tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sultry Sorceress Ch. 10

The Sultry Sorceress Ch. 10


"Bring the bitch out," Captain Bonny Blue said, leaning back against her wooden, salt-crusted throne.

"Aye-aye captain," her newest cabin-girl responded perkily, and quickly scampered towards the aft of the ship.

Captain Bonny admired her cabin-girl's cute little butt as she went, especially the way it looked in her skintight shorts. The girl (Clover was her name) was exactly the kind of cute, sexy, fuckable little girl that made Bonny's pussy wet, which was why she had a crew made up almost exclusively of attractive women. Nothing quite distracted an enemy sailor like a nice pair of tits in a wet blouse, and nothing made the long nights of sea pass more enjoyably than a cot stuffed with hot pussy.

Captain Bonny Blue was a pirate. More than that, she was a Pirate Queen, and pussy was her plunder of choice. Whereas other pirates fought and died for gold and jewels, Captain Bonny traded in young sluts from exotic lands, and kidnapped the daughters of wealthy families for ransom. Not every girl Bonny kidnapped got ransomed though. Her own first-mate, Penelope Pearl, was a gorgeous blonde, blue-eyed princess from a small and wealthy kingdom in the Northern Isles. Her kingly father had been willing to pay a ship's worth of gold for his daughter's return, but Bonny had taken a liking to eating Penelope's pussy, and Penelope had taken a liking to getting her pussy eaten by Bonny.

Ten years later, and Penelope was still with her, now a statuesque 29 years old, with generous breasts and a pussy that was as sweet as ever.

If there was one thing Captain Bonny believed, it was that good pussy was worth more than all the gold in the world.

"Here she is Captain," Clover said, leading the captive by her collar. "Nadia Méchant. The Sultry Sorceress. The Seducer of Succubuses. The Wickedest Witch."

Captain Bonny couldn't help but moan in deep, sexual admiration of her prisoner's body. Nadia Méchant was the most purely sexual being Bonny had ever seen, her every curve and groove swelling with an almost digusting level of erotiscm. Nadia had big, full breasts that looked both as firm as muscle and as soft as jelly. Her body was long and toned, with subtle muscles flexing in her stomach and thighs. Her lips were puffy and inviting, and her sparkling green eyes were lidded by big black lashes. Her nipples were pink, flawless, and temptingly erect. Her auburn red hair was straight, silky, and reflected the sunlight like fire.

Captain Bonny stuck out her leg so that her boot rested just beneath Nadia's face. Bonny had great taste in shoes, and never wore anything that wasn't stylish. The pair she had on now where leather, knee-high, stiletto-heels that looked sexy as hell, especially on a dominatrix like her.

"Kiss it," Bonny said, flipping her foot around Nadia's face.

Nadia looked up with a beautiful, vicious snarl on her face that was both arousing and terrifying to see.

"Bitch," Penelope Pearl hissed, and she pulled a pistol out of her belt to stick in Nadia's face. "Maybe you'd rather suck on this, you evil whore. Suck it, and I'll make sure it 'cums' right down your throat."

"Now, now Penelope, baby. Calm down, although I do find you to be very sexy when you're mad," Bonny said, patting her lover on her delicious ass.

Bonny dangled her expensive leather boot beneath Nadia's tempting lips again, this time kicking the sorceress in the cheek a little.

"Kiss it."

Nadia puckered her puffy lips (a sight erotic enough in itself to nearly burst a pussy) but instead of kissing her captor's boot, she spat on it.

Bonny sneered, and then kicked Nadia in the face.


Nadia's head snapped through the air and she landed on her back, her breasts jiggling from the impact. Captain Bonny stood over Nadia and pressed the sharp heel of her boot against one of Nadia's erect nipples, pushing it into her breast until it inverted.

Nadia looked up through tears of pain at her oppressor, and although Nadia was seething with murderous rage she couldn't help but let her imagination wander over the Pirate Queen's sexual form.

Captain Bonny Blue wasn't an incredibly tall woman (she was a bit shorter than both Nadia and Penelope) but she had generous curves and a booty that only a Pirate Queen could possess. Her breasts heaved imperiously from her chest, and her nipples were big, dark, and rough. She earned the name Bonny 'Blue' because of her hair, which was a messy heap of attractive locks that flowed down her back, and was an obnoxious shade of cerulean blue, which was somehow natural, as her eyebrows and messy pubic hair showed.

Captain Bonny Blue wore a tricorn hat, a big coat that she left open, and plenty of cold chains that hung over her big tits and wide hips, but other than that she was totally naked. Bonny like the feeling of the sea hair on her bare nipples and pussy, and since she spent most of the day drinking and fucking anyway, it didn't make sense to worry about clothes.

"So tell me, sorceress slut," Blue said, grinding her heel into Nadia's nipple. "Where's all your magic? Where are your fireballs and lightning bolts?"

Nadia hissed in response.

"Oh, that's right?" Bonny Blue chuckled. "You can't use magic right now, not so long as I have your familiar spirit locked away." Bonny tilted her head to a small chest that two of her girls were sitting on. The small chest was bouncing around like it had an angry wolverine inside, making it rather hard for the girl's to stay on top of it, but they were clearly enjoying the ride. One of them was already orgasming from the vibrations, and a line of horny young pirates formed to take her place.

"Pussy," Nadia moaned. She wasn't referring to the pirate girl's privates (although her pussy did look like an edible little peach). Pussy was the name of her familiar spirit, her demon, a succubus that usually took the form of a cat or a skinny teenage slut. A familiar spirit's bond could amplify their partner's power ten-fold, but if they were separated by certain magical means then they could both be rendered powerless.

"So Nadia, care to tell my crew why you snuck aboard my ship and attacked me?" Bonny asked. "I think confession is good for the soul, and you'll want to feel at least a little good for a little while, because I'm going to rape the shit out of you in every way imaginable, and then I'm going to let my crew use what's left of your broken body, and then we'll be sending your slutty ass to walk the plank."

The crew cheered. Like Bonny Blue, the were pretty much all a bunch of violently horny lesbians, and it had been a while since they'd been allowed to really go all out on a slut without concern for her safety.

Nadia groaned. "I came to steal the Rod of the Deep."

Bonny smiled and stepped off of Nadia's breasts. She went over to her throne and picked up a heavy metal cylinder that looked suspiciously like a dildo.

"The Rod of the Deep. My family heirloom. The key to my success. My greatest weapon," Bonny said, licking the metal shaft. As she licked the cylinder, a great rumbling came from beneath the ocean.

"Take the bitch to my cabin," Captain Bonny said, smiling from ear to ear.


Captain Bonny's cabin wasn't like most executive bedrooms that Nadia had found herself in. Bonny didn't keep a clean or tidy lifestyle; preferring the wild, partying ways of a hedonist. Her room reeked of sex, and the giant mattress Nadia was put on was almost damp with sweat and other fluids. The floor was littered with torn panties, empty wine bottles, and broken sex-toys.

Nadia wasn't the only bound sex-slave on the bed either. Two petite Eastern girls with surprisingly perky breasts were passed out on the pillows, their lithe bodies sticky with dried sweat, and their pussies swollen from constant abuse. Nadia had already met this two little sex-kittens earlier; Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang were twins, and they were two of the most edible little pussy-cakes that Nadia had ever seen, and the fact that they were Easterners made them all the more tempting. Bonny Blue had acquired them from a slave ship and had been planning to auction them off somewhere in the West where she could make a fortune from them, but somewhere along the line Bonny lost focus and decided to indulge herself with the twin's bodies. Bonny fucked them hard; so hard that Bonny literally fucked them stupid, thus rendering them almost useless as actual slaves. Now they's been reduced to she ship's communal fuck-pillows, and did little more than eat, sleep, and fuck.

The twins roused from sleep and crept over Nadia's body like two sexy little slugs, thrusting their tight stomachs against Nadia's soft breasts, licking her face, and humping their sore pussies against her arms and legs. Nadia moaned, desperately trying to resist, but the twin's kisses were like injections of sexual heroin, and within a minutes she was wiggling from her first little orgasms.

The twins worked their way to Nadia's erect nipples, knowing how special they were. The twins suckled down, and were rewarded with mouthfuls of warm, creamy milk.

"That's my favorite thing about you witches," Captain Bonny Blue said as she walked into the cabin, taking off her coat and freeing her titanic tits. "The things magic does to your body. It keeps you tight, it swells your breasts, it makes your pussy like hot butter, and it keeps you lactating."

Nadia tried to say something, but all that came out was an erotic whimper as one of the Yin Yang twins began playing with her engorged clit.

"Back off, you little sluts," Blue said, grabbing the twins by their legs. "She's mine."

Bonny pulled the twins towards the edge of the bed, and then she shoved a hand up each of the girl's swollen pussies. The girls squealed like frightened piglets, and Bonny finger-fucked them both so fast that they began to spasm from a sudden burst of violent orgasms. The twins' pussies erupted like broken sprinkles, and they both fell into deep, hot, almost painful sex-comas.

Bonny licked her fingers clean and then dragged the girls off of the bed, letting them fall to the floor like trash.

Bonny crawled onto the bed and over Nadia's body with the voluptuous grace of a horny tigress, a sexual alpha-predator stalking in her favorite jungle. She let her big, heavy tits drag over Nadia's body, allowing her hard nipples to graze over the sorceress's sensitive skin. Bonny kissed both of Nadia's nipples when she got to them, at first gently but ending each kiss with a little nibble of her teeth, making Nadia gasp. Bonny was being amazingly gentle, but beneath her affectionate facade pulsed the heart of a merciless, brutal, instable rapist, and Nadia could feel it.

Nadia hadn't felt this powerless in many years. She was arguable the most powerful sorceress in the whole world. She had toppled kings, raped queens, kidnapped princesses, enslaved princes, tamed dragons, flirted with demons, seduced angels, and literally killed gods, but now she was nothing more than a slut waiting to get the shit fucked out of her.

Nadia's heart was beating in her chest like a hummingbird, and her head swooned with hot dizziness. She was so scared that she really thought she might piss herself, but the fear was also thrilling, and she also felt ready to cum at any moment.

Bonny chuckled arrogantly as her face hovered over Nadia's. Nadia was crying a little, two crystal tears rolling down her high cheekbones. Bonny stuck out her long, wicked tongue and licked them up. She kissed Nadia, shoving her tongue deep into the witch's throat, and slowly thrusting her body down onto Nadia's.

Nadia kissed back, afraid that any resistance would anger her dominatrix, but all the while knowing that it wouldn't matter. Bonny was going to fuck her until it hurt. Nothing Nadia could do would stop that. Nothing Nadia could do was going to spare her the hours of sexual torture ahead of her.

Bonny sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Nadia by her hair until the sorceress was bent over the pirate's knees. Nadia wiggled uncomfortable as Bonny pulled her legs apart and began prodding at Nadia's pussy and anus, pinching her taint and flicking her clit.


Bonny chuckled as she spanked Nadia.


"Oh!" Nadia gasped, feeling tears dripping from her eyes as hot honey dripped from her pussy. She was so sexually aroused that it was literally hurting her. Her cunt felt ready to pop.


" . . . please . . ." Nadia begged.


"'Please' wait? Fucking whore," Bonny asked, making sure her swift spanks tickled the edges of Nadia's swollen pussy.


" . . . please . . . let me cum . . ."


Bonny slapped Nadia right on her pussy.

"AAAHH!" Nadia cried, feeling her vagina burst like a broken faucet, squirting all over the bed and Bonny's legs.

Bonny dropped Nadia on the flow and let the sorceress flop around like a fish, pathetically grinding her pussy down on the wooden floor trying to alleviate her painful orgasm.

Bonny stepped over her and walked over to her dresser. The Captain began to fasten a leather belt around her waist that went between her legs like a thong, and she clamped it down with a heavy clasp.

"You wanted the Rod of the Deep?" Bonny asked. "Alright bitch, but you're really, really, really going to get it."

Bonny turned around, and jutting from her crotch was the Rod of the Deep, fastened to her belt like a strap-on didlo. The thick, heavy metal cylinder looked much bigger to Nadia than it had before, and she couldn't tell of this as because of the rod's magic or just her fear, knowing that she was about to get it shoved up her pussy and ass.

Bonny grabbed Nadia by her hair and pulled the witch up to her knees. Bonny pushed the rod against Nadia's cheek and hit her eye-socket.

"Kiss it!"

This time Nadia didn't resist. She kissed the metal rod like she was in love with it, and Bonny responded by thrusting her hips right into Nadia's face. Nadia had to open up and let the rod punch down her throat, otherwise her teeth would have been shattered, although the cylinder was so thick and hard that she immediately began to gag on it. Bonny laughed as she fucked Nadia's throat until the sorceress's cheeks began to turn blue and she looked ready to vomit. Bonny pulled out just before Nadia could pass out, and she slapped Nadia across the face with her wet metal cock.


A little blood came from Nadia's mouth as her lip was cut against her teeth, but the pain from that was nothing compared to the hot, sexual tension in her pussy.

Bonny grabbed Nadia by her hair again and threw her onto the bed. Nadia landed on her back with her legs falling wide open, and Bonny charged into the breath, slamming the full rod into Nadia's pussy in one womb-breaking stroke. Nadia squealed and arched her back until it came off of the mattress, and Bonny smirked dominantly as she admired the way Nadia's breasts rose up.

Bonny held onto Nadia's tits as she plowed her, fucking the witch so hard that Bonny's massive bed actually shook, and the glass windows rattled. The rocking of Bonny's brutal thrusts were even more dramatic than the rocking of the ship in the ocean, and Bonny's whole crew winced in sympathetic pain, knowing just how brutally hard their Captain could fuck.

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Nadia screamed with every crush. It felt like her body was melting, and she was about squirt her brain out through her cunt.

"Take it! Take it you fucking cow!" Bonny laughed, squeezing Nadia's nipples so hard that milk shot out of them. "Take it till you fucking break!"

"OH MY GOOOOOOOD!" Nadia wailed, her legs beginning to shiver erratically.

"Just shut the fuck up and CUM!"

"AAAARGH!!" Nadia screamed as her mind shattered and her body surrendered completely. Her face twitched as if she waving a stroke, one side twitching uncontrollably while the other stiffened, her eyes rolling up into her skull, and saliva frothing from her mouth. The muscles in her legs and hips felt like they were going to burst, and her pussy erupted with a hot torrent of cum, like a barrel of water being tipped over.

Bonny was cumming too, but she was in control of her climax, and she was gritting her teeth with a sadistic smile on her face, grinding her pussy against the rod she had impaled in Nadia's gushing pussy. Bonny gasped happily, her breasts dripping with sweat onto Nadia's face, and after a moment she leaned down to spit in Nadia eyes and open mouth.

"That . . . that was a good start," Bonny said pulling out and giggling at the sight of Nadia's gaping pussy.

Bonny grabbed Nadia by her leg and flipped her over. She pried the witch's firm buttocks open until she revealed Nadia's tight pink anus, and Bonny leaned in so she could thrust her tongue up it. Nadia wasn't so knocked out that she couldn't feel Bonny's tongue probing her ass, but she didn't have the strength to even clamp her anus down on it.

Bonny eat Nadia's ass like it was cake, and once she'd gotten her fill she reared up and shoved the Rod of the Deep up Nadia's ass until it felt like the tip was punching the bottom of her stomach.

Nadia was so fucked up that couldn't feel the passage of time, but by the time Bonny had stopped slamming her ass it was dark outside and Nadia had counted somewhere between ten and fifteen gut-bursting orgasm.

Nadia slipped at the edge of a coma as Bonny stretched out next to her, pressing their sweaty bodies together, and sharing the dizzying warmth of their exhaustive sex. Bonny casually played with Nadia's breasts as she smoked on a fat marijuana cigarette, basking in the afterglow of a truly satisfying fuck.

The door to Bonny's cabin opened and in walked Penelope Pearl, looking as gorgeous as ever, with her golden hair and plentiful cleavage sparkling in the candle-light.

"Enjoying your new toy, ma'am?"

"Very much so," Bonny said, putting her lit cigarette out on Nadia's nipple. The burn hurt so much that Nadia wanted to scream, but she simply didn't have the energy. "I'm getting bored with her though. A toy is never as fun to rape the second time . . . or third . . . or hundredth."

"May I have a turn with her, ma'am?" Penelope asked, staying formal despite being obviously horny as hell. Her nipples were so erect that they were almost cutting her shirt open, and her pussy was so wet that it looked like she had spilled a drink onto her crotch.

Bonny chuckled. "Sure. I'm going to go and inspect the crew. Just let me use the toilet first."

Bonny had a private bathroom, the only one on the boat, but that wasn't what she was referring to. Bonny pulled Nadia to the floor and squatted over her face, unleashing a long, hot, watery stream of urine into her luscious auburn hair.

"Do whatever you want with her," Bonny said, kissing Penelope. "Just don't kill her. I want every member of the crew to get a turn before I sacrifice her to the Rod of the Deep."

"Thank you ma'am," Penelope was shaking she was so horny. "I . . . I love you."

Bonny kissed her first-mate again. "I love you too, you crazy bitch. Now cut the shit and rape this whore till she begs for death."

Bonny left the room without putting on any clothes. Penelope practically marched over to Nadia, striping over her clothes so fast that she actually ripped them. Her body was tense and angry, her stomach pulsing with subtle abdominals. Penelope had the face of a lovely queen, but she had the strong legs and swollen pussy of a raging dyke, her clit so erect that it looked like an stiff pink thumb.

"Finally," Bonny gasped, shivering with sexual rage. "I haven't gotten to break or whore like you since we caught the Yin Yang twins."

If Nadia could have screamed she would have. She would have been screaming all night and into the early morning, when Penelope finally collapsed from exhaustion, and Nadia was allowed to fall into a deep coma.

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