tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 02

The Story of Mallory Ch. 02


Monday morning came far too soon for Mallory; she sat in her car at the Starbuck's drive-through waiting for her venti Chai Tea Latte made with a shot of raspberry and non-fat milk. I am so predictable, she thought to herself, as she gave the barista a five dollar bill and dumped the change in the tip jar sitting on the ledge of the window. The cute young brunette handed her the hot drink along with a straw, she knew Mallory requested a straw every Monday when she indulged in the high calorie sugary treat once a week. "Thank you," she said, smiling at the girl as she drove away, placing the drink in the cup holder, turning up the volume on the radio and driving off to the plant just north of town.

Mallory pulled up to the parking lot, slowly easing into the same space she always did, third space from the last in the furthest row from the building; it was not an assigned space, just force of habit. She sighed as she sat in the car for a moment collecting her things, tea in one hand, purse strap slipped over her wrist, and the strap to the polka-dotted square lunch cooler grasped in her right hand. As she stepped out of the car, she looked at the beige stucco building where she had worked for almost two years as an accounting specialist, it was not the worst job she had ever performed, but she was getting bored.

She took a deep breath as she started across the parking lot; well, she thought, I cannot put it off any longer, I guess my vacation is over and it is time to get back to reality. As she walked in through the glass front door past the receptionist, she smiled warmly, "Good morning, Elka," she greeted the ageing woman behind the desk. Elka, the rotund German woman always had a ready smile for anyone who came through the door. She may not always transfer the phone calls correctly, often getting accounts receivables and payables mixed up, and screwing up all the mail, but she had an incredibly friendly personality and visitors and staff simply adored seeing her at the desk.

"Oh, velcome back, dear," she responded to Mallory in her thick accent, pushing the button under her desk, buzzing her through as she saw Mallory fumbling in her purse for her key fob to get through the locked door. "Don't you vorry... I buzz you in."

"Thank you, Elka. You're a life saver," Mallory winked, "I'm afraid I would be late if I had to dig through here trying to find it. I think my mind is still on vacation."

With that, Mallory walked through the door and headed back to her cubicle to get settled in for her work day; she knew it would be challenging as everyone would want to know what her vacation had been like. She was not even all the way down the hall and at her desk when the parade of co-workers asking after her had begun, "Hey, Mal, did you have a fabulous time?" it was Suzie, the customer service woman who sometimes loved, sometimes hated Mallory.

It put her on guard every time Suzie spoke her name; she was not certain who was talking to her, Evil Suzie or Angel Suzie. She was not the only one who had this issue with her, most people in the office had the same challenges with her, and behind her back she was called ES and AS when others referred to her wondering what her mood was that day. So when she heard her voice that day, she cringed, not knowing if it was ES or AS with her singsong comment about her vacation; Mallory did not even want to acknowledgement, but out of politeness, she did.

Pausing in the doorway to her cubicle, she turned to Suzie and said, "It was great, Suzie, too short, of course," indicating the fact she was only out of the office for a week. "But, I had a fabulous time. Guess I better get settled in now and start playing catch up, though," she stated, turning her back to the woman as she put down her belongings and pushed the power button on her computer.

"Well, I guess you don't have time to talk then," the woman said icily, clearly proving that it was Evil Suzie in the plant today. Just as well, Mallory thought as the woman walked away, I seriously do not have the energy to deal with her.

She was content to be busy for a change, as the work here had not been challenging since her first six months on the job. Mallory was more than willing to help anybody else complete their tasks when she was finished with hers, but with the new Sarbanes-Oxley rules put into place, there was little she could do to help others or to be cross-trained. She found it challenging to look busy, she simply did not have enough work; so in order to keep her somewhat motivated, her manager had her placed on every committee in the plant he could in order to keep her.

Mallory was happy to have such diversity in her job with the committee work, and it gave her a chance to get to know everybody in the facility. She enjoyed working with the shop employees; it was a nice change of pace sometimes from the stuffy white-collar workers who she found could take themselves way too seriously sometimes. It seemed she was well received by all in the plant, from the shop employees, her direct co-workers, middle management, and executive management, she seemed to fit in with ease regardless of which group she was working with at the time.

The morning passed by so quickly since she had a stack of work on her desk from the week she had been on vacation. A few people had stopped by her desk trying to distract her from working, but she was able to politely tell them she would catch up with them later in the week when she did not feel so inundated with paperwork. By the time it was 12:30, she was eager for her afternoon run; she headed for the women's restroom and grabbed her gym bag from the locker tossing it onto the bench as she sat down and started to remove her shoes.

She changed into her workout gear, placed her clothing into her locker, and then went to the mirror to put her hair up into a high ponytail. Just then, the door opened and in walked ES, UGH, she thought, just what I need when I am on my way out to go for a relaxing run. Mallory quickly put in her earphones and started to fumble with her MP3 player so she could pretend she was not able to hear her.

"Oh, don't worry, I don't have anything to say to you," ES said as she looked at herself in the mirror, fixing her makeup.

Now Mallory felt bad, maybe Suzie was not as "evil" as everyone thought, "Sorry, Suzie, I am just exhausted after my vacation... and when you came to my desk, I had just walked in really needed to get to work."

"No worries," she replied, "I had just kind of missed you. I really hate all of the other women around here. There was nobody to talk to when you were gone."

It was then Mallory noticed as Suzie was looking in the mirror, she had been wiping mascara away from her eyes, and her eyes were somewhat red, as if she had been crying. "Are you okay?" she asked her.

"Not really, Mal," she responded, "Jake left me. I caught the SOB cheating on me last week, then HE left ME. Can you believe that?" she said, emphasizing the he and the me as she spoke, her voice starting to crack and the tears welling up again.

"Oh, Suzie, I'm so sorry. Men can be such dogs. Do you want to go out after work and get a drink? Maybe talk about it?" she asked, secretly hoping she would say no, but knowing the girl would want to.

"Yes, Mal! That would be great. I couldn't wait for you to get back, I have been so lonely. Where do you want to go? Oh, I guess it does not really matter. How about the place just down the boulevard? Or somewhere closer to your house? You pick, I'm easy and game for anything, you know me," she was talking a mile a minute now, her mood changing from somber to excited.

"It doesn't matter to me, Suzie, how about something close to my house. You know us, we'll drink too much and need to walk home. Why don't you go home after work and grab some clothes in case you need to stay over? You can stay on the fold out." With that, Mallory looked down at her watch and decided she was going to have to do an incredibly short run today, as Suzie had taken up so much of her time already.

Usually after a run, she felt relieved, calm, and ready to face the afternoon; however, today was different, her run was too short, and after her impromptu evening plans with Suzie, she knew she would not be able to relax tonight. But, that was not all; she and Suzie had previously had an encounter Mallory had hoped to forget and she thinks the other girl had, but could not be certain.

They had been on a corporate retreat where they both had been interested in the same man, a salesman from another division. The evening turned into an embarrassing display of each of them behaving in an increasingly overtly sexual manner until the man blatantly asked for a threesome. It went so far as the three of them ending up in the man's room, but at the last-minute Mallory backed out, she just could not see herself going through with it; but, she is fairly certain Suzie would have done just about anything.

As Mallory got into the shower to wash off from her run, she started to think about that night, up in the mountains in a private cabin; what would have been so bad if I had participated? she thought to herself. After all, I did actually have a threesome on the cruise, and I rather enjoyed myself, I guess I am not such a prude, the thoughts flowed freely in and out of her mind of the threesome she did have, and the one she didn't. The hot water washed over her skin turning it bright pink; she poured soap on her loofah and began to scrub her body, mindlessly watching the suds move across her creamy skin, her calves, her thighs, her stomach.

She started to think more about Suzie; she wondered what it would be like to be alone with her tonight, and what it might be like if she remembered about the night up in the cabin. Mallory dropped the loofah to the floor and let the hot water keep flowing as she slowly began to caress her skin, she squeezed her nipples, gently tugging and pulling at them, then moved her hand slowly downwards. She moved it across her stomach, down between her thighs and began to rub her smooth pussy; she took a deep breath, inhaling as she slid a finger deep inside herself wondering what it might be like to be with Suzie tonight.

She took the shower head down, it was attached by a long hose, and turned the nozzle to a pulsating stream of water, then turned it towards her pussy; she used her finger to slowly rub her clit, the water beating steadily, her finger moving in and out, the steam filling up the stall. She could feel her breathing more rapidly as she was getting close to cumming, her pace quickened, her finger on her clit rubbing harder, she dropped the shower head to the floor, then used one hand to rub her pussy, the other went back up to her breast to tease and pull on it, harder and harder until she finally came.

Mallory picked the shower head up off the floor and finished rinsing off, turning the water down to cool first and taking a few deep breaths before stepping out of the stall. She dried off carefully, avoiding touching any sensitive areas of her body, feeling as if she could cum again at any moment, and then she got dressed again and headed for her cubicle.

She had a difficult time working the rest of the afternoon as she thought about what her evening would be like with Suzie, she hoped she could keep her mind on being supportive; but, at this point, she was not sure. It seems ever since the cruise, she could not keep her mind off of sex.

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