tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sultry Sorceress Ch. 02

The Sultry Sorceress Ch. 02


Ever since the day Nilrem was born he had never seen or experienced a single instance of magic in his entire life, which was odd, because the world he lived in was allegedly filled with it. His small mountain village of Morningwoods once had a wizard, an alchemist, and a sorceress who had all been fairly powerful in their day, but when little Nilrem was born things started going sour for them. The wizard's spells fizzled and flopped, the alchemist's potions all fell flat, and the sorceress's charms all flinted and finked. But when they moved to the next village down all their talents returned without any trouble, and so they set up shop there and never returned.

When Nilrem was a young boy a group of Queen Nymphoria's famous paladins came through his village hunting a witch. They all wore skimpy pieces of metal armor that barely covered their spectacular bodies, and their weapons all glowed with the magical enchantments woven in to them. But when Nilrem got close their weapons became dull and their skimpy armor started to fall off. The paladins claimed something evil in the air was interfering with their powers, so they left and never returned either.

When Nilrem turned 18 he started playing the same games the other pubescent youngsters of his village played. Boys and girls alike would sneak off into the dark forest around Morningwoods, where the hot-springs of the fairies were, and they'd peek at the sexy nymphs and sprites who bathed there. Occasionally one of the craftier youngsters would manage to catch one, and would receive sexual services in exchange for freedom. Nilrem hid in the bushes with some other teens, all of them fervently stroking their stubbornly hard cocks and wet pussies, as Billy the Butcher's Boy caught a little green fairy one day by her dainty ankle, and roughly spanked her little green ass over a log. Billy was a big 18 year old, with large muscles and a large cock, yet the fairy he had caught was only a little more than half his size. The busty little spirit had a well developed body none the less, with lime green skin, dark green hair, bright green eyes, and colorful green lips and nipples. Billy bent the little green munchkin over a rock and after forcing her to suck his seven-inch cock he slammed it up her lime-colored cunt, making her squeal and moan and cum her little brains out. Billy let the green cum-bucket go, but he caught her again, and again, and again, before everyone realized that the green fairy actually wasn't trying that hard to get away. Once you fucked a fairy, they were connected to you for life.

After that all the mature teens of Morningwoods had to bag a fairy, as their parents had done before them. Benjamin the Barrel-maker wrestled down a golden nymph and fucked her large breasts until his cum shot out over here pretty face, and after that she moved in with him. Darcie the Dressmaker trapped a centaur and fucked herself silly with his big horse-cock, and now she rides him around the glen almost every day. Even Nilrem's own sister, Morgan, had seduced a ravenous werewolf and made a tamed house pet out of him. She was always taking him for 'walks' that inevitable ended in her bedroom.

But Nilrem could never catch any sort of fairy. Every time he tried they'd fly away as if being blown by a storm, or they' sink into the ground like ghosts. Only once had he even managed to touch one, and the poor little nymph whose ass he groped was blasted away as if she'd been struck by lightning. He was sure that none of the fairies would be 'caught' by him because Nilrem, despite being a cute boy with blue eyes and curly brown hair, had the least impressive penis in his village. Few boys had big twelve-inchers like Morros the Black (whose father had come from the southern continent) but most had been at least packing a solid six inches of manhood in their trousers.

Little Nilrem had only four, and he was beating it with gusto as he spied on his sister having a three way at this very moment with Morros and her pet werewolf, Howler.

Morgan had her slender, white arms wrapped around Morros's strong neck, and they kissed like sloppy sex-fiends, they tongues loudly wrestling each other's into submission. Howler was on his knees behind Morgan, lifting up her flimsy skirt and sticking his long muzzle into her already soaked panties, expertly licking her swollen pussy. He was eating her so well that she squirmed in Morros's arms, and the big black stud had to hug Morgan tightly to keep her in place.

Morgan clumsily struggled out of her loose white blouse, revealing the supple, medium sized tits she had. Morros mauled them in his hands as he pulled at the frilly strands of lace holding her hair up, and it fell around her shoulders in messy brown curls. Howler finished her disrobing by almost ripping off her skirt and pulling down her lacey thong underwear, leaving her nimble buttocks naked for him and Morros to squeeze. Howler rose as Morgan was pushed to her knees, whimpering impatiently as the black stud undid the buckle of his pants and unleashed his quickly hardening foot-long cock. His massive dick sprang free and slapped Morgan in her cheek, but she quickly widened her mouth and popped his head in. Both of Morros's hands were tangled in her messy brown hair as she loudly slurped back and forth on him, moaning happily as his salty taste filled her senses. Howler must have been feeling a little jealous, because he was jamming his cock into the back of Morgan's head as if trying to get her attention, but it was still over a minute before she dislodged from the ebony muscle and turned to her pet's knotted semi-human phallus. Her lips were dripping with strands of saliva that connected her mouth to Morros's cock, but that didn't stop Howler from burring his own dick balls-deep into her throat, causing the eager slut to gag slightly. Morgan quickly got her tempo though, and soon she was sucking Howler's knotted cock so furiously that her tits bounced with every bob of her head.

She went back and forth between the two for several minutes, lubing up both of their massive fuck-sticks with spit for the penetration to come, but for a slut like Morgan even a blowjob was its own reward. She kissed both of their heads and ran her tongue along the deep trenches of their cum-slits, all the while aggressively palming their heavy testicles as if inspecting ripened fruit.

She was so exhausted from the enthusiastic felatio that she was gasping. "These . . . these are my favorite cocks in the village," she said happily, her spit-covered mouth beaming with a beautiful, drunken smile.

"Well let's get one of them inside you," Morros said with an arrogant smirk. All though he was only 19 and Morgan was 28 he had easily become dominant in their relationship, as he had with many of the village's woman, whether they were married or not. Everyone fucked the fairies, but something about copulating with another human was more intimate, more powerful.

Morros pulled Morgan up by her hair. The look on her face was dazed and hungry as he pushed her soft tits against his dark wall of a chest, and she instinctively wrapped her slender legs around his powerful waist. He carried her over to the bed effortlessly, and he easily held her over his body as he lay down. He left the rest to Morgan, who clumsily and impatiently struggled to get her tight, dripping pussy over his behemoth member, but her legs were shaking so much that she was having trouble just getting into position. It fell to Howler to hold her in place, his furry claws gently gripping her breasts as she successfully sat on Morros's cock. His bulbous head split her tight pussy open wider than it was use to, and she wailed like a horny banshee as her body slid down the last eleven inches.

She leaned down as her slender hips energetically gyrated against the colossal fuck-pole filling her to the womb, and her supple bubble breasts began to mash against Morros's hot chest like balls of dough against an oven sheet. She was literally drooling as her lover took her chin and pulled her in for a hot, passionate kiss. Morros's large penis twitched in excitement, and even this small movement was enough to make Morgan's cute butt bounce an inch off of his body.

Howler (who had been patiently fisting his own large cock on the sidelines) saw an opening as Morros pried Morgan's cute butt cheeks open, revealing a clean, tight little backdoor. Already lubricated with spit, Howler pushed the tip of his knotted cock against her asshole and started to push in.

"Mmf!" Morgan's blue eyes almost popped out of her sex-dazed skill. "Howler! W-wait! We've tried that! My hole's not big enough for something that huge."

The jilted werewolf growled. "You'll manage, bitch."

His furry tail wagged as his muscular hips plowed deep, forcing all of his cock into her little back-pussy with a strong, slow thrust that became more stubborn after every inch, but even as Morgan inhaled deeply and began to scream, Howler still went to the hilt. Morgan was screaming in a high-pitched whine at first, but as the two studs matched their tempos and their lager cocks really started to plow, Morgan's screams became pathetic, orgasmic yelps of pleasure, like a tiny toy-poodle being bred by a wolf and a black bull. Still Morgan tried to get Howler out of her ass. She kicked and wiggled, and she tied to climb further up Morros's chest, but all this did was excite them and push her tits into Morros's hungry mouth. She started to cry in defeat as Howler's knotted cock hooked into her insides, where it would stay lodged until he climaxed, and with no other option Morgan just had to grit her teeth, take it like a bitch, and enjoy it.

Nilrem by now was completely naked as he sat in the hallway peeking through the door. He sat on a pile of his discarded clothes, fisting his little four inch cock like he was trying to break it. The sound of his forearm slapping against his slender waist was loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but it was nothing compared to the SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! that his older sister was taking in both ends. They were fucking her so hard that her entire bed was skirting along the floor and hitting the wall. Very likely this was going to be the third bed-frame she had broken this year. Watching the sexual carnage inside, Nilrem couldn't help but reflect on his own inadequacy. Morros was only a year older than him, but compared to the half-black stud he was a little boy who never grew into a man. Nilrem's little nut wasn't going to be impressing any girl's in his village, not when every single one of them had already tumbled in the hay with the likes of Morros, Billy, or Pegasus (which was the name of Darcie's centaur). His only option was to capture a fairy-lover of his very own, something he'd do tonight, just once he was done watching his older sister getting her brains fucked out.

The three revelers were just about finished anyway. Howler's clawed hands slashed against Morgan's back, leaving bright red scratches as he leaned up and howled like the wolf he was. An echo of howls followed as every other dog in the village saluted in orgasm. His testicles pumped visibly as he unloaded two balls worth of werewolf baby-batter deep into Morgan's ass, and even as his orgasm ended he stayed embedded within her, his knotted penis making him as much a prisoner as her.

Morgan came next, the sensation of pain across her back, and hot, werewolf spunk filling her ass was simply too much to resist. Her sweaty, slickened body began to shake with epileptic spasms as a powerful, mind-numbing orgasm quaked through her. She wept from the sheer feeling of it, tears dripping off her face and sizzling on Morros's hot chest. She bit her tongue trying not to scream, but it was no use. As Howler's big cock finally slipped from her stretched out asshole she wailed and wept with ecstatic torment.

Morros wasn't finished though. He stood up, lifting Morgan as easily as a baby, and but her back down on the bed, but leaving her lower body hanging off the edge. Spreading her legs open and pinning her down, his hips began to jackhammer her sopping cunt with thrusts so powerful that they were almost hateful. One of his implacable arms held on to the bed, the other onto her right breast as the left one bounced around out of control. He was fucking her so hard that books were falling from the shelves and her framed pictures swung back and forth on the walls. Morgan couldn't even scream she was being fucked so hard and so fast. All she could do was look up with wide, horror-struck blue eyes as she felt her body being ruthlessly dominated by the sweet little boy she had once babysat with her little brother.

Finally Morros climaxed. His first two pumps went deep and hard, and he held his cock perfectly still as he did so, just so Morgan wouldn't confuse the hard impacts of his cum with that of his cock. Then, still climaxing, he pulled out and dropped her quivering lower body to the floor like a shack of shit. He held his humongous ramrod out like a sword and stroked it rapidly, firing off shot after sticky shot of cum across Morgan's face and chest, shampooing her hair with semen and plastering her eyes so thickly she couldn't see. Although two overlapping orgasms were whipping her mind into slavery, she still knew to hold out her tongue to catch as much delicious sperm as she could, and she moaned with almost pitiful need to taste him. She slipped to the floor shivering and jerking uncontrollably, her pussy exploding with a wet, sputtering waterfall across the floor, and she continued on like that for almost a minute before finally coming to a deep, sex-induced slumber on the floor.

Nilrem couldn't hold back any longer. His little cock began to spurt thick strands of cum so high that they splashed across his hairless chest and boyish face, one landing squarely in his open mouth. The rest dripped off to the side, soiling his sweat-soaked clothes. Despite being so sadly under-endowed in the caliber of his cock, Nilrem's testicles were extraordinarily bountiful, and he could match any stud in terms of drop for drop, if not inch for inch.

Morros chuckled as her wiped his cum-covered cock off with Morgan's bed sheet. "Well I guess we know which of us is the bigger stud finally. What was up with you man," he said to Howler. "You seemed a little off your game tonight."

Howler scratched his head and growled. "It must be that brat brother of hers. He's close. I can feel it. Last time we tag-teamed Morgan he was spending the night at a friend's house."

"Why would it matter if Nilrem's around?" Morros asked, scooping up the unconscious Morgan and laying her on the bed. "Does he smell funny or something?"

"No. It's hard to explain, but there's something weird about him. I've checked with all the other fairies and ghouls around and they all agree. Something about that kid just . . . I don't know . . . saps us of our strength."

Morros shrugged and laughed. "Too bad for him. Ain't nothing sweeter than busting in a fairy pussy for the first time. Not that he'll ever get to know. If anyone in this horny little village is bound to die a virgin, it's him."


Although it was early in the morning and still hours before sunrise, Nilrem sulked through the cobble streets of Morningwoods alone, wearing a new set of clothes he had gotten from his room. He couldn't get to sleep that night, not with Howler and Morros in his sister's room loudly boasting of their countless sexual conquests. Between the two of them there wasn't a single pussy in the village they hadn't stretched out, human or otherwise, and Nilrem didn't like being reminded that he was the only 18 year old virgin he knew of.

Even now, in the wee hours of the morning, the streets echoed with little moans and squeals of lovemaking. He passed the house of Daisy, a cute blonde girl his age who he had once harbored a crush on. She was leaning out of her bedroom window as an unseen lover pounded her from behind, her little breasts bouncing with every thrust. He passed the mayor's house, the largest villa in town, and from the looks of the place the village's more prominent citizens had just wrapped up a private orgy. He even passed the jail, where a young thief named Roxy had been put in the stocks outside. Her leather pants had been pulled down to her ankles and her entire backside was dripping with cum. It seemed that after her arrest half the town's men had used naughty Roxy as a public cum-dumpster. Even now a couple hooligans from his school were rubbing their dicks over her catatonic face, and using her mouth as a cum-rag.

Nilrem was a nice boy, but his sexual frustration had began to fester into resentment for his entire town. The only thing he knew that would turn things around for him was if he caught a fairy of his own, damn whatever nonsense Howler had been taking about before. Nilrem was going to catch one tonight.


Nilrem had never gone into the woods at night before, his sister had always warned him not to. She had said that the sweat, sexy fairies who pranced around in the daytime all went underground after the sunset, and they were replaced by ravishing demons who raped humans to death and ate them. Nilrem had been wandering for almost an hour now, and he hadn't seen a single man-eating demon, but he hadn't seen any fairies either.

He heard the sound of running water, and he followed it to a little swimming hole at the base of a small cliff. It wasn't as dark as it had been, now that the sun was rising in the East, and the little pool was reflecting the moonlight.

Nilrem wasn't alone he realized, there was something by the pool. A slender, sexy shape was crouching at the edge of the sparkling water, dipping a large jug beneath the surface. The silhouette was that of a naked girl, her perky breasts and supple buttocks perfectly outlined by the shimmering water. Her hair looked spiky and shoulder-length, but more interesting was that from her hair seemed to sprout two cat-like ears, and from her arched lower-back wagged a long, black tail.

Nilrem's little four-inch stub sprang up to its full length, and he was practically drooling as he stared starry-eyed at the attractive fairy. This was it, he thought, this was the one he was going to catch. He shrugged off his cloths silently as he approached, but as quiet as he might have been, the fairy's cat-like ears still detected him.

"You's there?" the cat-girl sprang up, the moonlight shining off the pale skin of her young breasts, highlighting the little nipples she had. Nubile and slender as she was, she was at least a head taller than Nilrem. "Show yourself! I'll cut you!"

"Got'cha!" The excited boy yelled, leaping naked through the air and grabbing her by the tail.

"What!?! What're you-" and then she inhaled deeply. "OUCH!"

Sparks and fire crackled from her tail, and although the flames didn't hurt Nilrem at all they did cause him to leap back in fear. The cat-girl ran in circles wagging her tail and cupping her perky butt, all the while yelling "OUCH! OUCH! OWIE! FUCK! OUCH!"

"H-hold still!" Nilrem yelled, suddenly concerned for her safety. "I'll get water?"

"Wait! No-" but she was too late trying to stop him. The cute young man grabbed the filled water-jug she had dropped and flung it over her entire body, soaking her from head to toe.

The cat-girl just stood there a moment in stunned, shivering silence. The cold water made her naked body prickle, and her little nipples leapt up like erect pink towers. Her knees buckled and she started to wail a loud, pathetic whine.

"I'm c-c-cooooolllldd," she sobbed and sniffled.

"Don't worry!" The naked Nilrem said. "I have some clothes!" He grabbed his discarded shirt and pants and headed back over, but the moment he pressed the material against her naked body more sparks and electric bolts leapt from her body.

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