tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Summer Nymph

The Summer Nymph


This story is a submission to the 2018 Nude Day Erotic Story Contest. Sexual partners are 18 and older. Enjoy and please vote. Thanks for reading!


At eighteen, a young man is allowed certain freedoms in the summer after his graduation. Drew Hayes, a young man with ash brown hair, a baseball player's body and light blue eyes, looked forward to hanging out with his friends, getting laid and having fun before starting university thousands of miles away in Michigan. But Drew's father had different plans.

As he plead with his father, Mr. Hayes ended their conversation by saying, "You're not going to lie around the house playing video games and smoking dope with your friends while we're gone. You're coming to the lake with the family."


"Look. It's the last family vacation with the whole family together. It'll make your mom happy. That's that. End of discussion."

His father got up and walked away leaving Drew none too pleased. Three weeks at Lake Tahoe was nice and he understood the privilege of having a family time share but being the oldest, he'd have the responsibility of looking after his sixteen year old boy crazy sister, Elaine and his ten year old bratty brother, Mac who knows no boundaries. With spotty Wi-Fi, no gaming systems, five channels on the TV and virtually nothing to do, it's not how he imagined spending a good part of his summer vacation. Okay, when he comes out, he'll let it rip but for now, he'll be a good son for his hormonal mother who cries and hugs him whenever he mentions his impending departure to college.

Friday at noon, the family loaded up the SUV and left for the three hour drive up the highway through foothills and winding mountains passes to north Lake Tahoe. His sister kept her eyes glued to her tablet. His brother kept kicking his seat. They had to stop three time for his mom to pee.

"I'm glad this is the last family vacation," he muttered as he swiped through his phone.

It was a sunny afternoon when the Hayes family turned off the highway onto the private entrance to CalStar Village, a small development of singe family houses stretching up a wooded mountain rise. They drove up the single asphalt lane, passing small two story mountain homes set in tall pines until they came upon their family timeshare. The two story house had remained the same since Drew's childhood. The only thing that had changed was the new condominium sized house built next door with a white Range Rover parked in the drive beside it. Rich people.

"Is this house even legal?" his mother asked, eyeing the new house as she stepped out of the car. "It's so close to ours."

"I supposed so," replied his father opening the back to start unloading suitcases, charcoal and grocery bags.

Everyone picked up suitcases and grocery bags and proceeded to walk the short distance to the front door. His father opened the door and they entered after him. The place was relatively clean but his mother set down the groceries and went about cleaning it. Drew went straight upstairs to the guestroom with a single queen sized bed. His sister Lane was hot on his heels. He slammed his backpack on the bed.

"It's mine," he called out.

"That's not fair. I'm the girl. It should be mine."

"Sorry, squib. It's mine."

"Mom!" Lanie yelled as she stomped out of the room.

She can sleep on the pull-out couch if she doesn't want to share the room with twin beds with Mac. Drew had made a deal with dad that he gets his own room. A deal is a deal. He walked over to the window. The view was different with the new house just twenty feet away. Before, he could see a sliver of the lake through the pines. The lake view was gone. He was about to turn away when a naked blonde woman on the second floor walked past a sliding glass door that led to a little wooden deck. He thought he was imagining her when she crossed back with her long blonde hair, upturned tits, great legs and shapely ass. She looked to be in her late twenties, maybe early thirties. She was talking on her phone. Drew remained perfectly still. She didn't notice him as she flipped her hair as she turned her back to him. His mouth dropped open as he gazed upon her perfect butt with a white triangle of pale skin from bikini tan lines. She stepped out of view once more. Drew stood there, waiting for her to appear again.


He turned to see Mac standing there. "Mom wants you to walk me down to the lake."

"Have Lanie take you."

"She doesn't want to go. Mom says for you to take me."

"Alright. Get lost."

Mac left the room before he turned back to the window. He looked at the house next door one last time in hopes of seeing her, and when she didn't come back, he sighed and left the room. He bounded down the stairs to see Lanie still whining to his mom as Mrs. Hayes unpacked groceries.

Mrs. Hayes turned to the petulant teen and said, "This is the last year he'll be with us. It's only for a couple of weeks." She looked up to see an annoyed Drew standing on the other side of the counter. "Honey, can you walk your little brother to the lake? Don't be long. Your father is setting up the bar-b-que. We're having hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch."

Drew didn't argue. Whatever. The brothers left the house. As they walked by the new house, Drew couldn't help but look and wonder about the woman inside. Did she come alone? Was she married? God, her tits were dope. The two meandered down the asphalt drive to the highway which was slowed to a main road several miles ago and waited for the light to change. They crossed with the other tourists heading down to the state beach to look over the lake. Drew lamented being on the boring California side on the Northshore when South Lake Tahoe is the place to be with its shops and casinos. The two finally made it to the lake where Mac skipped rocks across the placid blue surface. It was a beautiful view; this ancient volcano lake set in a ring of jagged pine covered mountain peaks.

When Mac had had his fill of the view, he asked, "Can we stop at the store and get a drink?"

"Sure," Drew sighed.

They began to walk up towards the road where a rustic trading post convenience store serviced the nearby condos and home. He waited outside while Mac went inside. Then it happened. It looked like a dream or mirage. Two young women in daisy duke shorts and crop tops were riding plodding horses approached the store at a lazy pace. The rode towards him with their winsome faces, mischievous smiles and their eyes hidden by aviator glasses. Both had light brown hair flowed from straw cowboy hats and long tanned legs. They pulled their horses up to him.

"Hi," one said.

"Hey," he managed to stammer out.

"Can you buy us some beer?"

"Sorry. Can't."

"Got any weed?" asked the other.

Drew shook his head no. Their smiles dropped in disappointment.

"But I can get some," he quickly added.

They smiled.

"What's your name?" asked one.


"I'm Marissa. This is Candace. Where are you staying?"

He pointed across the street into the pines. "CalStar Village."

Marissa said, "You want to come to a party tonight? We're having one at our house. 20 Emerald Cove, just down the road," she said, hitching her thumb to the row of multi-million dollar houses down by the lakeshore.

"Our parents are going to the south shore for the night," Candace chimed in.

"Starts at around nine."

"I'll see if I can make it," replied Drew.

A car pulled into the small parking lot from which a middle aged guy got out.

"Hey," Marissa yelled his way.

He stopped. Marissa and Candace swung their horses his way to plod closer to him. Marissa asked, "You think you can buy us some beer?"

He eyed their bare tanned legs with a smile. "Yeah. What do you girls want?"

Mac stepped out of the store unscrewing the top from a bottle of Mountain Dew. Drew pushed him along.

"Hope to see you there," Candace called after him.

He said nothing as he ushered his brother along.

"Who were those girls?" asked Mac.

"Just some girls."

They walked back to the house and ate lunch on the back deck. The whole time they ate and chatted, Drew was formulating a plan to get out of the house. Night fell. They ate dinner and watched a movie before everyone went to bed. He took a shower on the pretense of readying for bed. Alone in his room, he dressed in clean cargo shorts and a Polo shirt he'd packed for when the family goes out for dinner. As he groomed his hair in a dresser mirror, his attention was drawn away by a light coming on in the neighbor's window. He turned off his light before creeping to the window. There she was. Miss Nude. She had a glass of wine in her hand as she danced around naked to music of which he could hear a muted bass beat. She was pretty happy, whipping her hair around. She slid open her door to step out into the fresh air. Leaning on the railing, she looked up at the stars shining through the pine boughs. She was more of silhouette without detail lit from behind by her dim bedroom light, but her curves were undeniably that of a woman. Her hair was a luminous yellow halo. He couldn't really see her face but the shape of her body was amazing. She must be some fitness babe or internet model. He was torn; stand here and watch her until he has a raging hard-on or go to the girls' party and perhaps get laid. She finally slapped at her arm and went back inside in retreat from a pesky mosquito. She made the decision for him. Tiptoeing to his door, he eased it open to step out into the dim hall. He down the stairs and crept behind Mac asleep on the couch in front of the playing TV and out into the cool night air. He briskly walked down the dim lane through the pines until he reached the highway. Once he cleared the tree line, he pulled out his phone to make a call to Ty, a dealer who he bought weed from last summer. Luckily, the dealer picked up.

"Hey, Ty man, this is Drew from last year. I was wondering if you can score me some stuff."

"You know this shit is legal now. There's a dispensary at Stateline."

"I don't have a car. Please man, help me out."

He sighed. "How much?"

"Like four pre-rolls."

"Forty bucks."

That was way too expensive but at least it'd be delivered. "Fine. Meet me at Tahoe Trading."

"Fine. Give me twenty."

Drew sat on a boulder outside of CalStar's private lane and watched people stroll to and from the two restaurants; a coffee shop and an upscale Italian restaurant and bar, Napoli's. He didn't want to look suspicious hanging out in front of the store. He waited there for twenty minutes before proceeding to Tahoe Trading. Drew was waiting in his car when he arrived. They met by the ice machine to make the exchange.

"Thanks, man," Drew said.

Ty nodded and went on his way. Drew went around the store and began to meander down the dark lane leading down to the lake side homes. The girls' mountain home could rival any mansion. It was well-lit, large, and architecturally beautiful. Someone's parents were very wealthy. He knocked on the door. Music drifted out when Marissa opened it. She looked hot in tight white shorts topped with a yellow chiffon blouse. She wore no bra and her upturned nipples in dusty pink areolas pointed his way. Her curled honey brown hair with blonde highlights bounced over her shoulders.

"Hey," she said. "You made it."

"Yeah and I brought weed."

She smiled. "Come on in."

It was pretty tame as teenage parties go. People were milling around talking with red cups in their hands. Some were sitting on a couch gaming on a sixty inch TV. Others were in a hot tub on a deck overlooking the lake. He spotted Candace talking to a guy in the corner. She too looked hot in tight jeans and black bandeau top with her caramel colored hair cascading onto her bare shoulders. She looked over their way and smiled. Marissa gestured for her to come over to them. She asked her friend to excuse her and approached.

"He's got weed," Marissa said to her.

"Let's spark it," Candace replied.

Marissa said, "Not here. Come on."

The girls led Drew upstairs to a large beige bedroom accented muted greens and dark wood. Marissa closed the door as Candace and Drew sat on the bed. He pulled a pre-roll from his pocket.

"Got a light?" he asked.

Candace stepped over to a desk drawer to pull out a plastic lighter and handed it to him. He lit it up and inhaled. It hit him fast. It was good stuff. He handed it to Candace who inhaled. She coughed a little before handing it to Marissa. Candace got up and opened a sliding glass door to let out the smoke. The sheers drifted as the cool air rushed in.

Drew asked, "So you guys rent this house?"

"No," replied Marissa. "My parents own it. Candace's dad and mine own a tech company. I live here year round."

"We come from Palo Alto every summer and stay," replied Candace.

They made small talk as they finished the joint. When Drew stubbed out the remnants in a crystal ashtray, he turned to face the girls. Marissa rose.

She said, "I better go back downstairs and see what's going on."

Candace said, "I'm going to stay up here and talk to Drew."

Drew gave her a silly grin. Marissa smirked at the two before leaving and shutting the door behind her.

Candace said, "I'm glad you came. I think you're cute."

"You're cute too."

They gazed at each other for a while before he leaned in to kiss her. She closed those big brown eyes of hers before her lips met his. The chaste kissed became hotter with each touch of their lips until it became a meeting of lusty passionate open mouths. His dick twitched from the sensation of her darting tongue against his. He sucked it as his hands went for her breasts. He tugged down her shirt and cupped her mound of flesh. Her hard nipple pressed into his palm as he rubbed her. He was becoming overheated. He'd only been laid once before in a hotel room after senior prom. It was awkward as Chloe was a virgin too. He came fast. She didn't cum at all. He swore from then on he'd make himself last longer and give the woman pleasure too. His hand wandered down to her pants as he pressed her down upon the bed covers. He unbuttoned them and managed to slide his hand inside. He managed to wiggle a finger between her pussy lips to feel her moistness welling within. Then she squirmed to get from under him.

"No," she breathlessly whispered. "Stop. Stop."

Drew opened his eyes. She pulled his hand from her jeans.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm sorry. It's just that...I'm a virgin."


He kissed her again, pressing her back against the bed to grind his pelvis to hers. She pushed his chest and turned her head aside to avoid his mouth.

"I can't," she said.

"I've got a condom," replied Drew.

"No. I'm sorry. I just can't."

She squirmed until he sat up to let her up. She pulled her top back up though she seemed as worked up and flushed as he. She looked at him with those pretty eyes before hanging her head.

She murmured, "I'm sorry."

He sighed. "That's okay."

She pulled her phone from her back pocket. "Let me give you my number. Maybe we can go paddle boarding or something."

"Sure," he said.

They exchanged numbers before she rose from the bed. She checked her appearance in the mirror, wiping away smeared lipstick before finger fluffing her hair. The two left the room and rejoined the party. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and drank it as he wandered around. He didn't know a soul so he went out to the back deck and looked out at the quiet expanse of the lake and the faraway casino lights shining on the other side. He wondered if Marissa was a virgin too. Maybe he'll find out before leaving. He finished his beer and decided to call it a night. He found Marissa, said goodnight and thanked her for the invite. She thanked him for getting her high and with that, he left for the half mile walk back to his place.

He returned to his house to see a second vehicle parked outside the new neighbor's house. It was a brand new BMW. These people were living large. He snuck back into the house to see the TV off and Mac gone. His mom or dad must've gathered him up, turned off the TV and put him to bed. Hopefully they hadn't noticed he was gone. Drew crept up the creaky stairs and across the hall, opened the door to his dark bedroom, entered it and quietly closed it behind him. He let out a sigh of relief. Mission accomplished. He stripped off his shirt and shorts and flopped face up onto his bed in clad only in his briefs. He noticed a dim yellow light oozing from the window next door. He got up and walked to his window. His mouth fell open at the sight lit by flickering candles. A buff looking dark haired naked guy, who looked to be in his thirties or forties, was sitting on the edge of the bed with the blonde woman on her knees between his giving him a blow job. Drew could only see her from behind. Her perfect ass rested on the heels of her feet. With her hands placed on his thighs, her head bobbed up and down. His head was thrown back as he in pure pleasure.

As Drew watched, his hand drifted into his briefs to stroke his stiffening dick. He wished he was that dude. He wished cute little Candace would've fallen to her knees, pulled his dick from his shorts and sucked it until he came in her mouth. He wanted to hold her head in place, balls deep on her chin, her glossy pink lips slurping it down, her throat muscles squeezing his cock as he pumped a month's load of jizz down her throat. He opened his eyes to see the blonde lady jerking off her man. She gazed at his dick as her tightly wrapped fingers jacked his fleshy shaft fast and hard before she put her mouth back over it for her lips to embrace him once more. The dude leaned back upon his hands. His hips bucked up to her face. Drew's grip tightened on his dick slickened with his pre-cum as he watched the dude pump the blonde's mouth. Drew spit in his hand to continue stroking himself to the sight of the woman lifting her ass into the air. The space between her thighs enticed him. He wanted to shove his dick up that juicy snatch and fuck her. She got off the ground to turn around. He held his dick up as she straddled him. The tip disappeared inside her when he let go. She eased down his dick before his hand let go to grip either side of her waist. Drew's balls tightened as he watched her bounce up and down on his rod, flinging her hair as she fucked him. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was opened as his dick moved in and out of her like a greased piston. Just watching it disappear in her pussy lips sent Drew over the edge.

"Fuck," he groaned between gritted teeth as he shot his load.

His spurting cum hit the carpet and oozed over his fingers as he drained with tight strokes while wishing a female's lips were wrapped around it to suck it all down. When the spasms finally quit, he fell back onto the bed huffing and puffing in an effort to catch his breath. His hand was still massaging his sticky dick when he heard a muffled groan outside his window. He sat up to see that she had quit fucking him and went back to sucking his dick. The guy cumming in her mouth. His hands were wound in her hair, keeping her in place. His teeth were clenched and he looked down upon her as he came. His body jerked a bit as her head remained in place until he finally let go off her hair. She raised her head off of him before standing. She bent over to kiss his cheek and then left for the bathroom. The light came on the bathroom off her bedroom before she shut the door. The dude fell backwards onto the covers. Drew took some tissue and half-heartedly rubbed globs of cum off the floor and fingers before throwing it in the trash. Then his room went completely dark. The neighbors had blown out their candles and Drew stared into their darkened believing the two had crawled under the sheets to sleep. Drew crawled in between his cool sheets thinking what a freaking useless night this had been. Scoring the weed was the best thing that happened. That and the blonde woman's ass. Definitely.

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