tagLoving WivesThe Swingers' Dance

The Swingers' Dance


Laura sat on the toilet and cried. Joe, her husband, was downstairs on the computer looking for swingers.

It was 2am and their yearly love making session was a disaster. She did not cum and could never cum through intercourse. He rushed sex and ruined their time together by confessing his fantasy for other women while he was buried inside her. The thoughts of him with another woman sickened her nearly as bad as thinking of his desire to see her with not only another man but also another woman.

She stood up from the toilet, wiped the tears from her eyes, and blew her nose. She looked at herself before the full-length mirror, her wild hair, her lined face that showed the wrinkles from the sun and her age, her overweight body that gave him his two sons, and the puffy bags under her eyes from lack of sleep for fear of him leaving her for another.

A 38-year-old mother of two with a part-time job at the supermarket, what would she do without him? Who would want her?

She slid the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. She bought the nightgown especially for this evening taking time to pick out the one that flattered her growing figure. Her breasts sagged more after having breast fed her last baby. She looked a mess, she thought, especially after comparing herself to those young women he ogled at on the swingers' dance floor tonight.

It started with the dance. She did not want to go, but he bullied her about it. Reluctantly, she relented. It was easy for him to just throw a sweater over his beer belly and suck in his gut every time a cute, young thing walked past. She needed to find something to wear, something that made her appealing to other men and, now, to other women, something that made her look hot, and something that made him desire her.

Everything she had no longer fit her. The last baby added a permanent thirty pounds to her frame and she still had not lost the twenty pounds of extra weight from the first baby. She found a cute dress above the knee, one that was cut low enough for all to see that she had breasts. Still, they sat alone at their table that evening. No one approached them. No one asked her to dance. No one looked their way. Later that evening, after the swingers coupled, left, and partied with one another, she and Joe returned to their room alone trying to make the best of it.

She tried giving him want he wanted, a blow job, but after drinking beer all night followed by a couple of shots, he could not maintain an erection long enough for her to pleasure him. Finally, he grew hard enough for intercourse, but he blew his load after only a few minutes leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied. She pretended to fall asleep and he grabbed his laptop and searched the net for swinger sites.

Weeks past since their experiment with swinging and they started drifting apart. She feared he was having an affair. He said that he feared she was getting fat like her mother.

One day, on her way home, she stopped in the better part of town to run an errand. There, in the window of a dress boutique, was a dress, not just any dress, but the dress. It was black, it was slinky, it was short, and it was low cut. The small amount of material that comprised the dress did not seem to justify its $600 price. She had a secret stash of money squirreled away for an emergency and she bought the dress even though it was a size 6 and she wore a size 14.

Excitedly, she brought it home, took off her coat, and held the dress up against her body while looking at herself in the full-length mirror. Carefully, she folded the dress, covered it with tissue, closed the box, and slid it beneath her bed on her side. Just knowing the dress was there, a foot beneath her as she slept each night solidified her motivation to fit in the dress, one day.

The next morning, she went through her refrigerator and cupboard pitching out everything fattening and anything not healthy. She made a list of nutritious food items for her to recreate her new body. She joined a gym and devoted an hour every day to work off the extra pounds, tone her muscles, reshape her curves, and redefine her body. When not at the gym, she walked everywhere forgoing her car. The money she saved on gas helped defray the added expense of buying healthy food.

She had an easy time hiding her ever improving body from her husband; he hardly looked at her anymore. He was more interested with the babes on television, and she made sure she wore her housecoat over her baggy clothes so that he did not see the new her, that is, until she was ready.

Every day, she reached beneath her bed, pulled out the dress, held it up to her body, looked at herself in the mirror, and repacked it away. Every day, she renewed her motivation to improve herself. Every day, she thought about the dance.

It was nearly a year later over coffee when she surprised her husband.

"Isn't the swinger's dance tonight?"

"Yeah, I think so." He peered over his morning paper at her, "Why?"

"I was thinking about how we attended it last year." She took a sip of her coffee. "It was not that awful of a time."

"Yeah, it was kind of fun."

"If you are willing," she paused taking another long sip of coffee, "I would like to give it another try."

He put the paper down, stood up, and put his hands deep in his pocket while pacing the kitchen floor.

"Really? Are you sure? You know, we don't have to do anything you don't want to do. We can just watch. I mean, the dancing was fun and we did have a good time. There are a lot of people there just like us and—"

"Calm down, Joe."

He looked at her.

"You look different. Did you do something different with your hair?"


"Have you lost weight?"

She shrugged hiding a smile.

"Something is different about you."

"Nope," she sighed, "it's the same old me. You just have not noticed me lately because you are too busy looking at and lusting over other women."

"I'm sorry. I'll try and be more attentive. And if you go to the dance tonight, I will make sure you have a wonderful time. I promise that I won't drink as much as I did last year."

"Okay, agreed."

Taking the day to herself, Laura readied herself for the dance. She had her hair, nails, and makeup done at the ritzy salon in the square. Her husband had to work late and would not arrive until it was nearly time to leave for the dance. He showered while she donned the dress.

She covered the dress with her coat while he quickly dressed.

"Honey, where's my new pants? These pants don't fit me anymore. The dry cleaners must have shrunken them."

"They are in the closet next to your shirts. Hurry or we will be late for cocktails."

They hurried downstairs, got in their SUV, and drove to the hotel.

"Like I said, Honey, there is no pressure, absolutely no pressure. We can just be together like last year if you are not into being with another man or woman or man and woman. Matter of fact, we'll have a secret signal, a sign, in case there is someone who I bring over to the table and who you are not interested in partying with. Okay?"

Laura looked out the passenger side window. She felt like a million bucks. Down from a weight of 170 to her goal weight of 120, she had lost 50 pounds in a year. For the first time in years, she could feel her stomach muscles and she loved the way she looked. Besides, she was wearing the dress and it looked better on her than it did on the mannequin in the window of the boutique.

"So, Joe, how do I look?" She looked over at her husband and smiled. "Do I look alright?"

"Yeah, you look good, Doll," said Joe without glancing over at her. "I hope that couple is there this year. Do you remember them? He had the really pretty blonde wife with the big boobs."

"No, Joe, I do not remember them, but I am sure you will point them out to me."

Joe was out of the SUV and a dozen paces ahead of his wife. He was already at the bar ordering drinks when his wife finally arrived alone without him as her escort.

"May I take your coat?" asked the man at the door of Laura.

"Yes," she gave him a smile and he peeled the coat off her shoulders revealing her body to all the eyes that stared her way.

Laura created a sculptured body that Madonna would have given a million dollars to have. The dress clung to her curves like plastic wrap. She was smoking hot. She had six men around her vying for her attention before she even took a step inside.

Joe turned from the bar with drinks in hand looking for his wife.

"Have you seen my wife?" He asked of the guy standing next to him at the bar.

"What does she look like?"

"Brown hair, 5'7", you know, plain."

"No, sorry, I was too busy looking at the blonde Diva who just walked through the door."

Joe stared, blinked his eyes in disbelief, and walked over to her.

"Oh, my God! Laura! What have you done to yourself?"

Before she could answer, she was whisked off to the dance floor by a tall, handsome man. Another man cut in and two women joined the trio on the dance floor.

It was like that the entire night for Laura. Everyone wanted to know who she was and everyone wanted to be with her.

Joe sat alone at the table drinking St. Paulie Girl beer while staring at his wife. Finally, she returned to the table to grab her purse.

"Where are you going, Honey? I thought—"

"Bob and Sue invited me up to their room."

"Bob and Sue?"

"Yeah, surely, you remember them from last year. She is that pretty blonde with the big boobs. Don't worry; I'll let you know what happens, later. Bye."

Joe took a long sip of his beer and stared through her as she walked off with Bob and Sue. Suddenly, a handsome man approached this table with two drop dead gorgeous women,twins, one on either side of him. He wore this amazing blue, silk, pin-striped suit custom tailored to enhance his physique.

"Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?"

Joe looked up at him and then looked up with opened mouth at each of the women. He sat bolt upright and sucked in his gut.

"No, no, no one is sitting here." He pulled out one of the chairs for them to join him.

"Great. Thank you so much. Grab the chairs girls and squeeze them in at that table across the way."

The party of three walked off with the chairs while Joe stared at the suit watching them leave.

"I'm going to buy a suit just like that one." He put down his beer, pushed it away, and patted his bloated belly. "I'm going to return here next year wearing that suit."

The Suit

Joe finished the last sip of his St. Paulie Girl and retired to his room alone. No one came to his table and he did not ask anyone to dance. He could only think of Laura being fucked and sucked by Bob and Sue.

"They could have invited me," he said aloud for no one to hear. "Am I that repulsive?"

It was nearly three in the morning when he heard someone laughing outside his door just as the door opened.

"Good night. Thank you for a wonderful time. And thank you for escorting me to my door, Chad."

"It was my pleasure. Just one last kiss, before I go."

Joe sat up in bed listening to everything and imagining more.

Laura entered the room humming. She sat on the bed and slipped off her shoes before noticing Joe sitting up in bed behind her.

"Sorry, Joe, did I wake you?"

"Wake me? No, I, been waiting, uhm, couldn't sleep. Where've you been?"

"Sorry, baby, but more people kept inviting themselves to our party. We had the biggest and best party, and I was the star. Oh, Joe, I had such a wonderful time and you are so right about this swinging lifestyle. It is so very exciting."

"Well, I'm glad you had a good time because I—"

"So, what did you do, Honey?"

"Oh, I, uhm, partied with a couple of girls from," he looked at the empty beer bottle on the dresser, "St. Paul. So, tell me, what happened? What did you do?"

"I had the best time. Bob is such a generous lover and Sue really knows how to please a woman. Then, after Bob gave me the best orgasms I have ever experienced, Sue went down on me while Bob fucked me again from behind. Then, I blew Bob. He has such a big cock. I loved sucking him off."

She turned to her husband.

"You're not mad, are you?"

"Mad? No, me mad? Why would I be mad? Mad, of course not. This is what it is all about."

"Well, I would have been back to the room by one, one-thirty, but Chad showed up with Crystal and Tiffany."

"Who are they?"

"Oh, you probably did not see them. Crystal and Tiffany are twins and very bi-sexual. Oh, my God, just thinking of what they did to me with their mouths, tongues, and lips, makes me quiver all over. And Chad, he was wearing this amazing blue, silk, pin-striped suit. Did you see them?"

"Ah, no, I, uhm, don't think so. I would have remembered a suit like that."

"Anyway, by the time they arrived, I was drained, until the twins started kissing me and licking my pussy. I was so wet, Joe. I have never been as wet. Then, Chad walked over to me with his cock sticking straight out. Joe, I don't know if it was because I was getting sucked off by two women at the same time, but I devoured his prick. I gave him such a blow jot that he shot his load deep in my mouth within three minutes."

She looked at Joe, again.

"On the way to the room, he said that I gave him the best blow job ever. How's that for a compliment?"

"Yeah, that's great, Honey. Well, let's go to bed. I am so horny."

"Oh, no, Joe, not tonight, I'm beat. Now, I know what they mean when they say someone has been fucked because, tonight, I was fucked in every hole."

The next morning, normally Joe would have ordered the Lumber Jack Big Breakfast at Denny's, instead he ordered a chicken salad at the deli. He was quiet while Laura, wearing dark glasses, sipped coffee.

"Hi, Laura, will we see you at the dance next month?"

"No," said Joe, "we have another commitment." Joe gave the guy a look that made him leave the table.

"Joe, that was rude. We don't have any—"

"I don't want us to turn into professional swingers. Let's wait before we go to another dance."

"Okay, Joe, whatever you want."

"So, who was that?"

"Oh, that was Giogio. Isn't he divine? I could just eat him up?"

"Did you?"

"No." She looked at him. "He arrived at the party as I was leaving."

For the next year, Joe watched what he ate, stopped smoking, and reduced his drinking to a bottle of beer with dinner, but not every night. Some nights, he forced down carrot juice or a powdered energy drink.

He joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and went shopping for new clothes. After seeing Chad, he wanted a new appearance. He stopped going to his barber, who he had frequented since he was a boy, and found a new hairstylist at the upscale salon that just opened near his house.

Joe marked off the days to next year's dance on a calendar he kept in the garage.

"I'll show them. I'll show her." Wait until next year became his mantra. Wait until next year was his motivation.

Eleven months passed quickly and Joe still followed a strict regimen of diet and exercise. He looked amazing. He was ripped and shredded. H had a hard, hot body.

A month before the scheduled dance, he ordered a blue, silk, pin-striped suit like the one Chad had worn to the dance.

"Can you cut the waist of the jacket tighter so that my shoulders look bigger," he said to the tailor. "And make the pants tighter. I want them to hug my ass."

Laura hardly noticed her husband; she was so excited about seeing Bob and Sue, Chad and the twins, and, of course, Giorgio, again.

At the dance, Laura and her entourage disappeared upstairs before the dance ended leaving Joe alone with a table full of desirable women.

"So, Joe, do you want to party with us?"

"Sure, my room or your room?"

"We have a suite. We'd be more comfortable there."

"Okay, I'm ready."

They left together heading for the elevator.

"So, Joe, have you ever had four women at the same time?"

"Let's see, not since last year when I had four girls from St. Paul."

"Oh, Joe, you are so funny."

Normally, swingers party as a couple. Unfortunately, Laura and Joe swung as singles instead of as a couple.

The Dance

Joe went up to the suite with Samantha, a busty blonde, Rebecca, a very willing and giving redhead, Sue Li, an Asian hottie, and Andrea, a tall and shapely Nubian princess.

The four women attacked Joe before pairing off with one another. They stripped him naked before allowing him to undress and view them. They allowed him whatever was his pleasure, so long as each woman was with another woman while with him. He loved sucking Samantha's big tits, and it tasted so good when he sucked Rebecca's pussy. Sue Li was wild and a great fuck, but not a better lover than Andrea. She was an animal. She loved sex and could not get enough of his cock. Still, even after fucking these women and having each one take a turn sucking his cock, he could not erase Laura from his mind.

"I wonder what she is doing," he nearly said aloud. "I bet she is with that little shit, Giorgio. He's probably gay or bisexual. What parent names their kid Giorgio? He sounds like a woman's fragrance." The more he thought about it, his wife fucking other men and being with other couples without him and her being with single men, the angrier he became.

He cut short the party when the women paired off with one another for the night. He found himself outside the hall of his room where other couples gathered.

"What's going on?" He asked a couple in their forties.

"We are in line to get in. The room is too crowded. There are people everywhere in there doing everything."

He cut to the front of the line.

"Hey, we are next," said a drunken blonde in a silver micro dress too short and too low cut to cover anything.

"This is my room," said Joe with a look that made the couple take a step back.

Joe inserted the pass key, opened the door, and went inside. People mingled around the bed where a man fucked a woman in the ass while she blew another man. Across from the bed, a woman was on her knees giving a guy a blow job while another guy fondled her tits, and on the floor were two women going at it like dogs in heat.

"Where's Laura?" He asked Giorgio.

"She's in the bathroom. She's going to do a gangbang and I'm first."

Giorgio was correct about being first, only he was the first one out the door when Joe lost his temper and threw out everyone, just as Laura emerged from the bathroom.

She looked more beautiful than she did on her wedding night. She wore a long, low cut, green, satin nightgown. Her nipples made permanent impressions on the material and the rest of the gown hugged her body like a race car hugged curves.

"Joe! What's going on? Where's Giorgio? Where's everyone?"

"I threw them out."

"You threw them out? Why?"

"Laura, I was with four beautiful women tonight. They gave me every pleasure, but I could only think of you. I wondered what you were doing and with whom. I wondered if you were enjoying yourself too much. And I wondered if we were breaking apart."

"Baby, I love you. I thought this is what you wanted, Joe. I thought you enjoyed it after when I told you the sexy things that I did with another man, another woman, and another couple. I thought this made you hot and made you want me more."

"Laura, the way you look tonight, I could not want you any more than I do, now. We can still do the swinging thing, if you want later, but for now, lets' keep things in perspective. Let's not lose ourselves by trying to explore our sexuality individually. We are a couple first. From now on, when we swing, we swing as a couple. No more Giorgios and no more single women for me."

"Okay, Joe. I love you. Now, come here and make love to your wife."


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