tagHumor & SatireThe Tail of the Mermaid

The Tail of the Mermaid


Well I was a young and callow youth when I first went out to sea. It was on a whaling ship that I found my berth, heading north after the big blue whales. I was doing purely menial stuff, being my first voyage, but I was enjoying it, especially listening to the tales of the old sea hands, of monsters, strange islands and adventures.

I never thought something as strange would happen to me, but one day it did. I was on deck, scrubbing with white stone, you know those blubber stains are a brute to get out of the decking. Slowly I became aware of music, a melodic singing, I couldn't make out the words at first but slowly they seeped into my being and I realised they were directed at me.

"Come to me my love, dance with me my love, love with me my love," came the words.

I started peering around to try and figure out where the song was coming from. Someone on the ship obviously had strange leanings! Eventually I looked over the rail, I could see something following the ship, swimming almost keeping abreast with the ship.

The words kept on coming, haunting my soul, "Swim with me my love, come into the waves and be with me my love."

I looked closer and it appeared that it was a woman, swimming nearer to us now. I could see her more clearly now, long green hair, eyes that shone, skin as pure as milk. Every so often I glimpsed the sight of a milky pale breast bobbing out of the water as she swam. The song was reaching deeper into me now and with the vision of beauty in front of me it was having a definite effect in the region of my trousers.

The song continued, "Come swim to me my love, my heart and body , come make love to me my love."

My heart beating hard in my chest , my cock was throbbing with lust and I couldn’t restrain myself any longer.

"I'm coming," I shouted as I climbed up and over the rail.

Suddenly rough hands were grabbing me from behind.

"Stop it boy, T'is a trick." The first mates voice in my ear.

I struggled against him, "I must go, let me go to her," I pleaded.

"It’s the song boy, its fooling your mind, she can't give you want you want." He held tight.

"She needs me, please let me go."

"Oh yes she needs you boy, but not for what you think!" He started pulling me back on to the boat.

My lust gave me strength, and my elbow cannoned back into the mate, hitting him squarely on his large nose. A crunch of bone, and he let go of me to hold his face instead. As he let go, I jumped overboard into the water to my new love.

Shouts were echoing on deck, but I ignored them and I swam to her. She held me tight and kissed me deep, her long tongue exploring the deeps of my mouth. I felt dizzy, and my body was hot and tingled all over despite the coldness of the water. I barely noticed as we sank beneath the waves.

Deeper and deep we sank, still kissing, one of her hands slipping in my breeches and grabbing my manhood, squeezing and testing its hardness. The light was receding away from us above, and I could barely see anything except the glow of her green eyes in front of me.

We swam a while and soon I could see a new light in front of us. It was coming from a small cave entrance. She pulled me into the underwater cave and I was dazzled by the wonder of it. Old lamps filled with glowing sea animals illuminated this odd realm. Artefacts from sea wrecks adorned the inside of her cave, piles of gold and chests of gems could also be seen. Furniture was made from seaweed, and I could clearly make out a bed shaped clump to the rear. The water in the cave was warm, heated by a volcanic vent I later found out.

Suddenly I was shocked by the reality of where I was, I felt as if I was breathing fine although I was at least a thousand fathoms down in the deep dark sea. She must have seen the shock on my face as she faced me again.

"Don't worry my love, t'is a magic. As long as your with me or in the cave you can breath as normal." She answered my fears.

I looked at her, for the first time I could see all of her. She was a prime beauty from the waist up, full breasts, fine skin and a lovely face, but I was disappointed to see her bottom half didn't match. By Gods! Her bottom half was a FISH!

The old hands on board had told tales about her kind, but I'd still been lured into the sea by the sirens call of a mermaid. They had given warnings, and told me that mermaids ate their captives. But as I looked again at her in fear, I realised she didn't look as if she was going to eat me, how wrong I was to be proved!

"Don't worry my love, it will be fine." She led me towards the bed of seaweed, and forced me to lay down.

She was pulling at my clothes now, "We don't need these anymore do we?" She asked. I was defenceless, she struck me dumb by her charm and magic, and I was slowly undressed.

Once I was naked, she started stroking me and caressing me. My cock had gone limp from my previous fears but her warm hands were quickly to change this. Soon I was hard again, and she moved her face closer to it, and then she took me into her warm mouth. I admit I was a virgin, never so much kissed a girl as much as been sucked by one, so this was a new experience to me. I didn't last long before my cum spurted into her throat. A few strands of semen escaped and she caught these floating in the water and swallowed these too.

She licked my cock clean of any remaining dribbles, "Mmmmm tasty."

I was happy she was pleased with my performance, even though I didn’t seem to do much myself. She moved away and was back after a few minutes with a silver plate of green leaves.

"Eat my love, you need your strength. Seaweed and sea cabbage," she told me.

I ate what she had offered, and then lay back to sleep a while.

I awoke to delicious sensations from my groin. She was sucking and licking at me. I lasted a little longer this time and got to enjoy the delicious feelings throbbing up my shaft. Gentle caresses of her tongue and fingers brought me close to the edge and soon again I spurted and she swallowed my load. I wanted to reciprocate, in fact I wanted to fuck her hard. My hands caught her and trailed down her body, over those glorious breasts, over her small tummy. Then I reached her waist, my fingers hit scales and I recoiled as I remembered what she was. By damn, maybe the mate had been right, she didn’t have what I wanted.

"What's the matter my love, don't worry on it, don't I please you?" She asked in response to the hasty retreat of my hands.

"Yes, your mouth is very good." I replied not wanting to offend her.

"That's okay then. I must go out, I'll be back in a while." She swam away and left me alone in her cave. I wandered about and examined some of the trinkets, but I soon got bored and went to sleep instead.

Again I awoke to the gentle ministrations of her mouth, and again I came and she ate it up.

Days, then weeks went by. She sucked me morning, noon and night, fed me on seaweed and cabbage. One day blended into the next and if it wasn’t by the regularity with which she pleasured me, I would have lost track of the time.

Apart from the boring diet, one other thing was starting to bother me. She was becoming less tender as she sucked and made me cum. More mechanical as if the end result was more important that the method, it wasn’t making love anymore to her it seemed more like a household task.

I confronted her about the food, and she said she would try and find me something different. Later she came back with an armful of old canned food from wrecks. I sorted though these while she watched and told her what was in them.

"Spam, beans, corned beef, more spam, mmmm oh this is a good one caviar," I told her.

Before I realised something was wrong, her hand hit me smack across the face. "Don't ever ever think of it again. How would you like" She broke off in mid sentence, grabbed the can and swam out of the cave in a huff. Later she returned and apart from being a bit more brutal with her handling of me, things continued much the same.

A few days later, I was by the cave entrance, when I heard voices. I could only just make out what they were saying.

"So how's your food supply doing these days?" an odd squeaky voice asked

"Not too bad, giving me three square meals a day. Tasty as well," my little mermaid replied.

"Glad to hear. Perhaps I ought to come and try some?"

"No way, this is all mine, anyway I hungry now and I've got to go and make tea now. So I'll see you later."

"Bye then."

As the voices moved closer, I swam to the back of the cave and pretended to be asleep. She came straight up to my and started to fondle me and suck me until I came again.

Later when I was alone again, I thought hard about what I had heard and what she had said about the caviar. Dim, that I am, it dawned on me, fishes like caviar too, but theirs cum from different sources! I felt used and degraded, I hadn't realised that I was just a meal ticket to the mermaid!

I resolved to change things when she returned and so I confronted her.

"I know what your after now, I've had enough and want to go home." I told her.

"Ha. Your staying right here, you have many more years of goodness in you." She laughed as she replied.

I grabbed her hard in disgust, she struggled and before I knew it her dainty neck broke beneath my fingers.

I sat and sobbed, as I realised I couldn’t get home without her help, I was too deep to swim it. Her body floated near by until I grabbed it and dragged it to the volcano vent at the rear of the cave, I fed it into the hot magma until she was no more.

I was trapped and alone now. The magic of the cave allowed me to breath but food was scarce. I started eating the furniture. The seaweed wasn’t as good as what she normally gave me, but it kept me going.

A week passed until I awoke one day to the sight of an odd apparition entering the cave. It swam in, kicking its legs. Glorious long female legs, milky white skin, leading right up to a crevice shaded by green pubic hair, I looked further up the body, my god, the top half was a FISH! The mermaids sister, a maidmer had arrived.

My thoughts began racing and then the Maidmer noticed me. She hung still in the water shocked by the sight of me, and I moved quickly and grabbed her. She was slippery as a fish and her legs gave me a couple of good kicks before I had hold of her tight. I took her over to what was left of the bed and tied her to it tight facing down, her top half nearly buried under the weed, and her legs spread wide and her buttocks sticking up.

"Let me go, let me go," she said in the same squeaky voice I had heard before outside the cave

"Mmmm I don’t think so."

I was staring at that pert bum, it was so positioned that I could see the crack of her pussy below. I hadn't cum since the mermaid died, and looking at the view my blood was pounding faster, and my cock began to hoist itself up to hardness.

"Mmmm. I definitely don't think so." I held on to my shaft a moment, and stroked myself, enjoying the gorged full feeling in my cock. Then I placed my hands on the white globes of her bottom and gave a quick squeeze.

"Don't touch me, human. Let me go," she screamed.

I wondered how you gag a fish?

My hand went lower and brushed against her pussy. I parted those lovely lips with my fingers and moved forward, until my cock slipped easily inside her.

"Agghhhh!" she didn’t like it much to start with.

I started pumping into her, slow deep strokes. God this was so much better than her sister. Holding on to her cheeks, I started to pound into her harder.

"Oh. Oh. Oh," she squealed and I could feel pussy squeezing my rigid shaft as she warmed to my human charm.

"Yes, yes do it harder." She definitely was enjoining it now. Her pussy starting to contract on me as she started to cum, and soon I spurted into her in response.

"Okay human, please let me go," she asked now we had finished.

"Will you take me ashore FISH?" I asked.

"Nope, you’re my sisters property, I can’t let you go," she replied in that squeaky voice.

I thought about telling her about her sisters demise, but I didn’t think it would persuade her.

"In which case, I'm going to fuck you morning, noon and night, until you will let me go," I told her.

"Please no, I can't take it again," she sobbed.

"You will."

We both remained silent for a while, until I can back for second helpings.

She must have sensed me approaching as she spoke again, "I'm hungry, feed me first."

"No way. I know what you like to eat and there's no way your little fish mouth is getting hold of my todger." I pushed against her and slipped it inside her pussy again.

"I'm sore, so sore. Please let me go?" she squeaked.

I ignored her and started to pump her again. Despite her protests of soreness still appeared to enjoy it and came at the same time as I did. By god, fish or no fish she was a good fuck.

After 2 days of being fucked hard, and not having food, she came around to my way of thinking and agreed to let me go. Before we left I found clothes and tucked some of the gems from the mermaids cave in my pockets. I took a rope and tied it round the maidmers waist before I grabbed her and untied her from the bed. To make sure I had her complete attention I held her tight from behind, my arm going around and my fingers holding her clitoris and pussy. When she struggled I gave her clit a squeeze to remind her who was boss.

We swam slowly to the surface as agreed, and then she took me to a nearby island and we parted company. That was the last I saw of the Mer race and I hope I never see another again. I was rescued by a passing boat later that year and came back to Liverpool. I opened this public house with the proceeds from the gems, and I swear I'll never go to sea again, I don't ever want to see a fish again!

The publican addressed the gent who had been his rapt audience, "Well Sir, that is why there is no fish on the menu and never will be! Would you be interested in a steak and kidney pie instead?"

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