tagInterracial LoveThe Subcontractor

The Subcontractor


Suzanne had a good life, albeit we all want change now and then, and her sex life while very good, lacked that intrigue that could make it better. She had gotten married at 23 and here she was, 5 years later, very happy, but longing for that intrigue. Hubby saw to it that they had anything they needed, but when it came to exploration in the sex department, he was slightly reserved and Suzanne longed for more. He had found a boat he really wanted, but they really needed to have the roof redone and he couldn't afford to do both. He only needed $1000 down payment and he could have it, so Suzanne decided that she would help him get his boat and maybe get a little something for her as well. Thoughts of being a sub once again made her wet and she could even get the money to help get his boat, so she nervously placed an ad on the internet in their home area and felt herself getting wet at the thoughts of serving someone again, she had loved being submissive, with no control over what happened to her. Hubby worked nights and slept most of the day, so she would have to arrange it so that she could either do it while he was at work or asleep.

It took a couple of weeks, but she finally got a response, they wanted to see a picture of her before they made a decision, so she got out the digital camera and stripped off her clothes. She played with her nipples awhile, to get them nice and hard, they were 34B's and she was afraid that they would hold her back, but her nipples were so sensitive and she worked to get them very hard and took a couple of pictures to accent how hard they got. Then, she played with herself a little, so that her pussy lips would glisten and she snapped a couple of pictures of it.

Her well trimmed bush let you have a good look at her sensual lips and she loved how they glistened in the picture, next she took a picture of her face and head, showing her green eyes and auburn hair and her soft, luscious lips and she downloaded them onto the computer and composed her email to go with them. She felt bad about having to limit her available time, but she couldn't let him find out what she was doing, she loved him so much, and after all, she was doing this so he could have his boat. It took a few more days before she heard from the man again, she got wet when he said how much he loved her body and how pretty she was.

She was a deep southern belle, raised in the finer parts of the south and the thought of what she was embarking on would sure go against all of her upbringing, but little did she know, it would really cross the lines. He would only take her on if she could give him 10 hours and that would be hard to accomplish, but she rummaged through her drawer and found an old sedative prescription of hers and devised a plan, so she wrote him back and accepted the job. She set about working out her plan, she only had two days to get everything ready and she picked out the clothes she would wear, right down to the push up bra and the lacy panties. Her pussy got so wet just thinking about it all, and she had a hard time controlling her enthusiasm as she went to bed the night before, her hands made Jello out of her pussy as she worked at it most of the night.

She got up early and showered to get rid of her previous nights indulgences and she slipped into the sexy, lacy panties and then the bra. She laid her leather miniskirt and her matching top in the hall closet and slipped her bathrobe on, she didn't want him to see her outfit and she put jeans and a blouse in a bag and put them there too for when she came home tonight. She made him a big breakfast like she always did and put the sedatives in his juice where he couldn't taste it and she heard his car drive up and she got nervous, would this all work? It had to, she wanted it so bad. She watched as he ate and most importantly, drank all of his juice and then she cleaned up the dishes while he showered. As he got into bed, his hand started under her robe and she knew if he found his favorite panties, she would not get out of the house on time, so she moved away from his reach and crawled onto the foot of the bed between his legs, her hand grasping his semi hard cock as she inched towards it.

She pulled the waistband of his shorts down to expose his hardening cock as she pulled it into her mouth and sucked on it, his eyes closed and his hips thrust up at her mouth. She loved her husband very much, but she glanced at the clock by the bed and saw she had to soon go, so she pushed him into her throat and he exploded, a torrent of hot cum erupted as she fought to swallow it. She cleaned him up and quietly pulled his shorts back up as she saw his eyes begin to fade and she gave him a quick kiss and closed the bedroom door. She hung her robe on the back of a chair as she slipped into her leather outfit and wrote him a quick note, in case he woke up before she got back. She grabbed her bag of clothes and set out, hoping the neighbors wouldn't see her leaving in her leather outfit.

She raced to get to the address she had copied from the email, it was a huge, gorgeous place and she drove down the long drive and parked in front, checking out the large front door as she approached. A large black man opened the door, "May I help you?" he said as she nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other, "I'm Suzanne, I'm expected," and he asked her in and she walked down the long corridor behind him to a room in the back of the house and he closed the door behind her and sat at the big desk looking her over. It hit her like a ton of bricks, he was the one who had contracted her, another southern taboo down the drain!

"Show me what I want to see Suzanne," he said as she nervously took off her leather top and her red push up bra came into view and she unzipped the skirt and took it off and then unfastened her bra and set her tits free, as the cool air of the A/C hardened her nipples immediately, and she heard him sigh slightly. She hooked her thumbs in the red, lacy panties and drew them down her legs as she stepped out of them one leg at a time, she could tell his eyes were locked on her neatly trimmed bush and she stood there as he got up and came over to inspect her. She jumped a little when his hand touched her, not used to anyone's touch but her husband's, and he slowly pushed his hand to her small tit and he played with her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, feeling her sensitivity as she shuddered, "Sensitive, nice," he said.

His hands roamed to her crotch as they smoothly ran over her pubic hair and then a finger spread her lips and he bent over to have a closer inspection, "Very nice Suzanne, very nice indeed. Just one more little detail before we start," and she watched as he pushed a buzzer on his desk and sat back down and stared at her nude body while they waited. She heard the door open behind her, but she stared at him as whomever it was entered and she felt them behind her, their breath on her shoulder. "It's been a long time since we had a white slave honey," she heard her say and then she saw her walk around to the front and begin her own inspection.

The woman's long nailed finger entered her moist pussy and the nail scraped her insides as it did, making her jump, "Now honey, we can't have you getting all jittery on us. Once I give my approval, Dennis will pay you and you will belong to us for ten hours, and a jittery slave is bound to get her white ass beat, if you know what I mean," and she giggled. Suzanne wanted this, she wanted the money too, but she really wanted the excitement, "I'm sorry Mistress," she said and the woman looked at her, "See? You're learning already," and she smiled at her husband who doled out ten crisp one hundred dollar bills and Suzanne stuffed them in her purse and returned to her previous position, "On your knees bitch!" the woman's tone caught her off guard, but she sank to her knees as the woman perused her naked white flesh. "She ain't got a whole lot for tits Dennis, but I'm sure that's why you wanted her," and out of the corner of her eye she could see the woman's large breasts straining at her blouse.

"Ever had a woman slave?" she asked and Suzanne stared slightly down, "Once Mistress," and the woman groped at her small tits, "Did you eat her?" and she winced as the woman squeezed her nipple, "Yes, Mistress," and the woman stopped her squeezing and began to pull her pants down as Suzanne looked at her tight cotton panties and then her dark black pubic patch as the woman stepped out of her panties, "Bet you have never eaten a black pussy before. You look like one of them uppity southern white belles," she said and it was true, she had only eaten white pussy, but as the woman spread her lips, she was intrigued at the pink folds underneath. "What are you waiting for slut? Eat my pussy!" and Suzanne crawled over to her as she sat back on the desk and dipped her face into her pussy as her tongue snaked out to taste her.

Her hands grabbed her hair and pulled her face into her snatch, "Eat me bitch!!" and she began to lick her with a passion as her grip slowly loosened on her hair and she heard her moan. She felt hands on her waist as she was stood up, her face never leaving the soggy pussy as she felt the hands rubbing her ass now, and then felt a huge cock poised at her pussy entrance as the hands steadied her for the push. The huge black invader opened her wide as it was inserted and she lurched forward, a mouthful of pussy her reward as she tried to concentrate on both at once, his cock felt like it was doubling the size of her canal and the woman pulled her face into her snatch, the juices dribbling over her tongue as she licked at her clit.

Finally, his cock was all the way in and he began to spank her as he fucked her, the spanks making her jump against the woman's pussy as he rammed his big cock into her. She felt his hands on her ribs, trying to capture her tits after her ass had become dulled to the spanking, but her smaller tits, made it harder for him to reach them and his wife was now cumming and she demanded all of Suzanne's attention as she bucked against her mouth, but the large cock was unrelenting as it pounded her and his balls slapped her clit. From her one previous experience, Suzanne knew that she wasn't allowed to cum until they gave her permission, but the heat in her loins was oppressive as his big cock filled her and she fought back the urge to cum. "Cum with me slut!!" she heard the man say and as his sperm erupted inside of her, she bucked and joined him, her mouth now screaming into his wife's pussy. This had been the intrigue she had wanted, total, submissive sex with strangers, but she wanted more and she hoped that she would get it, she was ordered to lay on her back as the wife took off her top and pressed a big tit at her mouth, Suzanne captured it and began to suck on her nipple, feeling it get very hard in her mouth.

She felt hands on her clit as the tits were offered to her one after the other and then she could see his wife taking his cock in her mouth as Suzanne sucked her tits and he fingered her clit, he was loving it. She wanted to cum again, she didn't take anytime to get worked up to it, but she knew if she did, she would be punished, so she held out. His fingers worked her clit to a frenzy, her hips bucked up against his hand as she sucked harder on her Mistress' tits and she in turn sucked his cock. She heard him begin to moan and his finger froze on her clit and his wife drew him out and Suzanne felt the hot spurts of cum as they coated her small tits. The wife nursed the last drops of cum from her husband and let them dribble onto Suzanne's nipples as the man sat back to recuperate and the wife took her tits from Suzanne and began to lick the cum off of Suzanne's tits.

When her Mistress reached her cum coated nipples, Suzanne thought she would explode as she suckled them and then shared a kiss with her as well as her husband's cum. She was led next to the basement, the floor was cold on her bare feet and the cool air kept her nipples hard and she was told to sit on the bench. It looked like one of those universal gyms, and as she sat there, the woman snaked a rope around her, cinching up her tits until her nipples were squeezed and poked straight out. It hurt a little as the blood flow was restricted, but then she loved how her nipples tingled and then the woman secured her arms over her head to the bars that lifted the weights, "Pull down bitch!' she said and as Suzanne pulled down, her tit ropes tightened and she yelped at the sensation, "Hmmm, Dennis will like this, he just loves small tits, especially bound ones," and she set about tying Suzanne's legs to either side of the bench, scooting her to the end beforehand so that her arms were made to apply weight to her tits, making her gasp slightly. The woman gave her a slight tug at her restraints and then a quick feel of her hard clit, "We'll be back after breakfast. Make sure that your nipples are quite hard when we come back or you'll pay!" and she sauntered off, leaving Suzanne sitting alone wondering if she would be able to make it the rest of the day.

The bindings had grown quite tight since they were applied and as she experimented with pulling her arms, her tits became even more sensitive, her nipples looking like bullets as she worked to keep them hard. It seemed like she had been tied here alone for over an hour when she heard their footsteps on the stairs and she gave the rope one last tug to perk her nipples up before they came in. When Dennis saw her, she watched his cock grow at his excitement, "Elizabeth, damn that looks so good baby. You always know how to tie up tits baby," and Suzanne winced slightly as he rubbed her hard nipples with the head of his large cock, she wanted him in her mouth so bad.

He climbed up on the bench and he grabbed the bar to steady himself, tightening the rope's grip on her tits and causing her to bite her lip to stifle the pain, then he grabbed his huge cock and stroked it, offering his balls to her to suck. She sucked on his balls one at a time and then he rubbed the head of his cock over her lips, warning her to keep her mouth closed as his precum coated her lips. His hands slowly opened her mouth and his massive cock slid in and she gasped as his wife's tongue took her clit at the same time. "You did pretty good Dennis, I would have liked her to have bigger tits, but I know you like the smaller ones. Her pussy is real good though and this clit, man oh man, it gets so hard, she's a sexy one," and she went back to eating Suzanne while her husband fucked her mouth, his cock burrowing into her throat as his thrusts got harder.

Suzanne felt like she had died and gone to heaven, they were both very talented and she felt herself losing her willpower as her orgasm built under the thrusting cock and the talented mouth. "Give it up bitch," she heard the wife say as she paused momentarily before resuming her tonguing and Suzanne exploded, her juices filling the woman's mouth as the huge cock denied her the ability for her moans to escape, but her throaty moans vibrated through his cock and she felt him cum as well as his thick jism erupted in her throat. They were a powerfully sexy couple, their stamina was remarkable as she found that her body was to be their outlet for the day's sexual activities and they used her over and over again and Suzanne loved every minute of it.

As the end of the ten hours approached, Suzanne couldn't remember how many times she had cum that day, her body constantly wracked by one orgasm after another. She had remained bound most of the day and as they untied her, she found herself rubbing her sore muscles. Dennis spent the last half hour on her tits, he truly loved them, as he played with, sucked and stroked her hard nipples and as a parting present, she just had to suck his wonderful large cock one more time. His cock amazed her, it never seemed to soften and always had that one more load for her as she swallowed it down and gave it a few last strokes before they let her shower and dress.

They thanked her and said they hoped that she would let them contract her again sometime and Suzanne pointed the car towards home, reliving her day's pleasures. She pulled into the driveway and saw that the house was dark, hubby was still asleep. She quickly hid her clothes in the hall closet and made him some supper before she woke him up and he ate and left for work, surprised that he had slept so late.

She tucked the thousand dollars into his hand as he was leaving, "Where did this come from?" he asked and she smiled, "I did a job for a couple across town today, some interior decorating. Now, you can have your boat baby," and he kissed her and gave her a big hug before he left for work. Suzanne stripped for bed and as she lay there, the day's activities ran through her head and she couldn't wait for her next sub job.

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