The Storage Bin


Wednesday night was "girls" night out.

Religiously, Jill went out with her friends on Wednesday, which left me with a night to do with whatever I pleased. Over the years I have grown to love my Wednesday nights "alone".

Back when Jill and I first moved in together and she first started her routine mid week evenings out, I was still working towards getting everything out of storage and moved into our apartment. One evening I was at the storage place, which is an 8 by 8 bin with a garage door like opening that you could drive up to. As I went through the boxes, I found my "secret" box. The secret box held a collection of my clothes that I rarely got to wear. Jill wasn't too fond of the secret box and frankly just pretended it didn't exist. But I hadn't forgotten, just hadn't had the time or place to dawn the tight skirts, sexy dresses, garters and high heels that it contained.

I couldn't resist opening the box and going through my collection of heels; sexy 5" high heeled sling backs, 6" platform pumps, and so many others. Suddenly, I dared myself to dress in a little summer dress and the 5" heels and walk to the car, parked just a few feet from the door of the storage area. My stomach turned at the thought of being caught walking to my car like this. Even though the place was deserted and the chance of this basically zero. It still scarred me: well sort of turned me on in a weird way.

I couldn't help myself, I was on. I took the bet. I slipped behind the mattress, out of sight from anyone outside the storage bin, and stripped. Then pulled out the dress and slipped into my 5" high heeled sling back pumps. Oh, what a nice feeling. Now, it was time to walk to the car and complete the bet with myself. My heart was pounding! Slowly I slipped out from behind the mattress. The place was dead quite ... clearly no one had pulled in. I would have heard anyone pulling in since the gate to the facility is so loud. Gathering up my courage, I was off. Clicking along in my heels as I walked in the summer night, I made it to my car in less than 30 seconds, but it felt like time stood still.

In the car, I sat and let my heart slow down a little. The feeling, of being in that sexy little dress and high heels, relaxed me. Then I worried what if someone pulls in? That was it, bet over, I made it. It was time to return to the storage bin and get back into my "guy" clothes and get back home. At home, I couldn't help but get worked up thinking about what I had done. And so it began!

Each week I would do the same thing, but each week I would dare myself to go a little farther. I would park farther and farther away from the storage bin, forcing longer and longer walks in my dress and heels. Then I started driving around a bit, why not, I was in the car anyway all dressed up, might as well have some fun. Fun consisted of slowly passing trucks and letting the drivers take a nice long look at my sexy smooth shaven legs. Or, fun sometime meant stopping at an ATM machine that required a short walk outside and possibly even being in view of passing traffic.

Each week, I would do a little more prep at home. Not so much prep as to give my self away if I ran into a neighbor on the way out, but enough so that when I threw on the dress and heels, I looked the part. I'm a pretty fit 5'7", so I can get a way with this stunt from a far easily. Cars passing by as I stood at the ATM machine probably wouldn't have thought twice about me as being anything but a sexy woman. Of course, given the high heels and short skirts, I did get a few honks.

One week returning to the storage bin after my drive. I found a note taped to the door of my bin. I froze in fear! Had someone seen me? I trembled as I grabbed the note and started to read.

The note read, "I love the outfit tonight! Please wear that one again next week!"

My heart sank, what had I done? Who was this leaving me a note? I quickly changed and ran to my car. As I pulled away, I saw a car in the rear view mirror, just parked at the end of the storage bin isle. An older man with grey hair sat in it and waved as I pulled away. My head spun that night. But, as the week progressed, the idea of someone watching me started to turn me on. Clearly he was enjoying the show and I couldn't help but start thinking about how I could spice it up even more.

By next Wednesday, I was looking forward to putting on a nice show for my secret admirer. I showed up at the usual time. And as usual, no one was there. Into the bin I went. I got dressed in a little garter, summer mini dress and put on the 6" platform pumps I had worn last week, so as not to disappoint. As soon as I stepped out of the bin, I noticed the car with the gray haired man again. The same one I had seen last week. Ok, game on! As I closed the door to my bin and locked it, I stuck my sexy ass out and let the dress ride up to expose my garters a bit.

Then I turned and started walking toward my car. My heart was pounding! This was the first time I had been in eye contact with someone staring at me as I walked. I did my best to sway a sexy sway and make my way towards my car. Smiling and winking at my friend as I got in my car. And off I went. Driving along, it was clear my friend had not followed me. However, on the return to the storage area, there was my friend again, still sitting in his car. Again, I gave him a nice show as I returned to my bin. And again, there was a note attached to my bin.

The note said, "Come say hi sexy. I'm too nervous to get out of my car and introduce myself."

Again my head was spinning ... this was it, should I actually meet this guy face to face. I couldn't resist, so I turned right around and made my way back outside. I clicked along in my heels as I approached his car. He motioned for me to get in the passengers seat and opened the door from the inside. This was it; I thought to myself, what if he was mean, rude, or just plain disgusting ... what would I do? But, for some reason, I just opened the door.

"Hi," I said.

He said, "Hi, I'm Jim."

"Nice to finally meet you," I said, "I'm Elaine."

And so it went. Turns out he had started watching me perform my little dress up routine almost from the start. He started telling me that it turned him on so much that he usually masturbated while sitting in the car. As he spoke, I couldn't help but notice that he must have had a huge cock since it was semi hard in his pants and seemed to go half way down to his knee.

I told him how much I enjoyed the attention and that it had turned me on too. That opened the flood gates!

He started telling me how nice it would be if I would suck him off. How sexy it would be if I would wrap my red lips around that cock of his.

"Whoa, slow down; I'm not ready for that yet!" I told him.

In fact I was very ready and the idea of sucking my very first cock thrilled me, but he was so big, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do a good job. He apologized profusely and felt bad about pushing. I assured him it was ok, and assured him, he could continue to stoke his cock while watching me.

The next week couldn't come fast enough. Each day, I practiced sucking cock on my biggest dildo; a full 12" long monster. I figured if I could deep throat that, that I'd have no problem handling my friend's monster cock. It wasn't easy, but day by day, I managed to deal with the gag reflex and by Tuesday, I could take the full 12" down my throat. I could even force it in and out, in a quick piston action without so much as a cough. I really enjoyed the felling of this thick dildo fucking my throat, and couldn't wait for the real thing!

Finally, "Girls night out"! I shaved my legs, dolled my self up, putting more effort than normal into a sexy foundation of long lashes, sexy red lipstick, and long red nails. I had ordered a new set of heels and a sexy dress too. So off I went.

As I pulled in, I could see my friend already waiting in his car. I was thrilled! Off I went to slip into my sexy new dress, a little purple number with a very short skirt and plunging neck line. Under the dress I had cinched myself into a little corset that helps push my man breasts together to form a little cleavage. I rolled on a pair of fishnet stockings and attached them to the garters of the corset. Finally, I slipped on my new heels. A pair of red sling back platform pumps. The very sexy sky high heel really completed the outfit! I was ready!

As I walked out, I could see Jim reclined in his car enjoying the show of me walking towards him in my sexy outfit. Step by step, I felt so sexy to be out here clicking along in these heels swaying my hips in the cool night air. The thought of Jim stroking that huge cock, drove me nuts. As I approached his car, I decided to walk over by his window and give him a show. Slowly, I gyrated my hips, doing my best to put on a good seductive dance show for him. I could see him staring at my ass and legs. He was jacking his cock hard.

At one point he rolled down his window and let me know how much he was enjoying the show. He said in the course of the last half our, he had already cum once and was already hard again. I couldn't take it any more ... I just had to have a taste of that cock! I walked right up to the window of his car, peered in and got a close look at that monster of a cock ... hard and just a drip of pre-cum at the head.

I said, "Sit back Jim, let me see if I can coax a second load out."

And with that, I bent down through the window and guided his hard 10" cock slowly into my mouth. The practice on the dildo paid off. I was able to take his nice hard hot cock all the way to the back of my throat, and then with just a bit of a push, take the rest right down my throat. I wrapped my long red nails around the base of his cock on each up stroke. It felt so much better that that cold plastic dildo. Nothing like a hard fleshy cock to sooth my throat!

Up and down my head bobbed on his cock shaft. The position, although not that comfortable being in 6" heels, short skirt, and garters, was certainly the perfect position to deep throat. The knob of his cock slid up and down nicely in my wet throat. I would pump it in and out of my throat as long as I could between breaths. Pulling it out just to take a quick breath, and then impale myself again. Oh what a feeling, the cool night air blowing up my skirt, the sound of my heels scuffing against the pavement as I worked on his cock through the car window, and the slurping noises of his shaft plunging between my red lips.

His moans quickened and he started to push on the back of my head harder and harder.

He started repeating over and over, "Suck it you little slut, suck my cock you little cock sucker!"

This encouraged me to take him even deeper. I was dieing to feel his hot cum shooting down my throat. I focused on the feeling of his cock rubbing against the side of my throat, waiting for any sign of cum shooting out, hoping I'd feel the warm stream so I could pull the head out enough to taste and feel the cum shooting all over my tongue. The moans kept coming as did the verbal abuse, which made me feel like such a little cum slut: I loved it!

"Wiggle that sexy little ass you slut," he started telling me. "Deeper baby, take that cock deeper!"

I tried, but it was already buried so deep I could feel his balls pushing against my chin.

Finally, he grabbed my head hard, slamming and holding his thick long shaft down my throat. He had pushed my head down so quickly, I lost my 6" high heeled platform footing and ended up draped across his door on my belly. My ass was completely exposed and my heels flailed to find footing as I continued to suck. I was determined to give that beautiful cock the best blow job it had ever had.

I could feel the knob of his cock swell a bit more and I knew, he was starting to cum. I pulled back a bit so the head of his cock backed out of my throat and into my mouth, where I could feel stream after stream of hot cum shooting out.

He groaned again, then said "Oh yes! Take it deep again you little cock sucker!" And again, he slammed my face deep on his cock, my throat taking the full length of that exploding cock!

"Whew!" he exclaimed, as I pulled the tip of his cock out of my mouth and licked up the last drop of cum. "That was fantastic!"

I let him know how much I had enjoyed myself too. He invited me into his car and I joined him. He couldn't stop thanking me for such a great blow job. No one had ever been able to deep throat his massive cock. I explained how I had practiced on the 12" dildo, and he was amazed I had put so much effort into it. I was too, but I was now glad I had since it clearly paid off.

"So glad no one else pulled in while I was going at it," I said. "Boy what a sight that would have been, seeing nothing but a high heeled figure bent over bobbing up and down on your cock."

"Uh ... right," he said.

"What! Did someone see us?" I demanded.

"Well, yes, as it turns out, a friend of mine knew I was going to see you again, and he actually came by as you were sucking me off."

I was freaked. "What the hell did you tell him for?" I asked.

"Sorry," he said, "I didn't think you'd mind. He thought you sounded great and just wanted to get a peek."

He went on to explain that this friend of his, Bob, had been dieing to meet me too. Jim had actually taken some video clips of me and shared them with Bob. I was a little upset about this at first, and then sort of turned on to know I had become such an attraction with these guys.

"Let me guess," I started, "Bob video taped me sucking you off too?"

Jim confirmed my suspicion.

"Well then, I want it!" I demanded.

Jim said, "Fine I'll give him a buzz right now."

Jim called Bob and within minutes, Bob pulled up in a big pickup truck. Jim said good night and that he looked forward to next week as I got out.

Continued soon ...

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