tagNovels and NovellasThe Storytellers Ch. 04

The Storytellers Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

This was the stuff of wet dreams, and it was happening to me in real life. I worked my mouth back and forth, alternating attention from one mound to the other. I was like a starving person, wanting to devour as much as possible before the meal was taken away.

Eventually, my hand dropped to Belva's knee. She responded to this by spreading her legs apart and giving me more room to explore her inner thighs.

I really believe that if I hadn't had so much to drink I wouldn't have gone on, but I had, and so when she raised a knee, I went for the gold and moved my fingers to the silken-covered gap that separated her legs.

Despite her moan, I was surprised at how damp she was. Not only was the crotch of her panties wet, but the skin next to them was wet and slippery. I moved my fingers into the gooey furrow that was her pussy and carefully slipped a finger under the elastic edging of her undies.

"Take them off," Belva whispered.

"Take what off?" I asked, confused by what she meant.

"My panties, get them off, hurry, they're in the way!"

She pulled up the hem of her dress, so that the dress was now completely bunched up at her waist. Even in the dim light of the apartment, I could see she had on white panties, with little rosebuds sewn in around the edges.

When I hesitated, she grabbed her panties and started pushing them down. I put my hands right next to hers and pulled. Between us, we had the silken unmentionables down to her hips in a flash. She put her leg back down and lifted her bottom up, so that I could finish removing them. As I took them from off her feet she put them in her purse.

"To make sure I don't lose them," Belva said, with a soft laugh. "They're my best pair and I can't tell you how hard it would be to replace them." Then she leaned back against me, putting her head on my shoulder. She raised her right leg upon the sofa, leaving me to gawk at the thick bush and gaping pussy below it.

Taking one of my arms, she placed my hand on her stomach, just above the shadowy mass of hair nestled between her legs. Then she turned her face to mine, and opened her mouth for a kiss. We did the tongue thing, and when I heard her moan again, my finger plunged into her slick, glistening pussy.

I was far from being an expert in sexual things, but like most everyone else, I got the hang of it quickly enough. My powers of concentration were about as high as they'd been on Normandy Beach, and knowing the end result would be dramatically different, I was able to focus almost all my thoughts on her pussy and her reaction to my ministrations to it.

It seemed that anytime my fingers brushed over or against a tiny bump at the top of her pussy, Belva would groan and hunch herself against my hand. I recalled that Edith had steered me to a similar spot repeatedly that time in Paris; it was obviously a pleasure point, and I remembered to keep returning to it.

Then, as if wanting to prove me correct, Belva broke our kiss long enough to mutter, "Oooh, yes! That's the spot, right there!"

My dick may have been hard before, but now it throbbed and jerked with each beat of my heart. My finger found a recess that dipped down, and I began to plumb its depths, going inch by inch into Belva's hot warmth until it was buried to the knuckle.

She was moaning almost non-stop by this time, and so I reversed direction, and worked the finger out of her, in the process, resting my thumb on that tiny bump. Suddenly she was humping her hips up against my hand, meeting each of my finger plunges with a reciprocating movement.

For some reason, I began to move my fingers much faster, and continued doing so until she stopped moving and stiffened her entire body.

"Oh, God, Roy, I'm there! I'm there!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

I felt the tunnel of her hot pussy clamp down on my finger, gripping it like a hot fist. She shuddered and gasped, wrapped both arms around me, and held me tight, as her body quivered and jerked.

She stayed like this for several moments, before gradually relaxing. She let loose of her tight grip and moved away from me. My finger which had been buried deep inside her now was withdrawn, and I contented myself with playing little soft games with her pussy

"That was my first release in weeks," she said. "And it was really, really good!"

Then she put a hand on the side of each of her breasts and gently pushed them together, she grasped her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and rolled and pulled at them tenderly. I couldn't have been more excited had I been doing it myself.

I grabbed her foot and pulled off her shoe. Briefly, I tickled the bottom of her foot, but seeing that this only frustrated her more as she squirmed on the couch, I gritted my teeth and moved on to kissing her ankle. Then, recalling how Edith had brought me along the third time we'd made love that long ago evening in Paris, I moved up her leg, past her knee...

"Oh... are you gonna?"

"Let me do it to you before you do to me. Okay, Belva?"

"Oh, you're gonna be my hero for sure," Belva answered. "Let me lay back on this armchair so that you can get to me."

She moved to the armchair and sat, leaning back and then place a leg on each arm of the chair. Her hips were at the edge of the chair, and the very center of her sexual being was fully exposed and available to me. I knelt at her feet between her spread-eagled legs, and paid homage to Belva's bushy womanhood.

I moved in closer to her and put my hands under her ass, lifting her hips up to my face. As I drew close, I could detect the faint, musky aroma of her sex. Contrary to what I'd heard from the "guys," the smell was pleasant, and highly erotic, and not fetid or putrid.

"OH, ROY... NO ONE'S EVER...."

Ignoring her, I placed a series of long, wet kisses along her inner thighs. Panting rapidly, Belva feebly waved a hand as her mouth bit at the air; and with her other hand she grabbed a nearby pillow, put it over her face and bit hard onto the corner.

Moving upward, I found myself inches away from her glistening sex. I leaned in, pressed the tip of my nose against the tiny button that Edith had assured me was the key to a woman's arousal just as my lips almost imperceptibly brushed the mouth of her pussy. Taking a deep breath, I made contact with Belva's sex; my lips brushing across the swatch of curly hair that grew so abundantly between her legs.

"THAT'S IT!" Belva exclaimed and seized my hair with both hands the moment my tongue flickered hesitantly over her outer folds. She was wet and slick and I took a generous sampling of her before drawing my tongue back into my mouth, where I savored the strangely pungent taste of her.

It like nothing I had ever tasted, but I knew I wanted more of it and returned to her center to suck and lick feverishly while listening to her purr and moan.

As her flower opened ever wider for me, I delved in deeper and deeper, or least as far as my tongue would allow.

I recalled a bar room joke I'd heard about some guy getting all the girls in the place to screw him by licking his eyebrows, and realized the true point of the joke.

My tongue came up short of the hot pit I knew was just inches away, and I moaned at the thought of never getting there. A moment later I realized my cock would reach it easily enough and I relaxed and continued my happy munching.

As my tongue twisted and turned inside her unbelievably hot sheath, Belva's hips began to heave and her purring sounds of pleasure intensified.

"Yes! Do that again!" she moaned.

Of course I did and she began to shudder with each touch of my tongue. I took it between my lips and sucked.

"Incredible!" she moaned as her hips convulsed into my face.

Using only the very tip of my tongue, I began a gentle lashing of her love button, using circular strokes.

"YES, YES, JUST LIKE THAT!" she growled, hunching her pussy hard against my face. Her legs came up and wrapped around my back, spreading her pussy open and granting me greater access to her sleek, yet swampy flesh.

She reached down and stroked the top of my head; her hands caressed my ears, my neck and the sides of my face that she could touch. I recall her fingers combing through my hair then stopping only to grab two fistfuls of my hair and yank hard when I inadvertently came into contact with the little button Edith had told me about that night in Paris.

Belva's hips began moving rapidly, jerking upward in quick up and down movements.

"OH, GOD, I'M CUMMING!" she screamed.

Instinctively, I doubled the speed of my flickering tongue, knowing it would hasten her climax.


I felt her pelvis vibrate. Little convulsions ran through her stomach muscles, and Belva became frozen; completely still except for the spasms in her pussy, stomach, and thighs.

"OOOHHH, ROY!" she moaned; then started to pant. Her legs, which had been around me, began to jerk and pull even tighter around me. Her back arched and held her pussy against my mouth.

I knew she was coming, and coming in a big way. Even more, I knew that I had done it. I had eaten my first woman and brought her off big time. My ego was never bigger than at that moment.

My tongue snaked out and tunneled into her, at the same time, my nose must have ignited her clitoris because Belva exploded in what she later described as 'an intense, impossibly satisfying climax.' From my personal perspective, she was shivering with what I can only attest to as a profound ecstasy that caused her to faint away for several long seconds.

I remained close to her pussy while waiting for her sensibilities to return. A heavenly scent filled my nostrils as I studied her engorged genitals. Sensing Belva's return to consciousness, I allowed my tongue a quick lick along her inner labia.

Belva's hips lurched up, and I heard her gasp.

"I... I wasn't finished, Belva," I whispered.

"I NEVER..."

"I can tell," I replied and then began to lick her using short, slow strokes. She raised her ass bringing her pussy to bear on my mouth and I took full advantage, tickling her coral passage before opening my mouth to its fullest and covering her entire pussy.


My tongue swept inside her, swirled around her soft, hot walls then reached as far as possible into her tunnel before withdrawing. I did this over and over, increasingly faster, until we found a perfect rhythm as she ground her pussy against my face.

When my tongue tired I sucked, tugging gently on her inner and outer labia. Then I lashed at her with my tongue again, making sure to hit her clit on every three or four laps. Her body jolted each time I touched her there, and the jolts were getting bigger every time.

My cock was throbbing with need, but my mouth had a mind of its own, and as my hands squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks, I felt Belva start to tremble. I grabbed her ass, pulled her up until her legs were fully in the air then shoved my tongue deep into her cunt. But I didn't just stick it there, I licked and swirled and lapped and sucked.

And Belva screamed as if her life depended on it. Her juices were smeared all over my face. Yet I kept lapping at her as she had one tumultuous climax after another.

Eventually her body began to shudder, not from the orgasms, but in a new way. As if she was crying. I let her legs and ass down, prompting her to bring her face off the couch cushions. But even as I did this, I didn't stop licking her.


And when I renewed my cunt-lapping, still crying, she added, "OH FUCK! I LOVE YOU, BABY! DON'T EVER STOP!"

Belva had been wet before, but that wetness was nothing compared to then. My whole face was coated with her juices and some was even dripping from my chin, down my chest and onto my prick. The whole inside of her thighs and all the hair of her pussy forest was soaked with her abundant flow. She had become so wet it was as if she had shot off like a guy does.

Slowly, Belva began to relax. The arch in her back disappeared as she lay in the armchair; her legs dropped from my back and clumped on the floor. I took my mouth from her pussy and asked, "How was I Belva? Did I do it right?"

Belva, sounding groggy, said, "All right?" Her ensuing smile gave me my answer before she did. "All right? I can't remember ever coming that hard. You're a natural, Roy, a natural born pussy eater. I'll write a letter of recommendation for you to hand any woman you want to meet, if you want me too."

She sat up straight in the chair and pulled me up and onto her lap. Pulling my face to hers, she kissed me. My whole mouth was still slick from her juices, and she licked the juices from my lips and cheeks. Then slithered her tongue into my mouth, and swirled it inside my lips seeking more of her juice. Slowly the kiss turned into just pure lust, until she broke it off to say, "The only thing I want more than the taste of my juice in your mouth is the taste of your cum in my mouth.

I curled up in her lap and rubbed her ass and kissed her shoulder. I was still horny as hell, but I knew we both needed rest. We lay there for about fifteen minutes, just listening to the radio and whispering about how great it had been.

Belva's lips suddenly nibbled at my ear lobe, and I heard her husky voice whisper, "Poor baby, you must really need it bad by now."

"Um, I...." I started to say, but stopped the moment she reached for the bulge in my pants and gently caressed it.

"Well, don't worry, baby. After what you did for me... I'm gonna try to take care of you."

Strangely enough, I recall thinking she sounded a lot like my mother. But the second she began unbuckling my belt all thoughts of mother flew out the window.

"Sweetie, why don't you undo your pants and slide them down out of the way? I have the feeling we're fixing to have us a big mess here real soon," she said.

I followed her directions and pushed my pants down to my knees. "Your underwear, too," she said, already holding my throbbing dick in her hand watching it ooze the fluid that presupposes the ejaculate soon to follow.

"Oooo, you're nice and wet. I like that," Belva said, and her nostrils flared as she ran her thumb over my cockhead, gathering up the lubrication and spreading it down the shaft.

"Let's get it even wetter," she said. She spit into the palm of her hand, and put the palm down on the crown of my dick, and then spread the combined saliva and love juice all over my throbbing cock. She then cupped her hand around the shaft and began a slow up-and-down movement, gently squeezing and unsqueezing her hand.

"OH, Jesus, baby!" I muttered.

"Like that?" Belva asked.

"Oh, yes! Don't stop, keep it up!" I half grunted.

"I could suck you off. Would you like that?"

I couldn't find my voice to say the simple," Yes," that would make it happen.

It didn't matter. Her red lined mouth descended upon my dick, engulfing it between her soft lips. I was about to die from the pleasure of it all, the peaking, the backing off, and the re-peaking.

My balls felt like they were swelled to balloon-size from all the waiting and I was ready to fire off like a Roman candle on the Fourth of July.

"I guess you're the same as me," Belva said.

"How so?" I asked weakly, only because it seemed she wanted me too.

"I loved what you did to me; why shouldn't I reciprocate? Is that the word, I mean is it the right word to use?"

"Yes," I croaked my voice now a ragged reed, empty of anything but a soft tremor. I was more concerned at this point about coming prematurely than anything else. I would have promised to rob a bank for Belva, or anything else just to get on with things. "Reciprocate... perfect choice of ...."

"Let's switch places. You sit and I'll kneel."

While I had known all along that she would reciprocate, it was still strange to hear her announce that she was about to blow me. My throbbing prick arched up in anticipation of being engulfed by her mouth.

Belva moved down to between my legs and pushed them apart so that she could move her face up to my groin area.

"God, you smell hot," Belva said. "There's something about your aroma, I mean when it's leaking like yours is that makes me want to take you in my mouth."

I closed my eyes. Belva grew silent, and suddenly I felt something hot and wet move across the head of my prick. It was like a flash of electric current, and my hips jerked in response. Never before had I felt anything so pleasurable, not even Belva's hand moving up and down my wet prick. I realized that what I was feeling was Belva's tongue swirling across and around the head of my prick. The feeling was unbelievably good and my prick spasmed in reaction, sending another glob of juice dribbling out the slit.

"Mmmm," she moaned contentedly, and licked the dribble away. That of course, only caused more to dribble out, and Belva took the whole head in her mouth, licking and swallowing the flow of pre-come leaking so copiously from my pulsating, throbbing prick.

I arched my hips up to her mouth and groaned, "Oh, God, Belva!"

She was obviously pleased by my reaction to her ministrations and moved her mouth even further down on my shaft, taking about half its length into her mouth's hot cavity. She sucked on it then, her mouth a wet, slurping vacuum cleaner. As she sucked, she moved her tongue in little fluttering motions over the area just below the head of my prick. I struggled to file that move away so as to use it on her the next time I went down on her. I also swore that there would be a next time.

I was being taken to levels of pleasure I didn't even suspect existed. If heaven were better than this, then I couldn't wait to get there. I had one big problem. I was ready to cum.

Belva must have sensed it, and removed me from her mouth. "I've never done this before, Roy. I want you to know that. But I want to do it. You have this... yummy taste. I just love it!"

Then she blew ever so lightly on the head of my cock. A moment later her nails scraped along the entire length of my shaft before dropping off to repeat the procedure on my testicles.

It was like being stroked by a feather, and the feeling was almost as good as having her mouth and tongue on my prick. Then I felt something different. It was the flat of Belva's tongue licking my balls; stroking them using small circles then taking first one, then the other entirely into her furnace-like mouth and sucked them while I almost cried with joy.

Eventually her tongue moved up the side of my dick, licking and swirling about as she sought out and found every drop of juice leaking from my one-eyed companion.

The heavenly sensations returned the moment she enveloped my turgid shaft back into her mouth again, absorbing it inch by inch, until three-quarters of it was lodged in her throat.

Belva took me from her mouth and laughed. "Am I doing it right?"

"Love it!' I exclaimed.

"Let me try something different," she said and swallowed me again. Only this time she kept consuming my cock; kept absorbing me much as a sword-swallower might a sword. And then, to my astonishment I saw her mouth was nestled in the curls of my pubic hair.

I felt the head bump against the back of her mouth; felt the vibrations of her throat all around the rigid stiffness of my pulsating prick. I heard her gulp for air, and wondered if she might suffocate, or choke to death trying this insane thing. It just wasn't possible... was it?"

Then she did some kind of trick with her throat and my prick started to back up and out of her mouth until only the head remained, lolling against her tongue.

Taking me all the way out, she grinned at me and said, "I wondered if I could manage to get it all in there."

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