tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Stepfather and The Bribers Ch. 02

The Stepfather and The Bribers Ch. 02


After going to the movies, Ellen came home and went straight to bed. She was sleeping deeply when a very drunk Steven entered her bedroom later that night. He had been thinking about Ellen all night, ever since their oral exchange in the backyard. He watched her sleep for a while, then shook her awake.

"Ellen, wake up!"

"Steve," Ellen said groggily, "what's wrong?"

"Get up." He pulled the sheet from her as she sat up.

"What time is it?"

"Hush. We're going to the kitchen."

As she stood up, Steven was pleased to see that she was only wearing a short t-shirt and pink lacy panties.

"Umm. I need pants."

"No. It's better this way...."

He ushered the yawning Ellen down the stairs, then told her sit on the end of the large kitchen countertop. This part of the counter also served as an eating area, and there were chairs set up.

Ellen yawned again as she shifted on the cold marble.

"Now lay back," Steven instructed as he fondled her through her t-shirt. She settled back, and he pushed up her shirt to expose her gorgeous chest, gently thumbing her nipples. Ellen moaned softly. He grabbed her ankles, kissing his way up her slender, toned legs. Then he moved up to remove her panties. "Steven? What are you...we doing?" "Shh. Just having some fun, sweetie." He worked them off of her and they were tossed aside. Steven quickly disrobed as well.

Ellen raised her head slightly, looking over her luscious tits and flat stomach, between her legs to where Steven had pulled up a chair. Before she knew what was happening, her step-father had slung her legs over his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her thighs, keeping them under his control.

He leaned forward, licking his lips, and cut his tongue through her tender, sensitive pussy folds. Ellen inhaled sharply, shocked and stimulated all at once. Steven moaned as his tongue worked her flesh, enjoying the taste. He darted it into her tight, sweet hole repeatedly, lapping at her juices. Ellen's hips bucked from the table as his tongue gently penetrated her over and over. He worked his way upwards, sliding his tongue beneath her clit hood to tease and caress the stiffening bud. She yelled out in pleasure, her hands flailing at the slick sides of the counter. Her legs shook as he continued to lick and tease her responsive tissue.

Her thighs clamped around his head as she came, moaning and yelping. Steven didn't stop his oral attention until Ellen managed to wrench her over-sensitized pussy away from his mouth, crawling away up the countertop. He laughed happily, licking her juices from his lips as Ellen sat up, disoriented, her tousled hair wild around her shoulders.

Steven pushed his chair back, eyeing her lovely, young tits as she moved. "What are you waiting for, Sweetheart? Get over here." He pulled her to the edge of the counter and helped her to the floor before settling back on his chair. "Get on your knees. I want you to suck me on your knees." Ellen stood there, mouth open in surprise, her pussy fluids coating her inner thighs liberally. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She opened her mouth to say that she didn't need any more money, and didn't want to suck him. But she looked into his eyes and could see that he wouldn't care. She had been carelessly playing with a dangerous dragon, thinking it harmless. Now it was really awake, and it had hungers. She reluctantly moved to her knees between his legs. She was just tall enough for it to work. Steven stroked himself at her, and she watched as drops fell from the tip."Come on Dollface. Kiss it for me."

Ellen licked her full lips before playing kisses around Steven's cockhead. "Perfect...just like that." Ellen dutifully continued her ministrations as Steven's erection grew.

"Open up, I'm coming in," he said delightedly, sliding his thick cock into her waiting mouth. He dug his fingers into her thick, beautiful hair, crying out as he slid down her wet throat. Ellen licked and sucked him expertly, her head bobbing back and forth and she pleasured him. But Steven decided he wanted more. He gently withdrew from Ellen's tight throat, and instructed the confused girl to go lay on the couch. He snatched off her shirt before she left the room.

Once she was settled on her back, he positioned her hands on each side of her chest, holding her tits in place and creating a gorgeous vision of young tender cleavage. Steven quickly reached between her legs, ignoring her yelp as he scooped out some of her fluids and rubbed them all over his cock. Ellen stared at him, wide-eyed. She had never had her tits fucked, though several guys had certainly proposed the idea to her. He knelt on either side of her, his long shiny tool sticking out proudly from his body. He slipped himself into the valley between her soft tits, quickly thumbing her nipples as an added bonus.

It was even better than he had imagined.

Her young flesh was so warm and soft, and coated in her juices he was able to work himself back and forth easily. The wide-eyed, slightly used look on her face was the perfect compliment for his libido. He added his hands to hers, tightening the canal of her chest. Steven felt his balls tighten up, and then exploded all over Ellen's chest, neck and chin. He groaned as his sac emptied. It was the best orgasm he'd experienced in ages.

"You're all wet now, aren't you?" Idly, he rubbed some of his copious fluids into Ellen's firm, perky mounds before climbing off the couch. Steven tossed a few twenties on the coffee table before heading upstairs to bed.

Ellen couldn't believe what had just happened. He had all but dragged her from her bed to eat her out on the kitchen counter. Her bleary mind collected three things: her tits felt slightly sore; Steven had licked her pussy twice in one night; she desperately needed to shower. She hauled herself off of the couch and towards her bathroom.


A few days later, I was in my room, IM'ing my best friend, Rachel. We were heading off to college together at the end of the summer, and we were super excited about this next phase of our lives. The computer chimed again.

*A new message from AlexV_313*

Cool. Alex Vorgen and I had been friends for years, ever since his family moved in next door. He and his brother Cameron (who was 6 months younger than me) were both seriously good looking, with bright aqua eyes and athletic physiques that were sure to tend towards husky once they'd filled out in a few years. The boys shared the large guest house in the Vorgen backyard. They had the largest house and lot space for blocks.

*Hey Ellen*

*Hi Alex! Are you in town?*

Alex was a junior at the same university I was about to go to, and I thought it a good excuse to chat him up under the pretense of asking for information.

*Yup. Really bored too.*

*I can hear your video games from my room.*

*Haha still bored. What are you doing?*

After a bit, Alex invited me to come hang out with him and Cameron later that night. He had just gotten two new tequilas from Mexico that I'd never heard of and I wanted to try them. I always had fun hanging out with these guys, and it had been a while. I was looking forward to it.

I took a shower, and decided to leave my dark blond curly for the night. The large curls stopped just above my puffy nipples. I dressed in a black, knee length sundress and mint green, beribboned flats. I applied just a touch of makeup and checked the time – 9:27. Perfect.

My mother was sitting in the kitchen, drinking her usual evening cup of green tea. I kissed her cheek before I left, telling her I was going to hang out at the Vorgens and not to wait up. I tried to ignore that the countertop she had her elbow on was the same one her husband had pressed me into as he explored me with his mouth only a few nights before.


I was drunker than I'd ever been.

Alex and Cameron were generous hosts, and after welcoming me into their guest house (which would have easily been a real house in some parts of the country, let alone most of the world) they had stuffed me full of delicious food and tequila. After several shots, I was feeling very lightheaded and relaxed. I lounged shoeless on the couch with Cam as he and his brother played another round of whatever new game it was they had. When Alex had won again, they turned off the game system and went back to hosting.

When Alex tried to press wine on me, I insisted on eating at least a little something else first, so they broke out the cheese and crackers. I don't think that did much. Still, here I was, on my second glass of wine.

Suddenly, Alex turned to me. "Ellen, how's your mom doing? I haven't seen her in ages."

"She's doing really good. She got a promotion last year, so she travels for work a lot, but I think she likes it."

"How's Steven? Do you get along well?"

"Uh, sure, I guess. He's fine."

"Just fine? " He raised his eyebrow at me, smirking.

That was very, very weird. Almost like he knows something... "Yes, Alex, FINE."

I drank some more wine to steady myself. Cam was watching me from the side. He leaned over. "We have something to tell you, Ellen."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?"

"We saw you," Alex said plainly.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"We saw you. In your cute little pink polka dot bikini, on the lounge chair, with STEVEN between your legs, licking your-"

Fuck. "Okay! So what? What do you want?"

"Nothing major," Alex said calmly, moving to sit beside me on the couch. "And we wouldn't even ask you if you weren't so beautiful."

"We want you to put on a little show for us," Cameron chimed in.

"A show? What do you mean?"

"I want to look at you. You're the most gorgeous girl I know, and I really-"

Alex cut his brother off. "You know, Cam has never gotten a really good look at a girl in person before, you know?"

"But, he- you slept with Alisson and Nicole."

"But I didn't get to really look at anything. They were shy, immature. Not like you at all."

"I don't know...."

"It's easy, Ellen," Alex said soothingly, "just give us a little show, and we won't tell your mom about your weekend activities."

This was not how I had envisioned this night going at all.

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