The Suite


Lyn sighed, "You're right."

Olivia smiled, "That's the spirit! Now, who's hungry?"

She whipped together three servings of hamburgers and fries in 30 minutes flat. Megan ate slowly, enjoying the food and the feeling of a crisis having been avoided. Lyn seemed to be calming down, and the videos were getting easier to take. She was beginning to think she'd make it through the seven days after all.

Which is why the bedtime video was such a crushing disappointment.

Arranged as always on the couch, the video opened on the cabin of an aircraft. The broken hearted girlfriend from the last video appeared, walking down the aisle as a stewardess approached from the opposite direction. The two turned to the side, allowing the other room to pass. It was a tight fit, their chests brushed together, the girlfriend with a confident look on her face and the stewardess with an embarrassed but friendly smile.

The girlfriend lingered by a door at the end of the aisle, which she opened as the stewardess approached a second time. Suddenly, the girlfriend grabbed the stewardess, throwing her through the doorway.

The scene switched to a bathroom, and Megan knew the whole thing had to be staged. She seriously doubted even Air Force One had bathrooms that big.

The girlfriend maneuvered so her right hand held the stewardess' right wrist. She pulled the arm around the back of the stew's head so the arm was against the wall. With the stewardess' arm pinned, the girlfriend's left hand was free to roam over her victim's body. The girlfriend hiked up the stewardess' skirt, which was slow going as the stewardess kicked and thrashed, her cries smothered by the girlfriend's insistent mouth. Their chests pressed together, pinning the stewardess to the wall.

The stewardess' dress had been pulled almost up to her waist when the girlfriend's hand darted between the kicking legs. Megan could see the muscles in the girlfriend's arm work as her fingers massaged the stew's clit through her flimsy panties.

The stewardess went rigid, drawing up to her full height, her eyes glazed over.

"That's right," the girlfriend cooed. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

The stewardess nodded.

"Say it."

"It feels good," the stewardess whimpered.

"Do you want me to keep going?"


"Do you want me to make you cum?"


The girlfriend dropped to her knees. The stewardess her dress up as her panties were pulled down and off, her reluctance completely disintegrated by now. Eyes shut, head thrown back, her hips rapid circles in time with the girlfriend's tongue. Megan watched in awe as the girlfriend's head nodded up and down, her tongue lashing at the stewardess' cunt.

"Yes yes yes," she yipped. "Yes yes yes ... yes yes yes ... oh God ... oh God ... ohhhhh!"

The stewardess dropped slowly to her knees and into the waiting arms of the girlfriend. They kissed deeply.

"Not bad, huh?"

"Damn," the stewardess groaned, "that was ... unbelievable. I've never had a guy do me like that."

"And you never will."

"That's for sure," the two kissed again. "Now stand up, 'cause I'm dying for a taste of your pussy."

The girlfriend did as she was told. The screen faded to black as the stewardess buried her face into the girlfriend's quim, an ecstatic grin forming of her on the standing girl's face.

Lyn rose slowly from the couch. As the TV clicked off, she turned to stare at Olivia, her face drained of color.

"What kind of game are you playing at," she whispered.

"Excuse me?"

"What are you up to!" Lyn's voice was louder, but brittle.

"I don't know what ..."

"You said they'd do a mile high club video!" Lyn yelled. "How did you know they'd do one?"

"I never said that."

"YES YOU DID!" Lyn turned to Megan. "Didn't she?"

Megan shrugged, "That's how I remember it."

Olivia calmly shook her head, "I never said that. I said the videos were cliché and ridiculous and I threw out some examples to show how ridiculous they were. We're here seven days, they show us three videos a day, that's 21 videos or so. It stands to reason one or two of my examples were going to turn up."

Lyn held up her hands, palms out, "I'm not listening to you anymore. I don't want to talk to you, and I don't want you talking to me. Just leave me alone. Whatever you're up to, I don't want any part of it."

Day 3

Megan's sleep was shallow and disjoined. She'd woken up several times over the course of the night, rolled to a more comfortable position and gone back to sleep. She knew she'd dreamed, but could remember only fragments. One image stood out ... of Lyn in the locker room from the video, asking the rutting cheerleaders what sort of game they were playing at.

Lyn was going to be a problem. She'd been completely irrational the night before and Megan doubted there was anything Olivia could do to get the brunette to cooperate this time. When the chime sounded for the morning video, she took her time getting out of bed. It was going to be an ugly scene this morning and she was in no hurry to witness it. She noticed, to her surprise, that she was a little wet "down there", but she had no time to wonder why as Olivia was calling her from the common room. She used a hand towel to dry herself and pulled on a pair of panties and a t-shirt.

Olivia and Lyn sat on the couch in front of the TV, chatting amiably. Lyn said, "Hurry, the video's about to start."

Megan took her usual seat on the right end of the couch, next to Lyn. She knew her face showed her surprise; there was no hiding it. Her cheeks and eyes were frozen in astonishment as she stared at Lyn.

"What?" Lyn asked.

"Ummmmm," how to put it delicately? "I'm a little surprised to see you this morning."

"I'm a little surprised myself, to tell the truth," Lyn smiled. "After I calmed down I realized I'd been kind of a bitch. So I went to Olivia's room and apologized and we talked it out. I actually went into your room afterwards but you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you ... so I guess I need to apologize to you too."

"It's okay," Megan couldn't quite believe what she was hearing, though she was grateful for it, "forget about it."

Lyn's smile widened. She started to say something, but was cut off by the beginning of the video. As Megan expected, the stewardess was in this one, turning a neighborhood girl into a lesbian. The girl was very beautiful, with long, wavy blond hair and green eyes and very young. Megan guessed her to be 15, 16 at most.

It was the most explicit video yet. As with the others, the girl initially resisted the stewardess' advances before whole heartedly giving in. It ended with the stewardess wearing a strap on and pounding away at the girl from behind. The girl's orgasm was violent in its intensity as she screamed out her thanks to the stewardess for taking her virginity.

Megan cast a worried look at Lyn, who was looking at Olivia.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Olivia asked.

"No, it wasn't," Lyn replied. She reached over and hugged Olivia. "Thanks for helping me through this."

"No problem," Olivia replied, than hopped off the couch. "How about some breakfast?"

The schedule said Olivia was supposed to get the shower first, but custom gave the honor to Lyn, who took it. Megan was in her room, trying to figure out which of her classes she was in the mood to study for when Olivia called.

"Hey Megan!"


"Lyn forgot her towel in her room and I have to keep an eye on this," Olivia explained. Megan could hear something frying in the pan. "Could you bring her one?"

"No problem," Megan had no difficulty finding a fresh towel The bathroom door was cracked and the room cloudy with steam. The shower was on the opposite side from the door. The curtain was open. Lyn was leaning against the far wall, legs spread, hunched forward slightly. White foam covered her crotch and she slowly passed a razor over the tender skin.

"Just leave it by the sink," she said with out looking up.

Megan didn't move. She couldn't move. Lyn was out of the shower's spray, but she was soaking wet nonetheless. Water had beaded on her olive skin, her hair wet and shiny. Her hands moved slowly and carefully, her left pulling the skin taut as the right dragged the razor in short strokes. Her chest rose and fell smoothly, the large breasts topped by brown, upturned nipples. The areoles were perfectly rounded and crinkled. It was, Megan thought, the most erotic thing she'd ever seen, made all the more so by the fact her reaction was completely unexpected.


She looked up. Lyn was staring at her with a slightly amused look, as if her nakedness often evoked this sort of reaction and she was long since used to it.

"I said you could put that down by the sink."

"Yeah," Megan shook her head. "Sorry."

She left the towel balanced on the sink's edge and went back to her room. Leaving her books on the bed she gathered up her toiletries and was waiting by the bathroom door as Lyn finished. Lyn smiled sweetly at Megan as the two passed. Megan washed herself slowly and thoroughly, her memory returning over and over to the sight of Lyn. She reached into her bag and retrieved a razor and cream. After doing her legs, she poured another dollop of foam on her palm and rubbed it into her pubes. It felt nice. After, as she washed herself there she bit into her lip to stifle a moan. She felt so wonderfully smooth and exposed.

Studying was difficult. The scene in the bathroom and her lack of sleep had destroyed her concentration. After lunch, she repaired to her room for a nap.

* * *

"Megan," hands were gently shaking her. She opened her eyes. It was Lyn. "Get up."

"What time is it," she asked automatically, then realized it was a dumb question. Lyn had no way of knowing.

"The bell for the dinner video just went off."

"Shit," Megan sprang out of bed. "I totally didn't hear it!"

The two hustled into the common room. Olivia was waiting for them in her usual spot at the left end of the couch. A large bowl of popcorn lay on the coffee table, Olivia was wrist deep into it. Lyn dropped onto the couch and helped herself to a handful.

"Have some," she insisted.

"Uhhh, no thanks," Megan deferred.

The plot of the video was yet another cliché, this time the young girl seduced an older woman driving her home from a babysitting gig. They took each other right in the car.

* * *

The bedtime video, much like the dinner video, was notable for Megan not so much for how it made her feel, but how it did not make her feel. The Mom from the previous video, the one seduced by the babysitter, was fucking her boss in this one, in the office after work. The Mom, conveniently, had a dildo in her pocket book, which she was ramming in and out of the boss' ass, to the boss' delighted approval. Megan felt nothing, no shock or disgust as before. Olivia had been right ... it was getting easier.

"Where are you going?" Olivia asked after the video as Megan stood and headed for her room.

"Bed," Megan replied. "The nap didn't help that much."

"You wanna stay up for a little bit? We were going to drink a little wine and chat."

Megan thought about it, "Maybe tomorrow. I'm wiped."

Lyn and Olivia wished her pleasant dreams. Megan was quickly asleep.

Day 4

Megan's eyes snapped open with the sound of the chime. The tingle and the wet in her pussy were stronger this morning than last. She'd broken up with her boyfriend about a month ago, that being the last time she'd had any sex. Masturbation wasn't quite the same thing, but it usually was good enough to take the edge off and she hadn't even done that since the experiment had begun. There wasn't time now, she knew ... maybe when she took her shower?

She was the first one into the common room this morning. A bottle of wine and two glasses were on the table. One of the glasses was half full.

"I guess we forgot to clean up last nigh," Olivia said when she entered the room and noticed Megan looking at the table. "I'll get that after the video."

Lyn waited until the last possible moment to make her entrance. Megan could tell she was in a mood; the brunette's body language was tense. Megan almost commented on it, but checked herself. Olivia was better at this sort of thing. The important thing was Lyn was there for the video. They took their seats on the couch, with Lyn scooting a little close to Megan than usual.

The video was more of the same, this time the boss from the last video was seducing her daughter's best friend. As soon as it was over, Lyn curtly announced she was taking a shower. Olivia said nothing. When she was done, Lyn went straight for her room. She didn't say a word. According to the schedule, Olivia had the shower next. Megan laid out some cloths and books while she waited. Olivia took an unusually long time.

Megan stood under the spray and let the warmth seep through her. She began by teasing herself, her fingers brushing at her vaginal lips. It felt nice. She kept going. She cupped herself with her left hand as she caressed a breast with her right. It felt even better, especially with the warm, soft water washing over her. She went a little faster now, but not too fast, letting her fingers penetrate her lips as she raked her nipple with her fingernails. Her arousal began to simmer like the countless bubbles in a pot of water just short of a boil. She thought about her ex ... sex had never been their problem. She let her hands do what they wanted, and it was like a block had been placed on her libido. Her legs spread and she squatted, slipping two fingers into her hole as her palm brushed her clit, but it didn't help. She leaned heavily against the tile wall, relieving the pressure on her legs. Her fingers worked faster and she alternately squeezed her breast and pulled on the nipple. It wasn't working. She angled her body and moved her hand so the running water could splash directly on her throbbing clit. It felt wonderful, but it was not enough. Her need was getting desperate now. She banished the image of her ex and gave herself over to the sensations. Instantly she was rewarded. Like a blade through silk the intensity of her climax seemed to rip her open. She grunted loudly. At the height of the sensations, the image of Lyn's magnificent body flashed in her mind.

The force of her climax left her doubled over, panting and in shock. She gradually straightened up, little aftershocks left her trembling. She rapidly finished washing, but studiously avoided her pussy which was still too sensitive to touch. Megan almost orgasmed again as she dried herself. In the common room, Olivia sat on the couch eating a bowl of cereal as she watched an old episode of "Friends". Thankfully, the door to Lyn's room was closed. Megan avoided looking at Olivia as she made her way to her room. She dressed, gathered her books, then started one of the computers in the common room. She threw herself into her work; she tried to suppress all memory of what had made her cum so hard in the shower.

It didn't work. Memories of what had happened in the shower intruded on her at irregular intervals. A tingle in her pussy, just urgent enough to remind her of what had happened. She'd build a good momentum, plowing through her work, and a flash of Lyn's perfect breasts or lather covered snatch would devastate her concentration. Megan would have to stop and take a deep breath to calm herself down. Lyn came out of her room only once, at what Megan guessed to be lunch, to make herself a sandwich. She took it directly into her room. Megan avoided looking at her, but watched her reflection on the computer monitor. Lyn and Olivia did not speak to each other.

Megan couldn't work after Lyn's appearance. She tried, she didn't know how long, her entire concept of time now shot. All she knew was she needed to get her mind off it. Back in her room she changed into her work out cloths and grabbed her iPod. On the treadmill she ran a quick two miles, working up a good sweat in the process. Though she was winded she went for a third. She never did just two; her high school track coach once warned her never to run just two miles because she'd be doing only the hardest two ... the first and the last. When she finished she went into the bathroom for a very quick and very cold shower. It helped a little.

The common room was empty when she emerged from the bathroom, and the door to Lyn's room was open. Megan peeked in. Olivia and Lyn were sitting on the bed, Lyn's face on Olivia's shoulder. She was crying softly as Olivia hugged her.

"I tried," Lyn sobbed. "I tried, but I don't want to anymore. I'm sorry."

Megan started to ask what was wrong, but Olivia looked up and shook her head slowly as if to say, "Not now". Megan went back to her room.

* * *

The dinner video posited a semi-interesting twist, Megan thought. The morning video had a woman seducing her daughter's best friend. This one had the friend seducing the daughter. The daughter resisted ferociously, as they all did, until her friend revealed she'd already fucked the mother. That knowledge stalemated the daughter's resistance, and by the time she recovered, she was too far gone.

The question came to Megan from nowhere ... what would it take for her to do it with another girl? Was there anything another woman could do or say that could get her to do the things she saw in the video? She'd have to be pretty, and girly also. One of those butchy dykes would never do, otherwise what was the point? It would probably help to be drunk, and really horny, Megan reasoned. But the girl had to be pretty ... really pretty. That was the minimum.

The video was over. The other two stood and went their own ways. Lyn and Olivia were pretty, Megan conceded. Really pretty.

* * *

Megan found herself anticipating the evening video, almost looking forward to it. The chime sounded and she walked quickly to her usual spot. Olivia followed closely behind. Lyn came along eventually, seeming a little less tense than before, but only a little.

The video opened with the daughter jogging through a park, her breasts bouncing with each stride of her toned legs. Megan had to admit she was pretty, and so was the woman she stopped to talk to. The woman had a syrupy Carolina accent. She explained she was new in town, had gone for a run and gotten herself a little lost. The girl offered to run with her and show her the way. Megan almost laughed at the double entendre.

The rest of the video was entirely predictable, which didn't mean Megan watched it any less closely. The southern girl tried to resist, but the daughter was relentless. Fir some reason, the southern girl touched Megan in a way all the others hadn't. Maybe it was the accent, maybe it was the whole "cute, but sexy" thing she had going. Megan wanted to tell her it was pointless. The daughter would win, they always did, and in the end she'd be glad for it. If something was unavoidable, as this was, if fighting it was futility, the best thing to do was go along and make it as enjoyable as possible.

It took Megan a moment to realize she'd answered the question from earlier in the day. If a hot girl, like the southern girl in the video, came straight at her, if she wouldn't be denied no matter what Megan did or said, and if there was no escape, then Megan had to admit she might give in. Might. Truth was, Megan told herself, she'd probably find a way to chicken out of it.

The video ended with the two locked in an acrobatic 69. Megan thought the southern girl looked very happy not to have chickened out. Lyn, Megan and Olivia scattered for their respective rooms. Megan wondered what the southern girl would be up to the next morning.

* * *

Again sleep came fitfully for Megan. Her dreams were visceral, scenes of the daughter and the southern girl after the camera had stopped recording. She always woke up before she got to the interesting part. There was no way for her to tell how much sleep she was getting between periods of wakefulness. She suspected not much.

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