tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Spanking Man

The Spanking Man


Sanford and Brown, were the most successful legal offices in the town of Biloxi, Mississippi. Bill Brown, was the senior partner, at thirty-five he had billed more hours and won more difficult cases then any of the other three lawyers. He was a winner in work and play.

Successfully married to a trophy wife, he ran his home like his office. Each had a daily plan and woe to anyone who did not complete their plans. Selena his wife was a fine boned dark haired child of the old south. The blood in her veins ran blue with the genetic history of English kings. The fact that the ancestors in America had been sent here in shame somehow never came up in polite conversation. Neither did the fact that every Friday night, Bill spanked Selena for her faults during the week and sometimes during the week he spanked her just for fun and then they had wild passionate smashingly wonderful sex. She was besotted with her man although she never mentioned the spankings to anyone.

Bill liked to spank women; old, or young, pretty or just willing he got off on it. It released all the tensions from his job and made him a much nicer man

Sexual harassment, was a word that Bill never worried about. He never bothered to tell anyone including his wife that he taped all his spanking sessions including the part where they pleaded with him to spank them to be allowed to fuck him.

Recently Dolly his legal assistant had been getting under his skin. Stepping on his last nerve as it were, he dearly cared for her did not want to fire her and yet she continually screwed up or played silly games that were embarrassing to him and the firm. He had finally sat her down last week and warned her that one more complaint and she would be terminated.

Obviously she hadn't believed him; because this morning his friend and partner Jim Sanford had arrived early to tell him how Dolly had embarrassed him with clients in his office. She had opened the door, turned around and had flashed him after having removed her panties.

Of course, she thought he was alone. It didn't matter once it was done. Jim left her punishment in Bill's capable hands. Merely asking "If you get to spank her Bill, I desperately want a copy of that tape she has one fine ass. Bill smiled it was a done deal.

As soon as Dolly arrived, he called her into the office. He turned on the video as she entered. "Good morning Dolly, please be seated." She hung her head and fidgeted. She knew what was coming.

"Dolly you have been a very bad girl. Now we can terminate you or I can do what I do to my wife when she is a bad little girl. It's your choice Dolly."

Dolly had heard rumors about Bill and how he treated his wife. Now she was about to find out.

"What do you do to your wife Bill?"

"I spank her on her naked ass until she finds it hard to set for a long while, but funny thing she hardly ever make the same mistake twice."

Dolly with tears gently leaking from her eyes looked at him.

"Spank me please Bill, I have been so bad for so long and nobody seems to care."

"I care Dolly come here."

He rolled up her skirt and tucked it into her waist belt, and then pulled her panties down to her ankles and off admiring her gorgeous garter belt and nylons, he would have to get Selena some of those. He pulled her across his lap with one hand and held her there.

"Put your hands around the rungs of the chair and don't move them before I say or it will be worse for you."

Submissively he heard her murmur "Yes Bill"

He smiled "Last chance Dolly, termination or a spanking?"

She squealed softly as his hand roamed over her comfortable heart shaped ass, lightly swatting it as he waited.

"Spank me, make me behave, I need my job."

Smack his hand came down once and then again before she yelped. He took her panties off his desk and stuffed them in her mouth. "So no one comes in dear, wouldn't want to embarrass you."

She nodded thinking he was a very nice man and then he started to hit her in earnest. Soon her ass was hot and hurt like nothing in her life. It was then He stopped and rubbing it gently told her "only twenty five more with the ruler and your done. You really have been very good."

Twenty-five more with a ruler, she could not do it she screamed out "No" through her panties but he ignored her outcries and continued.

He had noticed her raising her ass into his hand the last ten strokes and now the ruler which stung and left welts made her really squirm by twelve she was orgasmic and continued until he was done.

He told her she was done and to go back to her chair. She sat there gingerly sobbing gently. "You did well now twenty minutes in the corner with your hands on your head and we will talk."

She tried to talk and noticed her panties still in her mouth. He nodded and she took them out and he handed her some water, then she spoke.

"In the corner like a child, you have got to be kidding."

He quit smiling. "This is punishment Dolly and for that after your corner time you get ten more spanks with the paddle, and because of your attitude I will now ask you to undress you may stand their naked as further punishment."

"What if I won't do it," she asked.

He smiled at her " then the spanking was for nothing"; he picked up the telephone.

" Wait, what are you doing?" she cried out in her dread.

"Why Dolly I am calling security to come and get you." She unbuttoned her blouse. When she was naked, she turned out to have large breasts with very pink aureoles and huge nipples that were very hard. Her juices were trailing down her thighs and she smelled of aroused sex.

He called her to him. Ran his hands up her thighs and spread her legs. "You smell wonderful, if you do your corner time well, I will reward you" and he placed her hand on his raging cock.

She nodded and walked to the corner.

"Nose to the wall and hands behind your neck, nipples touching the wall." She straightened up her posture. He dialed Jim and turned on the conference feature.

"Dolly what you did to Jim was a very bad thing. Why did you do it?" he could hear the strain in her voice and the tears but she answered. "I like him and he never notices me."

"Would you like him to fuck you Dolly?" She nodded. "I can't hear a nod darling. " Yes damn I would"

Bill chuckled "You must like being spanked Dolly using that kind of language. Would you like me to fuck you Dolly?"

Dolly was quiet until finally she said; "more than Jim please."

"You took your punishment well, and as a reward that might be arranged come here to me. Remember you have the extra swats plus ten more for bad language."

She shivered in dread of the pain as she walked to him even as she was picturing herself over his desk her juices boiling at the thought of his fucking her. She saw him holding on to her red hot ass hitting her gently as he pushed deep into her needy pussy.

"Go to the chair Dolly and bend over it hands on the cushions that delectable ass in the air." She did it with a soft needy moan. He walked to her and blindfolded her.

"Do I have to tie you for you to stay like that?"

She shook her head no. He believed her the odor of her desire was everywhere. He walked to his door, opened it, and beckoned Jim to come in. Jim mouthed "Holy shit " at him when he entered and Bill handed him a paddle and said to Dolly.

" Now it is time for your final twenty swats. This is a day I never want you to forget" and he motioned Jim to hit her.

Jim hit her twenty times without stopping and watched in amazement as she orgasmed during the last five. Bill threw him a tube of lubrication and he rubbed it all over her inside and outside of her ass and all over him. Bill walked to the front of the chair.

"Dolly this is my cock, now no matter what happens keep sucking it and if you hurt me. I will get a bullwhip and turn you into hamburger." She shivered at the threat and nodded. He nudged into her mouth as Jim opened her up and shoved inside.

Dolly came up two inches off the chair moaning into and around Bill's cock, then settled down to business. Soon they were all moaning, groaning, and then coming together. Jim left before Bill took the blindfold off.

"May I ask who that was Bill?"

He answered "you may ask but I am not telling you. From now on it doesn't matter who it is, if you're bad you will be punished, if you take your punishment well, someone will reward you. Come here."

He pushed her over the desk and opening a drawer, lubed a small anal plug pushed it deep inside her waiting ass. "You will wear this until quitting time keeping that juice inside you no matter how it feels. At closing come back here and I will remove it. Now go get dressed and get to work."

She shyly gathered her clothes and once dressed backed out of his office. She was kind, sweet, funny, and nice all day to everyone. He did almost laugh aloud when he heard her tell a deliveryman she had fallen skating and hurt her rear.

He was looking forward to more sessions with Dolly maybe he would take her tonight when he removed her anal plug. Tonight he knew Selena was in for a surprise it would be a spanking night for sure but strictly for pleasure. His pleasure for sure, although Selena usually ended up with his cock stuffed somewhere moaning out her pleasure.

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