tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Sultanah Ch. 09

The Sultanah Ch. 09


Dear Reader, thank you so much for reading this story. It has taken nearly a year of my writing life to get the whole thing finished. This is Chapter 9 of 14 chapters and the total is over 250,000 words. It is my Dirk Diggler/Jack Horner act of hubris: my attempt to write an erotic adventure story that pulls you in with a story you want to read, even when there isn't any sex going on (though there is a lot of sex. Crazy, weird, fun sex). It is the most ambitious piece of erotic fiction I have ever attempted. So I hope you enjoy it.

With that said, this book is not for everyone. It will be too long for many people (no shame in that, it is a big time investment). Some of the sex scenes are intense and include themes like hermaphroditism, non-consensual activity, incest, etc. For some people, that will likely be the appeal. In fact, while this story is definitely not for everyone, I think for a select group of people this story will essentially have everything you could ever ask for. So if that is you, congratulations, you found that thing you have been searching for. You can skip ahead to the sex and I won't be offended, but I think this story is more than the sum of its parts. If you read this whole story, you will not be disappointed.

In Chapter 1, our main character, Princess Varis, finds that her father has died and that, by virtue of the fact that she is a hermaphrodite and can father a child, she is now the Sultanah. In Chapter 2, Varis unearthed a conspiracy to destroy her Empire led by Rahip, the Cardinal of the "New Religion" and later she received her coronation. In Chapter 3, Varis humiliated the New Religion and raised the morale of her besieged people. In Chapter 4, Varis lifted the siege through a daring midnight raid. In Chapter 5, Varis survived an assassination attempt and visited her harem. In Chapter 6, Varis faced a challenge to her authority and seduced a noblewoman to maintain it. In Chapter 7, Varis defeats the raiders and comforts a peasant girl. In Chapter 8, Varis is briefly engaged and kills her fiancé for betraying her.

Some recurring characters you might want by name are Varis (the Sultanah and narrator), Cin (the head priestess of Gunes), Arkadas (Varis' friend and servant), Kardes (Varis' older sister), Nislani (Varis' younger sister), Rahip (a Cardinal of the 'new religion'), Duke Hain (an important lord opposing Varis), Lord Sadik (a minor lord who has spoken in support of Varis); King Sican (the leader of Dusman, a rival kingdom), Prince Lider (Sican's son); King Köylü (the leader of Temsilci, a rival kingdom); Agiz and Got (Subordinate Sun Priestesses); Saygili (Varis' guard); Soyguncu (a pickpocket and spy for Varis); Tutuklu (the head concubine of the harem); Kukla (a noblewoman). Further, Gunes is the name of the Sun God, Tanri is the name of the 'new god.' The city where the story is set is Şehir in the country of Ülke and the Empire of Bütün Dünya. If you need more...reread the earlier chapters.

Please, please, please, please, please tell me what you think after you read this. I put an embarrassing amount of work into this and I want to know what you think. Especially if it is good things.


Part V: The Wedding

Chapter 9: Rehearsal

"Welcome, Sultanah Varis I, to your Harem," Tutuklu of Şehir, my beautiful, naked Pezevenk (or senior member of the Harem) stated as I walked through the secret passage and entered the vaulted chamber where my concubines were housed. There were 111 other members of the harem scattered about the great chamber, just as there always were. They were swimming in the fountain, lounging on the couches, and drinking wine. As was the custom, only the Pezevenk acknowledged my entrance, the other girls simply ignored me.

I returned the favor. Despite my natural inclination to stare at the beautiful women and revel in my ownership of this place, I was far too focused on the task at hand. It was the first time I had gone to the Harem since my first visit and this time I had come without Cin. I was biting my lip and moving my hands nervously. But it was not about the actual visit, it was about what the visit represented.

"Hello Tutuklu," I said and my Pezevenk nodded slowly. I looked around the room briefly, but not really sure what I was looking for.

"It is certainly a pleasure to see you back. We were all so delighted with your first visit. The girls who were able to serve you have been lording their experiences over the other, quite jealous girls," Tutuklu said in a joking manner, "Luckily, this is a completely fresh shift. None of the girls present today were with us the last time."

"That is good," I said, but I could not manage to make my voice sound normal. I was quite distracted.

"How may we serve you?" Tutuklu said, sensing my unease and seeking to do her job as my Pezevenk. However, this was the question I had been dreading. I did not really want to tell her what I wanted. I ran my hand through my hair and looked at Tutuklu. I turned and saw a couch sitting near the edge of the fountain. Without speaking, I walked over and sat down. There were two beautiful, naked women splashing each other playfully just a few feet ahead in the water, trying not to look at me from the corners of their eyes. Tutuklu had sensed that I wanted her to follow and a few moments later, she was sitting on the couch next to me. She did not speak, but looked at me, waiting for me to talk. I fidgeted in the chair for a few moments, trying to get my thoughts together.

"Have you heard?" I asked finally, leaning forward on the couch and putting my face in my hands. There was a long pause.

"Heard what?" Tutuklu asked. I sighed.

"I appreciate you efforts in maintaining the illusion that this is a separate place, outside of the world. But I know you speak with Cin on occasion. Eunuchs or someone must drop off food somewhere. You are not completely isolated. What I want right now is forthright conversation," I said. Tutuklu looked a bit shocked. Perhaps more than shocked, it might have been terror.

"Surely, Cin or...someone...this place is all I really know, I cannot give you any sort of advice," she said nervously. I reached over and placed my palm on her bare knee. I felt the heat of her body and the smoothness of her skin and we were both soothed slightly.

"I won't ask you any public policy questions, Tutuklu. And if you do not know something, simply say it. You will not be punished." The girls swimming in the water had stopped moving, they were listening. Tutuklu shot them an angry look and they move farther out into the water and commenced playing again. Tutuklu looked back to me and nodded.

"How may I serve you, Sultanah?" she asked.

"Have you heard?" I asked.

"That you are to be married in three days?" Tutuklu asked and I let out a low sigh. I felt a bit nauseated and looked up at the water swirling above me on the ceiling. I wished I could open the fountain up above me, to feel some air from outside.

"Yes, do you hear the identity of my fiancé?" I asked now. There was a long pause and I turned back to look at Tutuklu. She was biting her lip and her eyes would not meet mine.

"Your sister, Nislani," she said, noticing my gaze. I nodded my head. This was the source of my turmoil. I had made the decision to marry my sister in a sort of bolt of hellish, inspirational lightning. I could find no one to marry me and I desperately needed an heir. My sister also needed to be married off and I could not actually afford a dowry. Not with the war on. Further, the Empire had a long tradition of sibling marriage that had existed, successfully, for thousands of years. It had only been abandoned when Gunes was abandoned and the Empire's fortunes had faded with the tradition. Now that I had re-embraced Gunes, it was natural to reassert the ancient tradition. This would reinforce my commitment to Gunes, it would separate me from my enemies in Dusman, it would provide me with a wife, and it would eliminate the possibility of another spinster sister. It was an elegant solution to several problems. And, as the Sultanah, it was an easy decision. Once I had conceived of the idea, there was really no way to stop it.

In fact, it seemed that everyone agreed with the decision. The Inner Council had been relatively easy to convince. While Cin had been nervous at first, mostly regarding Nislani's suitability as my consort, she had grown enthusiastic with my decision to embrace the Ancient traditions. In fact, she seemed a bit embarrassed that she had not thought of it first. Got and Agiz followed Nislani's lead. Kardes seemed shocked by the decision, but never said anything against it. I assumed her keen sense of realpolitik told her this was the only move to make. Arkadas seemed relieved, as if she knew that the marriage would be a mere formality given my hatred of Nislani and that she would remain first in my affections. I figured she was right. Soyguncu and Saygili knew that it was not their role to question me in the sphere of my personal life.

The Executive Assembly had likewise been easily controlled. My allies, Lord Sadik and Duke Göstermelik, who had embraced Gunes wholeheartedly, agreed with my decision, even if they seemed to exhibit some personal distaste. Sir Sakşakçı had been drunk when he was informed of the tradition and stated he could not hold an opinion until he spoke with his wife. I had no concerns. More surprisingly, Hain and Örnek had also supported my decision. I supposed that they also liked the sharpening of ideological lines. My decision to throw my lot in irrevocably with Gunes and to take such a wildly taboo action, they felt, would only help their side to eventually triumph. Their physical disgust at my decision was evident, but their desire for power overcame whatever scruples they might have. The Peers in general had followed their leaders on the question, with only a few minor lords expressing any objection. The people, whatever their personal views, no longer saw fit to question any of my actions. As far as they were concerned, I was Gunes reincarnated and infallible.

Therefore, only two people seemed completely opposed to the union. The first, of course, was Nislani. As soon as I announced my decision she had rejected it out of hand. She had claimed I was simply making fun of her and that I had no intention of going through with it. When she saw I was serious and that other people took my suggestion seriously, she became even more intransigent. She locked herself in her room and threatened to kill herself rather than go through with the action. A few hours later, hungry, she had emerged undaunted. Even now she was claiming that she would take the red dress being made for her wedding (she was actually being measured on the last details at that very moment) but that she would never go through with the ceremony. She promised to call me all sorts of names at the wedding and further pledged that she would mean every word of it.

The final person opposed to the marriage was me. While, from a Sultanah's point of view, there was really no question about it, I was no solely the Sultanah. I knew that this action would solve several of my problems, but it seemed like such a horrible manner of correcting a political situation. I did not want to marry my sister, especially with that sister being Nislani. She thought I was cruel and cold, I thought she was childish and dull. We could barely stand to be in the same room together, let alone be married. Further, I had not entirely given up on the idea of romance, even if I was willing to marry for politics. This decision definitely foreclosed that possibility. I was constantly running up arguments in my mind for why this decision was terrible and why I had to call of the wedding. But each time I did so, the part of my brain that was the leader of my people and existed for more than just myself, would intrude. It would knock down the arguments, one by one, leaving me with the necessity of my actions.

The most effective argument I had given myself had actually lead me here, to the harem. Beyond the issues of romance and temperamental compatibility, there was a mechanical aspect that had to be considered. I was not marrying my sister simply to have a romantic or even platonic companion. The goal of our marriage was clear: to produce offspring. The problem, of course, was that in order to produce offspring, I would need to have sex with my sister. In fact, it was part of the ancient marriage tradition that I consummate the marriage with my sister on the first night. Witnesses would be present to ensure the validity of the marriage and to serve as oath-keepers if it were ever challenged. But could I do it? Even if my mind knew that I had no choice, that I had to have sex with Nislani, could I actually go through with it? I didn't want to. Regardless, I argued with myself for a long time until finally, I had come to a decision that had led me down into the harem. These thoughts were swirling in my head as I sat on the couch next to my Pezevenk.

"Tutuklu, you have had a child, have you not?" I asked. Tutuklu's eyebrows furrowed and she nodded.

"Yes, a daughter, Fahişe. She is actually out in the water now," she said and gestured out towards the fountain. In the center of the fountain was a young woman around my age who looked remarkably like a younger version of Tutuklu was wearing a loose fitting skirt and no top and walking languidly through the water. Tutuklu smiled at her daughter proudly.

"Is..." I said, finally reaching towards my ultimate purpose in arriving here, "Is she my father's daughter?" I asked. I looked more closely at the lithe, pretty girl in the pond. She did not look like me or anyone else in my family. Tutuklu shook her head.

"No. I was pregnant with Fahişe when I arrived here. She grew up here and entered the harem when she reached the age of 18," she said. I felt myself slightly disappointed, and then felt embarrassed and a bit disgusted by that disappointment.

"But there are women here who are my father's daughters correct? I have...half sisters in this place?" I asked, my mouth going try and my throat clicking. Tutuklu nodded, and I wondered if she understood where I was going.

"Many. You father visited here often before your mother put a stop to his visits. Many of the women in the harem are descended from your father, though I do not believe they would count as your half-sisters. They are your property as much as I am," She said deferentially. Suddenly a thought popped in my head. I looked at the beautiful Tutuklu and then, looked back at her daughter.

"Tutuklu," I said, "If, as your Sultanah..." I knew what I wanted to ask, but it suddenly felt embarrassing. Wrong. Then I thought about my wedding in three days, and I realized that I did not have a strong grasp of right and wrong. Or maybe that right and wrong were different for a Sultanah. I proceeded, "If, as your Sultanah, I was to order you to make love to your daughter, what would you do?" I don't know why I wanted to know the answer to the question but I desperately did. Could Tutuklu do her duty? She gave me a slightly pained look and then gazed at her daughter. She blushed slightly and then turned back to me. After a long pause, she spoke.

"As a member of the harem and as a Pezevenk, I have seen my daughter do...things in training that most mothers would probably never see. I cannot say I have relished those experiences, but I have done them with a happy heart. I would not seek out an opportunity to make love to my daughter and I do not desire it. But, if you were to order me to do so, I would do as my Sultanah commands. I would make love to my daughter and I would enjoy it, as you wish," she said. Each word came from her slightly tortured and I knew that when she said she would 'enjoy' it, she was speaking for my benefit. In short, she was doing her duty now and would do so in the future. I felt both saddened and galvanized by this response. Saddened because what it meant for my future. And also, because of something I felt just then. Some part of me that I did not totally understand felt a sudden flash of brief excitement. A sexual thrill. But I pushed this idea aside quickly and with guilt. Instead, the parts of me that dealt with responsibility and honor felt elated. This was the sort of solution I was looking for, a way of looking at my duty as being simply an administrative task and Tutuklu's response pushed me on to my next question.

"Are any of my half-sisters present? And if so, is her mother also present?" Tutuklu looked relieved that we were no longer talking about her daughter and she scanned the room. For a few moments, she was silent, though I could see her lips moving slightly. Finally, she began nodding.

"Yes," she said and I felt my stomach do a flip and my muscles grow tight, "Your...half-sister as you call it, Yarım and her mother Metres are both present." It seemed that everything was in place.

"Is she...attractive?" I asked, my voice catching in my throat.

"Yarım?" Tutuklu asked and I nodded, "She is a beauty. As are most of your father's daughters (and all of his legitimate daughters)." I wanted to acknowledge the compliment but I could not. My heard was humming in my chest now and I felt like I was gasping. The moment had arrived. I looked around the room, trying to find the right spot. Finally, I found it.

"Tutuklu," I managed to say, "Please gather Yarım and Metres and take them over there," I pointed to a distant corner of the harem chamber. There was a four-post bed in the corner with a massive canopy, making essentially a closed area within the room.

"Yes Sultanah," Tutuklu said and then she rose from the couch and began to walk away. Oh a whim, I stopped her.

"Tutuklu," I said and she turned and looked at me, "fetch Fahişe as well." I said. I saw the pained look once again cross my Pezevenk's face. She did an excellent job of mastering her emotions and soon her tranquil look returned.

"Yes Sultanah," she said, sounding slightly more wooden than before. I decided that I would reassure her.

"Do no worry, you will not be required to sleep with your daughter," I said, "I have other things in mind." Tutuklu looked slightly relieved, nodded, and then went about her task. Now I rose as well and made my way over to the small bed in the corner.

I moved quickly over to the location. I thought that I could feel the eyes of the harem on me as I moved and, for some reason, it made me uncomfortable. I felt like they knew what I was doing, why I was doing it, and that they did not approve. I did not like this feeling but I also welcomed it. To a certain extent, this was what I was trying to cultivate. And to overcome.

After a brief walk I was standing outside of the bed. It was actually larger than I had anticipated, almost as large as the massive bed in my own bedroom. The canopy, which hung down to the floor on all four sides and covered the top of the bed, was a thin, pink material that was somewhat see-through. I pushed through the gap in the canopy, climbed onto the bed, and closed the canopy behind me. The bed was incredibly lush with large, pink pillows and silky purple blankets heaped on it neatly. I crawled into the middle of the bed and laid down. The fabrics seemed to wrap around me and I felt slightly relaxed, despite myself. I had not slept well of late, and it felt good to lay down.

Before I had a chance to truly begin to relax, I could hear movement outside of the bed. I looked through the fabric of the canopy and I could see the silhouettes of four people standing outside. They were not speaking, but seemed to be waiting for me. "Tutuklu, is that you?"

"Yes Sultanah," was the response. I suddenly felt that I was not ready for this, that I could quit. But it was too late now, how could I stop this?

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