tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sultry Sorceress

The Sultry Sorceress


A single, lonely road divided through the dark forest of Notzuchtwald, and on that single, lonely road travelled a single, lonely horse-drawn carriage. Most travelers went to great pains to avoid the dark tangled labyrinth that was Notzuchtwald, for it was a famous haunt of bandits, outlaws, and (if superstition was to be believed) of vampires and ogres. Only one royal garrison was maintained in Notzuchwalkd, and that fort that was of little value other than as a prison, and even the guards posted there received their assignments as a sort of punishment. And yet, despite this fearsome reputation, one intrepid traveler thought nothing of braving the hopeless woods, but whether this was out of audacity or foolishness was yet to be determined.

The carriage's rapid flight was brought to a sudden, unscheduled stop when the driver saw that a large tree had fallen across the narrow road. The driver, a petite and pretty girl with short blonde hair and large, sparkling blue eyes, groaned in frustrations, less about the tree and more about her passenger. The little lady did not want to upset her Mistress with bad news, but what other choice was there?

The petite cutie hopped down from her seat atop the carriage and patted her sore, supple buttocks as she stretched her slender legs. She was an adorable little appetizer, with a youthful, angelic face and small, perky breasts, so she had reason to be afraid of the infamous woods. It was well known that ogres liked to rape their food before eating it, and any bandit would have enjoyed making an obedient little sex-slave out of her.

But the little minx wasn't nearly as afraid of ogre rapists and bandit gang-bangs as she was of the woman she worked for.

"Lily?" a woman's voice huffed from inside the carriage. "Why the fuck have we stopped?"

Lily bit her pink lip and wiggled her dainty little feet. "Mistress Méchant, there's a tree blocking the road."

"Uh . . . uh . . . uh," the woman inside the carriage moaned heavily. The sounds of two bodies sliding back and forth on leather seats were familiar to Lily. "Well unblock it, you stupid bitch!"

Lily felt like she was going to pee her little panties and ruin her tight, formfitting leather pants. "I . . . um . . . it's too big, mistress."

The woman inside groaned angrily. "Fine! Open the door you dumb slut."

Lily tiptoed to the carriage door and opened it, and the first sight she was greeted with was that of a naked boy who looked exactly like her. It was her twin brother, Pad, who had the same blonde hair, blue eyes, slender body, and pretty looks that Lily had, except by some whim of the gods he had been born with a truly tremendous penis. He was falling onto the leather seat as if he had just been pushed, his nubile body sweating profusely, and his slickened cock pulsed on the verge of an explosive orgasm as it dripped with the honey of a woman's flower. He actually looked a little pathetic as he desperately stroked his monster tool with both hands, trying to cum, but Lily knew that her brother was incapable of achieving climax on his own. The rest of his body was too weak to handle his giant cock.

"Mistress, please," Pad whined. "Don't stop now. I . . . I'm so close. You got me so close."

A woman in the shadows groaned in annoyance. "Too bad. Your dumb cunt of a sister just ruined my mood. Have her finish you off."

A long, feminine arm with finger-nails painted red whipped out of the carriage like a viper, grabbing Lily by her short blonde hair, cruelly pulling her headfirst into the carriage where her puckered mouth was slammed onto the tip of her brother's bulbous cockhead. Lily's eyes went wide and she tried to scream, but that just allowed the sex-slickened jawbreaker to push all the deeper into her gullet.

The feminine, dominating arm started to shake Lily's head back and forth by her hair, causing the girl to whimper and gag on the cock that was easily twice as large as anything the girl could have swallowed whole on her own. Tears dripped from Lily's pretty blue eyes as she looked up to her brother, hoping for sympathy, but the look of stupefying bliss on his face signaled that he was about to pop, and at that moment his orgasm was of more concern than his sister's overstuffed throat.

"I . . . oh fuck, FUCK . . . I'M CUMMING!" Pad yelled in a voice that broke like a nervous teenager's. His large testicles began to pump like little engines, and his cockhead exploded with hot, thick, white cum. The first blast went directly into Lily's stomach, and it hit her like a punch to the gut. The next few spurts hit her as the Mistress was pulling her back, flooding her mouth with semen so quickly that it spilled out of her mouth and bubbled out of her nose. Lily started to gag so she pulled back, and her Mistress mercifully allowed her to fall back on her ass against the dirty ground. Pad kept spurting though, as his cock shot rope after salty rope into the air. When he came it was like a champagne bottle exploding, beginning with a giant arc of rapid ejaculation, followed by a foaming mass of hot, dripping spunk. All of this fell across Lily's pretty face, her white blouse, and her tight leather pants that ended at her knees.

Pad was pushed out of the carriage after his mouth-fucked sister, and he fell naked into a little puddle of mud, his sweaty chest and face instantly soiled black. Then a long, elegant leg slipped out of the carriage, and its sharp high-heeled shoe pressed against Pad's back, using his body like a stepping stone.

The woman who stepped out of the carriage was one of the most terrifying and beautiful women to ever live, the great sorceress of sex, the enchantress of erotica, the dominatrix of demons, the defiler of virgins, the corruptor of innocence, the thief of virtue . . . Nadia Méchant.

Nadia was a very tall and slender woman, with a long neck and longer limbs, but her breasts were incredibly large and rounded, so much so that they were currently hanging out of her tight bodice like two soft sacks of milk, her pink nipples hardening in the cold air. Her skin was pale and milky, and it glistened as if covered in a slight sheen of oil. Her lips were swollen and inviting, but her green eyes were wide and cruel. Although she was youthful and attractive, her high cheekbones and sharp chin made her look more like a domineering queen that a pretty princess. Her long, slick reddish brown hair fell to her curvy, perfect buttocks, and much of her lithe musculature could be seen as her red dress was mostly undone. Her trimmed pussy was swollen and dripping, making it obvious that she was still extremely horny, which meant she was going to be an even bigger bitch than usual.

Nadia twirled her long finger in the air and by magic her tight, cleavage-happy dress quickly stitched itself back up, hiding her angry vagina and smothering her huge breasts back into place. She looked down at Lily as if she was looking at an ant begging to be stepped on.

Lily coughed as she wiped her brother's cum from her face. "Mistress, I'm sorry but-EEK!"

Lily squeaked in pain as the sharp toe of Nadia's high-heeled boot kicked her tender groin. More tears sparkled from her eyes and she cringed in pain, but she knew better than to move away or cover her abused sex-spot. That would only make her Mistress even more pissed.

Nadia took one look at the fallen tree and sneered. "That tree barely looks like it weighs more than a couple tons. Could you really have not figured out a way to move it?"

Lily was shivering. "I . . . I . . . I-AAIIEE!"

Nadia started to grind the tip of her foot deeper into Lily's kitten, causing her to whimper pathetically and squirm like a squished worm.

Nadia leaned back into the dark carriage and yelled for someone. "Pussy-pocket! Get your tight demon ass out here!"

Out of the carriage bounded a lanky black cat with unnatural red eyes. The serpentine feline slithered over Pad's body, through Nadia's skirts, and up to the prone form of Lily. The evil looking cat meowed, and it quickly grew into a larger, curvy, sexy sharp. Suddenly the cat became a naked girl with a supple, ripe young body and lovely breasts, although her eyes stayed blood red and her hair stayed spiky and black.

The demonic familiar spirit licked her lips and caressed her perky breasts. "Yes, Mistress?"

"We need to move that tree and punish this little tart for being so fucking useless."

Pussy-pocket smiled lewdly. "Can I 'punish' sweet little Lily?" For Pussy-pocket the word 'punish' in Lily's case most likely meant some fervent, relentless oral sex. Lily had learned long ago that her Mistress's familiar had taken a particular liking to the taste of her honey-slit. Pussy-pocket crept into her bed almost every night for some heavy petting and heavier pussy-play, and the demon always left her a sweaty, panting, hot mess.

"No!" Nadia answered. "I can handle this worthless slattern. You got and move that tree."

Pussy-pocket sighed. "Alright." She leaned down and gave Lily a little kiss. "See you later, baby." Pussy-pocket retook the form of a cat and slithered off to the tree, leaving Lily in the cruel clutches of her horny dominatrix.

"Come here, slut," Nadia hissed, grabbing Lily by her hair and pulling her to her feet so fast that the little girl was lifted off the ground. Nadia then pushed her against the carriage door, forcing Lily to support herself while the sorceress firmly placed a hand between the girl's legs, forcing her ass up and out. Then Nadia yanked Lily's tight leather pants down to her knees, ripping her lacy white thong in the process. Lily whimpered as her cute, bubble butt was made totally exposed, and she shivered with sexual trepidation as Nadia slowly caressed the perky globes of her ass.

"Smooth as a newborn babe," Nadia admired, her voice sensual and smooth. "But not for long."


Lily cried out in a high-pitch whine as Nadia spanked her cottony cheeks, leaving a bright red welt of a handprint.


"Mistress Méchant!" Lily cried. "Please! It's not . . . it's not my fault!"

"Excuses! I fucking hate excuses!"


Nadia took a brief pause so Lily could breathe, and when she did she wailed pathetically, her body being overwhelmed by the strong mixture of feelings heating her body. Although her buttocks stung like a hive of bees, her tight pussy was dripping with honey. The pain and the pleasure were hard to separate, and nowadays enough of either could make Lily achieve orgasm. She hadn't always been like this, but working for Nadia Méchant had a way of changing people. Nadia felt Lily's arousal, and she gently prodded at the little girls' hairless kitten.

"You deserve this," Nadia said. "You deserve to be treated like this regardless of what IS and what IS NOT your fault. You understand that, right?"

Lily bit her lip and sobbed, suddenly hoping with desperate arousal that Nadia would continue spanking her. "Yes."

"Good," Nadia laughed softly, her voice deep and husky as if it were filled with hot chocolate. "Now spread your legs."

Lily scooted her legs open a little further, exposing her wet pussy to her dominator. She hissed in pain as her ass-cheeks readjusted to her new stance. Nadia smile cruelly, and she pulled her hand way back, stretching her arm as far as it would go. Then, she swung it down and up, bringing her open palm up into Lily's cunt with the impact of a meteor.


Lily inhaled deeply, and then screamed.


The little servant quaked and climaxed so hard that she was practically pissing herself, her girly cum spattering everywhere, including across Nadia's chest and face. The sorceress licked her lips and moaned happily at the sweet taste of her submissive little slut. Lily's knees shook so violently that she could not longer stand. She sunk down and Nadia let her go. Quivering and unconscious, the little blonde fell into the mud next to her twin brother.

"I love you two," Nadia whispered to her fucked-out little slaves, although she would never have said so to their faces.

Gathering up her long skirts, Nadia strutted to the front of the carriage to see how her familiar Pussy-pocket was doing with the fallen tree. The sultry sorcerous's elegant eyebrow cocked in confusion when she saw that no progress had been made. The tree was still resting there, unmoved and untouched.

There was stranger. A person in a hooded cloak was holding a bottle. Inside the bottle was Pussy-pocket, trapped in the form of a cat. Nadia realized it was a magic demon-trap.

"Hey! You bastard! Release my familiar or die!"

The sound of footsteps from behind made the wily witch spin around. There was another cloaked figure running out her, and from the open folds of the cloak she could see a massive rack of bronzed breasts, held up by a metal sapphire-studded bikini top. A long, feminine leg shot out from the cloak, and its shin came right up between Nadia's open legs, striking a brutal cunt-punt.


Nadia's toes left the ground as her ovaries were kicked up into her eyeballs, and she fell to her knees in indescribable, mind-breaking, (and strangely arousing) pain. Her eyes filled with stars and she lost consciousness.


The sound of a jail-cell's iron bars slamming shut woke Nadia Méchant from her painful erotic dreams in which a white dominatrix with angelic wings was kicking her repeatedly in the cunt. Nadia struggled to move but found that her arms were bound by iron shackles to a damp stone wall. She tried to summon a spell by twirling her fingers, but only a few pathetic sparks leapt from her hand. She looked up to see that the shackles were etched with magic-dispelling glyphs, as was the cell's roof and floor. This was a prison for a mage.

Beautiful, feminine, but haughty laughter echoed through the dirty dungeon. "Welcome to Fort Greyverge, Nadia Méchant, you disgusting fuck-bag."

Nadia recognized the nasally, obnoxious voice immediately. "Chancy Belladonna," she hissed.

The busty beauty named Chancy stepped into the light. Her cloak was gone, revealing her sparkling, bronzed body. She wore the most revealing suit of armor ever crafted, which amounted to little more than a shining metal thong-bikini that was studded with glowing sapphires, one gemstone embedded over each nipple and one over her hairless vagina. Her athletic, toned body was on complete display, and her perfect cherubic face was highlighted by a sapphire tiara and a head of long, golden curls. Her breasts were so large and heaving that they threatened to break her metal bikini top into pieces, but it was magic that held them in place. It didn't matter that Chancy's armor protected nothing, because she was a Paladin, a warrior who used magic rather than brute strength to deflect blows and arrows, and that meant she was better armored than a tank. "I finally caught you, you imp-sucking cum-drinker!" Chancy gloated, striking a stupid pose of victory. "I knew only you'd cross the road through Notzuchtwald instead of going the long way round. So I set a little trap, and your fat-ass fell right into it. Ha!"

"Chancy," whispered Nadia in an almost sweet voice. "Let me go right now, or I swear, once I break free, and I will break free, I am going to shove my foot so far up our ass that you'll be licking the bottom of my shoe!"

"Fuck you!" Chancy yelled so loud her breasts jiggled. "You're coming back with me to answer for you crimes in front of Queen Nymphoria! Just as soon as I can arrange for a carriage that has enough magic-dispelling glyphs to hold you. Until then you'll just have to rot in this stinking hole like the piece of shit you are. Guard!" The pugnacious paladin screamed. "Guard! Get in here!"

Nadia could hear another metal door open and close. A new figure entered the light, and her womanly parts quivered at the sight of the rugged man she saw. The guard was surprisingly handsome, with a strong chin and crystal blue eyes, big arms and a strong set of shoulders. He was a little battle-scarred though, and his teeth weren't perfect, but something about his roughness really made Nadia's nether-parts tingle.

"I'm leaving my prisoner here," Chancy told the guard. "I will return by this time exactly three days from now with a proper contingent of soldiers to safely escort this dangerous criminal. I am trusting that you won't fuck this up."

The handsome guard frowned at being condescended too, but he nodded his head. "Whatever you say, Ma'am"

"Good. I am trusting that you are not a complete incompetent like your friends upstairs. I understand that Fort Greyverge is the toilet for this kingdom's shittiest guards. I hope you'll prove me wrong."

"I trust I will, ma'am."

"Good," her pink lips smiled. She leaned over and gave the handsome guard a very generous view of her bronzed cleavage, but she was not doing so to entice him. Her hand reached into his pants and took a firm grip on his balls. "Because if you don't, I'll turn Fort Greyverge into a home for eunuchs."


After Chancy left, the handsome guard entered Nadia's cell to inspect his prisoner. She was bound by her shackles to the wall, so that she was forced to remain standing with her legs spread wide and her bosom thrust out. Her dress was ripped and soaked with mud, and her tight bodice was starting to slip down her breasts, one pink nipple already peaking free.

Nadia knew what she looked like: she looked like the sexiest fucking prisoner to have ever existed, but for some reason the handsome guard looked at her like any other ugly drunkard or criminal.

"My servants?" she asked, finding it was hard to speak.

"The twins? We're holding them upstairs."

"My familiar?"

"Trapped in that magic bottle the Paladin brought with her. We buried it in the graveyard."

Damn, Nadia thought. That was holy ground. The magic of that place and the magic bottle would be too much for Pussy-pocket to escape on her own. Nadia would have to free her.

"What if . . . I get thirsty?"

Nadia gagged and choked as the guard suddenly jammed the tip of a glass bottle into her mouth and down her throat. Cold water spilled into her stomach even as she tried to vomit it back out. He pulled the bottle out and she gasped and retched in pain, puking water all over her breasts and tight bodice.

"And . . . (cough) . . . if I get hungry-"

Before she could even finish the guard held a bowl of grey gruel up to her mouth and forced it down her throat with his fingers. The warm slime was disgustingly salty and had a consistency not unlike semen, except that Nadia would have much rather swallowed a load of cum than whatever shit this was.

"And if . . . (cough) . . . I need to pee."

The guard kicked a bucket between her legs.

"And if . . . I get horny?" Nadia looked up into his rugged face with big, 'fuck-me' eyes and pouty cock-sucking lips, silently whispering of all the erotic secrets her body held.

She was happy to see the guard respond. With stoic resolve he undid his sash and dropped his dirty pants to the ground, then peeled off his dirty shirt. Nadia gasped in admiration at his body which was lined with scars, and pulsing with strong muscles. A sheen of sweat and dirt glistened in his every curve and crevice, and Nadia found herself almost drooling at his impressive abdominal muscles which looked like eight stones stacked up to his chest. But what really took her breath away was the meaty trunk swinging between his legs, a penis that even made the freakish Pad look like a little boy. Even soft it was over nine inches long, and it was already as thick as one of Nadia's wrists. His testicles hung heavy and low, each the size of a plum in a leathery purse.

Without changing his expression he began to stroke his cock, taking a wide stance and holding it outward like a sword. Within the span of just three strokes he was completely erect, his beefy club maxing out and a mind-shattering twelve inches.

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