The Stalker


'But first I have to take care of this soft little guy' I giggle, nudging him with my nose. I hear a groan as I straddle his legs and cup his balls, holding them as I gently kiss one ball then strongly suck on it. It must feel good because his hips buck up in shock and he cries out through the gag. Raking my teeth against the other ball, I purr 'Mmm Nick, your cock and balls are covered in our juices and we taste so good together.'

My tongue circles around his base and then I slowly lick a path up his rapidly hardening length. By the time I reach his knob, his cock is fully erect. He watches me avidly as I use my two index fingers and thumbs to open his slit and then the tip of my tongue delves inside his opening to extract a pearl of precum. Oooh, he's so yummy. His hips buck up wildly again but I keep a strong hold on him and wait until he settles down.

'Mmm, you are quite tasty' I murmur, as I nibble along his helmet-shaped head and watch his eyes widen when my mouth opens and I engulf his cock. He's quite big so it's a slow process as my head lowers until I feel his tip bump against my throat and I'm forced to pause. With my gag reflex triggered, I remain frozen through the slight wave of nausea until the feeling dissipates.

In control again, I continue to sink down until my lips are mashed against his pubic hair and he's embedded deep down my throat. My moan of pleasure and triumph vibrates around him, causing him to helplessly shift beneath me again. My eyes are watering a bit as I begin to lift up, squeezing in my cheeks so that the feeling is tighter for him. Completely freeing him from my mouth, I gasp for air and lick at the long streams of precum that are clinging to my lips and chin.

He looks almost delirious when I squeeze my right hand around his base, my left around his balls, and lower my mouth over him again. My head begins to bob, alternating my rhythm between slow, long and deep thrusts to short, hard and shallow ones. For long moments I suck his cock, loving how he's thrusting into my mouth and silently begging for more. Enjoying myself immensely and well aware that he is as well, I decide to lift my head and scrape my teeth against his knob. This causes him to buck up hard and release a helpless cry from beneath his gag.

Grinning at his response, I concentrate on nibbling his knob, which is oozing from his pleasure, and then I resume fucking his shaft. Wonderful sucking sounds accompany my bobbing head and twisting and turning lips but I suddenly release him to sit up. It takes him a moment to realize that I have stopped but when he catches on, I see the question in his eyes, not to mention the huge disappointment.

'Nick, listen to me. I want to get stuffed with that delicious cock of yours again so I'm going to remove your gag and untie your wrists. There will be plenty of time later for chit chat so all I want to hear from you are either growls of pleasure or filthy sex words.' Laughing, you see the twinkle in my eyes as I lean forward and plant my hands on either side of your head. 'Do we have a deal, Nicky-poo?' You glance down to stare at my bulging cleavage and then back up to meet my eyes, nodding in agreement.

Meanwhile, we've been so caught up in the whole experience that we've been heedless to the fact that our mingled cum has been leaking out of my pussy to trail all over the sheets and our bodies.

Swiftly, I pull out your gag and toss the panties onto the floor. Then, I grab the sides of your face and kiss you hungrily... our first kiss. We luxuriate in the sensation of our tongues sliding and rubbing against each other's but I reluctantly lift my head; there will be time for long slow sensuous kisses later on. Sliding off the bed, I untie one wrist, quickly move around the bed then untie the other wrist.

Slowly you bring your arms down, waiting for the circulation to resume and wince as you rub your painfully tingling arms and wrists back to life. With your arms sufficiently back to normal, you look at me but true to your promise, you don't say a word.

I almost expected you to pounce on me when I freed you but as you just lie there the disappointment consumes me. You've always been, how shall I put it, obedient and you never really forcefully took me unless I okayed it. Granted, that was cyber and this is real life but still, just once, I wish that you'd want me so much that you were willing to take me, holding nothing back. I even started a little tear in my bodice with the hopes that you'd rip off my teddy but now I see that that was wishful thinking as well.

Resigned to my fate, I mentally shelve my dissatisfaction as I climb back on the bed and get on all fours, facing away from you. Glancing over my shoulder, I stare in your eyes and purr 'Fuck me Nick, take this pussy. I need to feel your big cock so deep inside me again.'

Spread open and vulnerable, I wait for you to plunge into me so it takes me by surprise when you roughly maneuver me onto my back, grab my teddy and tear it in two. My body lifts by the savage action then drops back down onto the bed, causing my breasts to bounce wildly in freedom. My god, he did it!

You growl as you gaze lustfully at my exposed body then you roughly flip me over again and ram into my sore yet aroused cunt. Pushed flat against the bed, I grip the sheets and scream in pleasure, feeling your delectable cock plunge over and over inside me. So aroused by your roughness, I gasp 'Oh god yes, take me like an animal!'

Reaching underneath me, you grab my breasts and pull me up onto my hands and knees. My pussy is so wet that I'm surprised that I can feel any friction at all but oh, do I ever. I begin to slam back against you, meeting your thrusts and feel your hands tighten on my breasts.

'Oh fuck yes Nick, pound my cunt, make me scream. Your big cock feels so good inside my tight pussy. Give it to me, ram it all into me!'... I mange to growl between savage thrusts. We're panting and grunting, slamming together forcefully as you slide your right hand down and furiously start to rub my clit. In shock, I bolt up and tremble, the helplessness starting to overtake me.

Unrelenting with my clit stimulation, you move your left arm down to grip my waist and clamp me against your body so that we're both on our knees and my back is flush against your chest. You're much taller than I am so when you fuck up into me, my knees lift off the bed and I dangle, impaled on your cock.

The constant grinding, rubbing, and ramming overwhelms me so I lift my arms up and back, searching for something to hold onto. My nails dig into your skin and at this point, I have no idea what part I'm clawing at, as I start to climax. Hanging helplessly on your dick, I thrash wildly while clenching and spasming around you, defenceless to everything except my powerful orgasm.

My pleasure pushes you over the edge and you jackhammer into my tender pussy, jetting your seed inside my greedy cunt. With short hard jabs, you empty your cock until you're completely drained then fall forward to land heavily on top of me while your softening penis remains inside me.

After the mind-blowing sex, it's a very long while until we're able to speak. Rolling off of me so that I can breath easier, you kiss my ear gently and whisper in a sexy Australian accent 'Was it worth it?' a slight smile on your face.

Grinning, I respond 'My pussy is so sore that I don't think that I'll be able to walk straight for a week so hmm, let's see... yeah, I'd say it was definitely worth it.' Kissing you lightly, I snuggle against you happily and fall asleep with a very satisfied smile on my face.

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