tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 03

The Story of Mallory Ch. 03


Mallory was somewhat anxious as she waited for Suzie to show up that Monday night; the evening could go in a myriad of directions and none of them would result in her getting to bed at a decent hour to be ready for work the next day. She looked in the refrigerator, thank goodness, she thought to herself, one more bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle, at least I can have a glass of wine before she gets here. Taking one of the wine glasses she received as a wedding gift but had kept packed away for years, they had no use for them as a couple since her ex never drank a drop; she slowly poured herself a glass, watching as the liquid swirled around the bottom of the glass as it rose three-quarters of the way to the top.

Walking over to the stereo, she put on her favorite Rod Stewart CD, and then thought about the situation; she was not trying to seduce Suzie or even create a certain mellow mood. She took the CD out, selected a radio station with current hits, and turned it to a reasonable volume, then looked around the room ensuring everything looked neat and tidy. When she felt satisfied with the room and its' contents, she settled into a big overstuffed chair with a magazine, mindlessly flipping through it as she nervously awaited the buzzer gate.

She nearly spilled her wine when she jumped at the intercom buzzing, alerting her Suzie was pulling up to the gate and needed to be allowed entrance onto the property. Mallory got up from her comfortable position on the chair, walked to the counter where the device was located, and pushed the button to let her friend in through the gate. She took a deep breath as she pondered what the evening held when Suzie walked through the door. Would she be a crying blubbering mess? she thought, or would she want to go out and party, completely forgetting about her boyfriend of 6 years? Either way, Mallory was determined to be there for her.

When Suzie walked in, there was no question in Mallory's mind she did not want to sit around and cry about John, she wanted to go out and forget he ever existed, or at least try. Mallory tried not to make it obvious, but she had never seen her co-worker look more gorgeous, she looked her up and down as she took in every inch, noticing for the first time how leggy she was. She was wearing an incredibly short black dress, thigh high stockings, thigh high suede boots, and had perfect hair and makeup.

"Suzie, I'm... I'm ... stunned, honestly. I don't mean to be rude, but in the office, you kind of dress like you just came off of the farm... I had no idea," Mallory meant to sound as genuine as she could without appearing jealous.

"Well, I just felt like dressing up. I haven't exactly felt good about myself since John left. Do you think I look too slutty?" she asked, truly looking for an honest opinion.

"I wish I could say differently, but you look gorgeous. Anybody else would look slutty in that, but you are totally pulling it off," Mallory responded genuinely, feeling true affection for Suzie, "Now I feel all schlumpy, and I thought I looked okay," she said as she looked down at her black pencil skirt, heels and sweater set.

"That's okay. Let's go look in your closet... I'm sure we can come up with something fabulous for you!" Suzie responded eagerly. "Oh, is that wine? Pour me a glass, and let's get busy."

With that, she headed to the bedroom, leaving Mallory behind to pour her some wine and catch up to her. Moments later, wine in hand, Mallory walked in to a hurricane of clothing being swirled around her room as Suzie flung items out of her closet saying, "This won't do, nor this, or this."

"Here's your wine," Mallory called out, trying to get the barrage of flying clothing to stop, if only thinking of the huge mess she would have to pick up later.

"Oh, god!!! This is perfect!" she heard Mallory exclaim as she came out of her closet, picking up the glass of wine off of the dresser as she did. She was holding up the tiniest red dress ever, it had a deep V in the back with a large slit up the side revealing a lot of thigh. "You have to wear this," she said, emphasizing the word have.

"Suzie!" Mallory cried, "I have not worn that dress in years. I can't wear that, I'd be so embarrassed. No way!"

"Oh, come on... you'll be gorgeous..." she begged.

After a little more pleading, Mallory gulped down the rest of her wine and finally had the courage to put on her little red dress. She selected a pair of strappy black sandals with 4 inch heels, and red lace panties to complete her outfit. Finally, they were ready to go out.

They walked the two blocks down the street to the tiny club, pausing for a moment when they got to the door to adjust to the darkness. For a Monday, it was actually pretty busy; it must be the two for one wing special, Mallory thought to herself as they pushed past the crowd of people to make their way to two empty barstools.

The bartender came over immediately to take their order, it wasn't hard to see why, the place was full of men and they were the only two women in there dressed like they were ready to go out; the only other women were dressed like lumberjacks, plaid shirts, work shirts, and jeans. Mallory ordered a rum and coke, Suzie a jack and coke, they were they to drink and commiserate about their failed love lives, no fruity cocktails for them tonight.

Within minutes men were swarming around the pair offering to buy them drinks, asking them to dance and play pool, and asking for their numbers. Mallory was certain Suzie was looking for something easy that night and was surprised to hear the woman respond, "Thanks for the offer, gentlemen, but I am here with my friend tonight, we are really just here to talk. Maybe some other night."

Soon, the men backed off and the conversation got deeper as the two women talked about life, work, loves, and lost loves. They drank more than either of them could remember drinking in quite some time and by the time they left the club, they had taken their shoes off and were giggling and laughing as they strolled arm in arm back to Mallory's apartment.

Suddenly, Suzie burst into song right as they were walking down the street, "She walked up to me and she asked me to dance, I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola..." Mallory burst out laughing, then joined in singing with her, "L-o-l-a Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola."

They continued down the street, all the way back to the apartment singing, "Well I'm not the worlds most physical guy, But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine, Oh my Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola, Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand."

By the time they got to the apartment, they were laughing so hard and having such a good time together, they had forgotten all about any of the times they had ever been sworn enemies at work, and there were plenty of those times. They got to the door, Mallory fumbled around in her purse as Suzie kept singing at the top of her lungs, "Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man, Oh my Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola."

"Shhhhh.... The neighbors are going to hear you," Mallory admonished, only half-heartedly, mostly enjoying herself and not really caring what her stuffy neighbors had to say. She finally found the keys and unlocked the door, the force of both of them leaning against it as she opened it slamming the door against the wall with a loud bang. They both looked at each other, giggling, "Shhh...." They both said, fingers pressed up against each other's lips.

Mallory closed the door with her foot, at the same moment, she and Suzie locked eyes, embraced, Suzie pushed up against her, pinning her to the door, they kissed. Mallory's mind was a melee as she wondered if this is the right thing to do, if she should allow this, if she should fight it... but her body took over. She kissed Suzie back, passionately, both women standing at the door, tongues swirling in each other's mouths tasting each other.

They did not move from the entry-way as they began to tug and pull at each other's clothing; Mallory threw the shoes she had been carrying in her hand, Suzie dropped the boots. Mallory reached behind Suzie and unzipped the black dress, helping her out of it; Suzie helped Mallory by pulling the red dress off over her head. Suzie was standing there in black thigh highs, panties and her bra, Mallory in her red lace panties and bra. Suzie reached behind Mallory, unhooking her bra, taking in a deep breath as she sees Mallory's breasts free from the bra.

She stood in front of her, looked at Mallory, then bending down taking one breast into her mouth, her tongue flicking the nipple, gently biting and pulling on it, then the other. Mallory moans lowly, Suzie's hand reaches down between her legs and begins to rub, over the material of the lace, she can feel how wet her friend is becoming, causing her to moan even more. Suzie hooked her finger into the sides of the red lace panties, slowly pulling them down, bending forward as she does, her mouth level with Mallory's perfectly clean-shaven pussy. Leaning forward, slowly licking the brunette's pussy as she continues to remove her panties; Mallory gasped loudly, putting her hand on Suzie's head guiding her to her pussy.

Suzie stood back up and removed her panties and bra, leaving on her stockings; she took Mallory by the hand, leading her from the entry-way to the couch. Mallory was completely willing to do anything at that point, no longer apprehensive and embarrassed. She followed Suzie to the couch and sat as indicated, spreading her legs. Suzie knelt on the floor in front of her, continuing to lick Mallory, smoothly and slowly licking the folds of her pussy, then inserting one finger, then two, then three and begins to fuck her with them. Mallory began moving her hips back and forth, coaxing the fingers to fuck her harder, begging them to move inside of her.

Suzie licked and kissed her friend's inner thighs as she continued to finger-fuck her, then moved up her body, licking, kissing, and sucking her breasts, sending Mallory into a frenzy of sexual desire. She fucked the woman faster and harder, enticing her to cum, Mallory moving her hips faster and faster. Suzie could feel her getting closer, so she took one finger out and slipped it into Mallory's ass, causing the woman to cum instantly, bucking roughly against Suzie's fingers.

Mallory lay spent on the couch, satiated, but wanting Suzie to feel as good as she did. She reached out for Suzie to move up next to her on the couch and take her place, which she gladly did. Mallory said, "I'll be right back. I have something I think you'll like."

She returned with a vibrator, it was small, pink, but incredibly powerful; when she turned it on, it vibrated so powerfully her arm started to shake. She placed it against Suzie's pussy and started to rub; she could tell by the way she moaned the woman was enjoying it. Mallory moved the vibrator and replaced it with her tongue, tasting her, sliding her tongue as deeply as she could inside of her. She continued to fuck her with the vibrator, in out, in out, and licking her pussy. She was dripping wet, pushing her hips forward, trying to feel every pulse of the vibrator, every lick of Mallory's tongue.

Soon, she could not take anymore; Mallory could tell Suzie was about to cum, she took the vibrator and turned it up to the highest speed; lying on her side next to Suzie, then slid it in and out as she licked the outside of her pussy. Suzie was screaming out in ecstasy as she came in waves, over and over again. Finally, she finishes; Mallory turned off the vibrator and threw it on the floor. She laid her head down on Suzie's thigh and fell asleep.

Mallory woke up the next morning with an extremely fuzzy head and an empty apartment; she was not certain exactly what happened; until she found the note: Dear Mallory, thanks for a great night! It was exactly what I needed. You are a great friend. I can't wait to get together again. Always, Suzie.

Great, thought Mallory, what have I done? And am I going to do it again?

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