tagToys & MasturbationThe Sybian Club Ch. 05

The Sybian Club Ch. 05


It was Tasha's curiosity, really, that started it all. She was obsessed with Sybian porn. Her eyes would get all dreamy and half-closed every time they watched. And Max had to admit, the thought of watching her climb on and ride one of those things had him going. Besides, he never could say no to her. Still, Max was a business man, an investor. The cost of a Sybian of their very own was cost-prohibitive, to say the least. There were rentals available, but none in their area. That's when he got his brilliant idea, and that's how the Sybian Club began—a two thousand dollar investment, clearing out a private room in their basement, and a website. They started by offering free introductory sessions. Max felt a little bit like a heroin dealer... "The first one's free, man!" But Tasha's instincts had been right on. Once a woman had a ride on the Sybian, she wanted to ride it again. "If you build it, they will cum!" she said... and man, did they cum... and cum... and cum!


Ashley sat and watched the video in silence, her eyes blank behind her thick-framed glasses. Tasha gave her sidelong looks, waiting for some response, some reaction. There was none. When the video was over, Tasha clicked the "stop" button and set the remote down.

"Well, that's it," she said, standing. "Do you have any questions?"

The woman tucked a long strand of brown hair behind her ear, looking up at Tasha. She shook her head and gave her a shrug. "No."

"Okay," Tasha said brightly. "Well, let's just choose an accessory..."

Ashley followed readily enough, staring at the various dildo-shapes. She looked over at Tasha, shrugging helplessly. "I don't know. It doesn't matter."

Tasha frowned, her brow knitting. This woman had been referred by a Club member for a free session (the referral system was working out quite nicely for their business!) but she sure didn't seem very interested.

"How about this one?" Tasha offered, holding up the smallest, least offensive accessory, a ridged, flesh-colored one, only three and a half inches long.

"Okay," Ashley agreed, her dark head nodding, her hair falling into her face.

Tasha chewed on her lower lip as she attached it to the machine, lubricating it as always. The dark-haired woman stood in the corner, hugging her arms.

"You know what to do?" Tasha asked, holding up the controls. "The directions were clear?"

Again, that nod. "I'll be fine."

Tasha nodded, grasping the doorknob and looking at her again. "I'll be right outside, if you need anything. Okay?"

Ashley nodded fast, her hair flying.

When Tasha closed the door, she leaned against it, listening. There was no noise at all. Should I ask her if she's okay? She wondered. This was the weirdest session she had ever had, and that included the two leather-clad lesbians who had joined last week. She'd never seen anyone respond this way, and she thought she'd seen everything from nervous apprehension to eager anticipation.

Then she heard a gentle buzzing from behind the door and relaxed. Ahhh, okay then. She was just... shy? Tasha took a seat outside the door, glancing at her watch. She would give her a warning at five minutes. The hum from behind the door grew a little louder and Tasha smiled. Good... she was getting into it... and yep, that was the sound of the rotation beginning.

After the first introductory party was such a huge success, the next two had been even bigger. Word of mouth was spreading like wildfire, and Tasha was getting dozens of emails a day. She could barely keep up with it all and her day job, too. Max had told her just last week, if it kept up this way, she could kiss corporate life goodbye and do this full time if she wanted. She couldn't imagine anything better.

"Oh... oh... god... what...!" Ashley's voice from behind the door. Tasha cocked her head, listening, waiting. There was a kind of humming that went along with the machine, and she could tell it was Ashley, "Mmmm... mmmmmm...mmmmmmm!" It was sort of a sweet sound, like a little kid eating ice cream and exclaiming its creamy goodness after every lick. Tasha smiled.

"Oooooo wooowwwww!"

Wow? Tasha wondered? Or "Ow?" She listened carefully, the sound of the machine growing louder.

"Ohwowohwowohwow!" The words were running together and Tasha still wasn't sure if it was the sound of pleasure or pain. Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference!

"Oh my god! Oh! Something's happening!" The woman sounded panicked and Tasha stood, putting her hand on the doorknob.

"Are you okay?" she called, rapping gently on the door. "I'm here."

"Something's happening!" the woman said again, moaning loudly. "Oh nooo oh what's happening! Please! Help me!"

Tasha opened the door, peeking around to see Ashley sitting completely naked on top of the machine. Her breasts were full and bottom heavy, the areolas dark and enormous, her nipples as large as nickels in the center. They were swaying as she rocked, the dark, thick hair of her pussy glistening, a stark contrast against the flesh-colored strip resting on top of the Sybian. She was still wearing her glasses, Tasha noted with a smile, but her eyes were closed tight behind them.

"It's okay," Tasha crooned, closing the door behind her and coming to stand next to the woman. "It's probably just the first time you're going to have a g-spot orgasm..."

"No," Ashley gasped, reaching out for Tasha and clasping her hand. "I never have... never..."

"Never...?" Tasha let the woman squeeze her hand as she moaned and rocked up on the machine, her breath coming fast and hard. Suddenly, it occurred to her what Ashley was trying to say. "Never... had an orgasm? Ever?"

"Nooooo," Ashley half-moaned, half-lamented, squeezing Tasha's hand in rhythm now. "Never... ever... have... oh my god!"

"It's okay," Tasha murmured, her heart racing as she watched the woman rolling her hips on the Sybian. "Just let it come... let it come..."

"Please!" Ashley moaned, her eyes opening in panic. "Oh, help me!"

Tasha stood on the stool next to the table, bringing her height up, so she was face to face with the dark-haired woman.

What happened next was just instinctive. Tasha cupped the woman's face in her hands, "Ashley, look at me."

Her eyes were beautiful, a deep, dark brown, and full of wonder and not a little fear.

"Good..." Tasha murmured and leaned in to kiss her. It was a soft kiss, just a connection, something to ground her, and it worked.

"Oooooooohhhhhh," Ashley moaned, relaxing against Tasha, wrapping her arms around her neck. "It feels so good... too good."

"Let it," Tasha whispered into her ear, stroking her hair, the hum of the machine vibrating them both as they embraced. "You're gonna cum, sweetie... let it come..."

"Ohhh please," she pleaded, and then her head flew up, her eyes widening and then closing again as she shuddered all over. Tasha held onto the woman as she collapsed against her shoulder again, crying out as her very first orgasm rocked her body again and again. The woman grabbed the controls, turning them way down, her thighs still trembling, a light sheen of sweat glistening on her skin.

"Oh god," Ashley whispered. "I didn't know it would be like that..."

"It just gets better," Tasha assured her, brushing the hair out of her eyes. "Trust me."

The grateful look in the woman's eyes was something Tasha would never forget as long as she lived. Ashley inclined her head and kissed her again, and Tasha smiled.

"Let me show you," Tasha said, turning the controls up again, making the woman moan in response. "A woman's body is an amazing thing... it's about time you got to know yours, don't you think?"

"Yesssssss!" Ashley moaned, her hands moving over her breasts, down her belly, pressing her palm against the dark hair of her pussy. "Ohhhh please, yessss, show me!"

Tasha glanced at her watch and saw that the woman's time was about up. No more appointments today, anyway, she remembered, slowly edging up the rotation, watching the woman's nipples harden.

"Okay," Tasha agreed, running her hand over the same path that Ashley's had taken, down her breasts, her belly, pressing fully over her pussy. "I'll show you."


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