you'll get from me. I have a private rule that I never have sex with married women. I know that's old fashioned in this day and age but that's the way it is. Don't think for one second that I'm not attracted to you because the bulge in my trousers shows that I am, but any fuck you get tonight will have to be from your husband. Now are you going to spank me?"

"Gee that's really nice Matt," Vicky said as she dropped her skirt. "Yes, you're right, I have to do the right thing by my husband, I'll have to phone him before I leave so he's up and ready for me! Ha ha. I'd love to spank you but I don't think I can sit down for a while, how can we do it?"

"See that chair over there," I said pointing to a low, old, leather covered chair, "How about I stand behind it and bend over the back? Then you can stand behind me and spank me. If that's OK with you I'm now taking your orders, my Lady,"

I bowed to Vicky from the waist and then walked over and stood behind the chair.

Vicky followed and barked orders at me, this lady was getting into the swing of things!

"Slip of your shoes Matt, take your trousers off and then bend over the chair!"

I did as I was bid and my hands grasped the arms of the chair. It was a position not unfamiliar to me and my arse was now pointing up towards the ceiling. I felt Vicky's hands grasp the elastic of my briefs and then they were lowered to the floor. M'Lady was now in complete charge and obviously enjoying her unfamiliar feelings of being in charge. One of her hands wacked me between my thighs and I obediently spread my legs.

Vicky's hand slipped between my legs and grasped my half hard cock. She slid her hand up and down, wanking gently until I was again rock hard. I bit my lip and stayed silent. What I couldn't see was with her free hand Vicky was bringing herself to orgasm, a low moan came from behind me as she exclaimed, "Oh I just had to do that, now I feel ready to give you a good spanking. What a waste of a good hard on." She exclaimed as she gave my cock a final hard squeeze, released me and then placed her hand on my arse,

Gently she started to spank me, softly at first but then, as she gained confidence the whacks grew stronger. Compared to other spankings I've had by experienced spankers it was easy to take but this was to change.

"Your arse is starting to change color now Matt," Vicky said with a little awe in her voice, "Am I going OK? Am I spanking you properly?"

"You're going fine Vicky, but you can go a bit harder if you want to," I replied.

Her answer was delivered physically as a much harder "whack" landed, followed by more of the same. My arse was now starting to sting and a genuine "Ouch" escaped from my lips.

"Good, that's what I want to hear, some reaction from you Matt," Vicky exclaimed with more than a hint of pride in her voice. M'Lady was enjoying herself!

Whack, smack, pow! The hits continued to fall and my cock continued to give away how much effect the spanking was having on me.

I was forced to verbalize my feelings. "Oww, Ouch, Ahhh, you're spanking really well Vicky, but not so hard please!"

"Don't be a wimp, Matt, I bet you've had worse thrashings than this haven't you? Or are you just trying to stir me on? Shit my hands are getting a bit sore' I'm not used to this, what else can I use that will realllllllly sting you?" Vicky laughed as she spoke.

"I'm sure you won't have to look too far Vicky."

"Ah-hah!" burst from a triumphant sounding Vicky behind me, "This belt in your trousers will do just fine." Her hand rubbed over my warm cheeks, "I'm really going to make your arse hot now Matt, keep your head down and your bottom up!"

"Yes M'Lady" I said, smiling to myself, Vicky's voice was now sounding very confident, such a change to how it was earlier that night. I heard her change position and then felt the leather belt touch me as she got the range just right. I knew that this would sting and braced myself.

Whoosh – pow, the belt exploded on my bum.

"Yeow! Bloody hell, that hurts!' I exclaimed, automatically dropping into the Aussie vernacular.

"And there's more where that came from too!" cried Vicky as once again the belt lit up my bum.

'Whack, whack , whack' there was no let up as Vicky let fly, really enjoying her new found dominant side. I was now twisting around over the back of the chair and the belt was really stinging.

"I can't take much more of this Vicky," I cried, "And I'm not joking. I'll have to use the code word soon if you don't stop"

"OK, just six more swipes Matt and then I'll stop. Can you take six more?" I nodded my acceptance and she went on. "I want you to count them out loud Matt and I'll reward you if you take them well." Again I nodded, my mind wondering what she had planned.

Whack – "Ow, one."

Thwack – Ohhhhhh, two.

Fwump - "Jesus Christ! three"

Slap – "Yahhhhh, four."

Hwosh - "Ahhhoooo, Five."

Fwap - "Aieeeeee, six."

"God Matt, you should see the marks across your arse!" Vicky cried as she moved behind me once again and gently touched me with her hands. "I couldn't see them so well from the side but they are bright red, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you so hard, I got a bit carried away. Oh your bum is so hot, how did you stand it?"

"It's OK Vicky," I said as I struggled to my feet, turning to face her with a few tears in my eyes. My cock was still standing straight out. "I've had a couple of worse thrashings but yours was pretty good, congratulations, for a first timer you did very well."

Vicky wrapped her arms around me and gave me a giant hug. She gave me a kiss on the lips and then stood on tip toe and licked the salty tears from under my eyes. I kissed her back and we held each other tight as we both calmed down.

Vicky bent down to my trousers on the floor and took a handkerchief from a pocket. "This is your reward my sweet man," she said as she hugged me again. One of her hands went to my still hard cock and once again she started to wank me, her hand moved up and down, slowly at first and then quicker and quicker. It wasn't long before the cum spurted from my cock, Vicky caught it in the handkerchief and continued to wank me until I had finished.

I kissed her deeply and we hugged each other tight again.

I then held Vicky at arms length and said in a firm voice, "Vicky I appreciate you wanking me off but I did say no sex. You disobeyed and you therefore have to suffer the consequences. Now it's your turn to bend over the chair!"

"But Matt I,"


Vicky could see I meant business and reluctantly took her place behind the chair. I placed a hand on her shoulders and as I gently but firmly pushed her down to the correct position I whispered, "Remember the code word Vicky."

Vicky nodded and grasped the arms of the chair. She knew she didn't have to go through with this but was willing to go along with my instructions.

Once again I raised her skirt baring her lovely arse and spreading her legs wide apart. I bent at the knees to gaze at her beckoning cunt and arse hole. A low moan escaped her lips as I said, "God you are such a temptation Vicky, how I would love to fuck you right here and now, but rules are rules even if they are self imposed. Six of the best coming up."

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