The Swimming Hole


Another summer, and another Hanson family picnic. This year, the Hanson's held their annual extended family get together at the country farm of middle brother Douglas. The Douglas Hanson's lived on a large spread, most of which they leased out as a working farm for growing crops. They, however, still had a large country house and a extensive patch of land where rocky soil, marshes and small ponds meant growing crops was not plausible.

Douglas Hanson and his wife Barbara had two children. Maria Hanson was 22, had recently completed university and was in the process of settling into a new job in Chicago. She had made the trip back to the farm for the reunion, though, along with her boyfriend Chris. Michael, Douglas and Barbara's youngest son, was 20. He was still living at home while he was attending a local community college. Michael was tall and athletic, with dark hair, brown eyes and a bewitching smile.

The other two families attending the Hanson family picnic were those of Earl, Douglas Hanson's older brother and Neville, the youngest of the elder Hanson boys.

Earl Hanson had a brood of children - five of them. One of those was his 20 year old son Graham. Graham was as tall as Michael, though slimmer of build than the muscular Michael. That isn't to say that Graham wasn't good at sports, but where Michael played contact sports like lacrosse and hockey, Graham concentrated on sports focusing on endurance and hand-eye co-ordination like tennis, running and rowing. Graham was also opposite in colouring to Michael, Graham was blond haired, blue eyed and fair skinned to Michael's darker complexion.

Despite the differences, Michael and Graham has always gotten along, and they looked forward to seeing each other at the family picnics and family holidays. When they were younger, they spent a lot of time tormenting or trying to avoid Taylor.

Taylor was Neville Hanson's youngest son, and was 18 years old. He had always looked up to his older cousins, who hadn't often wanted some kid following them around. As Michael and Graham had grown up into fit, athletic young men, Taylor had remained small. Small, slight and thin, with fair skin, Taylor didn't look much like his cousins. Taylor was still a bit of a mama's boy, and his mother, a fan of long locks, kept Taylor's auburn hair long and thick. There was more than a few occasions where someone referred to Taylor as "miss." He was the polar opposite to his masculine cousins.

Despite their differences, the three boys were the closest in age to each other, and also at an age when hanging around with their parents, aunts, uncles and older cousins held little appeal. As the family party started to get going, the three boys snuck out and to the car shed away from the house. Above the shed was a second story where Michael kept a bit of a crash pad. He had gotten a few old couches and chairs and a stereo system to which he could attach his iPod.

Graham and Taylor looked around, while Michael lounged in one of the chairs.

"Nice place," Graham said. He opened up a small fridge to find it filled with cans of beer. "Well stocked, I see."

"Nothing but the finest," Michael said, laughing, as he opened the drawer in a table beside his chair and pulled a CD case.

Graham, still poking around, opened up a cardboard box in the corner. He reached in and pulled out a sun dress. He held it up and showed it to Michael. "What's this? You killing girls, stashing the bodies and keeping their clothes are souvenirs?"

Michael laughed. "Nah, man, that is just some old crap of my sister's. Stuff for the charity bin, if I ever get around to taking it into town for her."

Michael opened up the CD case, and put it on the coffee table. Inside was some rolling papers and a baggie filled with dried, green leaves. "Now," he said, "what do you boys say to a little toke?"

Michael, Graham and Taylor passed around the joint as latest Foo Fighters album played on the stereo.

"Man, these family get-togethers are lame," Michael said.

"Come on, man. At least we get to hang out," Graham said. "It's cool to see you. I hardly see you any more at all. Remember as kids, when our folks used to rent that big old cottage on Lake Spruce, and we would hang out for a month, that was cool."

Michael passed Taylor the joint. "Yeah, and Taylor used to try and follow us around all the time," Michael said, laughing. "We'd swim out as far as we could to try and lose you, Tay. You aren't much of a swimmer, man."

Taylor released his breath with a slight cough, smoke filtering out from his mouth. "I'm a better swimmer now," Taylor said. "I'm on the swim team at school. Won a gold at county in the 200 metre. Probably whip both your asses in a race now."

"Fuck off, Tay," Michael said. "You couldn't beat us. Graham anchored his team in high school that won the gold at regionals, and as for me... Well, look at me," Michael flex his muscles. "I am just too awesome for you to beat."

Taylor passed the joint to Graham and laughed. "We'll never know. Too bad you don't have a pool here," Taylor said.

Michael jumped up. "Forget a pool. We can go to the big pond. It's about a quarter of a mile across. That's about 400 metres. We'll race across, from one side and back. 800 metres, any stroke you see fit. First back to shore wins."

With that Michael, Graham and Taylor set out for the big pond. As it was more than 3 miles away, they took the all terrain cycles (ATCs) to get there. There were only two of the ATCs, so Michael rode away on one while Taylor wrapped his arms around Graham as Graham drove the second.

Half stoned as they were, no one thought about the fact that no one had anything to swim in until they reached the pond.

"Fuck it, we can go naked," Michael said.

Graham nodded. "Much like the Olympians of the ancient Greek games," he said. Michael looked askance at Graham. Sometimes Michael was suspicious of Graham's intelligence, but as he had agreed the plan was hatched.

The three boys stripped off their clothes, and approached the water.

Michael shook his limbs, trying to wake them up for the swim as he had seen the swimmers on TV do. He was not a typical swimmer, his frame quite muscled with large arms and thick legs. His already dark skinned was tanned from already spending as much time outside as he could. His legs and arms were well muscled, with dark black hairs. His chest was large and jutted out, a strip of dark chest hair running down to navel. His penis was surrounded by a thick patch of dark hair.

Graham, on the other hand, was the typical swimmer. Slender but well toned, his body had little in the way of hair. His arms and legs were long and lean but powerful, and his torso showed no traces of fat. His abs were toned into a six pack. Graham bent down and touched his toes, then stood up and hopped on the spot. His penis bounced up and down as he hopped, surrounded by a patch of blond, curly hair.

Taylor looked like a little boy next to his two cousins. A foot shorter than the others, and his body was small and smooth without a hint of hair except for a small, wispy patch of blond-brown hair just above his penis. His legs and arms were thin and undefined, and his chest and stomach flat without a hint of pectoral muscles or abs. He slapped at his arms nervously, aware that his exaggeration about his swimming career was about to be exposed. He had won a medal in the 200 metres, but it wasn't at the county-wide games, and it wasn't on the varsity team.

Without warning, Michael yelled, "go," and jumped into the water and started quickly swimming away.

"Cheating fucker," Graham called out, before jumping in, followed quickly by Taylor.

Graham hadn't been on the swim team for 2 years, but kept in shape at university by going to the pool four times a week, and overtook Michael before they were half-way across the pond. Michael was a natural athlete, but not a natural swimmer, and soon Taylor was catching up to him.

Graham reached the far bank and made the turn to come back. 200 feet away, Taylor was just passing Michael as they still swam on their first leg.

Graham reached back to the starting point well ahead of the other two. He sat in the shallow water and let the sun dry his torso as he watched Taylor swimming ahead and Michael falling back.

Taylor easily came second, having enough time to sit down beside Graham and catch his breath before Michael, breathing heavily, made it back to shore.

Graham and Taylor said nothing as Michael climbed out of the water, but just smirked. "Yeah, well, swimming is for pussies anyway," Michael said. "I'd beat you at a real sport, like hockey, football or..."

Michael paused, looking up for a second. "What other sport would I beat you at?" he said. "Oh, I know... WRESTLING!"

At the same time he yelled out wrestling, Michael lunged forward and grabbed Taylor, lifting him up by his arm and leg, and tossing him out into the deeper water. Michael laughed, and then lunged after Taylor. Taylor ducked out of the way as Michael's body hit the water with a splash.

Graham jumped up and followed the two other boys into the water, diving under the surface and cutting Michael's legs out from under him.

They splashed and wrestled in the water for twenty minutes. Much of the time Graham and Michael spent picking up Taylor and throwing him as far as they could. Taylor, so much smaller and lighter than the other two, made for an easy missile to throw. All three spent much of the time laughing.

Michael was the first to climb out of the water. "Come on, let's get back," he said.

Taylor started to swim back to the short, but he noticed Graham hesitated in the water until Michael had turned his back. Taylor paused and watched. As Michael dried himself with his shirt, facing away from the pond, Graham quickly pulled himself out of the water and quickly ran over to the ATC where his clothes were. Taylor watched as Graham quickly pulled on his jeans, forgoing putting on his boxer shorts. As Graham pulled on his jeans, he turned around and Taylor saw that Graham had a full hard-on.

Taylor blushed. He admitted that he had felt stirring in his groin as his two cousins had laid their hands on him and tossed him around in the water. The horse play had been enough to turn Taylor on. Luckily for him, his penis was small and soft, even when fully aroused, so neither of his cousins would have noticed. However, now Taylor saw that perhaps he hadn't been the only one who had enjoyed the experience. He was confused as to what that mean.

Michael pulled on his jeans, leaving his boxer shorts off as well. Neither Graham nor Michael put on their shirts. Taylor got out of the water and pulled on the pair of shorts he had worn today, and his t-shirt.

Michael hopped on his ATC and took off, bare chest being pounded by the wind.

Graham got on his ATC. Taylor noticed Graham had turned quite red. Taylor took the seat behind Graham, and wrapped his arms around his torso. Taylor's slender arms held tightly to the muscled stomach of Graham. Taylor felt Graham shiver slightly as Taylor touched him. Taylor merely swallowed hard and closed his eyes. The ATC roared to life, and they sped away.

Back at the car shed, and the three boys climbed up Michael's getaway. Michael sat down in a chair, while Graham lay himself out on a couch. Taylor sat on another couch, looking a bit uncomfortable.

"What's the matter, Tay?" Graham asked.

"My clothes are soaked. I should have dried off, I guess," he said. "Mike, you have anything I could change into?"

Michael laughed. "Guess you could put on one of Maria's old dresses," he said, pointing to the box of charity clothing in the corner.

Taylor laughed and shook his head. "Yeah, whatever."

Graham sat up. "Now wait a second, as the winner of the swimming race, surely that means I get some sort of prize," he said. "A dare that you have to do. One from each of you. And I'll start with you, Tay. You need to put on some of Maria's clothes."

Taylor blushed. "No way."

Graham nodded. "Yes, that's your punishment. You swim like a girl, so now you have to dress like one too."

Michael giggled. "Yeah man, dress like a girl." Michael, the pot still impacting his though patterns, couldn't see that by agreeing with this dare, it would eventually lead to him having to complete a dare. Michael's stoned mind just thought it would be funny.

Graham jumped up and rummaged through the box. He pulled out a number of items. A black set of panties and matching black bra, "as a base," he said. A sundress, "for a demure look." A short tartan skirt and a white blouse, "for the slutty schoolgirl in all of us," he laughed.

Taylor just turned bright red.

Graham threw the sundress over to Taylor. "Come on Tay, put it on," Graham said.

"No way," Taylor said.

Graham looked over to Michael and raised an eyebrow. Michael nodded, and then lunged at Taylor. Michael grabbed Taylor, holding back his arms. Graham grabbed Taylor's shorts, and pulled them off, exposing Taylor's small cock. Graham grabbed Taylor about his waist. Michael released Taylor's arms and wrestled off Taylor's shirt.

Taylor, naked, squirmed away from Graham's clutches, and bolted across the room. Michael chased after him, grabbing him. Graham threw the dress over Taylor's head, and forced Taylor's arms through the arms holes.

"There we go," Graham said, jumping back. "Pretty little female Taylor."

Michael released Taylor, and Taylor ran to the other side of the room. He turned back towards his two older cousins.

Graham and Michael were actually shocked. With his slender body, slight facial features and long auburn hair, he looked quite feminine, and with the dress on, he would be easily mistaken for a girl. Graham and MIchael just stared silently.

"I am taking this off," Taylor said.

"No way," Graham said, and he and Michael ran towards Taylor. Graham wrestled Taylor to the floor, sitting on his chest and holding down Taylor's arms. Taylor kicked his legs, turning to buck his way out of Graham's hold.

"Get his legs," Graham yelled at Michael. Michael fell to his knees, and sat on Taylor's legs.

Taylor struggled for a moment, but realised he was trapped. Resigned, he settled down. Taylor looked up, seeing his cousin Graham's naked chest and flat stomach, and gazing further down, Graham's jeans. Taylor couldn't help but notice bulge in Graham's jeans, his cock was hard and pressing against the fabric of his jeans.

"Aren't you just the prettiest little girl," Graham sad softly, leaning forward slightly, his groin moving closer to Taylor's face.

Taylor wasn't sure why he did it, but was just filled with desire. Taylor leaned his head forward, opened his mouth and put it on his cousin's cock. Taylor ran his mouth up and down the outline of Graham's cock.

Graham was silent, but didn't make a move to stop Taylor. In fact, after a moment he released on of Taylor's arms, and undid his jeans. Graham pulled down the zipper of his jeans and released his cock.

Taylor took the tip of Graham's cock in his mouth, massaging it with his lip and tongue. Graham pressed his hips forward, pushing his cock further into Taylor's mouth. Taylor's lips slide down the shaft of Graham's cock.

Graham moaned.

Michael, sitting on Taylor's legs, couldn't see Taylor's face or Graham's cock, so at first was unaware of what was going on. But when Graham moaned, and Michael noticed that Graham's hips were moving back and forth, he realised something was up.

Michael moved off Taylor's legs and peered around Graham. Michael saw Graham's cock halfway covered by Taylor's mouth.

"What the fuck," Michael said, jumping back.

Graham pulled his cock out of Taylor's mouth and jumped up. Taylor, shocked, just lay on the floor.

"Was he just sucking your dick," Michael asked Graham, and then turned to Taylor, "Were you just sucking his dick?" pointing at Graham.

Taylor turned a million shades of red as he lay on the floor with a sundress on.

Graham was silent for a moment, his jeans still undone and his hard cock still exposed. After a moment, Graham regained his composure. "Sure, yeah," Graham said. "he was sucking my cock. That was his punishment for losing the swimming race. To be a pretty little slut and suck cock."

Michael stood dumbfounded.

Taylor slowly stood up. He was still embarrassed, and become more so when he realised his small cock was hard and could be seen poking out from under his dress.

Graham smirked. "In fact, you also lost the race," Graham said to Michael.

Michael's eyes opened wide. "I am not sucking your cock," Michael said.

"No, no," Graham said. "That's for the little girl," Graham said, pointing at Taylor. "No, your punishment is to have your cock sucked. By Taylor."

Taylor's mouth fell open. Taylor couldn't believe that Graham just order him to suck Michael's cock, but at the same time he felt his cock spasm and was surprised to find himself turned on.

Michael didn't know what to think. "No, no," he said, weakly.

Graham stepped forward. "Come on, you know you like a good blow job. And I can vouch that Taylor, our female cousin, gives a good one. Look at Taylor, what a pretty face. Tell me you don't want those pretty, girlie lips on your cock."

Graham turned to Taylor. "Taylor, go and give Mike head."

Taylor found himself obeying. He walked forward to his cousin Michael. Michael just stood, motionless. Taylor walked until he stood in front of Michael, and then got down on his knees. He reached up, undid Michael's jeans and pulled them down. Michael soft cock was exposed.

Taylor took the soft cock in his mouth. He moved his mouth up and down the shaft, and it started to harden. Soon Michael's cock was hard, and Taylor started to bob his head up and down on the cock.

Michael groaned. He couldn't believe how good Taylor's mouth on his cock felt. Michael's knees weakened, and fell back onto the couch. Taylor crawled forward and put his mouth back onto Michael's cock, on all fours in front of Michael.

Graham watched as Taylor sucked Michael's cock. Now on all fours, Taylor's ass was in the air. Graham felt his cock stir again. He wriggled out of his jeans, and walked over to Taylor's ass. Graham got down onto his knees, and pulled the hem of Taylor's dress up over his hips, exposing Taylor's ass.

Graham leaned forward and kissed one butt cheek, and then the other of Taylor's ass. Graham stuck out his tongue, and ran it up and down the crack of Taylor's ass. Taylor pushed his ass backwards and up against Graham's face. Urged on, Graham stuck his tongue into Taylor's ass.

Taylor moaned, though it was muffled by the fact that Michael's cock was halfway down his throat. Taylor started wriggling his hips back and forth and Graham's tongue moved in and out of his ass, the tongue stimulating the sensitive nerves of Taylor's little boi-girl pussy.

Graham's cock was rock hard again, and Taylor's ass was sopping wet from Graham's saliva. Graham pulled his tongue out of Taylor's ass, and moved forward until his hard cock was pressing against Taylor's asshole. Graham slowly pushed his cock forward, moving slowly into his cousin.

Taylor shuddered for a moment as Graham pushed into him, but once he was in, Taylor found himself pushing his ass back to take Graham even deeper. Taylor's small cock grew harder, and started bouncing up and down against his stomach.

Graham started pumping faster and deeper into Taylor, gradually picking up speed and increasing the depth of the motion with each new thrust. Graham increased his pace, and soon was thrusting maniacally into Taylor, the sound of his balls slapping against Taylor's ass.

Michael's eyes were closed as Taylor moved up and down on his cock. Occasionally he would open his eyes and look down. Taylor's long hair and the occasional glimpses of his slender face was enough to keep the illusion in Michael's mind that he was getting sucked off by a girl.

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