Susan and I married right out of college. I became an investment broker dealing primarily in Futures and Commodities, and the first few years were lean ones as I learned my trade. Our financial situation turned around after five tough years, and we'd been married for about eight years when we were able to buy our dream home in a gated, upper-income-level community. I drove a three-year old luxury SUV and Sue drove a small BMW. We were moving up in the world. Everything seemed to be falling into place and the future seemed rosy.

If I could pinpoint the exact day it all began to unravel, was the day about five years ago when I came home and Susan announced that we were invited to dinner. She said one of our neighbors, Carman, had visited during the day and they'd hit it off. She and her husband Raul owned the largest house in our development, a mansion really, a seriously wealthy couple. I'd driven past it several times on my way to the community golf course, and speculated what it must have cost.

Carman had told Susan that both she and her husband were plastic surgeons, mostly specializing in anti-aging practices. She said Carman had disclosed she was in her forties and her spouse was over fifty, but Carmen looked about half that age and was absolutely gorgeous. Since Susan is slender with small to average breasts, I knew she admired women who had firm propionate tits, and that she had toyed with the idea of having hers enlarged a little. It was something I hadn't totally discouraged.

Wednesday evening finally arrived and we set off to the doctor's residence only a few blocks away with a bottle of good wine in hand. The place was even grander than I'd thought. Anti-aging must be a gold mine! The meal was superb and while I found Carman bubbly and charming, her husband seemed somewhat standoffish, but pleasant. Raul was a large, very fit man, standing about six-four. He had a head of thick black hair and dark skin, appearing to be either from South America or maybe somewhere in Asia, like Indonesia. He had an accent but I couldn't identify it and it didn't seem polite to ask at that point.

Carman said she was thirty-five and came from Venezuela, but had lived most of her life in the U.S. She was without a trace of accent, small, beautiful and very well put together. She didn't look a day over twenty-five and Raul at fifty-plus, looked twenty years younger. It was remarkable! After a few glasses of wine the conversation had turned to their profession.

"I have to confess, I had Raul do a little nip-and-tuck on my breasts a couple years past, and have been extremely happy with the results." She smiled, looking cute. "We have both been very pleased with the result."

We all laughed and then Carman said, "Have you ever thought of doing that, Susan?"

Susan blushed, but she answered truthfully. "I have. But . . . well . . . is it painful?"

"Not at all. No after-affects and you should heal in just a matter of a few days. You have nice breasts. All you need is a small lift and I could do it for you in an hour. Raul, don't you think she has nice breasts and the results would be spectacular?"

Raul looked appraisingly at her tits for so long I began to grow uncomfortable. "She's already exquisite, my dear. How does one improve upon perfection? However, it would be very easy for us to do." He smiled, flashing white teeth. It was easy to see how he'd won such a beautiful lady for his wife.

"What would such a thing cost?" Susan asked Carman.

"For you? Not a penny. I have a feeling we will be very good friends, Susan, and this will be my contribution toward that friendship. Because of legal billing, the IRS and partnership agreements, however, I'd need to do it on my own time, away from the office."

We finished the wine and for another hour discussed the operation Susan had always wanted. Susan is already gorgeous and I love her tits, but add another inch or two and she'd be the perfect woman. Shoulder length blond hair, large blue eyes and perfect legs, she drew stares where ever we went. Her best point, being her butt! I felt proud having her on my arm, and loved her unconditionally. Even though I'd put on a couple of extra pounds lately, I knew she felt the same about me.

We decided we'd all take a week off between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We'd all travel to the couple's country home in Maine where Carman would do the operation and have time to observe Susan's recovery for a couple of days, making sure she healed properly. As a bonus our two new doctor friends would balance our testosterone and other values, and give us the same regiment of supplements and herbs that they used to appear so youthful.

We were very excited about Susan's operation and it would be the much-needed long-delayed vacation we'd planned for the past few years. We met at least once a week during the following month for dinner or a night out, or simply to discuss and plan the upcoming trip. Our friendship grew as well.

Finally the big day arrived. We caught a plane ride to Maine and were met at the airport by the couple's driver Darius, who looked like a mountain. He was even larger than Raul, maybe six-six and close to three hundred pounds. His dark almost flat face gleamed like a piece of coal, and when he spoke, which was rarely, he did so politely in a deep soft voice, with a heavy accent.

The ride to their country estate was nearly three hours, the last one through a scantly populated area of mostly hills and trees. We pulled off the main road onto what was obviously a narrow graveled driveway, and drove for another mile. Suddenly, a tall rock wall rose right out of the forest to our front. Darius stopped at the gate and spoke a few words to he guard, and we drove through.

Through flickering Christmas lights lining the driveway, I saw two large dogs sitting in the trees. Guard dogs? They looked to be over a hundred pounds each, with short ears and alert eyes. They made no sound or movement as we drove past - just watching our vehicle with total alertness. I'm scared of dogs and was glad to be inside the vehicle. It was fully dark by the time we arrived at the circle drive, but holiday lights in front lit-up a lodge-like structure that was nearly as large as the other one the couple owned back home. Though rustic, it was beautiful.

Susan hugged my arm, smiling up at me. "We made the right decision, Darling. It'll be like a vacation." That night we dined on quale in wine sauce and other exotic dishes too delicious to describe.

Our rooms were large and luxurious, beds made with high-count Egyptian cotton, a large flat-screen TV, and mini-bar. French doors opened right out onto the patio and pool area. We made love and slept like babies. The next day Darius served us breakfast on the veranda, after which Raul gave me instruction on fly-fishing, something I'd always wanted to try, while Carman measured Susan's breasts and made little marks on her tits with a water marker.

The operation would be in two days and until then, Carman said we should just enjoy ourselves. That evening Darius delivered what appeared to be another wonderful meal. I took a sip of a green liquid that appeared to be some kind of iced-tea, finding it unique and delicious.

"Ummm. What is this?" I asked, indicating the drink.

"It comes from Uganda, made from a root it's a type of their local tea," she told us. "It has a mild narcotic affect sort of like drinking a glass of wine, but otherwise, it's harmless. Darius has it brought in for us. Most people love it. I'll give you some to take back home with you before you leave, if you'd like."

Susan agreed that it was uniquely grand, but I secretly felt it a little too sweet for my taste. So, after the first glass I stuck to wine. Susan obviously loved the stuff and I saw Carman refilling her glass several times throughout dinner. After coffee and desert, Carman said, "I know you're probably still a little tired after your long trip, so why don't we retire to someplace more comfortable for a night-cap?"

We all stood and I saw Susan reach out a steadying hand to grasp the table's edge. From past experience I knew she couldn't drink more than two glasses of anything before she started talking funny. Once, after a friend brought over some Columbian Gold, she'd been so high after just a half a toke that she'd literally zoned-out.

Watching Raul take her elbow and lead her toward the living room I hid my smile, knowing she wouldn't be awake much longer. Carman took my arm as we lagged behind them, Susan wobbling slightly, Raul steadying her gait.

Walking through the study toward the living room, Carman led me to a mantle where several photos of thoroughbred horses formed a grouping. An oil painting of a large black stallion adorned the place of honor. I craned my neck trying to keep tabs on Susan because I knew she might soon pass out. They had already walked through the study into the living room out of direct sight, but I could still see them through a reflection in a large mirror on the far wall. Raul had seated Susan on the sofa and sat beside her. Carman was speaking to me again, so I tried to focus on what she was saying. It seemed that she was speaking from inside a barrel.

"Do you like horses, Brad? That's Storm, my pride and joy. He's won a ton of ribbons! Maybe we can go for a ride tomorrow, if you like."

"Yes . . . uh, yes . . . uh, I do like . . . horse . . . ssss." My tongue felt swollen, my mouth dry as cotton.

"Come. You don't look so good. You better sit down for a minute."

Carman led me to a loveseat in the study and once sitting down again, I felt fine. She took one of the two scrapbooks from an end table and laid it across my lap, opening it.

"This is the last show we did in London," she said, obviously proud of her animal. I could see Raul and Susan's reflection in the mirror and she seemed to be all right, so I forced myself to pay attention to Carman. When I looked up again I saw Susan's head resting on Raul's shoulder. Although I knew neither of them could see us in the Study, her face was turned away from Raul, toward me, her drowsy eyes half-closed. Raul's hands rested on his lap but as I watched he moved his right hand to her knee, and reaching across his body with the other, placed his open palm flat against her stomach.

I attempted to stand and protest but found my legs didn't seem to work. Neither did my vocal cords. Confused by this, I silently watched as in slow-motion, the hand on her belly slid upward until it grasped a nipple between thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently between them. The puckered nipple looked small and frightened through her cotton shirt, when compared to his large fingers. Susan didn't respond. She was still staring into space and taking shallow breaths through a half-opened mouth. My mind was clear as a bell but everything happening around me seemed sluggish, and my body didn't seem to be working properly either.

I was suddenly shaken out of my fog as I realized that through the fabric of my trousers, Carman's hand was squeezing my soft penis under the scrapbook. I turned my head to tell her to knock it off, but my mouth would not even form that one simple word. It came out sounding like a caveman's grunt.

What was worse, I felt my cock reacting to her touch. Thrill after thrill shot through me as it grew firmer in her fingers, until my own pleasure was fighting with any alarm I might have felt for Susan's welfare. By then Raul was alternating between rolling her nipple between his fingers and forcibly tugging on it. The hand on her knee moved higher between her thighs, the short dress pushed up to her waist, her black silk panties visible. My body felt sluggish, drugged, but oddly enough my mind was still clear. It was as though the world was moving through a molasses-thick environment and all movement had slowed to a crawl.

Then I remembered the "Uganda tea" we'd drank during dinner. Carman had said it had a "small" narcotic affect. Flashing back, I recalled that neither Raul nor his wife had touched their glasses, but I had consumed nearly a full glass of the stuff. Susan had downed several. These fuckers had drugged us!

Growing increasingly angry, I fought to say something, to move, to do anything to stop the madness. It was useless. I was effectively immobilized. The only thing that didn't seem too numb to work was my cock, and it was now throbbing painfully. My genitals felt super-charged and overly sensitive as Carman slowly stroked and kneaded them like play-dough. Maybe the drink they gave us had something to do with that. Shocked, I realized that her hand was now on my bare dick. Somehow I hadn't even noticed when she'd extracted it from my trousers, but she gripped my penis firmly, almost painfully, squeezing and stroking slowly -- maddeningly.

Her beautiful face suddenly blocked my view of Susan and Raul, her pouty lips mere inches from mine. Flicking out a pink tongue she licked my bottom lip, nibbling on it for a while, and then stuck her sweet little tongue inside my mouth - all the while stroking my aching cock. I felt my balls surge and knew it was only a matter of time before I blew my load all over the place. My own tongue felt thick and heavy but she somehow coached it into her mouth, sucking it for a long time.

I had long-passed the point of caring about anything except the hand stroking my cock and her warm tongue, all my feeling now centered in that one sensitive area of my groin. If I could've moved I would have pushed her back on the loveseat and fucked her as hard as I could before she even knew what happened!

When she removed her face from my line of vision I could see the mirror on the far wall once more, suddenly stunned to my core! Susan's black panties were on the floor near her feet and Raul's hand was between her long tan legs, which were sprawled outward, her nether-region entirely open to his assault. Raul was slowly sliding a finger up the damp passageway of her vagina, pausing to rub her clit in a slow circular motion. Even as I watched, he slid another finger inside her - and then a third. Susan didn't move or make a sound.

With her face turned toward me, I could see that her eyes appeared distant and empty. I momentarily wondered if she was paralyzed from the drug, but like me, was still conscious of what was happening to her. Could she feel, rationalize, think? Was her sex organs overly stimulated as mine were, or had she completely passed-out?

I had my answer soon enough. I saw a faint movement from her as almost imperceptivity, she pressed her bare feet flat against the carpet and subtly lifted her hips a millimeter off the sofa -- and then she did it again. I also noticed that her red nails were digging into the soft fabric of the sofa seat, spasmodically clutching and releasing with a slow cadence. Her toes began curling sensually with each stroke of his finger.

I could see the finger was wet and slippery from her juices. I glanced up at Raul's face, and found him staring back at me. The bastard was smiling! I fought to curse at him but my tongue felt too thick to say anything. I silently swore I'd kill him if I got the chance!

Rage was fighting to overcome the pleasure building in my own loins, caused by Carman's expert manipulations. Pleasure won out in the end as I started trembling uncontrollably, my orgasm ready to burst forth. I knew it would be a huge one. I'd never felt hornier in my life, or my cock so sensitive. A spider walked across my mind as Susan's face floated before me, but then quickly disappeared. That damned tea must have also been a stimulant!

Carman suddenly stopped what she was doing and I groaned aloud in frustration, trying to form the word 'please.'

"Ah, poor baby," she cooed wetly in my ear. "Want to cum for mama? I simply love it when young guys cum for me. They have so much of it stored up."

I grunted unintelligibly and she smiled sweetly as she observed my aching cock for a moment. Then she did the unexpected. She viciously flicked her forefinger against the head of my cock, pain instantly enveloping my entire groin. Electric shock waves rolled over me as the pain finally registered in my lizard brain, but oddly enough my erection remained hard as ever, even though the impending orgasm resided drastically.

"What do I see here?" she muttered, leaning closer to inspect my throbbing cock. I rolled my eyes downward to see what she meant and found a clear drop of pre-cum had formed at the tip of my dick.

"Oh, you've been a bad boy, Chucky." She suddenly leaned down and licked the nectar off, her tongue so hot it burned. "You are such a naughty little cuckold, aren't you, darling?" She licked around the crown a few more times and my nuts began churning again with their irritated load. Laughing with glee, she sat up beside me again.

My eyes flew back to Raul and Susan, wanting to scream at what I saw! The nipple he was tugging on was bare now, and he'd taken his penis out of his pants. It looked like a horses' cock! Enraged, I saw he was using Susan's small hand to jerk himself off!

Her head still rested on his shoulder but she now faced away from me and I couldn't see her face anymore. Had he turned her head that way, or had she? He was still finger-fucking her with his other hand, and her hip movements weren't so subtle any longer. In fact, she was now lifting several inches off the sofa to meet his thrusting fingers. I could faintly make out small sounds of obvious enjoyment emitting from her parted lips, each ripping through me like a knife.

"Your wife seems to like my Raul, Chucky-boy," Carman cooed. I felt her wet tongue touch the inside of my ear, her breath scaling hot. "Want to cum now?"

I tried nodding my head but nothing happened, justifying it by telling myself that I was in pain and needed to get off quickly so I could help Susan. Carman seemed to understand anyway. "If Susan gets a nice climax, I'll let you cum," she whispered wetly inside my ear, sliding her finger-tips around my sticky cock-head, keeping me right on the verge of shooting my load. I could feel it churning inside my aching balls, ready to explode! I needed release before I died!

". . . please . . . please!" I realized I hadn't uttered the word aloud so I tried again with the same effect. It came out as, "Uggg!" I still couldn't speak.

Carman laughed with understanding, softly sliding her tongue over the head of my jerking cock -- but only for an instant. This bitch was driving me crazy! Shit! I suddenly realized that in my own agony, I'd completely forgotten Susan's predicament, lifting my eyes to observe her once more.

I was just in time to see Raul slide a hand behind Susan's head, cupping the back of her neck and pulling her unresistingly into his lap. The spongy head of his cock was pressing against her pouty lips before he paused for a second, speaking so low to her I couldn't hear his words. I don't know what he told her but finally, with eyes that were empty and unfocused, she opened her mouth and slid it over his huge cockhead. I heard him groan softly.

"Ooooh," Carman whispered against my ear. "It looks like wifey isn't going to get to cum for a while, Chucky-boy. I didn't promise you anything if Raul came instead."

Why did she insist on calling me that name? I wasn't a Cuckold! From what I understood a Cuckold was a husband who got off watching another man fuck his wife! I wasn't enjoying this! I just wanted to leave here with my wife, have things back the way they were before! She squeezed my cock and I felt my nuts draw up again, ready to pump semen and relieve the painful pressure in them. Okay, I needed to cum too, but then I could think more clearly.

Sick by what I was seeing, none-the-less my raging libido was completely in charge of my actions now. Susan had about half of Raul's awesome cock inside her pretty throat and it appeared that was as much as she'd be able to handle. I could see her throat muscles working to get more of it inside but the huge lump his crown created under the skin of her soft throat, told the story. It would go no farther.

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