tagBDSMThe Submissive Missus: Episode 01

The Submissive Missus: Episode 01


You are tired after a long day at work. I have already made you a nice dinner, and you have been drinking just a little. Deciding it is bedtime you send me into the bedroom, "Get ready, I'll expect you to be done by the time I come in," heading to the bathroom for your shower. The hot water relaxes your muscles, washing over you like relief.

You don't bother dressing, only pulling on a pair of soft cotton boxers, turning off lights around the house as you make your way to the bedroom.

To your delight, i am ready, as per your instructions: Wear only black high heals, your collar and deep red lipstick. I am standing by the bed, scarf lying close by, my hands behind my back ready to be tied, as i smile softly as you walk in the room.

You come close kissing me lightly, my red lips are edible and swollen with lust as i look up at you with big green eyes; even wearing my heels, I'm still smaller. You take the scarf, telling me to turn as you tie my wrists, tight enough that I can't move, the restriction forcing my chest out further, just the way you like.

You pull me to stand in the middle of the room, slapping my thighs, "Legs spread, slut." A hand reached up and lifts my jaw, forcing me to look forward. I like they way you present me, it makes my skin tingle with excitement as I'm put on display for your viewing pleasure.

Walking around me, you inspect your slave, like I'm on show. You run your hands over my skin, sometimes spanking me, pinching and pulling on my nipples as you watch them harden and swell. Standing in front of me you run your fingers against my exposed pussy, freshly shaven, as you requested, "Very nice, slut, i see your learning to follow orders." You slap my pussy once, as if happy with my work, before walking behind me. Grasping the back of my neck, you push me forward, my head forced almost to my knees as you spread my legs further, slapping my arse cheeks. You spank them firmly, the cheeks turning red as I gasp and moan softly. Your fingers rub and explore my arsehole, fingering gently as you play with me like a boy who's discovered a new toy.

I moan louder as your other hand spreads my chubby cunt lips, stroking the length of my slit, now exploring both holes. "Mmm you like that...don't you? you slut." I can hear the lust in your voice.

"Yes sir...i love it sir," I gasp in response. You spank my arse cheeks a few more times, I feel the bounce and sting with the force of your hand. Making me stand up again, you come to stand in front of me, kissing me hungrily, gripping my throat.

"On your knees, now," you whisper against my mouth, your free hand pushing down on my shoulder as i sink carefully to my knees, my hands behind my back unable to steady me.

I look so small and vulnerable, on my knees before you, as submissive and helpless as i can be. I know that I have complete faith and love for you, my master. Know that no matter how you humiliate or abuse me, I trust you will always take care of me and love me the way i do you. I love to worship you, your cock, the power you hold over me and my body as I try to prove my self to you.

As you stand closely to me you pull down your shorts, leaving them hanging loosely around your calves. One of your big hands grips your semi-hard cock, inches from my face, as the other strokes my cheek, your thumb rubbing over my lips to force them open. With out speaking you rub your cock against my cheek, over my nose and lips, prodding my face with it as smears of pre-cum leave a wet trail. I can see how you enjoy this, degrading my face with your penis as you let it slap my cheeks and eyes, moaning softly. "Do you like this slut? Is this how you want to be treated?" you say, almost as if unsure. I smile up with bright eyes, already moaning as my mouth opens in a pout, "Yes sir, i am yours to dominate...however you please." Both of us are so new to our Dom/sub relationship, we are still learning.

Almost before i can finish speaking you push your dick into my mouth, one hand on my shoulder to hold me, the other feeding your meat into my mouth. I moan, startled, but with relief as i finally get to taste your sweet cock, my drool coating it instantly. I start to suck, my head moving back and forth over the length a little harder than usual with my hands tied, but i hungrily suck your cock, teasing the head with my tongue. As i feel you grow harder you grab both my shoulders, pulling me forward, firmly holding me in place as you watch me service you. "Look up at me bitch, i want to see you always looking up at me!" you growl.

As my big green eyes stare at you adoringly you moan louder. Your hands run through my hair, finding a grip and holding me in place as you start to thrust your cock deeper down my throat. You give me enough time to breath, but i can tell you like how your dick gags me, makes drool run down my chin and onto my large tits; they bounce as you fuck my face.

Your swollen cock pounds into my mouth harder, faster and faster. As i feel your balls tighten against my chin, you stop to let me breathe, not wanting to come too soon. As your cock slips from my mouth you watch the drool run down my chin and chest, "You are a beautiful slut..." your eyes tracing my curves. "Lick your lips like a good girl, you are all covered in drool," you bark, leaning forward to kiss me roughly on the lips after I've licked them clean, one hand holding my throat as you move me like your doll, the other stroking your fat master cock.

Deciding you want to cum, you stand up straight, pulling me closer by the hair as you jerk your cock over my face. Slapping my mouth and nose with it again, you look down on your whore. With your free hand you slap my cheek, making me squeal in pleasure as i look up. You see how i like it in my eyes. Slapping me again you say "You dirty bitch, mmm you like that don't you whore?...tell me you like it!" roughly grabbing at my throat as you poke my nose and lips with your dick.

"Please sir, hit me sir, i like it...I like to be slapped sir, abuse me please." I moan, my eyes bright with hunger as you shudder, unable to keep your eyes on mine as your cock twitches, long strands of sperm shooting onto my face. Your back arches and you cry out, closing your eyes and hot master sperm covers my cheeks and hair, some running down my neck onto my fat tits, marking me as your bitch.

As your shake the last of your sperm onto my nipples, looking down to watch as it dribbles over me, you give me one last order, "Clean me slut, show me what a good girl you can be."

Eagerly i lick and suck your cock, happy when I'm rewarded with one more spurt of semen, licking your balls clean as well, doing the best job i can for my master.

You stand me up, pulling me to my feet by my shoulders, undoing my wrists.

Smiling at me, you shed some of your dominant sexual character, pulling me closer, pressing my naked body against yours as i feel your flaccid cock against my stomach. I grin up at you shyly, "Mmm thank you sir," I giggle, your lips pressing against mine as you kiss me deeply, gently stroking my body with your large warm hands.

"No thank you slave...You cheeky bitch, go and clean up," you laugh, spanking my arse one last time as i walk out of the room, gratefully climbing into a warm bed as you wait for me to climb back into your arms for the night.

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