tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Squire and the Succubus Ch. 03

The Squire and the Succubus Ch. 03


Sam jerked upright, flailing her arms, wing, tail and sword. The surface she had been sitting on tilted to the side and she found herself flailing even more as she dumped, face first, onto the ground. Her tail twitched from side to side and she groaned quietly. This was not a particularly auspicious start to her career as a wandering hero. She pushed herself to her knees, then looked around. She was in the middle of a field, with trees standing tall around her, with slender branches and slender leaves. Sitting on the stump of a tree about five paces off was the wizard.

The wizard who had kidnapped her.

The wizard was smoking a long, thin pipe, while Harp the unicorn placidly ate some grass. He was in his full equine mode and didn't look like he was about to kill her right here and now. And considering the last time they had met, he had been very stab happy, Sam was a bit relieved to see that.

The wizard - Dart, if Sam remembered right - blew out a thin stream of smoke and nodded. "Good, you're awake. We don't have much time."

Sam scowled and sprang to her feet. She still had her - well, technically, her old mentor's - longsword and she hefted it up. Her hand's pressure on it caused a tingling white flare to glow around the blade itself, crackling faintly as it did so. She nodded, pleased to see that the holy blade could still work it's magic.

"Thief! Whore thief!"

Sam was less glad that her mentor's ghost was still floating around her. Albus hadn't been the finest knight who had walked the world, but he made for a frighteningly annoying specter. He stuck his head so close to her cheek that he almost brushed her ear with his nose, his mustache-covered face twisting into a fierce scowl of distaste.

"...sluuuuuuuuuut!" He hissed.

Sam ignored him. It got easier and easier with practice.

"Put that sword down," Dart said, waving her pipe dismissively. "I've seen enough Holy Avengers to not be impressed by them anymore." She sucked on the tip of her pipe, then breathed out. "Though, I suppose you should enjoy it. While it lasts."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked, her tail lashing from side to side. "Why did you kidnap me?"

Dart frowned, blowing two streamers of smoke from her nose. The smoke resolved into a single, winged dragon which soared in a slow circle around the half-elf's hair before finally vanishing into a puff of pale whiteness. As the dragon soared around, Dart looked into Sam's eyes and slowly seemed to judge her. When she was done, she nodded.

"Samantha, have you ever heard of..." she paused, the dramatic weight in the silence heavy enough to tip scales. "The Apocalypse Stone?"

The capitals were audible.

"No. Is that a band or something?" Sam asked.

"No, it's not a band," Dart snapped. She shook her head. "Do you know anything about the multiverse?"

Sam slowly lowered the tip of her longsword.

Dart rubbed her temple with one free hand. She tossed her pipe away - some kind of magic caught it, then floated it into the pack beside the tree stump. She stood up, then snapped her fingers. A crackling diagram floated into the air, showing a collection of interlocking spheres and lines. "This is the multiverse," she said, her voice sour. "This plane - this world - is in the Prime Material. Connected to it via the astral plane is the Outer Planes, while the ethereal plane connects it to the Inner Elemental Planes. The best way to think of it is that...the...Inner Elemental Planes provide the building blocks for everything solid, while the Outer Planes are where belief rests." She pointed. "Mount Celestia, Elysium, Baator, all those places are there."

Sam nodded, slowly. "So, we go to the Outer Planes when we die. Got it."

"And divine magic is called from the Outer Planes, while the Elemental Planes are where we derive arcane magic from," Dart said, nodding. "Good. Now, every plane on the Prime Material forms around a central foci - a single chip from the Elemental Plane of Earth. Understand?"

"Um..." Sam's tail swept from side to side. "I'm willing to accept your word for it."

Dart nodded. "This chip is called the Apocalypse Stone." She frowned. "It is the foci that allows this dimension to connect to the Elemental Planes and the Outer Planes."

"Why is it called the Apocalypse Stone?" Sam asked, her brow furrowing. "I mean, it sounds more like a...Depocalypse...Stone..."

Dart frowned. "Don't quit your day job of hitting things with other things, Samantha," she said, her voice dry. "It's called the Apocalypse Stone because if it is removed from its place of power, the ENTIRE PLANE COMES TO AN END!" She shouted that last bit, her facade of calm cracking somewhat.

Sam blinked. "Don't tell me-"

"Someone stole this world's Stone," Dart said, stepping forward. "We've become unmoored from the astral and ethereal planes. You may have already noticed one effect - since there's no conduit for lost souls to get to their afterlife, the dead are sticking around."

Sam glanced to the side, looking at Albus. He looked at her, blushing.

"You big fucking liar!" she said, pointing at the ghost. "You said you were sticking around to help me!"

"...shut up..." Albus mumbled, his mustache twitching around his mouth as he ducked his head forward.

"I take it you've had a ghost bothering you for some time?" Dart asked, shaking her head. "So, that's the first effect. The second is, as time goes on, the elements themselves will cease to be as the magical force empowering them fades, one by one. The sun will go out. The waters will turn to dust. Mountains will flatten. We'll plunge into eternal dark as the undead roam across every kingdom in the land as the air freezes, then turns into desiccated powder that will choke even skeletons out of their twisted parody of unlife. The survivors will watch as the ground beneath them crumbles to nothingness, and any who have managed to cling desperately to life that long will be snuffed out one by terrified one as a darkness deeper and more profound than anything you can possibly imagine consumes everything." Dart's voice dropped to a hiss as she stepped forward, prodding Sam's chest with her finger.

Sam gulped, her tail standing stock still.

"...that's bad," she said.

"No FUCKING shit it's BAD, of course it's FUCKING BAD!" Dart shouted.

"Okay, fine, I'm sufficiently terrified, what the hell am I going to do about it, I'm just a squire!" Sam squeaked, clutching her sword to her chest, the cold blade strangely comforting. "Not even - I didn't even get knighted before, I mean, I killed my mentor. I don't even think I can hit half the bad guys who could do this, I-"

"Don't worry," Dart said, putting her hands on Sam's shoulders. "See, Sam, you're special."

Sam's eyes widened, her mouth opening in a tiny O.

"See," Dart said, sliding her arm around Sam's back - her touch setting off a sizzling symphony of need through Sam's body. She felt her sex ache - despite the topic of the conversation. Or maybe because of it. She tried to focus on Dart's actual words - her red cheeks turning even darker. "You are unique, Sam. You're the only demiplanar being on this world who fulfills the exact requirements I need to cast a spell that can form a connection with the Outer Planes."

"So we can zip out, find the person who stole the stone, and get it back?" Sam asked, voice full of hope, her tail twitching from side to side with excitement.

"Exactly!" Dart snapped her fingers.

"Now," Dart said. "The thing is, you are a succubus, a being of pure chaotic evil sexuality. But you are also a follower of the Lord of Restraints and a squire, on your way to becoming a serious, honest to the fucking gods Paladin. What's more?" She beamed. "You're a virgin."

Sam's tail drooped.

"That's the real clincher!" Dart stepped away from her, spreading her hands. "The paradoxical component of a virgin succubus paladin perfectly connects you to not just the Abyss, but Mount Celestia. We can use that virginity in a ritual as part of a spell component, with a bit of my magic, to create a kind of Ethereal...Sling..."

Dart trailed off, slowly turning around.

Sam held her sword behind her back, looking at the ground, kicking against it with one foot.

Dart lowered her arms.

"...oh god fucking DAMN it!" she shouted.

"He was hot!" Sam said, hating the amount of whining she heard in her voice. "And I didn't know the, uh, world was ending!"

Dart put her hands over her face. "Argh! Fuck it! Fuck this, fuck all that bullshit. I tried! I tried to be good, you see that, you fucking hear that, you stupid space face!" she grabbed a rock and threw it in the air.

"Space face?" Sam whispered.

"And look what it fucking got me!" Dart continued shouting at the sky, her voice echoing off the trees. "Trapped on a dying cosmos, on a plane so backwards they haven't even heard of fucking gunpowder!" She shook her head, sagging. "Screw it. I'm going to go and get laid." She turned around and started to walk away.

Harp, who had been eating grass placidly through this whole conversation, finished chewing and spoke up. "You know," he said. "She's still an anal virgin."

"Oh, that's soooooo fucking helpful!" Dart rubbed her hands across her face. "Virginity's sympathetic power goes vaginal, oral, anal. If we use the same spell using her anal virginity, we'll end up smeared across the inside of the Ethereal Plane if we're lucky."

"Does my tail count as, uh, losing my anal virginity?" Sam asked, her cheeks incandescent.

Dart put her hands over her face and started to scream.

"Well," Harp said, sounding calm and relaxed. "What about gemstones?"

"We'd need enough magical power to power a fucking wish spell," Dart said, sliding her hands along her face, tugging her cheeks out so that her eyes seemed to sag open. She shook her head. "It'd take years to find one. We don't even have months. We've got a week before the secondary effects are so bad that billions of people will die - a week after that, essentially civilization as we know it goes kaput. I was hoping to get this done by the end of the afternoon at most."

Sam blinked. Then her tail started sweeping from side to side. "The royal gems!" she said, excitedly. "They're worth, uh..." She did some mental math. "Oh, hundreds of thousands of gold coins."

Dart blinked.

Then she beamed. "That's perfect, we just teleport in and-"

"AHEM!" Albus coughed. "You cannot simply STEAL the royal gems! They are a symbol of the Kingdom's power and wealth. Also, there are magical wards about them, and only I, the King, and the Queen know their pass words." He nodded slightly. "It is both unlawful, and- URK!"

Sam had closed her hand around his throat. Her fireball had singed him, and she was easily able to jam his back against a tree. She wasn't sure how she could hurt a ghost. But she was doing it. She snarled.

"Listen to me, asshole," she said. "What's more important for a Paladin? Law? Or good?"

Albus blinked.

"It's GOOD!" She started to shake him vigorously.

"You know, you look like you're wanking an invisible dick, right?" Dart asked, her arms crossed over her chest. Sam ignored her as Albus coughed out the instructions, which she muttered to herself a few times. Once she was sure she had the process down exactly, she let him go. Albus coughed, rubbing at his spectral throat.

"There's still one problem," Harp said, nodding. "I mean, you still have to get to the capital. Then you need some way to get into the royal gem room."

"Well, I can handle at least one of those things," Dart said, rubbing the bridge of her nose, her eyes narrowing. Sam saw her calculating. Figuring the angles. Dart shook her head. "But I was never all that good at transfiguration spells. So, maybe, Albus told you the secret before he died?"

"Lies!" Albus spluttered.

Sam smiled - then focused. She shifted, the movement as natural as breathing now, into Albus' form, his mustache sprouting above her mouth. She shivered as she became he - the sensation bringing his need into focus again. He remembered Vela, the beautiful headwoman of the village that they had been in yesterday, and bit his lip slightly, longing spiking through him.

"Tada," he said, speaking with Albus' voice.

Dart beamed. "I knew there was a reason I went hunting for you, kid." She shook her head. "Now, I don't have teleport memorized. So, we're going to need to wait about..." She looked at the sky - the sun that was starting to dip towards the horizon. "Until next morning, I figure."

Sam nodded - shifting from Albus to her normal form. "Now, uh, question number three: What the fuck happened to Harp?" She pointed at the unicorn. "Last time he was talking, he was on full rape-kill-murder mode."

Harp snorted. "I beg your pardon?"

"Likely?" Dart asked. "An aftereffect of the stone's removal. A lot of different spirits and beings are trapped here with us - they'd likely be cross and trying to take it out on anything that moves. So, uh, while I memorize, you take watch Sam."

Sam nodded - but she glanced at Harp. The unicorn still looked confused - and she supposed that it was better that he not remember what he had almost done (and what she had done to him to get him to stop) for the time being. She stepped over to the edge of the camp, settling in and getting ready for a nice, long watch. She let her hands rest on her chin - thinking slowly. It was hard to believe that the world was slowly dying all around her. Everything seemed normal. But an oppressive dread seemed to have settled over the forest, one that grew deeper and deeper with gathering dusk. However, as one part of her fiendish heritage that she hadn't thought of before now.

She could see in the dark.

Elves and dwarves called it infravision.

She called it a godsdamned miracle. The darkness that had once been the bane of her late night watches had become as easy to peer through as a morning day. A squirrel skittered into view - and she could see a blotchy, radiating light ooze from it, as if it had been painted in colors that she could hardly begin to imagine. The light radiating from the squirrel bounced off leaves and illuminated nearby bark with similar hues - fading as it skittered away. She shook her head.

Then, suddenly, a shape moved into view. It had been an empty space between trees until the warm, humanoid figure appeared there. So, either the person had teleported into place, or Sam's infravision only measured out to, eh, about sixty feet. Either way, Sam stood up, then slipped into the woods. She crept forward, moving with silent ease as she slipped from shadow to shadow. It was so easy to be stealthy when you could see every twig you might step on. She got behind the figure and saw they were female and robed...and female...

Sam's nose flared and she shivered slightly with the scent of them.

She smelled horny.

The girl, that is. Sam could pick it up with every slow breath. She could smell the sizzling hunger between her thighs. She wondered if it was the danger of the situation, kicking her instincts to mate up and stoking the fire there. Sam knew that she should approach the girl. Ask her who she was - what she was doing here. Her face was obscured under the haze of the light that bloomed off of her, and switching to normal vision would just drop Sam back into darkness.

But Sam's need surged between her legs, buzzing in her belly.

It was like a booze-hound being near an open still. Sam knew she shouldn't, but...

She stepped up, cupping the woman's breasts through her robes, pressing to her back with an eager purr. "Hello there," she murmured, her hands squeezing the other woman's tits. She felt a pair of hard nipples press to her palms through the thin robes, and a quiet - familiar - gasp.

"S-Sam!?" Vela hissed.

"Vela?" Sam drew back, turning the girl around. The village headwoman wasn't exactly a girl - she was old enough to have a baby, after all. But she held her years well, and her body was definitely fuckable. Sam felt her cock ache between her legs - and she hadn't even thought she was growing one. The need grew higher. Heavier. Hotter. Sam felt a pair of balls joining her cock, dangling between her dainty, feminine thighs. She felt those balls swell ever so slightly with frothing, eager cum. She put her finger on the tenting bulge in her leggings, feeling her pre soak through the cloth and dampen the tip of one red finger.

She lifted that finger up - then placed it against Vela's lips.

"Explanations later," Sam purred. "Agreed?"

Vela was silent for a moment - the light radiating from her cheeks as she blushed - and then sucked Sam's finger into her mouth. Her hands went to her robes, awkwardly shoving them off. The light grew more intense as her clothes slipped off and Sam was able to easily find and tug on Vela's breasts, squeezing the large, firm pair. She leaned forward, kissing against one of Vela's nipples, tasting just a hint of milk. She grinned and leaned up, nuzzling against the side of Vela's cheek.

"Leaving your babe behind without these pretty titties to suck on? You're a terrible mother," Sam purred, her voice dripping with wickedness. She felt and heard the uptick of Vela's arousal - and Sam's need buzzed happily. The more naughty the sex, the better? Well, then, Sam would twist the knife, her hands squeezing and rolling Vela's breasts. "Wanton little slut, coming out here to get fucked by a succubi ten years younger."

"Yesssss," Vela hissed.

"Hmmm, you want this cock, isn't it?" Sam asked, her hips rocking forward. She bumped her cock against Vela's belly, teasing her - Sam had stopped wondering why her clothes melted off her body during the heat of the moment, and was just glad that they did. Vela's hand dripped down, cupping and squeezing Sam's member. She cooed quietly.


"Mmm, say please," Sam murmured quietly.

"Please, I've...I've been so fucking horny-" Vela stopped herself.

"Since when?" Sam asked, turning Vela around slowly - pushing on her shoulders, then gently leaning her against a tree - as wanton a position as Sam could imagine in this situation. Vela's fingers dug into the bark and she pushed her nice, full ass upwards. Sam pushed her knickers down, revealing the rough snarl of her pubic hair, the drip of her sex. Sam purred quietly, stepping her red butt up behind Vela. She teased along the married woman's pussy, her cockhead slipping up and down and around and around.

Vela panted. "S-Since...Harp..."

"Oh, that got you horny?" Sam grinned. "Should I have let him fuck you, then?"

"N-No," Vela whispered. "I...yes? Maybe. I don't- shut up, just fuck me."

"Say please," Sam purred, her need thrumming through her body like a violin. Vela bucked her hips, trying to force the situation - but Sam felt her strength training from years of being a squire and a page beforehand telling. She held Vela in place, making the headwoman whine quietly.


"Please what?"

"P-Please fuck me, fuck my slutty cunt so fucking hard-"

Sam, at last, obliged. Her cock slammed home and she plunged into Vela's pussy. Her hips and the other woman's met with a wet, meaty slap in the darkness, her balls bumping against her belly. Vela gasped quietly, then quivered quietly as she rocked her hips forward and back, forward and back, her breasts jiggling with every thrust as the pair of girls screwed in the evening light of the moon. Sam leaned forward, nipping and nibbling at the tip of Vela's ear, loving the experienced sensations she was getting from the older woman's sex.

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