The Storm


This was not the kind of weather she liked to encounter while driving. Not at all. The wind was practically blowing trees to the ground and making the rain blow sideways. Lightning flicked the darkened afternoon sky, occasionally seeming to be hitting just in front of her, and the resulting thunder vibrated through her car.

It was bad enough to have to deal with this on the interstate, with traffic coming almost to a standstill and sporadic drivers thinking they were on the NASCAR circuit. To have to deal with it on a two lane blacktop out in the middle of nowhere, no idea where she might be, was just plain insane.

This was, perhaps, the most foolish thing she had ever done. Some people might say it was the most dangerous as well; but those people weren't aware that she hunted bad guys and had, on several occasions, been shot at, threatened, bruised, and most recently, beaten and left to die.

If she had been the type of woman given to crying jags, she'd be deep in one right now. Tears had no place in her line of work or her life. Don't show fear. And fear, after all, was the motivating factor behind all tears.

How ironic that she took a leave from her job, caught the first flight out of town going anywhere, all to avoid a potential dangerous situation, and here she was, in the midst of the worst storm she could remember. The wind gusts were so strong at times she could feel her car literally being lifted off the ground.

Yet another bolt of lightning lit the sky, illuminating the rain and the surrounding landscape. That was the only reason she was able to stop before running over the downed motorcycle in her path.

She slammed the brakes, and even at such a slow rate of speed, she felt the car hydroplane and fishtail before coming to a stop nearly sideways in the middle of the road, just inches from the fallen bike. Looking around the best she could, she saw no body. In her own car she carried a couple flashlights and a large umbrella; this was a cheap rental, no emergency supplies. Still, she couldn't leave in good conscious without at least making an attempt to look for the driver.

The wind caught her door, nearly ripping it off the hinges. Before she was even out of the car, she was soaking wet. She attempted to use the car to keep her up, but the wind and the rain won out and she felt herself slip to the pavement. Managing to get up again, she called out, despite the fact her voice would be lost in the roar of the storm.

More lightning. This time she was able to make out a shape near the ditch. Struggling against the force of the wind, she made her way to where she had seen the shape.

It was a man. He was trying to stand, but the rain had turned the dirt to mud and he kept sliding back. She reached out and took his hand to help.

"I just live up the road a pace," he said, shouting above the roar of the wind and the rain. "Can I get a lift?"

She suggested they move his bike to the ditch. With one of them on each side, they were able to set it upright. There was another bolt of lightning, this time seeming to be right on top of them, followed immediately by the sound of the loudest clap of thunder she had ever heard.

For a moment, she felt completely disoriented. There must have been some electric current or something crossing the ground. Just for a split second, she wished she had paid more attention in science classes; maybe then she'd understand what had happened.

They were soaked. If it had been her own car, there would have been a blanket in the back seat she would have had them sit on. She didn't really care if he got the seat of this car wet.

"I almost made it home," he said. "On my way back from practice, thought I had time to make it home before the storm hit. Then the wind caught me and I lost control. It's only about a mile up here. Thanks for the ride."

Conversation wasn't one of her strong points, especially with strangers. Conversations with anyone while driving in a car under these circumstances was just not going to happen.

She checked the odometer and when she'd gone three quarters of a mile, she began looking for a drive way. Just over a mile, he told her it was between the trees on the right. She could barely make out the shape of a building a few feet off the road.

He had her stop the car so it was in a position that if she got out, she could take two steps and be on the covered porch. With the wind blowing the rain, a covered porch meant nothing, though.

"Where's the nearest diner or gas station?" she asked him.

"Sweetheart, there's nothing for another fifty miles. Come inside to wait the storm out."

"Appreciate the offer, but…"

"You go another mile and it's all open. Nothing to break the wind. This little car will be blown all over. Come on in. Should be only another half hour."

More confident in her skills in self-defense than in her ability to keep a soap box derby car on the road in hurricane force winds, she accepted his offer. She turned off the engine, put the keys in her shorts pocket and retrieved her backpack from the backseat, then got out and made her way up the stairs to the porch.

Within three minutes he had the door unlocked and was ushering her inside. The lightweight cotton shirt she'd put on that morning to beat the heat was clinging against her body now. Her shorts were dripping, making a puddle on the floor within seconds.

"I'd offer to dry your clothes for you, but I don't own a dryer."

She plucked the wet material away from her body. She had a suitcase of dry clothes out in the trunk of the car; she'd change as soon as the rain let up.

"I'm fine," she replied.

He looked her over and smiled.

"Wholeheartedly agree." he said. "But let me give you a robe or something. I think I scraped my leg up in the fall, I'm gonna go have a look. I'll be right back."

He was gone ten minutes. She took that time to look over his home. It was basically one big room. She was in the living room, the kitchen was to her right. At the back, the bedroom was in front of her, the dining room at the back of the kitchen. He had disappeared behind a door between the living room and bedroom. The entire back wall of the house was glass, floor to cathedral ceiling.

He stepped out of the room wearing only a towel wrapped low around his hips. He'd brushed his shoulder length dark hair and washed the mud off his face. Until then, she'd had no idea what he looked like; couldn't have described him if her life had depended on it.

He didn't have the face or the body of a male model, but he wasn't ugly and he wasn't obese. The fact was, he was very 'Joe Average', and she'd always been attracted to that type. Dark hair, dark eyes, nothing to set him apart from any other average man… except for the dimple when he smiled and a small scar over his right eye.

"I think my leg is gonna be okay," he said, showing her the abrasion on the outside of his calf. "I don't think it's gonna have to get chopped off or anything. I'm just gonna be one sore mo-fo tomorrow, no doubt of that."

He was holding a flannel bathrobe.

"You can go ahead and put this on. Just hang your wet clothes over the side of the tub."

She took off her hiking boots and socks, leaving them near the door, then she took the robe from him and went into the room he had just left.

Three walls were glass. There was a garden tub on one side of the room, a walk-in shower in a corner, a vanity and sink against the inside wall, the commode behind the door. She took off her shirt and shorts, laying them on the side of the tub beside his wet clothes. There was definitely something very sensual about standing nearly naked, seemingly outside, while a storm raged all around, yet not being touched by it. Lightning flashed every 5 seconds, thunder blasted, and she could see the surrounding trees being beaten by the wind.

Her body felt electrified. As if there were sensitive nerve endings on every inch of her skin. Part of her knew it was probably because of the adrenalin rush of having spent the last half hour fighting against nature, and then being completely surrounded by it in this room. It was the strangest sensation she'd ever felt.

She unhooked the back of her bra, and while slipping it off, her arm brushed her nipple, sending a tingling feeling deep inside.

"Girl," she whispered to herself, "Get a grip."

She slipped her panties off, not entirely sure the dampness was completely due to the rain. This was ridiculous! Sure, she hadn't had sex in nearly a year, but to feel this turned on just because of some lightning?

She put the robe on. When the slight roughness of the material brushed against her nipples, she felt that same tingling again. Almost orgasmic.

"I need to get out of this room," she said, fighting the trembling of her body. "This is just stupid!"

He was standing at the counter in the kitchen. As she crossed the room, she held her arms folded in front of her to prevent the material from moving against her. It seemed to help.

He had taken sandwich fixings out. There was bread, lunch meats, cheese, condiments. Good. Distraction. Just what she needed.

She went to stand near him, careful to keep enough space between them so they wouldn't touch. Although she wasn't interested in long term relationships, never had been, she wasn't the type to fuck any stranger in a storm. Yet that's exactly what she wanted to do.

He offered to make her a sandwich, and she let him. Without being aware of having moved, she found herself close enough to smell his soap and shampoo, a fruity combination of apples and melons.

When he turned to give her the finished sandwich, she pushed his hand away forcing him to set it on the counter. He cocked his head sideways and gave her a questioning look. She untied her belt and pushed the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground.

He bent forward to kiss her. She turned her face away from him. Kissing was never one of her favorite things. It tended to make things seem more intimate, and she knew she didn't want that with him.

He looked at her, seeming somewhat confused by her action. She merely smiled, raked her nails down his chest, leaving a bright red trail, and yanked his towel off.

She wrapped her fist around his cock, pumping it between her fingers as she went to her knees in front of him. Still gripping his cock in her hand, she put her lips over one of his balls and sucked it into her mouth, flicking her tongue against it. She heard his intake of breath.

She continued to alternately suck and lick his balls while stroking his cock for a few minutes. Then she opened her hand and began licking the vein going up his cock, flicking her tongue against the underside of the head, before putting it in her mouth.

She sucked on his cock, letting her mouth slide up and down his shaft, licking him as she sucked. She put her hand on his balls, rubbing them, before sliding her hand between his legs, rubbing her finger against his perineum. Then she grabbed hold of one side of his ass and squeezed while gently biting down on his cock, her tongue teasing his head.

There had never been a time in her life that she had wanted anyone or anything as much as she wanted him right then. Every ounce of her being was begging for the feel of his cock deep inside her. Having always prided herself on self-control in any situation, this feeling of absolute need was new to her.

Knowing the reasons behind her actions didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was that she feel him deep inside her. That she find release from this pressure that was building into a storm of her own.

"Fuck me!" she said.

He put his hand between her legs, feeling her wetness.

"I wanna eat that pussy," he said.

"Fuck me!" she persisted.

He took her arm and dragged her to the bed, pushing her down on it. She tried kicking at him. He put his hands on the inside of each of her legs, splaying them so her knees were touching the mattress. She knew she could have overpowered him, but chose not to.

A moment later she felt his tongue licking her pussy, flicking against her clit. He was sucking at her, licking her, biting her pussy lips. She usually hated having oral done on her, but goddamn! This felt thrilling. She could feel her pussy throb, feel it getting wet. This had never happened before. She felt her hips bucking against his mouth and wondered how that was happening because she wasn't aware of making it happen.

Positive she couldn't take anymore, he continued for a few minutes longer. She was slightly aware of her breathing becoming irregular at the same time her body was tensing. She could feel her orgasm mounting, getting closer, closer… then he stopped.

"No!" she called out in an agonizing moan.

"Payback, baby," he said.

She put her hand on her pussy, needing to find that spot, needing to make it happen. He took her hand and pulled it away, then held both her hands over her head.

"No," he said.

He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, and in one fluid motion, drove his cock into her pussy until it was buried deep inside. He pulled out, then slammed into her again, over and over, his balls slapping against her ass with every thrust.

She watched him put his hands on her breasts, felt him rubbing his palms against them, squeeze them. Then he pinched her nipples, pulling them. He bent his head forward, his cock deep inside her still, and bit down on her nipple so hard she thought he might bite it off. She cried out in pain and he stopped biting, softly licking it instead, kissing it.

He withdrew his cock from her, took her hand and placed it on her wet pussy.

"Fuck yourself for me," he said, slowly stroking his glazed cock. "I wanna watch you cum."

She began to stroke her pussy, rubbing her clit. She put two fingers deep inside, fucking herself, feeling her juices flowing over her fingers while her other hand played with her clit. It wasn't long before she felt that familiar tenseness starting, felt the pressure rising. She couldn't have stopped the moans escaping her lips if she had tried.

"That's it baby," he said, his voice hoarse. "Make it happen."

"Oh God!" she called out, rubbing her clit while her fingers fucked her wet pussy. Close… close… her entire body tensed and she couldn't breathe… then sweet release as she felt her pussy contracting again, and again…

He pulled her fingers from her pussy, still in the throes of an orgasm, and she felt his cock thrust into her. Harder, faster… faster… then the feel of his cum filling her.

She couldn't move. If a tree had fallen in, or the wind blew a hole in the glass wall, she wouldn't have been able to escape. Her legs felt useless; like wet rags hanging from her hips. Her arms were no different. Breathing was a struggle.

He had collapsed on the bed beside her, face down. She knew he was alive because she could hear his breathing, but he didn't seem much more capable of movement than she was.

Good! As soon as reason and common sense returned, she knew she'd have been real pissed if he'd jumped right up.

Minutes later, he rolled onto his back and sat up. Then he got up from the bed and walked away, returning with a damp washcloth.

He lightly ran it over her face, down her neck, her shoulder, her arm, and then the same thing on the other side. She closed her eyes and felt the cloth being slowly dragged down her chest, over each breast and nipple. Thinking she had finally gotten control of her breathing, she found it was becoming ragged again with every brush of the cloth against her skin.

By the time he had brought it down her stomach, she could feel her pussy throbbing again, feel that tingling within the lowest parts of her torso. He ran the cloth over her pussy, the insides of her thighs, then back to her pussy. When he spread her pussy, gently wiping away their juices, she felt on the brink again.

Covering his hand with her own, she kept his hand there, guiding his touch, until she felt sweet release once more. Not as powerful as the last, but just as good.

As soon as she regained her senses again, he took her hand and helped her to stand. Keeping hold of her hand, he led her to the back glass wall.

The rain was still falling, but the wind had died down and the lightning wasn't a near as it had been. He opened a sliding door in the wall and led her outside to a patio.

She shivered at the touch of the cold rain on her heated body, but it felt good. Letting him lead, she went with him to a chase lounge.

He sat on the chair, stretching his legs out in front of him, then lifted one of her legs across his body so she was straddling him. With his hands on her hips, he lowered her until she was sitting astride him, his cock once again inside her.

There wasn't a time in her life that she had ever felt more alive than she did then. The rain still coming down steady, droplets teasing her hardened nipples, the feel of his hot hard cock inside her in contrast to the feel of the cold rain on her skin.

She leaned back, bracing herself with her hands on his calves, sliding her pussy up and down his cock while his thumb rubbed her clit and the rain drops slid down her body to her slit. Then she sat up, leaning forward so his face was between her breasts, his mouth sucking and biting on one, then the other.

Sitting up straight, she began to ride him slow, one hand rubbing her clit and his cock as her pussy slid up and down his shaft, the other hand playing with her nipples. She let the pressure build , savoring every little shudder, until it became too much. With every downward motion, his hips rose to meet her, his cock thrusting into her, until she once again felt her body tense, then tremble as her pussy contracted against his cock in an explosive orgasm.

Seconds later, she rose up off him, took a couple steps back, and bent forward, taking his throbbing cock into her mouth. She stroked him with her hand and her tongue while her mouth slid up and down his length, taking pleasure in the taste of her own juices on him.

She couldn't seem to get enough. Every moan he made, every thrust of his hips against her, made her want more. His cock began to throb against her mouth. Just as he was cumming, she pulled her mouth away, letting his cum spill down her chin and on her breast while she continued to stroke him with her hand.

Standing, she leaned back, letting the water wash her. Almost immediately, she felt herself being pulled down until she collapsed on top of him. He wrapped his ankles around her legs, holding her to him.

"And to think I thought my day was ruined when I dropped my bike," he said.

"And to think I thought my vacation was off to a bad start."

"Where were you headed?"


"I hope you enjoy your stay."

"I'm sure I will," she replied.

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