tagNonHumanThe Succubus Ch. 01

The Succubus Ch. 01


Danny Cambion was pretty much your average college guy. Average height, average looks, average grades, average life; the kind of guy who, if his classmates thought back on him in later years, would be forced to say pleasant things about, but only because they couldn't remember anything else. Average. Inoffensive. Perhaps painfully normal.

He definitely wasn't used to waking up with his cock in a warm, wet mouth. He sat bolt upright in his bed, still half-asleep, but somehow expecting the sudden movement would wake him from the incredible dream he was having. Instead, he was confronted by the sight of the most unbelievably attractive girl he had ever seen curled up in his lap, bobbing her head up on down on his straining dick. He had never felt anything like it, not from the handful of girlfriends in his past, none of whom had ever shown skill – or enthusiasm – like this. More significantly, definitely not from his current girlfriend, who he hadn't even persuaded to let him take off her bra, let alone swallow his load – which is what this mysterious stranger would soon be doing, if she didn't let up her ministrations.

He drank in the spectacle: she was completely naked, as far as he could see, her pale skin practically glowing in the moonlight that shone in through his window. It was hard to tell from her current position, but she seemed small and slim, yet incredibly well endowed, her massive breasts pressing warmly against his thighs as she went about her work. He hair was like pink candy floss, cascading around her head and hiding her face.

Oh, and she had a tail.

"Ohhh, so I am dreaming," he muttered, and fell back against his pillow, arms resting above his head, disappointed but content to enjoy the experience for what it was. Yet no sooner had he spoken than the sucking stopped, and his dreamt-up interloper was crawling up his body, one painstaking movement at a time. Her deliciously soft breasts grazed his engorged dick, her hands played devilishly against the skin of his stomach and then his chest. Then she was straddling his hips, his cock pressed against the hottest, wettest pussy he had ever felt – and glancing down confirmed that the head of his dick was rubbing against a ring through her clit as she moved ever so slightly, enjoying his presence. His gaze wandered up her taut stomach to her heavenly rack, her slender neck to her cute but somehow far-too-sexy face. Large, intelligent eyes gazed back at him.

"You're not dreaming, dear boy," she whispered with a voice that made his balls tighten, closer to coming just from hearing her words. "I'd say you'd soon wish you were dreaming, but I'm afraid you'd never get the chance."

"What are you talking about?" he asked, before sighing in ecstasy as she grabbed the head of his dick in her hand, jerking him slowly with his precum for lube. And that made for a lot of lube, under the circumstances.

"You can't guess?" she asked, and Danny felt a strange presence curling around his leg – her tail, with its tapered tip tracing circles on his thigh. "My name is Maya, and I'm a succubus. I'm also the best, last fuck you'll ever have."

For a moment he just smiled and nodded, closing his eyes as she raised herself off him slightly, pressing the head of his cock against her hungry slit. Then his eyes shot open. "Wait!" he pleaded, as she started to slip down onto him. It took all his concentration not to simply let go. "This feels incredible – but – stop!"

A hurt but curious look played across Mandy's features. "You're sure?" she asked. "What's the matter? Not ready yet? If you're a good little mortal I'll make it quite pleasant – you can use me however you want. The most depraved fantasies you never thought you'd find someone to share with. You can fuck my tits until I wear your pearls," she offered, squeezing her breasts together suggestively. "Come inside my ass," and she lifted off his cock, shifting ever so slightly until he was pressing against her other, tighter hole. "Or maybe you'd rather I fucked you?" she mused, and that slender tip of her tail was suddenly pressing somewhere even tighter.

"Wait!" Daniel squeaked again. "That's not what I meant! I meant I don't want to die!"

Maya laughed as she moved off his cock again, settling down so that she was resting on his chest with her head inches from his, full lips closing on his mouth – and her smile revealing sharp, pointed fangs that Danny couldn't believe hadn't shredded his member when she was busy blowing him. "You misunderstand. Fucking me isn't going to kill you," she reassured him, and as she said it, she slid down his body until his dick slid inside her. All his higher brain functions ceased for a long time, replaced by perfect ecstasy. "We can do this all night," she continued, pushing up until she was straddling him again, his cock completely buried inside her, and began to ride him slowly. "And believe me, you'll want to. Again and again. Over and over. I'm reliably formed it's quite an addictive experience. You'll go well beyond the limits of your stamina – even if I do give you a helping hand in that department. Sooner or later, little mortal, you're going to run out of steam. That's when I'll suck what's left of your life out through your cock – literally."

"But I don't want you to do that," Danny reiterated, even though he was having trouble thinking of doing anything but thrusting into her incredible body. "As amazing as this is, I'm not willing to throw my life away for it! I think."

"A hard decision, isn't it?" she asked with a wink, grinding against him. "But if you really want to stop..." She slowed her rhythm, pondering the situation. "You know, mortal – "

"Danny," he provided.

"My dear Daniel," she smiled, squeezing his dick with her inner walls. He gasped. "You've already proven more than a little interesting. Most men, by this point, are dehydrated husks, desperate to get it up one more time before I'm finished with them. The things I've experienced at the mercy of a mortal mind. It's quite incredible."

"Er, we do our best," he said.

"So I offer you a deal, dear Daniel. How would you like to fuck me – and not suffer the consequences?"

"I sense a catch," he replied dryly.

"Of course," she said, smiling sweetly, and squeezed him again. "No mortal – not even you, with the remarkable willpower you've displayed so far – could live after a succubus is finished with them, even if I didn't drink their essence. That's really just a formality. All the sex wouldn't kill you outright, but even if I didn't take what was left of you, your body wouldn't survive for long without more of what I offer – and if your body is too played out for more, then I really can't help. Better to just suck you dry."

"So how do we get around that problem?"

"Oh, that's the easy part. We take away the part of you that's mortal, and throw in a little demon. An incubus would easily survive mating with a succubus. We sex demons are kith and kin."

"So I just sell my soul, and then we can – I can have you?" he asked, her consistent massage of his cock with the inner walls of her pussy starting to addle his mind.

"Oh, nothing so theatrical as that, dear Daniel," she laughed. "It's a little more... graphic. I think you'd find it quite enjoyable."

"I'm sure I should be thinking this over more, but right now, I don't care. Do whatever it is you have to do. Soul, fluids, graphic, whatever! Sign me up for a new demon body and then please let's get back to the fun stuff," Danny agreed.

"Not so fast," Maya said, laughing again, and hopping off his prone form with no warning. "If you really want to become an incubus, you'll have to prove that you have what it takes. It isn't just a case of having all the right parts – you need to have the right mind for it. You've already shown you have the willpower, but I need you to show me you've got more than that. You need to show you have the desire, the creativity, the sheer lust-crazed love of sex necessary to be a true sex demon."

Cock so hard it was twitching, and still reeling from Maya's sudden retreat, it took a while for Danny to get his thoughts in order. "How do I prove I have what it takes?"

"For that, I'll need another little taste," she replied, and once more engulfed his cock in her mouth. This time, though, he was all the way down her throat, his whole shaft squeezed by her oral skills. Unable to control himself, Daniel pulled back then thrust back into her mouth, feeling his orgasm rushing through him and pulsing through his dick and into her throat. She gagged at first, pulling off his cock as he fired his second shot into her mouth, and then his remaining spurts spattered against her cheeks. She giggled as he slowly went limp. "Yes, that ought to do it," she mused, taking care to lick up all the come threatening to drip from her face with her slightly forked tongue, then cleaning up Danny's spent cock.

Dazed, he asked, "Ought to do what? Does that prove I've... oh man... wow," he trailed off, getting light-headed.

"Pace yourself, or I'll have to skip ahead to the part where I fellate you to death," she warned. "Now, that didn't prove anything – but it did provide a blueprint for what would. One of the many talents of a succubus is a kind of drymimancy – reading a prophecy through bodily fluids. Of course, we specialise in seminal fluid. It's the most accurate – and the most fun. Yours has told me of many interesting things, things that will come to pass if you have the will to make them happen. Prove that you have the will to indulge your fantasies – and oh my, some of them should be quite entertaining – and you will have proven you have what it takes to become an incubus. And more importantly, to enjoy me."

"My fantasies?" Danny asked.

"Seven of them, to be precise. Seven fantasies in seven days seems reasonable. Each of them is truly yours, something you've wanted, perhaps for a very long time, but never had the confidence, opportunity or luck to achieve. Some of them are quite extreme, others less so, but put them all together and I see the kind of mind that would make any succubus swoon with desire."

"So all I have to do is... what, screw these seven people, and that's enough?"

Maya smiled darkly. "It isn't quite that simple, but this time, the fault is your own. Seven fantasies, not seven people. Actually, I think at least nine would need to be involved, but feel free to involve more. Let's start with... your neighbour. Her name is Emi, isn't it? The Japanese girl."

Danny gulped. Maya really had read into his fantasies. Ever since Emi had moved into the room next door, he'd been lusting after her. Thank the heavens for co-ed dorms.

"I suspect you've been watching too much porn, my dear Daniel, because you want nothing more than the splash her face with your seed. An admirable goal, but if you manage it, do try to enjoy her in other ways – I'll be watching, and variety is the spice of any good show. What next – ah, yes, she's not the only acquaintance you've desired. Your friend Amy, the redhead. You've jacked off thinking of her ample charms many times, fantasising about pulling her away from the bar and into a bathroom stall, bending her over and fucking her in the ass." Each vulgarity rolled of Maya's tongue with terrible weight. "Anal with Amy. Make sure you come inside.

"But there's more. You've secretly always desired to have sex in a public place, even better if you're actually being watched. What a closeted little exhibitionist you are. And it isn't just your friends and neighbours you want to ravage, is it? You're excited by the thought of hooking up with a perfect stranger, having your way with her without even knowing her name. That's four so far, dear Daniel. I've saved the best ones till last."

Danny closed his eyes, because he knew what must be coming. "Those innocent twins you grew up with. It's amazing, I couldn't even read their names from your come – you really do just imagine them as a pair to be fucked, don't you?"

"Summer and Autumn," Danny supplied.

"Summer and Autumn?" Maya asked incredulously. "No wonder they're like porn stars in your mind's eye, when they have names like that. A threesome with the twins, that's five. I hope for your sake they still live in your old hometown, or tracking them down in seven days might be a real problem."

"Can't it be any twins?" he asked.

"If that had been your fantasy, sure, but you've watched them grow into quite the pair of young women – identical in every way. And what you really, secretly want is for them to kneel in front of you and lap at your cock. Them, not anyone else. As for number six, well, I think you already know that it's another threesome. Karen, your current girlfriend? She's really been an ice queen, hasn't she?"

Danny just nodded.

"Then you'll enjoy sharing her with your roommate, I'm sure. Spit roasted and double-penetrated – quite the schedule you laid out in that particular fantasy. When the two of you are done with her, I doubt she'll find any one man sufficient again. Perhaps as an incubus, you'd be able to satisfy her?" Maya teased. "Of course, I've saved the best till last. Your deepest, darkest secret. You might have shared the others with a sufficiently close confidante, whispered how you wished you could have had some fun with those twins, or how you wish you could show your girlfriend all the sex she'd been denying you – and more. Not this one, though. I doubt you'd ever tell anyone how you thought about your sister. How you sneaked little glances at her when you're home, thinking about how she'd filled out – and my, hasn't she? Her breasts must almost be as impressive as mine. I guess you aren't the only well-endowed one in your family. And you want to slide your dick between her well-oiled tits until you come all over your sister's waiting face, don't you? How many times has that fantasy carried you to orgasm? How many times have you thought about her when you've groped your flat-chested girlfriends, and wished it was her you were pawing?"

Danny couldn't believe the succubus' words, but couldn't deny they rang true. "Even if I wanted to, even if I had to, I could never do that to my sister. Hell, she'd never let me! Never mind trying to persuade my girlfriend to fuck me and my roommate, or trying to get into bed with the twins, or any of the rest of it!"

Maya nodded thoughtfully. "You might be right – normally. But I'm willing to give you one little gift that might turn the odds in your favour. It will be up to you to decide how best to deploy it, though." Maya ran her hands up her body until she cupped her full breasts, massaging them gently until her fingers found her hard nipples, playing with and teasing them until beads of milk appeared. "Demon's milk, she explained, gathering a drop of the stuff and raising it to her lips. "Delicious, and shall we say, nutritious. Drink this, and you'll already be a little more than the average mortal. Little blue pills have nothing on it. You'll last longer, come harder, and recover faster – perfect if you're going to last these next seven days. Side effects may include increased libido, and copious amounts of come. Perfect for... well, just perfect."

"That's all great – I mean really, it is – but unless my mere presence is going to turn girls into sex-crazed maniacs, I don't think it's going to help as much you seem to think," Danny responded.

Maya grinned. "Here's the fun part. I'm going to let you drink some now, and a little more to keep. That will be the real gift. So far, I only explained the effects my milk has on men. Let one of your conquests taste it, and she'll be putty in your hands. A sex-crazed maniac, in fact."

"What? I don't want to drug anyone!" Danny protested, but Maya waved her hand dismissively.

"Who said anything about drugs? No one will do anything they don't truly desire, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by some of the desires most people manage to keep hidden. Nevertheless, you'll only have enough to awaken the desire in one of the girls you seek. The rest, you'll have to seduce the old-fashioned way. Now," she continued, lowering her milky teat to his lips, "drink up, because you have big day ahead of you..."

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