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The Summerhouse


Note: This is my entry for the 'summer lovin' story contest 2010'and is a work of pure fiction.


"Well, here is the house. What do you think? I know that it's a little rundown and needs plenty of work but generally speaking does it suit your requirements?" inquired the estate agent his patter obviously well rehearsed.

I tried to hide my excitement for this old Summerhouse was exactly the right size and location I needed. It was a small single storied building with ornate Georgian pillars propping up a classic canopy entrance. The three white marble steps leading up to the front door were quite discoloured. Windswept debris lay strewn into the corners of the steps while an undergrowth of creeping weeds covered most of which once was a beautiful manicured lawn.

"May I see inside please," I asked while trying to sound as disinterested as possible, even nonchalant.

The agent grinned with the same self assurance displayed by a hunting dog sniffing the scent of game on the wind, "Of course, let me get the keys from the car. I won't be a moment!"

'Agents' I thought; they never miss a trick. The ploy of fetching the keys was to allow me a little time alone to think. I must have displayed my delight. Alas, I shall never be a good poker player!

"Here we go," panted the agent on his return. He slipped the key in the lock as he half turned towards me, "You should remember that this beautiful property has stood empty now for nigh on five years. It will need quite a bit of work before its true value becomes apparent!"

The floors inside of the house appeared more off-white than the steps outside. A deception mainly created by the light grey streaks that ran through the marble. Rooms lay off the main hallway however, there were no doors just open portals. One room had been kitted out as quite a modern kitchen; another as the main bedroom with en suite bathroom, while a third room had become a second smaller bedroom and the last, the largest of them all, a comfortable lounge. The original Summerhouse window openings were without frames but now supported double glazing.

"What do you think?" ventured the now slightly nervous agent as he continued without hesitation and in the knowledge that he badly needed the commission from the sale, "The owner, I know, is prepared to drop the price quite considerably for he is going overseas to live, shortly!"

"It's very grubby! How much is he prepared to drop?" I asked.

"Twenty percent below the brochure price," was the instant reply.

"Make it thirty and he has a deal!"

"Done, you drive a hard bargain, but done, I have his prior consent for his absolute lowest price!"

We both smiled and shook hands, the deal was sealed.


It was just three days before Mid-summer's day when I next stood in the centre of the Summerhouse lounge and reviewed the changes which had taken place since that first viewing day. I had employed a decorating and landscaping company to go through the entire property. Although it had taken longer than I hoped; looking at the difference some six weeks later, the result was simply stunning.

One might think that the marble floors should be cold however, when considering the Summerhouse as a respite from the build-up of summer heat in the main house then it's understandable that the owners wanted a cool and tranquil environment. And yet, as I stood in the centre of that room I could feel not only a comfort of well being I could also feel, strangely, an inner strength that I hadn't experienced in years. The latter of those feelings had me confused until I realised it was one of quiet confidence that one gets when you feel you are not alone. I glanced around but, of course, the room was empty. As my eyes scanned the open empty space, I started to retrace my troubled history.

Two years ago my eleven year marriage ended in divorce; needless to say it was over long before the divorce papers had been served. I knew five years ago my marriage was a sham and that my wife had been unfaithful the whole time that I had known her. I opted first for reconciliation and tried to carry on performing my husbandly duties; however, things went from bad to worse.

Prior to starting a bout of counselling, some five years ago, I happened to go out drinking at a local pub with a few friends and bumped into the guy who I had recently learned was the one fucking my wife. When I saw him walk towards the 'john' I stood up to follow him in there. One of my friends grabbed my arm and advised me not to do anything stupid! I shrugged off the grip he had on my arm and cornered the guy in the bathroom. He must have recognised me for he backed away till he was cringing up against a urinal bowl.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want some answers to a few questions!" I had said quietly but still with menace.

He answered all my questions without hesitation and by his very manner I knew he was telling the truth. The realization that became apparent was my marriage was over and the years I had invested into it just a waste of time and effort. My wife still approached me for sex on occasions; however, once knowing the truth I started failing to perform in the bedroom. An erection became as distant as my chances are of winning millions on the Lottery.

My failures were meat and gravy to my wife who chose to taunt me mercilessly; eventually, bringing home one of her male friends. She had underestimated me for although I could not achieve erections my normal body strength was impeccable and I beat her smirking lover half to death. The next day she filed for divorce.

The past two years, since my divorce, haven't seen any change in my erection problems. I have been on dates a few times and willing ladies have never been too hard to find; regardless of that fact dead meat remained dead meat and my mental wellbeing kept on deteriorating. A short while ago I thought a change in lifestyle might help so that's why I started looking for some remote 'hideaway' where I could take fresh stock of my life and hope for a new beginning.


I was interrupted from my personal thoughts when I noticed paint daubed on the Portland stone adjacent to one of the freshly painted window frames. I checked the other windows and found the painting to be just as sloppy. I quickly dialled the decorators on my cell and made a complaint. They promised that 'Someone of authority would be with you shortly'.

It was perhaps three quarters of an hour before I heard the sound of high-heeled shoes clicking across the marble hallway floor, and when they stopped at the portal to the lounge I glanced up to see the person who had entered my abode.

"Hi, you must be Jake Rogers!" the sound coming from a demure sweet female who stood no more than five-seven in height, "I'm Mandy and I've come in response to a complaint you've made about some painting my company did for you."

As she stepped towards me so I took a step towards her and accidently stubbed her toe slightly which caused me to cast a glance towards her footwear. I've always had this passion for high-heeled shoes and the heels on her shoes must have been four or five inches, and their colour a bright 'fuck-me' red.

As I looked up into her eyes she smiled in a knowing manner, sidestepped around my transfixed body, and walked towards the lounge window, "Nice view!" she exclaimed then giggled at a possible double-entendre as she looked over her shoulder to catch me staring at her small nipped in waist and full hips. I had even noticed the slight waviness in the seam of her stocking just near her firmly flexed calf muscle. The thought did cross my mind that she must be spending a reasonable amount of time at a gym.

Whether it was a ploy or unintentional I shall never know; nevertheless, she stopped some twenty inches from the window and stretched forward to rest the palms of her hands on the window sill, causing her dress to ride slightly further up her delicious rounded bum cheeks. However, she remained decent in her attire even though displaying more of the backs of her legs.

A strange thing I was to learn about the Summerhouse was that because there were no internal doors a gentle breeze would often flow through the rooms but every now and then there would be an unexpected gust of wind as though the breezes had joined forces. My first experience of such a gust was as Mandy leant forward to gaze from the lounge window. I stood a few paces behind her at the time admiring the flowery printed pattern on the flowing summer dress she was wearing.

As silent as a thought, one of those sudden gusts of wind caught the back of her summer dress and lifted it clear up to her waist. Mandy's crooked stocking seams, to my delight; terminated with a lacy four-inch-band three quarters the length up her shapely thighs. The bottom of the triangle of her visible thong disappeared between her tightly nipped bum cheeks as an 'oh' escaped from her surprised lips. For the second time that day I experienced that unusual feeling however this time it was accompanied by a slight warming in my loins.

Adjusting her dress quickly, Mandy asked about the unacceptable painting job, vowed she would get someone out the next day to correct the problems, and promised she would return, in person, the evening after tomorrow to make sure all was to my satisfaction. With that done she bid me 'good day' and moved to leave. On reaching the lounge portal she paused as though in deep thought, turned back to face me and said, "It may sound corny, but I should know you!"

She laughed as she appeared to be having second thoughts, shook her head, turned to face the portal once more, and walked out. Not long after she had left the removal van with my meagre belongings and furniture arrived so I set about arranging things. I must admit I did things with more enthusiasm as I thought of Mandy's shapely legs, high-heeled-shoes, rounded bum cheeks, and lace topped stockings.

* * * *

The following day the decorators returned in good time and fixed up their errors. I managed to get my furniture straight and spaced out to suit my needs. My two favourite pieces of furniture I'd insisted upon getting from the divorce settlement were a leather pouffe (padded footstool) and an armchair. I picked a spot for the latter and sat down in it to get a feel for the distance away from it I should place the pouffe. As I studied the floor I saw that the grey streaks, in the marble, seemed to radiate out from a certain spot that was also a convenient place for the pouffe.


When I awoke the following morning the local radio was full of the news that today was Mid-summer's eve and how ancient celebrations were believed to be held quite locally; some being fertility rites. Unperturbed, I spent a quiet day sitting in my favourite armchair with my feet upon the leather pouffe. In the early evening my cell phone rang and it was Mandy letting me know she was on her way over, as arranged.

As I heard her drive up to the Summerhouse, I rose to go and meet her. She smiled at me sweetly although all the while she held her hands behind her back. With a, "Ta Da," she moved her hand forward to display a bunch of flowers.

"Are these a house warming present?" I asked.

"More than that they are Calendula and were used in ancient fertility rites, and even more to the point they have known healing properties.

I kissed her on the cheek by way of a thank you and as I straightened up she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. I was taken aback and asked her, "What's that all about?"

She looked down a little coyly and then looked back at me, "The first time we met I said I should know you, and I do!"

I never answered but just waited for her to continue.

"This is a special day and this Summerhouse is a special place," she said quietly, "And, I want to help you with...with your problem."

I looked at her sheepishly and wondered if she meant 'My problem'.

"I know of your wife, Janice, and the trouble she caused you, I would like to think I can help you through the bad times you must be having."

"No Mandy, I don't think anybody can help me!" I interjected bitterly.

"It's a special day, Jake. A Pagan festival day and I feel I'm part of it at heart. Do you know that this Summerhouse is said to have been built on the site of an old ancient village?"

Taking me by the hand she pulled me into the house and then into the lounge. She looked towards the pouffe and cried out incredulously, "Why there, why did you cover the very spot I'm talking about?"

I threw my hands up almost in despair, "No reason it was just the right distance from the armchair to rest my feet upon."

"From what I've discovered, Jake, that pouffe is placed over the very centre spot of the ancient site."

I toyed whether I should play a part to this mumbo jumbo by telling her of the grey streaks rippling out from that spot but decided to remain silent since there was probably a simple logical answer.

"You sit there on that pouffe and I'll take this nice comfy looking armchair," she directed, "I want to try to help you."

Once I was seated she asked, "Can you feel the warmth being generated at that spot?

I did feel cosy but didn't really feel any heat other than just a liking to look at the lovely lady before me.

Mandy rose from the armchair, took a single flower from the bunch of Calendula, returned to the armchair, and purred, "I think you need some education into certain old practices."

Without words just a stare that was a bland expression, except for a subtle hint of daring in her eyes, Mandy slowly moved the single Calendula towards her slightly open red painted mouth. When she sensually puckered her lips they lightly brushed the petals of the bright yellow flower. She circled the flower round the lips on her half open mouth, a few times, and then opened wider to slowly feed the whole flower head into her mouth then pressed her lips to the stem before forcing another inch of stem provocatively in and out of her closed mouth. A chuckle parted her lips as she slowly withdrew the Calendula from her mouth and commented, "My flower is best when open and wet!"

The warmth in my loins increased quite measurably.

Mandy manoeuvred the flower to rest against the side of her neck, just an inch or two below her ear lobe. The noticeable involuntary shudder her body gave in response to the touch gave fair indication as to where kisses, gentle or passionate, should draw rewards.

She brushed the head of the Calendula across her breasts toying mainly close to her nipples that were quite prominent through the thin material of her summer dress. She closed and then opened her eyes with a deliberate stare right into mine, a stare that read, "Do you want to see more?"

If I nodded it was subconsciously and needless to say it placed little restraint on the determined Mandy for in seconds her dress was up over her head and tossed with gay abandon onto the floor. To add to my delight she made no move to ease the white stockings off her lovely legs but tugged their tops up to make sure they were drawn snug and tight. If her summer dress was light and elegant then so was her white silky bra and matching knickers. Each expanse of white material on the top and bottom garment being broken by a single embroidered pale yellow pot marigold, Calendula.

Her deft fingers soon found the bra clip behind her back and her ample bosoms filled her cupped hands. If pink was a favourite colour then there was an abundance on exhibit for Mandy's nipples were the broadest and longest I even had the pleasure to set eyes upon.

Shortly after watching her bra fall to ground, Mandy raised her trim bottom from off the armchair and peeled down her knickers to hang around her slender ankles. When she sat back her neatly cut pubic hair fixed my gaze. She chuckled as she caught me staring, "The foliage on the Calendula is a little on the hairy side too!"

I remember the time precisely for it was shortly after she had raised her feet to rest on the edge of the armchair, and opened her knees wide with her heels together as the knickers were still wrapped around her ankles. She stroked her delicate fingers up and down her slightly parted inner labia and dipped a finger deep into her over-flowing wishing well; withdrawing it glistening in her juices. After seeing this I became aware my erection problems were over. I started to rub myself though my clothing as I felt my hardness growing.

A "Yes" hissed from the triumphant lips of the woman on the armchair, "Strip off! I want to see your growing delight. I want to see fertile seed erupt from your silenced volcano."

My five years in sexual exile combined with watching Mandy's blurring fingers as she rubbed her magic spot had me quickly complying with her wishes. Her flowing juices and the deliciously sloppy sounds caused me to undress faster than normal.

I joined Mandy on the armchair even though things were cramped I needed to be close to her. She cried out as she started to orgasm. I found that spot on her neck and kissed and licked her fervently and still had an urgent need to get even closer to her; unfortunately she had other plans for she raised her stocking covered foot, complete with high heeled shoe, and gently forced me away.

"Back on your pouffe, Jake, we have all night to fill your every wish but for now I need a drink and a pee!" then with a giggle added, "Perhaps, the other way around!"

* * * *

It was while later, I was on my second Whiskey, and she on a Vodka and Orange that her hissed "yes" started to bother me. How did she know of my problem? It was obvious that she wanted to and DID help me!

"Should I know you, Mandy?" I asked searching.

"Do you remember Grace Dawson? Well she is my sister. She used to be close to your ex-wife in her schooldays. Janice, your ex-wife moved away but Grace kept tabs on her through yet another friend of your wife's, Petra Green. It was through Petra via my sister that I knew of you. I hated your wife and even Grace disliked the way she abused people, especially you!"

"How did you know I was moving here and that I would use the decorating company you work for? I enquired.

"I didn't. When I walked in this Summerhouse a couple of days ago I thought I knew you and when I went home that evening I checked some old photographs and amongst them was one of you with Janice and Petra. I've always been convinced Janice was the root cause of all your problems."

"What a small world we live in," I retorted, "What a small world. But what's with all this ancient Pagan mumbo jumbo?" I laughed light-heartedly.

She took a sip of her drink and shrugged her shoulders; "My beliefs have helped me get through some tough times. I need them."

I could see real passion in her dark brown eyes. I ran my fingers through her equally dark brown hair and bent to kiss her quivering lips, "You feel passionate about your theories and helping me, don't you?"

Before she could answer I had slipped my arm around her waist and pressed my soft lips against the side of her tender neck. She moaned softly still spurred on by her mixed emotions. I spun her around to face away from me, eased my hands onto her hips and then round and up to couple over her, once again, dress-covered bosoms. Although she had donned her dress during the drinks interlude she hadn't bothered with either bra or knickers.

I teased and squeezed and pulled on her nipples until they stood erect and proud then while leaving one hand still gently mauling her breast I pressed my other hand firmly to her breast and ran it down over the centre of her body, her navel area, down her inner thigh till I reached the lower hem of her dress. I raised the hem until my fingers touched her growth of pubic hair. I eased a foot between her legs to encourage her to open them a little so that I could gain full access to her sweet sex. Once she had complied I dipped a finger deep into her and felt her dripping wetness, "God, you feel so good, Mandy, and so very wet!"

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