The Stranger


"Are you sure you two don't want to come with me?" I pleaded, hands laced together as if praying for a miracle.

"You can just come with us instead, you know," Ashlynn responded.

"Yeah Callie," Lindsey added. "Just come with us we're going to have a way better time."

"You know Kings of Leon are my favorite," I told Ashlynn and Lindsey. "There's no way I can miss them!" I added with a pouty frown, hoping it would help convince them. "Come on, I mean, they play real music. With instruments."

"Steve Aoki play real music," Lindsey retorted.

"Yeah, real stupid," I said.

"Sorry! Can't do it," Ashlynn said. "Me and Lindsey are going to dance our butts off with Steve Aoki. We'll meet up with you after for Tame Impala. Sound good?"

"Yeah, yeah," I said grumpily, upset I couldn't convince either of them to skip out to come with me. "I'll meet you guys by the food stands over by the main stage in a few hours. Later losers!"

Ashlynn stuck her tongue out at me and smiled, and she and Lindsey walked away to the other side of the festival. I turned back in the other direction and headed off towards the already crowded stage where Kings of Leon were about to play, determined to have a better time without them.

The walk to get to the back of the crowd was only a few minutes, but felt like much longer. It was just about 9:00pm and the sun had just set, but heat still radiated off the ground creating a tangible, humid smugness in the air. Sweat accumulated in my brow and I lifted up my sunglasses to wipe my forehead clean with the back of my wrist.

I continued on until I reached the back of the crowd, and paused to figure out where I was in relation to the stage, and contemplate how far up I was willing to wiggle my way through the crowd to get the best view possible. I was thin and short, and also by myself now, so I figured I could manage my way through pretty easily.

As I stood there I could already feel the added heat of the thousands of bodies standing in front of me and a slippery layer of sweat coated my summer-tan skin. I was grateful I decided to change into a bikini top and short shorts before heading back into the music festival after lunch, making the wait for Kings of Leon a bit easier. I took a long swig of water from my bottle, capped it, and started to make my way forward.

It was easy enough, at first. The crowd was fairly dispersed at the back but the people quickly got more and more densely packed as I continued forward. I slipped my way through bodies, twisting and turning sideways, looking for new openings in the crowd.

Sometimes I got myself into a jam and had to squeeze between two people, our sweaty bodies sliding across each other. Occasionally I found myself pressed so tightly that my B-cup breasts were pressed up against someone's back while I squeezed my little bubble butt across someone else behind me. No one seemed to be too irritated by the short brunette girl briefly intruding on their personal space. It seemed common for large groups of people to try and maneuver their way closer to the stage, so it didn't seem to bother anyone when it was just me wiggling my way through.

I got to a point, about 30 or so people back from the stage, where I felt there was just enough space to breathe a little, and decided it was a good place to stop for now. The stage was so close, and I started to get really excited!

People around me all seemed equally as excited as I was, some of them dancing around to the background music as best they could due to the confined space we were all huddled in. Two girls and a boy to my left were dancing in place and I joined in, smiling to them. They smiled back, and one of the girls waved her hand, calling me over to her. I wiggled my way over to her and she turned her back to me, grinding her butt against mine while twisting her hips with her hands in the air. I mimicked her, pressing my ass back into hers and laughing. I was lost in the moment for only a few seconds, happy to be enjoying my time dancing with strangers and waiting for my favorite band to start playing, and so I didn't notice the drunken boy who came stumbling through the crowd.

It was all but too late for me to dodge out of the way before I realized he was about to collide with me, his heavy body tripping and twisting as he smashed into me, knocking his elbow into my shoulder and taking me down to the ground with him.

I was stunned for a moment, not even quite sure what had happened. When I came to my senses I first realized my sunglasses had been knocked off my face, then that my shoulder hurt, then that there was a 200lb boy on top of me. He stumbled to get himself up off me but clearly had no motor skills.

I tried pushing him off me but to no avail and I quickly realized he was completely inebriated. He reeked of alcohol and could barely hold himself up off the ground for more than a second or two. I glanced up, a little embarrassed at the situation I was in, pinned to the ground by a drunk fool, only to find a small circle of people just looking at the scene, yelling at the boy but not really doing anything to help. I was starting to feel a little helpless when finally someone from the crowd came through, and practically without effort, lifted the boy I could barely nudge, and tossed him to the side, then offering me a hand.

I grasped it, and he held it firmly, picking me up and helping me to my feet. I wiped the sweat out of my eyes and looked up. The guy who helped me was probably 5'10". He was shirtless, had bright blue eyes and was in great shape, his chest meaty and strong and I could see all six of his abs.

"Hey, um," I started. "Thanks!" I was able to manage. "That all happened so fast, and then at the same time I thought I was going to be stuck underneath that guy forever." I smiled, looking up at him. I admired his clean shaven face, strong jaw line, and short hair messily gelled to the side.

He looked back down to me, his eyes reflecting the bright lights from the stage. "Hey, no problem," was all he said. He held something out in his hand for me. I looked down.

"My sunglasses!" I exclaimed. I had completely forgotten they had been knocked off.

"Thank you so much, I owe you one!" I took the sunglasses back and put them on.

"Sure," he said. "Next time there's a drunk guy pinning me to the ground, I'll give you a call." We laughed.

There was some more commotion from the drunk boy as he finally managed to get himself up off the ground as he stumbled into more people in the crowd. Rather quickly a few members of security got to him and escorted him out of the area. People started applauding the security members as they began to chant, "Get him out! Get him out!"

I started to chant too, smiling as other people around me asked if I was alright or if I needed some water. I told them all I was fine, just glad to be back on my feet. As the situation died down my adrenaline fell, and that combined with the heat caused me to feel a bit faint. I relaxed, drank more water, and felt better, excited again for Kings of Leon to start.

I looked around trying to find the boy that helped me, but he had vanished off into the crowd. The girl I was dancing with was also gone. I was starting to miss my friends but just when I started thinking about them, the band took the stage. An eruption of cheering waved over the crowd and I was brought back to the reason I was here.

Kings of Leon were all business, grappling their guitars and getting right into it. They started with 'Tapper Jean Girl,' and immediately the crowd of strangers was united as a whole, hopping side to side with the intro guitar riff. People started moving forwards towards the stage and I had no choice but to go with the flow. Everyone stepped forwards a good 20 feet that magically appeared from condensing everyone together even more than they already were. I was so close to the stage now! Everyone was swaying to the music, grinding up against one another. I didn't even mind the sweaty bodies up against me. I was just having a great time moving to the music.

A few more songs passed and I was completely entranced. The music, the flashing, dazzling lights, and the movement of the crowd made me feel like thousands of people were united by their love of music. The heat was exhaustive but no one, including me, seemed to care at about the sweat pouring off of everyone in a hot mess.

The next song to play was 'Beautiful War,' and shortly after it started I noticed someone behind me, rocking his body slowly, in sync with my own. Gently left, then ever so softly back to the right. His body was in perfect rhythm with mine and syncing exactly with the changes in the slow trance of the song. I slid my body back, pressing my ass into his hips a little firmer, noticing his muscular thighs, moving with me now as if we were a single entity. Beautiful War came to a close and I twisted around to get a better look at who I was dancing with.

"Oh my god!" I blurted out in a yell over the noise of the crowd. It was the boy from earlier who helped me up! I couldn't believe it! "You found me!" I told him.

The boy simply nodded and smiled back to me. I looked into his eyes, and there simply wasn't anything left to say. He knew how grateful I was for him helping me out and he was all too sincere about it. The next song started, and I turned back to the stage, happier than ever, dancing with the boy that saved me.

A few more songs passed and we really started sweating. 'Temple' played and the two of us were rocking out, grinding our bodies up against each other, swaying side to side, leaning back into each other. With me having only a bikini top on and him being shirtless, our silky skin slid over each other, gliding around. It was so much fun! I could feel his shorts were drenched, as were mine, and I laughed to myself at how, under normal circumstances, this might be kind of gross. But in the moment I couldn't care less. It was hot and sexy and fun.

The song 'Super Soaker' played next and Kings of Leon had a team of people come up on stage with actual super soakers, spraying the crowd with some much needed, ice cold water. We were just close enough to get a full hit of water. It felt incredible and rejuvenating as we continued to dance around as I enjoyed the sliding around the boy's muscular body more and more.

The song 'Pyro' started playing and the boy moved behind me again, this time pressing his body firmly into mine. I decided to be playful and press my ass back, twisting my hips side to side and up and down in a forwards and back circular motion. At first I was concentrating on moving my ass against him in rhythm with the music, but quickly realized... wait, was he. Was he getting hard? The fact that his shorts were soaked through made it even more obvious. The boy's cock was growing, and I could feel it perfectly with my ass, as if he wasn't wearing anything at all. I was starting to get even more excited. I started grinding my ass harder and faster against him. Soon his hard cock found itself right between my ass cheeks, and I felt it pressing into my pussy. The song 'Reverend' started to play and I felt like I had fallen into a state of ecstasy. The neon lights glossed over the crowd of shadows jumping up and down as sweat glossed over the sides of my temples.

The boy reached his hands out, sliding them over my hips, and then even further forwards and over my thighs. I decided I could do the same, and leaned my body back into his, my nearly bare back pressing against his muscular chest, and reached back to grope his tight legs, allowing my hands to graze the hump of his ass. He seemed more than ok with this, and so I teased my hands over his ass a second time, slower, feeling and gripping it. He repaid the favor and motioned his hands back up my inner thighs, over my hips and back to my ass. He grabbed a handful each and gripped firmly, all while I slid my pussy around his immense, hard penis. I tilted my head back, and as if he was anticipating this move, instantly found my lips with his, swirling his tongue around mine in short, light flicks as we kissed.

The next song, 'Over,' started, and the boy started to reach his hands down even further now, around my hips and near my pussy. He teased his hand under the waistband of my shorts, and when I didn't resist, slid his hand under, beneath my bikini bottoms. His palm landed flush with my already very wet pussy, and he started to swirl his finger around. As hot as it was outside, his hand felt like an oven. "Oh, god!" I called out. I couldn't help it. "Oh, this feels amazing!" I whispered wetly into his ear, leaning back, allowing him to kiss and suck at my neck as he began to pleasure me.

I started to think how crazy this boy must be, to try this in the middle of a crowd of so many people.

"Holy shit!" I thought to myself, nearly freezing up. I had completely forgotten about the people! Did they notice? Were the watching us? I mean, I knew they were there, but I had gotten so lost in the moment I forgot to care about them.

I darted my head side to side, expecting gawks and stares, but, honestly, no one really seemed to mind. We were so tightly packed together that I wasn't sure anyone could even tell that a boy had his hand down my pants. Everyone was still so fixated on the music like I had been. And so I relaxed again, letting go of my inhibitions. The music was incredible and, "Oh, fuck yeah!" I said aloud, letting him know he was doing a great job. His fingers pulsed and swirled in perfect rhythm with the music. It felt incredible, getting off with a stranger in front of a crowd, listening to my favorite band, and not giving a damn about being in public!

My breathing started getting heavier and heavier, and I felt like I was going to explode. The boy's hand was so unbelievably warm, strong and soft at the same time. The next song, 'Walls,' began to play. "Oh, god, I think I'm going to cum!" I told him, still gyrating my ass against his cock, feeling it grind my pussy from behind as his hand swirled faster and faster over my wet clit. The boy reached his free hand around my stomach, pressing me into him even harder, and slid his hand up against my rib cage and under my bikini top, squeezing my perky B-cup breast. This put me over the edge. "Oh, god yes! Oh yes yes YES!" I called out. At this point I noticed a few people nearby started to look over at us but I didn't care. "Oh FUCK yes! Oh I'm cumming!"

I hadn't realized but at some point my bikini top had fallen off and I was completely topless, my left breast covered by the boy's hand and my left completely exposed. Instead of worrying about it, it felt liberating!

I lifted my ass up and down over the boy's cock faster and faster, using my ass and pussy to grind him as hard as I could as his hand still swirled over my clit from the front. "Don't stop!" I begged. "Please don't stop, oh God I'm cumming!!" I called out again.

'Walls' ended and Kings of Leon, without skipping a beat, went straight into 'Use Somebody'. Finally relieved, I decided the boy deserved a turn. I turned around to face him. He looked down at my tits, reminding me I was topless. I noticed even more people looking at us. Me in particular. But I couldn't care less. I was going to repay this boy for saving me earlier, and for giving me such an incredible time.

"Hey," I told him. "Remember how I said I owe you one?" I asked. I didn't wait for a reply. I immediately moved my hands down into his pants, gripping his long, hard cock, and started to jerk him off.

'Waste a Moment' started to play, and I increased my speed, keeping a loose grip around his cock, motioning forwards and back. More and more people were starting to watch, and I noticed even people in front of us were turning around to watch what we were doing rather than watching Kings of Leon. I was feeling the adrenaline rush from the crowd and the ecstasy of the moment, and rather than pulling back, it made me want to get the boy off even more.

My hands were too restricted under his pants. I couldn't pleasure him the way I wanted to, and so without asking, I grasped the waistband of his shorts and underwear, and pulled them off him. His cock sprang upwards. It was even bigger than I thought!

In what was must have been only a second or two of thought, I realized I didn't want him to feel like he was the only one naked in the crowd, so I pulled my own shorts and bikini bottoms to the ground, exposing my pussy and round ass to everyone there. I leaned towards him and grasped his cock again, staring at it in awe. He motioned his hands over my body, feeling my breasts and hips and stomach and ass, and I started jerking him off again, this time without the limitations of his being under his shorts. I used both hands and motioned them forwards and back while twisting my wrists in circular movements. Like he was doing with me, I tried jerking him off in rhythm with the music, getting his body and mind in sync with each other as I felt the music ride through my own body in waves.

Jerking him off was getting me even more turned on. I began to realize how much hotter I was getting, sweat pouring off of me. The boy's cock was getting even bigger and harder now. I couldn't even imagine how that was possible! And at the same time I noticed even more people were turning to watch, a small circle of faceless, dimly lit shadows gathered around to look at us.

My pussy started to ache to be filled by this boy's cock, and I vigorously started jerking him off. Faster and faster my hands pulsed forwards and back again and again.

'Around the World' started seamlessly as the last song ended, and I decided to go for it. I stopped jerking him off and turned my back to him, now face to face with the crowd, completely naked. I was still riding an ecstatic high and was completely carefree. In fact, the exhibition part of this turned me on even more.

My pussy was dripping wet at this point, and I couldn't wait any longer. Spotlights from the stage glossed over us from the left and right mixed with a blur of neon greens and pinks, and the crowd began cheering us on. I couldn't believe what was happening!

I arched my back a bit, bending over at the waist, and the boy was behind me instantly, grasping my hips and puling me back towards him. My pussy neared his cock and I could feel the heat emanating off of it. I wiggled my ass side to side, teasing him. I turned my head back to look at him, tossing my hair to the side. "Please, fuck me," I begged him.

"Fuck me with your big, hard cock!"

The boy dug his fingers into my hips and pressed his cock against my pussy, swirling the head of his penis against me and finding my vagina. He entered me in a single, fluid motion, my wet pussy accepting his large, thick cock with ease, and the crowd exploded in a radiance of cheers and applause and whistles. I could barely hear Kings of Leon over the noise.

The boy started fucking me, slowly at first but soon he was pounding my pussy. In and out, in and out. It felt incredible! I looked up to the nameless, shadowed faces in front of the brightly lit stage, jaws open at the show we were giving them. Some flashes of light came from cameras and phones, but I still didn't care. I was having too good a time!

The boy's cock pressed into the walls of my vagina, and with each thrust I could feel my orgasm building up more and more. "Oh, god yes!" I began to call out. "Oh fuck. Your cock feels amazing inside me!"

The song 'Sex on Fire' started to play. It couldn't have been timed more perfectly if it were written in a story. The boy thrust into me again and this time held his cock deep inside me. I could feel the head of his penis pressing into my cervix, and I started twerking my ass for him while he was inside me. The boy bent over and reached out, grasping my tits as they hung underneath my body, digging his fingers into the soft tissue of my breasts.

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